The “surely the least watched NBA game of the night” edition:

Barbosa: outside of having to believe some Raptors PR drivel that he is banged up, not quite sure what is wrong with the Blur. He’s been playing lately like he is well past his sell buy date and putting in performances that remind you of chunky milk.

Bayless: if there was a stat that tracked “heat check shots”, Bayless very well could be a Hall of Famer. He was putting it in the hole more consistently than George Clooney, and while that is great for some guys, you just know it makes Jerryd’s eyes as big as saucers and he keeps on chucking, teammates be damned.  He fouled out in OT, but without him dropping 30 and his repetitive drive and kicks to Kleiza, we would have lost this game by 16.

Butler: he shows up ready to play about as often as snow appears in Toronto lately.

Calderon: seems like if you get mentioned in trade talks as a Raptor, you pull your game back and make it painful for BryCo. Barbosa has been next to useless and tonight Jose was just, well, crap. He’s been like having steak replaced with unsalted ham.

Davis: that thud you heard outside your front door wasn’t Rob Ford looking for candy while he “diets”….no, it was Mr. Ed coming back down to earth. 3 fouls in 16min forced Casey to re-introduce Ed to the doghouse fairly quickly tonight.

DeRozan: not often you have a guy play 44 minutes yet not really leave a mark on the game outside of whining and looking for calls. Look, I understand the desire of getting up to play the big guys, but there is no better way to make people sit up and take notice than taking it to a team that is the equivalent of listening to Nicki Minaj sing as a baritone.

Forbes: waiting for this guy to be relevant is like waiting for the Ford Pinto to be redesigned and brought back as a hybrid.

Gray: I haven’t had my heart broken this quick since RapsFan shunned me and went to Five Guys Burgers without me. I put all my support behind Aaron and he has absolutely crapped the bed the last couple of games. Tonight he was no better than a hillbilly from the Ozarks dropped into the south of France trying to order ribs and some Old Milwaukee.

A. Johnson: his fourth quarter and overtime absolutely saved the team (and himself) from embarrassment. He started the game like he was stuck in mud, but ended it by diving for balls, getting blocked, getting blocked, getting blocked, but still hanging in to pull the Raptors up by the pits and stay alive.

J. Johnson: his shot block at the end of the fourth was huge and spoke to what his role should be on this team: minimal and only against guys 6 inches shorter than he is.

Kleiza: tell me you didn’t love that tongue to the crowd when he hit that two to break the back of the Wizards in regulation. He and Bayless were hotter than your girlfriends lady parts while looking at the Beckham H&M ads. Now, it was offset by some horrible turnovers including a pass that went right through his hands down the stretch.

Magloire: in true Canadian fashion, he must have felt bad for playing so well and messing with the Wizards opportunity to win  in regulation. It’s the only way to explain how he let the ball fall away from him on a missed FT at the end of overtime that allowed Washington to seal it. One job in the game and he made a mockery of it. Pity.

Driving the bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under the bus: Jose Calderon

Theme of the Game:

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  • draftedraptor

    I don’t know why guys like Ajinca and Gray get so much attention. They have no athleticism, motor, post moves. They are like a 250 pound 7-foot styrofoam wall into which you can crash easily and get to shoot freethrows for your effort. 

    • Nilanka15

       Ajinca gets attention?

  • voy

    felt bad for the boys, tonight.  I mean, as bad as you can feel for millionaires playing a sport for a living.  They really seemed to give it their “all” in the 4th.  Good to see that type of fight in the guys.  Maybe next time they wont forget the first 3 quarters.

  • Call me JIMMER

    Good game…expected the raps to lose tonight.  But anyone else think the refs were kinda biased and just wanted the game to finish?

  • Drywall2

    F that shit.
    Bayless is a black hole with tunnel vision.

    23 shots? 3 assists? 

    F you. 

    • 30 points on 23 shots.  59% True Shooting Percentage.  If I get that type of productivity out of a player, I’m happy.
      Its *rarely* happened this year.

      Barbosa, by contrast: 3 fast breaks, 3 trailers ready to dunk, 0 passes, 2 missed layups, 1 blocked shot.  

      • Drywall2

        dribble dribble dribble oh shit shot clock down better jack it up or drive into 3 people ≠ poor formula for success

        • guest1

          That is what I think when I am watching LB in the games.

        • nottheendoftheworld

          Try to watch the other 4 players standing still against the sidelines with their hands on their shorts for 23 seconds. Big guys come out to set screens, roll and ??? why pass it to Magloire, Grey, or even Davis at this point? I don’t blame the PG’s for over dribbling when there’s no fucking play being run.

