The “what. the hell. was that?”edition:

Barbosa: more Eric Cartman than Barbosa Blur. His night (hell, his week) is the Coles Notes version of this team tonight. Sloppy, slow, unattractive, depressing.

Bargnani: pretty soon we are going to need him to start heaving 62 shots a night if we want to a) win and/or b) break 80 points. At this rate Pizza Pizza will have the best bang for their advertising dollar in the history of Canadian promotions. If this squad breaks 100 more than twice we should all get a whole pizza, never mind a slice.

Butler: you know how when you flush the toilet you hear a swirling sound then the sucking sound?  Next time you relieve yourself and flush, hum along with the sounds….Swirl = Rasual Suck = Butler.  Do it in your head as it happens and it’s amazing how it matches so well.  Rassssssual (now from the gut) Buttttlerrrrrrr.

Calderon: I’m hoping he is doing the playoff thing just with his hair and not a beard: he won’t cut his hair until the Raptors win 5 in a row. He’ll be the straight haired version of Varejao.  Had a good night, keeping Jrue in check and he is learning to count much higher in English now just by counting the number of turnovers his teammates keep committing.

Carter: that pushback (can’t call it a putback out of courtesy) was a homage to all us weekend warriors that hit the gym and pretend we are Dwayne Wade Jr. The only thing missing was him coming down and roaring like Arsenalist when he “jumps” for a rebound and pushes it back on to the backboard and in.  AC is doing what he was brought here to do: help teach the young guys and also be an important back up piece when needed. He continues to put up okay numbers in limited minutes. Tonight’s feature was 5 rebounds in 15min.

Davis: I don’t get it. It’s Philly, a bunch of young guys that play like him, he sees that the first unit is struggling and must think that he has a chance to be a spark. Instead, he regressed again and looked like that wreath you see at Shoppers Drug Mart on Jan 1 that nobody just wants to buy. Pretty soon we are gonna have to start calling this guy Eeyore.

DeRozan: kind of reminded me of playing as him on my XBOX and the batteries have started to go so that when you move the stick, it takes a few extra seconds to react. You look at the flashing ring on the controller and just feel your body go limp.

G. Forbes: 8 minutes of play with absolutely nothing to show for it, except a –5. Kind of like me working on a Sudoku puzzle on the GO train in the morning. Lost.

A. Johnson: he played like I hoped Davis would have. He posted a double double (12/14) and absolutely destroyed an Elton Brand jersey in the process. Right now this guy can do no wrong and we have to hope some of his new found abilities rub off on the rest of his young counterparts. I know if I were him, I’d be asking Ed out to Tim Horton’s and then jump the bastard, holding his head slightly off the coffee burner and demanding results or his cheeks get it.

J.Johnson: he reminds me of an advent calendar. You open up little doors looking for magic and usually you get a milk dud. I like his energy, I like his intentions. I don’t like what he produces. They can talk up his defense all they want, but he isn’t anything special on either side of the ball, especially in the second half.

Magloire: 5 minutes? Really? Did he have a pact with the coach that he wanted to save his energy for 4 cheesesteaks from Geno’s? Or, and this would make me happy so I know it can’t be true, has Casey already given up on this Team Canada hating, bearclaw loving waste of space?

Driving the bus: Amir Johnson

Under the bus: Rasual Butler

Theme of the Game:

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  • Adriiian

    Yep, what a blowout, we just don’t have the talent, all we got is AB and Jose. 
    DeRozan is worthless, how long are we gonna wait for this guy to ‘develop’? I just don’t see it!
    We need Jonas + a few more players, ASAP, or were done.

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      DD will be fine. He is just 22 and still improving. He s a gym rat and will polish his shot day after day. His physicality will take him to the next level. Just need to focus on driving more than 3 pt shooting

      • Gramma

        He can work on all his skills forever, but the bball IQ, or creativity with the ball, not just at the rim (whatever term fits) will never be there. In my opinion…

        • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

          I agree with you on both IQ and creativity. But if he can improve a litlle his numbers from last year, ergo polishing his jumper from 10-15 ft, he will become a perennial +20 pt 6reb 8ft per game well above 40% fg%. That’s more than enough for a 9th pick. IMO

        • rapsallday

          why do you say never?

