Unibrow, meet the People's Brow.

We’ve spent a lot of time around these parts looking ahead to next year of late. Specifically, we’ve provided Tools for Tanking, constant reverse-standings updates, prospect profiles and draft boards, and a forum for Tank Nation to rejoice or revolt, depending on the game. While a lot of the focus has been on the 2012 Draft, and rightfully so, it’s not lost on Raptor fans that the team essentially has a second lottery pick coming on board next year in the form of Lithuanian big-man Jonas Valanciunas.

As you may recall, Jonas was selected with the 5th overall selection in 2011. The pick wasn’t immediately popular, both because of the timeline it hinted at (the team confirmed right away that Jonas would remain overseas for a year), and because of the team’s oft-earned reputation of being so Euro-centric. With that said, the fan base, media, and scouting community all warmed up to the pick as the offseason and regular season wore on, to the point that some have claimed Jonas will be the 2nd best player from the draft class, and the Raptors got a steal.

Jonas has been impressive in both international competition and European competition as an underaged big, a player type who often takes a longer development path. He has NBA size, great basketball instincts, and by all accounts is NBA-ready in terms of maturity and willingness to work and learn. In pure basketball terms, it’s difficult to translate offense or defense from European or International competition to NBA competition, and it’s quite possible that our collective expectations have become too high (immediate defensive lynchpin, 2nd best rookie next to Unibrow next year), or too low (will take a few years to develop, won’t contribute offensively yet).

So where should our expectations be for Jonas The Lethaluanian (I believe Eric Smith gave Linas Kleiza that nickname, but it should belong to Jonas) lie? Without accounting for the team’s 2012 lottery pick or any other additions/subtractions from the roster that would affect his playing time or role, I thought the best way to establish a baseline was to look at the other 13 players that were drafted in the lottery with him last year. Remember that, similar to this year, there was no consensus beyond the #1 pick (Kyrie Irving). I’ll also make the cut-off at the end of the lottery, leaving out high-performing later picks like Kenneth Faried, simply because these players, however good, would have been considered a pretty major reach at #5 this time last year.

Kyrie Irving, #1 Pick, Cleveland
He’s been, hands down, the best rookie in the NBA this season, and will win Rookie of the Year despite missing 15 games. He has the 2nd highest PER (21.24), highest scoring average (18.6PPG, almost 6 more than anyone else), and 2nd highest assists per game (5.6) to Ricky Rubio. He also rated out as one of the league’s premiere crunch time players, and has become the face of the franchise in LeBron’s absence. He, alone, is the reason for optimism in Cleveland.
Verdict: If Jonas has the type of impact Kyrie has had, we’ll be having a Raptors Republic Playoff Party, no doubt. This is probably too high of a bar to set, realistically.

Derrick Williams, #2, Minnesota
Williams looked like a bit of a potential bust early on but rebounded for a strong second half with a few stand-out performances. His playing time was limited a bit by Kevin Love’s presence and his early struggles (his PER was just 13.12, barely top-20 among rookies), but he still managed respectable numbers (9.0PPG and 4.8RPG). He has major potential, but is still very raw shooting (41.6%FG, 27% 3FG) and defensively.
Verdict: Williams was a near-consensus pick at #2, but the window is actually open for Jonas to stake claim to the #2 spot right away.

Enes Kanter, #3, Utah
Kanter may be a victim of big-man depth in Utah (Jefferson, Millsap, Favors), which made some question the pick in the first place. He’s been mildly efficient (13.97 PER), but it’s difficult to evaluate in just 13 minutes a night (4.4PPG, 4.2RPG). He’s obviously got potential as a rebounder and defender, but appears to be more of a project than originally anticipated.
Verdict: The Jonas pick looks better and better, and I’d venture that we’d all be pretty disappointed if this was the level Jonas played to.

Tristan Thompson, #4, Cleveland
Many wanted Tristan in TO because of his GTA roots, but I’m almost glad he didn’t fall to us to force the team’s hand (if they’d be forced, that is). Tristan has shown flashes, especially as a finisher , rebounder (3.0 Offensive RPG) and shot blocker (1.0BPG) but is still extremely raw offensively (44% FG). He probably shouldn’t have received his 23 minutes a night, inflating his stats (8.1PPG, 6.3RPG) relative to some other rookies, but he has clear potential as a sidekick to Kyrie.
Verdict: In terms of numbers, this might not be a bad place to set the bar, though I would hope Jonas shows a bit more polish on both ends in reaching those numbers.