      • RapsFan

        Well, you should not be happy if this is suppose to be your PG and the rest of your team sucks since he is not getting them involved and your team looses !!! It is that simple. 

        Plus, we all knew that Bayless is able to have nights like this. He has done it before in Portland even in Play offs. His problem is that he can not do it , or can not come close to it in regular bases , just the way we saw in portland and how we saw it here so far. 

        He is NOT a PG. He is a undersized 2 guard and if we are going to use him like that, then so be it but as a PG, night like this prove the point that he should not be considered for that position.

        • Nilanka15

          Ya, I think it’s fair to assume that nobody within Raptors management is holding out hope Bayless can turn into a PG.  If he’s retained next season, it’ll be in a Jason Terry role.

      • jimmie

         A tale of two 3s: Bayless nails one to bring the Raps within 3 with a couple of minutes to go. Comes down the next time and jacks one off the dribble with 23 seconds on the shot clock and misses. Washington gets a run-out and scores.

        Stats don’t tell the story. The 30 points kept Toronto in the game. The bad decisions helped take them out of it.

        • 2damkule

          you left out the part that after that miss (which, technically, wasn’t a 3), he hit another 3 right afterwards (late in the shot clock) to bring it to within two pts. 

          and that he hit a two 3’s earlier in the 4th to cut the lead to 6 twice.

          or that he drove, got fouled, and hit both FTs to put them up late.

          • jimmie

             I didn’t forget anything. He scored well last night. He can score well in this league.

            He can’t play PG.

        • James

          Tom Liston was and is one of the guys who was advocating for Bayless last season or based on his stats was calling Amir Johnson the MOST Efficient Offensive Player in Raptor team and that Amir is the leader of the team and needs to get more offensive touches. He used his statistical so called skills to attack AB every single chance and … He has been proven wrong. His stats have been proven wrong but he he has not given up yet 🙂 Saying just because Bayless scored 30 points then he is a good player or … is ignoring Bayless’s history and why he was brought in here.

          • Nilanka15

            So you don’t want to ignore history for Bayless, but have no problem ignoring history for Bargnani.  Interesting…

    • nottheendoftheworld

      Who the fuck is he supposed to pass it to last night? 

      • guest1

        Excellent point!

  • LeeZ

    Forbes touched the ball three times tonight. The first two times he turned it over, the third time he turned it over but it glanced off the opponent’s fingers and into a Raptor’s hands, so it didn’t count as a turnover. Now THAT’S consistency! Ridiculous comment about James Johnson. In fact, I have NO IDEA why DD was left in the game for 45 minutes. JJ should have been on the court throughout crunch time, not just for his defence but (gasp!) for his offence, in that he was consistently taking it to the hole and creating for himself or someone else, while DD…um…er…what exactly did DD do from the 3rd quarter and on? I actually didn’t notice him. The pass that slipped through Kleiza’s fingers was JB’s fault. It was a hard pass, thrown just a couple of feet away when Kleiza was moving toward JB to set a screen. Kleiza had no idea (nor should he have had) that that pass was coming. For the first time in about a dozen games, José ACTUALLY TURNED THE CORNER a couple of times in this game. Nothing good happened from it, but at least he tried. To me he looks scared of taking it to the hoop for fear of injuring the hammy. He’s playing achingly slow these days.

  • lols

    on another note jeremy lin for 28pts and 7 assist, wished the raptors had him, another international flavor to our pot.

    • guest1

      I’m just going to assume that is a fuckin joke

      • lols


  • R6

    Bayless driving the bus with 3 asts and shooting 9-23?

    Kleiza scored 30 as well and was more efficient (11-16). Please edit to Driving the Bus: Kleiza… Thanks!

  • lols

    8* assist

  • leftovercrack

    Time for Bayless to take over Barbosa’s sparkplug off the bench role. He’s not going to be a starting PG, but he could be a good role player

    • Big mistake
      Bayless needs to be a starter and Calderon should come off the bench
      Which is especially suitable since Amir resides there as well

  • Lorenzo

    Oh god, I feel for Saunders and Wittman, coaching that trainwreck seems like a huge pain in the ass.

    I remember near the end of the game when Booker got that block on Amir; and felt like it was necessary to flex at the crowd instead running the break for the easy 2 late during crunch time. If Jerry Sloan was coaching this team you better believe that he would have sat his ass down for the rest of the game.