      • Japetas

        Man, he must stop shooting jumpshots and back to his earlier playing style – drive to the basket -> dunk / draw the foul. I’m not saying, that he didn’t improve his jumpshot, but he’s still far away from steady shoot, so he must use his athleticism more than he’s doing it now

    • Anon.

      Given how long we waited for Bargnani, expect to wait moar.

      • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

        17pt on 46% 4 reb 5 ft on 82 games. That’s DD last year. Now, considering he is considered by coaches a gym rat, there ‘s no reason to panic.
         By the way,
        Bargnani was 2nd ROY in his rookie year, had a bad second year (who started on the bench behind ALLSTARS bosh & oneal), then from there has improved every year.

        • Anon.

          I don’t have the stats, but it has been pointed out multiple times before that his year to year improvement was mainly due to an increase in minutes played. 

          This is the first year where Bargnani has impressed me outside of his rookie season.

          I wasn’t panicking on Derozan, I was just making an observation.

          • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

            Oh yes, sorry man you are correct.Many times.Here are some minutes stats

            08-09 31:30
            09-10 35:00
            10-11 35:42
            11-12 36:06

            Logically all coaches are playing bargnani 30+ min just to improve his stats.

            • 2damkule

              anon was simply stating that his raw stats increased as his mpg increased.  he produced roughly the same on a per-minute basis year to year.

            • rapsallday

              Logically? I’m sorry… are you being sarcastic?

              • Raps_R_Us


        • Sam Holako

          Bargnani was 2nd in the ROY race because of the possible 400 (or so votes, I don’t know exactly how many), he got 1 and Brandon Roy got the rest; Swirsky was the only person who voted for him. 

          While I’m in Bargnani’s corner this season, you can’t overlook that.

          • p00ka

            I don’t think 2nd was awarded based only on 1st place votes, but voters voted for 2nd, 3rd, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong

            • mountio

              You are correct. Ive posted on this many times .. he was a legit 2nd .
              He received 77 2nd place votes .. the guy who finished 3rd (Rudy Gay) received 21 2nd place votes.
              These votes were from all across the league .. Chuck’s vote was relatively inconsequential. Sam .. I woudl have thought you knew better on this one.

              • Sam Holako

                Agreed, it was inconsequential, but saying he was 2nd in the race implies there was a race. You get 5 points for each 1st place vote, 3 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. He won runner up, he didn’t lose 1st place.

      • rapsallday

        Why? He’s not AB… That’s being ignorant or uneducated to realize he’s a comletely different human being…

        • Anon.

          That was a comment on our our general manager’s willingness to wait on his “star picks”.  Nothing on Demar, who I hope will work hard to improve his game.

        • Raps4ever

    • Pizzaman

      As much as I hoped otherwise I pretty much bet on it that Derozan’s 25 point three point shooting night was a fluke and he’s shown it since. He has played like an absolute bum the last two games, losing his dribble more often than not, clanging the ball and trying to dribble around guys thinking he can actually dribble. His athleticism is why he’s here but he’s really not that good a ball player. Once again the only three guys that look NBA worthy are Bargnani, Jose and Amir. Also it sickens my stomach to see DD, JJ, Barbosa and Forbes jacking up shots like crazy when none of them has a hope in hell. They have all pretty much stunk real bad so far this season with the occasional decent minutes from DD. Just an ugly ugly display of basketball.

      • Adriiian

        I agree. Well said man.

      • news flash

        so was pasta boy 11 rebounds last nite

        • Pizzaman

          not sure what you’re actually trying to sau here

          • news flash

            11 rebounds in a blow out lost . DD 5 threes in a win and your calling it a fluke 6 years how many double digits rebounds for primo pasta i can count them on one hand

          • p00ka

            he’s just a troll

            • Pizzaman

              I did not realize that until I read some of his other posts…now that I know I will just ignore his bs.
              p.s. we know it was only a blow out because pretty much everyone other than Bargs, Jose and Amir stunk the joint out same as the games against Indiana, Dallas and Orlando or we might have some wins. You cannot hope to win many games with the lack of talent on this team, so the answer must be to trade the two top talents as some idiots suggest!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      AB & Jose are exactly what’s wrong with this team can’t change the basketball culture until you trade the culture vultures.