Jonas Valanciunas, #5, Toronto
So this is where Jonas went. Right now, it looks like, other than Kyrie, some teams may regret letting him fall this far. We’ll see as we continue along if the Raptors should have gone with someone else maybe, but it’s a good sign that he has a clear shot at being the 2nd best player from this class, as soon as next year. Too optimistic? Maybe, but the 2011 class is filled with ongoing projects, Jonas among them, so the discussion is wide open.

Jan Vesely, #6, Washington
He looks to be nothing more than an energy player off the bench. He’s been passed by Kevin Seraphin and Trevor Booker in the rotation, and never really got off the ground (10.34 PER, 4.3PPG, 4.1RPG). Some of the issues may have been due to John Wall’s stagnating as a distributor, the drama surrounding coach Flip Saunders, or the chemistry issues with guys like Blatche and McGee and the obvious tank job, but he also wasn’t the human highlight reel we were told he’d be.
Verdict: Jonas.

Bismack Biyombo, #7, Charlotte
Biyombo can sure block shots (1.7BPG in 23 minutes), and he stays on the floor (2.3 fouls) for someone so active as a help defender. He also rebounds (5.9) at a decent clip. That said, he’s extremely raw offensively. He has huge long-term potential as a defensive stalwart, and the Bobcats will be downright scary if they can pair him with Anthony Davis.
Verdict: Tough to see Jonas matching him defensively, but he should immediately be better offensively and maintain a significant advantage in that regard. I’d still take Jonas.

Brandon Knight, #8, Detroit
I remember hearing a lot of fans clamoring for Knight, especially at the season ticket holders’ party at Real Sports. I definitely thought he’d be better than this out of the gate. Granted, he appears to be a serviceable rotation guard (12.8PPG, 3.2RPG, 3.8APG) and was good enough to stay on the floor over 30 minutes a night, but he definitely doesn’t look like a franchise point guard (11.8 PER) yet. He’s still a nice piece to build with across from Greg Monroe, but it looks like those thinking he “slipped” may have been wrong.
Verdict: The Raptors still need a point guard, but Knight probably wouldn’t have us much more certain of a “franchise PG.” Jonas based on talent and upside.

Kemba Walker, #9, Charlotte
I could more or less copy and paste Knight’s blurb here. Kemba was expected to help a team as a “winner” but here he is on a team at risk of having the lowest winning percentage in NBA history. Kemba is what he is, a mild-efficiency scorer and potential 6th man stud (15.29 PER, 12.3-3.5-4.3 P-R-A rates, 37% FG). He protects the ball relatively well and gets to the line, so the potential is there for more. If the Bobcats get Davis to pair with Bismack and Kemba, Kemba may never have to work on defense again.
Verdict: Kemba looks a bit better than Knight, but with a lower ultimate upside. Would have to still go Jonas.

Jimmer Fredette, #10, Sacramento
Hahahaha. Hilarious.
Verdict: You can get spot-up shooters masquerading as low-efficiency scorers much later in the draft. Pass.

Klay Thompson, #11, Golden State
15.06 PER, 12.1PPG, 43% 3FG. Klay can score, and that was the book on him coming into the year. He’s not much defensively and doesn’t do much other than score…and while that’s an asset the Raptors could use, they knew this at the time and passed. Klay’s a nice player though.
Verdict: They passed then, and nothing has changed.

Alec Burks, #12, Utah
Has been moderately efficient (13.6 PER) by rookie standards as a bench scorer for the Jazz (7.0PPG in 16 minutes) but hasn’t been the shooting threat some thought he’d grow into. He doesn’t do anything elite, but he will probably stick as a rotation player for some time. Not exactly the profile of a #5 pick, right?
Verdict: Jonas.

The Morrisses, #13 and #14, Phoenix and Houston
Marcus hardly played for the Rockets, while Markieff has been a decent bench big for the Suns, though his minutes and production have both tailed off in the second half only to pick back up this month. Both have some potential but I would expect Jonas to be better than both immediately.
Verdict: Jonas over both, even in tandem.