    • Rylo

      Yeah, that team is is full of cocky, immature idiots. 

      Except John Wall, man I wish we had him.

      • Unbelievable

        there is a  vocal minority of our fan base that would welcome the immature idiots if it meant the amnesty of the euros on our team….bye bye bargs kleiza val and jose…..welcome dumb rejects yo!

        • Steve

          Like the picket fence guy?

          • Unbelievable

             where is that guy,tim w right?….and khandor….2 visionaries right there.

            • Steve

              Ya I think they’re out hiding somewhere man, I wouldn’t blame them for not wanting to show their faces around here, all the shit they talked and can’t back it up.

  • Truthkiller

    WHAT tha fuck! Kleiza dropped 30, Bayless dropped 30 and we still lose that’s some drama right there… TNT got shit on us.

  • FAQ

    What do you expect from guys who are only a couple of years out of high school b’ball… NBA calibre bullets??  These guys are like BB’s shot from an air rifle…. ping…

  • Unbelievable

    if after this game anybody thinks demar is a 1st 2nd or 3rd option or a future star in this league needs their head examined. 44 minutes of no impact on the games outcome….virtually invisible in the 4th q or ot……so damn overrated.

    BENCH HIS ASS…he brings nothing.

    • tmk

      I’d agree with benching demar just to see if that will wake him up a bit. But I think he has some kind of franchise record going on with starts? Can’t jeopardize that!

      • WHAT THE

        (((((((((It will never happen !!)))))))

  • Unbelievable

    amir 1 0f 7….ed,demar and amir….”THE YOUNG TURDS”

    • WHAT THE

      WHAT? you wanted to win the game,look they beat us with Primo and we beat them by over 10 pts without Primo…Raptors were coming off a tough game in CUBA where all eyes were on them (WIZ) saw the raptors BAD habits and were also hungry for a win, raps againg buddy took it to over time after playing in CUBA and without our best player Primo before running out of gas what more do you want(ping pongs) enjoy the game also BAYLES is going nowhere he now needs to start and without SPEEDY in the starting lineup so raps need to trade SPEEDY soon, you see BAYLESS playes at the same level all game it doesn’t matter if we are up by 20 or down by 20 and at the start of game he’ll give you the same level of intensity as the other team (with out SPEDDY in the lineup) also think of all the starters for the other team he could get in early foul trouble with his madness, swagger and STAR treatment he get from the reffs when he goes to the basket…BAYLESS will be backed up by a true point guard in KABONGO our 2nd 1st round pick true story BAYLESS can tek licks we need that (swagger on our team) no lets see some 10 dayer from the DL or EURO or any where letS go RAPTOR!!

  • Scottbbaird

    Nobody notices the lack of Carter in the roll call. Typical and says a lot LOL

  • tmk

    Bayless will always be a nice scoring punch of the bench (ala Barbosa) but I just can’t see him being a starting point guard. He’s a player you put into the game, see if his shot is falling (if you can afford to wait that long), keep him if he’s hitting, bench him if he’s cold. A playoff team can always use a guy like that on the bench and I remember watching him play for the Blazer were he filled that role perfectly a couple of times during the playoffs. 

    • Pesterm1

      i keep saying this.. bayless is jason terry. that sould be his role model.

      • RapsFan

        Bayless is not Jason Terry because he has a much shorter arms and does not have the court vision that Terry has. Bayless should be brought back for something around 3 million a season and not even a penny more.

  • Rob

    I bet Casey is going to have these guys learn how to do a proper box-out when the opposing team misses a god damn free-throw! They’re going to be doing that that alllllllll day in practice tomorrow.

    It’s always the damn fundamentals that this team gets wrong in tight games like this, they become too complacent on the little things and it costs them.

    • Rob

      But to add, good game though, at least no blow-out, and some excellent play-calling by Casey and defensive sets in many instances, if this were Triano we wouldn’t have even gotten to an overtime. 

      F**** the Wizards though, I wish them nothing but more failure in the future. Punks. 

      Yes I’m mad, bro.

      • Nilanka15

        More wins for the Wizards, means more lottery balls for us.

  • godson82

    Since the trade talk Calderon has disappeared.  Get rid of him now before he destroys an value he has.  One of the greatest Raptors but time to go in a new direction.  Wish the Raps to a look at Jeremy Lin, always thought he had potential just need the chance.