      AB got his 1st double double 1 more to go to equal last season’s total plus his 21 points on 19 shots while shooting less than 50%.smh

      Looking back at the 2009 DD draft the Raptors could have drafted current starting NBA pgs Holiday (Phi), Jennings (Mil), Teague (Atl) or Collison (Ind) but BC is a draft genius & knows best…

      **DD gets 5 years just like AB.

      Jonas is not going to help immediately he will take 3-5 years to develop into a NBA big man- barring injuries.

      3 games in 3 days coming up Monday-Wed: Minnesota, Washington & Sacramento must go at least 2-1.

      Then it’s: vs Ind, Chi, Atl, Bos, vs PO, LAC, Phx, Utah Den NJ & vs Atl to close out January- I see 2-9.

      • p00ka

        I’m sorry I’ve been so hard on you. I used to think you were purposely being a jackass. I realize you’re just a kid needing education, and attention. Gotta keep reminding myself of a quote:
         “Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.”

        Go to the library and pick up a dictionary if you’re having trouble with the words. While you’re there, pick up a book to read and start exercising that grey matter you were given. The world may become brighter for you.

        • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

          “Don’t feed a pig” 

        • evan

          It would be much more helpful if you were to address your issues with the poster’s comment directly, without an aim to entertainment.

        • rapsallday

          Why so rude, P00ka?

          • p00ka

            Because he’s spends his time on here playing his sick little mind games to get attention and when people bite, and are smart enough to show him up for what he is, he laughs at you and just moves on doing the same sick shyt in search of the next fan to get sucked in. And it goes on and on.

      • Ryan

        The best two players on this team are “exactly what’s wrong with this team”?

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Lack of defense and/or consistency.

        • news flash

          19 shats to make 21 points we cauld have won the game had pasta boy taken 20 more shats but i guess he wanted to grab some board and join in on the double double like caldy,yes primo will lead us to lottery it should be all down hill from here with the two allstars (not) leading the way

          • SlimeGots2Go

            troll. don’t respond

      • Ryan

        Also, you’re shaking your head at his <50% shooting and 21 points on 19 shots? Were you also whining about his 54% shooting and 23 points on 15.6 shots?

        Kobe's taking 23 shots per game and only making 44%. Do you shake your head at him too?

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Is AB Kobe?

          Is AB a SG?

          Is AB leading his team to Ws and/or NBA championships?

          Recognize game or remain mentally lame now go stfu.

          • Ryan

            I bet even Kobe wouldn’t be able to lead this team to wins – as you point out yourself every time you talk about how crap this team is (and I agree that the team sucks, btw).

            Also, why are you ignoring my first point? AB has his faults, but offensive efficiency has not been one of them this season.

            Nice rhyme.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              This season is all of 7 games old…..

              • Ryan

                Exactly. The season is 7 games old. Those 7 games where Bargnani had great stats is too small of a sample size – yet you’re criticizing him based on ONE game?

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  5 years- recognize…

              • p00ka

                troll. don’t respond to this clown

                • P00ka_is_a_fish

                  your a fish

                • terry



                  You’re a fish too terry

            • news flash

              primo pasta is a third option guy these guys who bought cases of primo the other all they see is his scoring

          • Yelaroth

            Holy balls you’re a sad excuse of a person. Have some positivity in your life man.

            Is Kobe AB?

            Is Kobe a C?

            Is Kobe having to carry his team?

            • news flash

              what your point primo is nooo leader and he can’t carry this team and will never ever be an alstar

              • Yelaroth

                I’d say Bargs is definitely carrying this team right now, he, with the exception of Amir occasionally is the only player to have had above-par games every game. He’salready their best defender and offensive player, which obviously says a lot about the rest of the team, hence carrying them.

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  Carrying the team straight to the NBA Lottery.

                  AB isn’t the team’s best defender.lmfao

                  A reprobate mind will…..

                • Yelaroth

                  Who in the Raps has been playing better defense?

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              Is AB a Center?lmfao

              Step your game up, kiddo.

              • Yelaroth

                Step my game up?
                You need to take a seat you cynical tween.

                How often does Kobe play the Point?

                smh, go under your bridge, troll

        • news flash

          KOBE IS KING  WITH 2000 RINGS and he wins game primo pasta has done jackchit look at the kind of game where he gets 11 rb. a fricking blowout BC needs to blow this sucker up and start over

      • Fort

        Shh everyone, gather around the King of Hindsight as he tells us what he would of done in the past, and what will happen in the future. Then when he turns out to be wrong, as usual, he’ll backtrack from his previous bullshit claims.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Sounds alot like BC’s MO to me……too bad you’re too focused on me and not on him….sucka……lol

      • Nilanka15

        In the failed 2008-09 season, when we traded O’Neal for Marion, if we decided to tank instead of going on a meaningless 9-4 run to end the season, we could’ve ended up with the 6th or 7th pick, which would’ve given us the opportunity to draft Steph Curry instead of DeRozan.

        We better not make that mistake this year. I’m all for individual improvement of players, but it’s not going to help much if we continue to lack elite level talent.

        • Mediumcore

          I get where you’re going with this, but in the scenario you’ve provided I would go with DD all day. Curry has had multiple ankle issues through his very young career and with this grueling schedule it’s not going to be pretty. If nothing else DD has shown durability.

          • Pizzaman

            I would disagree since Curry with ankle issues is still a far better player than DD without any issues other than he cannot dribble, shoot or pass.

            • Paul

              Curry with ankle issues is better than Bargnani as well.

              • Pizzaman

                Paul that makes alot of sense since the whole thread is about Derozan, but then why would you try to make sense. I disagree but let’s say you’re right and Curry with ankle issues is better than Bargnani, then if that’s true Curry with ankle issues is ten times better than Derozan!

                • Paul

                  Ya, he is better than both. Not disputing that. The thread is about the Raptors loss, not just DeRozan btw.

                • Pizzaman

                  I understand but your answer was to my post  on Demar as a comment to Nilanka’s original thread on Curry and Derozan

                • Paul

                  Okay, my bad. Regardless I was just offering an opinion sorry for straying off-topic.

    • Trololol

      I find it hilliarous how over the last few games all the posters are like ” yea , we can do it! go raptors” when they haven’t noticed that all the shitty teams are improving faster than us.. theres only 16 spots and were being jumped ahead constantly sadly. look atthe wolves, all those other crappy teams turning good. im afraid we cant do anything but wait at least 8 years to see some good players

  • Truthkiller

    Raps got beat by a playoff team, enough said.

    • FAQ

      Raptors beat themselves …. soooo obvious.

  • Bella08

    I’ve been following RR for a while now but have never commented. However, with such a shit game having just occurred, I thought I’d point out that the roll call was great tonight. Really cheers me up after having watched the raptors do their best impression of a real basketball team tonight (and failing, miserably). Keep it up guys!

  • FAQ

    16 + 18 + 15 + 14 = 62  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The game started with Bargs at the arc taking 3-pointers… because Casey realized that the Raptors needed reliable 3 point shooting and because they only have Bargs and Jose capable of dropping three’s consistently.   Casey also realized that Bargs must start shooting three’s at the start of the game to find his groove, and not in the fourth quarter.  Brilliant coaching strategy … no??!!!

    Result:  Bargs shoots 1-4 and Jose shoots 0-3… while the 3-point specialist Butler goes 0-2.  Team total: 1-12  bravo!!!!

    Conclusion:  Raptors are shitty from three…. and shitty from two too…. and they don’t have a functioning bench either.

    The Raptor bench is shit… their starters are shit… the whole team is just bad shit …. soooo obvious.

    Oh… I also watched tennis from Australia… a couple of juicy women playing …. naked legs coming out of teenie skirts… sweaty bodies from crotch to bosom cleavage… nipple-popping boobs …. and caressing, whacking, busting balls all over the court.  It was a sight to behold …. from the third quarter on … did I miss anything…???!!!!