    • lols

      yeap yeahp

  • Ppellico

    am I in the Twilight Zone?
    Gray put in 6 solid minutes, scored and rebounded.
    He left the game down by only 5 points.
    THE REST of the team then went down by 25!
    THEY stay in.
    You call this a bad night by Gray?
    This is the most stupid revision of the game I think I have read so far.
    This is insanity!

    The team was down by only 5 points…!

    Look at the stats…watch the game!

    Are you nuts!?

    • Nilanka15

      I realize you’re a Gray fanatic, but c’mon, we’re talking about Aaron Gray here.  He’s lucky he played 6 minutes at all.

    • Guest

      When will you realize Gray is a srub?? I’ve heard you bantering this on Raptorshq, no on is joining you on you Gay Gray Parade.

  • Nilanka15

    I’m glad the Raptors lost.  Squeaking out a win would’ve gave them a false sense of victory considering how poorly they played for the first 36 minutes vs. the worst team in basketball.  Casey now has every reason to hit them hard in practice. 

    We deserved to lose for the lack of urgency displayed to start the game.

    Oh, and a mere 3 points scored in overtime.  Not gonna cut it.

  • mountio

    Ive said it before and Ill say it again. Bayless is GREAT when you are down 15-20 and need a spark. Its basically just give him the ball and see if he can get hot / get something started. Every once in a while it works out and hes a legit momentum changer.
    Only problem is .. he plays the same chucking way whether we are up 5 and rolling or down 20 and struggling.
    All in all, ill take this loss. More ping pong balls and a little confidence for Kleiza and JB – maybe they can play a small role as bench scorers next year … ??

    • 2damkule

      or…maybe they up their trade value?  or is it dreaming to think anyone would be willing to take on russian tank commander?

      • mountio

        I dont think so .. for the reasons Nilanka describes below, I dont think anyone is taking on LK without seeing more post his injury .. too much of a liability with 3 years left on his deal. And JB .. does a fourth team take a flyer for a 2nd rounder? Maybe … but I still doubt it.
        However, could they actually play an interesting bench role next year based on the last few games … im starting to think maybe they can

  • CaseyDaMan

    Almost unbelievable, unless one comes here for the first time to observe the type of fan support that can be expected.

    After almost a year away from the game, and after going through the expected growing pains of getting back into it, Kleiza:
    – playing the position that’s recognized as the most glaring hole on the team
    – provides by far the most consistent and efficient play on the team for three 3 straight games, shooting a combined 60% for 62 pts, including 70% for 30 pts in this game

    Yet the guy who scores the same pts, much less efficiently, rides the bus, half the comments are the same tired debate about him that’s been going on forever, most of the rest is about 6 minutes Gray, 10 minutes LB, same tired shit about DD or dump Jose, while Kleiza barely gets a mention as maybe he can play a small role, or up his trade value.

    I guess I just don’t know, or can’t relate to, what a “true” Raptors fan is.

    • Nilanka15

      Kleiza’s too much of an unknown at this point to make any sort of conclusions about his worth to this team (especially considering his knee).  That’s probably why there isn’t much talk about him.

      • CaseyDaMan

        I’m not suggesting drawing any long term conclusions. I’m saying I don’t understand ignoring what he’s doing in favour of babbling the same old stuff, or meaningless stuff.

    • Lorenzo

      I like Kleiza, we should definitely keep him for next year.

    • WHAT THE

      P00KA is pulling a D.WADE on us don’t cry pookie because LK didn’t get to drive the bus last night,i’m sure if LK keep on playing like that that ALTRAPS will let him drive the bus ok pookie

  • CaseyDaMan

    Voila. Useless babble baiting. Did you jerk off to that one?

    • CaseyDaMan

       oops, meant for “WHAT THE” above and his POOKA comment

      • WHAT THE

         POOKA your frigging upset because LK didn’t get to drive the bus? the f**king bus,we are talking about ALTRAPS BUS not LK mins. or shot count pooka is upset about LK not getting to drive the bus we are talking about the BUS holeee guy!

        • CaseyDaMan

          there was a lot more to my point than the bus shit, but go ahead and keep jerking off to getting me on a small part of it. ya got me, hero

  • Mos_Jef

    I actually saw some good things from Demar today. He was recognizing the help when he was driving and kicked it to the open guy. He also made a good off ball cut to the bucket when his man left to help. To bad he fumbled the catch. His defensive awareness is getting better. He was standing up the cutte andhe didn’t allow a lot of blow byes or open threes.
    He needs to get more consistency in his shooting mechanics (release timing). And dribbling.
    Bayless and kleiza were hot so they kept running plays for them. That’s not demar’s fault.