    BTW… this performance further reinforces my assertion that Bargs must be traded to a decent team because he can’t help the Raptors whatsoever… a total lack of NBA talent on this “team” makes for a miserable season and is ruinous to Barg’s game.. which is as a complementary player.  Raptors need plenty of first round draft picks and that’s why they must trade Bargs for picks.

    • p00ka

      Easy to toss out such solutions all the time without suggesting a single possibility. Any suggestions of even remote possibilities that a GM would make that would provide the Raps with worthwhile “picks” that make sense for the Raps? Even one would give us something to discuss instead of pie in the shy, empty ideas.

      • FAQ

        BC must resort to drastic solution for the debacle we are now witnessing in Toronto!!!

        Apart from Bargs and Jose, the rest of the team is clumsy shit and definitely not NBA quality players.  That must be evident to you.

        I suggest a total blow up by trading Bargs and Jose for high draft pics and legitimate assets.

        Surely there are playoff bound teams that would welcome players like Bargs and Jose into their lineups.

        The current Raptors are terminal and only a total blowup will help hopefully.


        • news flash


    • Ryan

      Come now, FAQ. We all know the women’s game and WTA in general is pretty damn boring.

      • FAQ

        Who’s looking at the game with all that Eastern European female flesh prancing about … pant pant pant …???!!!!

        • Ryan

          Did you at least turn off the volume? LOL. The shrieks are terrible and a huge turn-off.

      • news flash

        He wasn’t watching the game he was watching nipples,sweat and busting balls

    • news flash

      i liked that Faq 

    • mawman

      This is why FAQ is my favourite.  The dude might be a troll or just mentally unstable but he delivers.

  • gooniesNEVERdie

    i cannot for the life of me understand why the raptors look away from andrea and let the likes of james johnson and butler take horrible shots.. andrea should touch the ball on EVERY offensive possession… derozan should have been working on his handles since he was drafted.. is it just me or does it seem like his handles have not improved the least bit and may have even regressed?

    terrible game.. welcome back 10-11 raptors

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      AB took 19 shots…….he deferred to teammates as well.

    • p00ka

      Yeah, the handles issue totally baffles me too. I keep hearing about his gym rat work, but if some of it isn’t on his ball handling, it’s a sin. As far as not feeding bargs all the time, I think it comes down to staying the course of at least trying to develop other players too. We have to be patient this year, as we’re not going to see many wins, and we’ll see more very ugly stinkers like this. Casey will get a good evaluation of what he’s got, who’s workable going forward, and with 2 1st round picks (JV +this year’s), lots of cap space, lots of empty spots (all those 1 yr fillers). Next year’s team will give us much more to cheer about.

      • news flash

        and i hope he sees that primo isn’t dirk

    • FAQ

      JJ and Butler are shitty shooters… soooo obvious.

      Carter is a disaster at guard… he’s got physical and mental problems …. so soooo obvious.

  • voy

    yeah, we’re just too thin to compete when only two guys decide they wanna  play.

    Demar’s gotta learn how to get to the line.  zero trips tonight to the charity stripe, 2 the previous game and 2 the game prior before that.  Not enough.  Still early in the seaon though for our sg.

  • RapsM

    I’ve never been so happy not to have TSN2 🙂

    • mountio

      agreed. Was up at a buddy’s chalet .. no TSN2 .. looks like I didnt miss much.  (Plus, hate to say it, but the Raps are getting commericals only when they are against the Saints / Lions game ..)

  • Hom2004

    People need to chill. wow. first we are winning everyone is like why so that we can get the draft. now we are losing, everyone is chopping every single player they can even when they are playing well.(AB)
    Reality is we will have ugly game and more like this given the schedules

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Reality, with this roster as is we would have ugly games like this with a normal 82 game schedule.

      BC’s Raptors vision in action….

      Casey has his hands full coaching this team up especially with his BullChit assistant staff 3 of which coached under Jay- real culture change fellas.

  • FAQ

    So, Casey wants Bargs to shoot three’s, drive for a pull-up jump shot, drive to the basket for layups, post up and pass out, and get in for offensive rebounds.

    Then he wants Bargs to run back on defense where he is expected to push the guard out on picks, run back under the basket to guard his man, block out, block shots, take charges and rebound defensively… oh, and come out on corner three’s too.

    Bargs is trying to do all that is asked of him and score 20+ points and get 8 rebounds too.  Meanwhile the rest of the team does shit and get paid Million$$$ for total incompetence.

    If you were Bargs would you want to get traded… or would you hold out hope for next season when 20 y.o. wonderboy Val shows up to play center or whatever… plus more high draft picks and a couple more whitey Euro players that will really pizz off the Moronto homies…??!!!

    Maybe they should rename the team:

     BARGNANI TORONTONI’s… he’s the whole friggin’ team now…!!!!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Your Toronto Raptors……err, I mean

      AB is not Dirk like as Dirk did all that under Casey in Dallas- Casey will that learn soon enough.

      • FAQ

        On a team with a better supporting cast, Barganani could be as good as Dirk… believe it.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Never…….AB will never make the NBA All Star game…much less be as good as Dirk.

        • news flash

          thats why BC should do the guy a favor and trade the pussy

    • news flash

      that why he gets paid big bucks

  • ad

    This quote by Stefanski pissed me off. “You can’t use the word patience in the city of Philadelphia,
    which I never used,” Stefanski said before the game. “You can’t
    use the word rebuilding.”.

    But you can use it in toronto where the raptors have been shitty pretty much in atleast 10 years of their 15 years of existence? The fans have waited VERY patiently. This market  entitlement bs in the nba pisses me off. Like when people say the knicks need to be good for the nba. So fans of this fucking team have to suffer because players dont want to play here due to their ignorance. I know philadelphia has a much longer history than toronto but we fans deserve a winner just as much as they do

    • Eli

      I just read that, he deserves a slap in the face for that. He should feel the same sense of urgency in getting this team to a respectable level as he did in Philly. What a crock.

      • news flash

        that from the GM

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      A straight insult to the collective intelligence of the Raptors fan base- point blank, just like starting Jose & AB while talking culture change.

      That’s because BC (& his talking heads- Jack, Matt, Sherm, Jonesy, ESmith, etc)  has hypnotized the TDot fan base with his BullChit media pr spins with the latest trying to cover his ass for the CB trade in the wake of Melo, CP3 and the like by degrading CB even moreso after the fact of his going to Miami (Boston Globe).

      BC tried to sell fans on his trading a 1st round pick received for CB away to acquire James Johnson because he (his staff) projected that there would be no one available at 28 in the 2011 NBA draft that would effect Toronto’s roster- Norris Cole anyone?

      BC is selling Raptors fans on the future because the future is unknown while the present is BullChit City as opposed to Lob City.

      Next season the Raptors will be potentially adding 2  rookies to Toronto’s so called ‘young’ roster mix while asking cash paying Raptors fans for even more patience in exchange for their collective dollar.

      Media =’s Medium =’s Hypnotizing Minds

      • Sid

        Norris Cole plays with LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. There are none of those here, so you think he’d do anything with our current team? Highly doubt it lol.

      • tiredofwankerslikeyou

        Dude, you are way out of your depth here. 

        Your rants are useless, your observations are guided by your obvious dislike for certain players while feeding your own personal jerk off material agenda.

        What basketball experience do you have? Clearly, you’ve coached at an NBA level, played at an NBA level and been a GM; as you are so assured that your crap as opinion is right.

        Guessing none of the above is true, so piss off back to mum’s basement and your xbox.


        • p00ka

          Don’t respond to him anymore. He’s nothing but a sick pathetic blight on this site. When you manage to nail him to the wall, he’ll just laugh, knowing he sucked somebody else in, and just continue doing the same in search of the next victim to laugh at.

          • WHAT THE

            you keep on telling people not to respond to BCGOT2GO meanwhile you are responding why are you afraid of the guy all he’s doing is talking about a bunch of rich guys on tv that he as a fan of the RAPTORS TEAM thinks are not compitent and are not going in the right direction in building around Primo and Ocho, you see Bosh left to go play with LBJ and DWADE down in Cuba leaving only two of the raptors core so BC went out and got himself another core peice his name is Jonas V now you add him to the mix and you can see what he doesen’t like but its coming next season.
            bargs jose and jv

    • Nilanka15

      I’m actually very relieved Stefanski is preaching patience in Toronto. It’s what’s best for the team long term. He was essentially saying that the Philly fans were too stupid to realize this.

      The 6ers are an improved team, no doubt. But nobody will be confusing them for a contender any time soon.

  • FAQ

    BTW …. Bargnani score 21 of the 62 points (or 34% of the points)… and 11 rebounds.


    • Nilanka15

      Thanks for the lesson on tribal honking.

      • mountio


  • Fort

    Funny how these trolls (ie. FAQ, gots2go) come out in droves after losses spewing their usual BS, yet are nowhere to be found after a win.

    • FAQ

      Pizz off ya tribal honking fan …!!!!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Not true, I’m here win or loss buddy (work schedule allowing)- try again.

      • Yelaroth

        Trolls don’t sleep.

        • news flash

          i sleep like a baby,i go to sleep then wake up and see that primo is the franchise cry go back to sleep

      • p00ka

        You’re old enough to work and you’re this much of an idiot? Really? An adult needs attention this badly? And I’ve heard you’ve been going at it for a year. More pathetic than anybody I’ve ever seen on the web. WOW

      • p00ka

        A prime example to support culling the herd, or at least preventing breeding.

    • news flash

      Went to IGA to pick up primo pasta and there was a long line up on the days we beat the CAVS and NY thats why we didnt post

    • Marlon

      I’ve noticed that too, it’s definitely a heads-up that taking their comments seriously is the same as acting like Metta World Peace isn’t a complete nutjob.

  • p00ka

    Look guys/gals, as a team our Raps are going to stink on many nights. When BC filled out the roster with 1 yr cheap rentals (Magloire, Gray, Butler, Carter), that was obvious. It’s going to be an ugly year, so it makes no sense to be in agony every one of these stinker nights. You can choose to do that if you want, but personally all I care about is evaluating the progress of the other 11 guys. At the moment our only real positives are Bargnani, Calderon, and Amir.
    Demar and Davis are disappointing so far, but they’re very young and we have a long way to go in the season.
    Bayless is a lost cause as far as I’m concerned.
    JJ has potential but still has a lot of work to do, part of which is figuring out his game, like Hump finally figured out that shooting and ball handling wasn’t part of his.
    Kleiza we haven’t seen yet, but if he comes back healthy, I think he can be a good piece. We’ll see.
    Barbosa is looking worse than he ever has. Don’t know whats up with him, but hopefully he gets his shit together in time to be a trade piece that nets us a pick or young prospect. In either case, likely not going to be here next year, so why worry about it.
    Alabi always was a cheap project and will likely not be with the team next year.
    Forbes puzzles me a little. He looked like a world beater vs Team Canada, and BC took one of his cheap flyers on the guy. He looks like he should be in the NBL, but he’s another cheap project for 2 years. I’m not going to get excited about the few bad minutes he gets here and there.
    Do what you want, but I’ll focus my evaluation on Bargs, Jose, Amir, DD, ED, JJ, Kleiza, and maybe Gray when he gets back. Maybe not all of them will even be in the plans moving forward. The rest, I don’t expect to be around next September, so why worry about it?

    • p00ka_is_a_fish

      Your “analysis” of the team is an absolute shit job. 

      1) J.B is just injured right now but this guy is explosive like Jeff Teague, don’t know why he isn’t starting they should start him and if he’s terrible you lose games and get higher draft pick

      2) J.J has potential really this guy is a poor man’s Metta World Peace… but at least Metta could hit a wide open 3. 

      3) Kleiza a valuable piece, really? The guy should not be playing more than 20 min. Every time I see him on the floor I cringe in pain and remember the 5 second violation that lost us the Knicks game last year.

      What are you watching when you see these 2 buffoon’s play.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Sorry guys. The reality is that I m a Big Time Loser

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      So someone is stealing my moniker 1nce again….I must have struck a nerve with my posts- wow…lol


      • news flash

        the power of words don’t give up the fight

      • Aaron8007

        Are you off your bipolar meds?

  • This game was a perfect example how is big the difference between Toronto and the decent team. The only chance for the Rapts to win a game are the combination of some factors: AB-JC-DD-AJ must be productive, limit the turnovers and to defend really well. If we miss one of these is impossible to beat anyone in this league. I don’t really understand why some users continue to argue about AB when is only the minimus part of the problem. When he scored 21 point with 8/19 from the field and I saw Barbosa-DD-RB-AD-GF-JJ combined for 9/42 I think the argue is pointless.

    This team is lack in talent, when you see AB-JC on the bench the others play basket worst then d-League team and we continue to talk about the AB statistics? Look what happened tonight: every time the ball was far from AB the others except Jose didn’t have any clue with the ball. I saw JJ to make the orrible shuts (11!!!!) and bad pass, from DD too, and I don’t want to talk about Barbosa, absolutely shit.

    The main question is: what kind of decision will Colangelo take? He wants to rebuild the team and acquire high pick? Good, he wants to build the team around AB, good too. But it’s clearly to me that without spend money is impossible to build nothing good, because the pick not always is the solution. Not always you can pick, LBJ, Durant, Iverson, Jordan….

    • Nilanka15

      Spending money has never been a problem in Toronto.

    • dalmatino

      Glad to read posts like this. New blood brings wisdom and reality here. Good post.

  • Antonino Ferraro

    I hope, except that he acquired Forbes, Gray, Carter, Magloire (I like him despite all)….

    Frankly with this guys is almost impossible to win more than 15/20 games. I wish to see a good roster with o without AB and JC, but is clearly that Colangelo wants to go to lottery with a lot of chance to pick the number one. My question is: with AB-ED-AJ-JV who is the palyer that will leave the team? Most of people think AB, ok, but we are really sure that the duo JV-ED is the best solution? Or, is possible to trade AJ and put in the spot 4 and 5 AB and JV with ED in the bench to have plenty of time to improve? Also, if Colangelo is pleased to see AB play better on both side of the floor to be more attractive among GMs, I think that will be wise to trade him for a good player with talent and point in his hand in another position. I don’t see a trade that involve a weak team willing to accept Bargnani for high pick.

    For me the solution are:
    1-trade AJ and Calderon or amnested JC;
    2-trade AB for a good player and amnested JC;

    • Nilanka15

      Uh oh, did you just suggest trading Bargnani? I’m sure dalmatino deeply regrets complimenting you, lol.

  • Mediumcore

    This game perfectly illustrates why we need a second ball handler on the starting line up. Phily was working hard to deny Jose the ball and made him work hard to get it back. The offense spends so much time each posession trying to get the ball back into his hands.

  • Aaron8007

    The raps are doing exactly what there suppose to do.  Lose games against playoff teams and split games against crappy games.  THis will give Toronto a shot at finishing 3-7 worst record in the NBA.  This way were in the hunt for a good draft selection. 

  • cesco

    The kind of horse manure being posted here is even more painful than watching the last 2 games . BC will be put in a straight jacket and sent to the nuts house to keep company with gotstogo and other haters if he ever think of trading Andrea  .

    • Nilanka15

      My suggestion would be to stop coming to this site.

    • minks77

      If you think anyone on a team like this is untouchable maybe you need to be fitted for a straight jacket. That doesn’t mean repeat the Vince trade but c’mon, Andrea isn’t Jordan.

  • sangaman

    Painful to watch.. Poor Casey has no talent to work with outside 3 or maybe 4 players…If he can win 20 games and keep most games close give the man an extension…  Where did they get this rasuel Butler stiff?

    • Pizzaman

      You’re right I feel sorry for Casey because there’s a huge void of talent on this team after Bargs, Amir and Jose and Ed Davis

    • Nilanka15

      Casey knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he took on this job. Next year should be a different story in terms of roster acquisitions.

      • minks77

        Well said. I don’t know why everyone is so upset over loses and screaming for trades when not only has BC admitted to building for next year and beyond but assembled a roster of cheap cast offs and guys on one year deals for EXACTLY that purpose. Its not a sexy plan but it must be done. Look at Minny as a prime example. See how they built and rebuilt slowly and patiently and see where they are now: young, stacked and exciting and staring at a bright future.