Final Ruling
It’s early. We won’t be able to accurately judge the 2011 draft class for a few years yet. The point of this exercise was to set a bar of expectation for Jonas as a rookie, having been the #5 pick. Unless you’re of the mind that a point guard was a must-have last year, it’s difficult to argue any other lottery pick over Jonas. Kyrie is obviously in a class of his own, and the hope is that Jonas eventually challenges him as Best in Class, but #2 seems a realistic target, though maybe not an immediate expectation. The draft also had some great finds later (Faried, Leonard, Thomas, Brooks, etc) but nobody you could justify using the #5 pick on. It looks like the Raptors got this one right. We’re all anxious, and we need to keep our expectations somewhat in check, but it’s definitely something to be excited for…which is what we all need right now.

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  • Sbrother

    The bar should be set high for Jonas, what he accomplished last summer and this season was remarkable and what happens this summer with his national team could raise the bar even higher – t.b.d.

    Most kids out of Europe come over having played limited minutes as young backups on their clubs teams and as such are prospects and that was Jonas’ situation last year.  This season he was the star player on his club team.

    • ScottBaird

      Agreed.  He’s going to bring immediate, positive impact.  The only thing that could slow his rookie year would be a fight for minutes… we need to get rid of some of our big (dead) weight.

      Wait for it 🙂

      • Asd

        You mean Barg?

        • Lorenzo

          Definitely not Bargs, either Ed or Amir.

          • K.J.P

            I say Amir

            • Lorenzo

              I’m actually torn on it, thank god i’m not BC.

          • Destro

            Your right we need to keep the guy who doesnt rebound…fuck rebounds !!!

  • Raps Loyalist

    Big men take a while to develop/fillout their body and adjust to the NBA players size and skill level.  If he plays well next season that would be a huge bonus imo.  The real test is what type he is in year 2 in the NBA.

    I thought it was a great pick the night of the draft and still do.  Jonas will easily be one of the top 3 players taken in this draft

    K. Thompson, B. Knight, and K. Irving are the only players from this draft that have a chance to be definitely better than Jonas in a few years…When you consider positions though it is much easier to find PGs and SGs than Cs so I’m glad we went and got a true 7 footer with nice shooting touch but a guy that wants to compete and bang on the block.

    Also, I think Bismack could be a better version of Ben Wallace in his prime in a few years so if he starts racking up defensive player of the year awards that might be something to consider.

    D. Williams is a nice player but was overrated the night of the draft b/c of a good NCAA tournament and should have gone a 3 or 4 spots lower.  Still surprised Minnesota didn’t trade down or for a vet with that pick.  I thought they were gonna flip that pick to Washington for #6 and #18.

    Kanter will be good but he’s not athletic and is under 7 feet tall so he has much less upside than Jonas

  • henriques21

    Great read. You had a good point there suggesting that raptor fans need to temper their expectations. From most of the posts I’ve read, most fans are treating Jonas like he’s a saviour of some sorts and already predicting playoffs. We’re placing too much emphasis on his arrival and sometimes need reminders of how much expectation we placed on barg when he was drafted. Granted he was the first overall pick but he was 18 when we drafted him and expected too much too soon. European big men take longer to adapt and we need not treat Jonas like he was the first overall pick. Let’s forget the draft analysis placed on him and treat him like the 5th overall pick and let him come along in a way that benefits his development. Raptor fans have been deprived of success for so long that he is the thing we are latching onto in order to relieve those expectations. Moreover, if all goes well in the draft we will eventually have 2 rookies in the starting lineup next year. Building through the draft is a gradual process and not all scenarios will play out like okc. I’d give it a year or two before the raptors taste playoff basketball but definitely headed in the right direction.

    • minks77

      Didn’t hate the pick per se but was very wtf? Couldn’t get too worked up because I wasn’t thrilled with anyone in the class and the only other guy I thought we should of taken was kanter. However, after watching the u19s on choppy feeds and highlights and watching the euroleague chip a fair amount when in I was overseas I’ve had a hard time keeping my expectations in check.

      He’s got great hands and a fluid motion around the rim. Good form on his shot release. Excellent frame (everything lines up nicely, unlike, say Oden whose hips always looked in even) and good strength considering how scrawny he is. I’m not blown away by his hops but his iq seems very high. Rarely makes a boneheaded play and stays humble.

      Tellin you, over the next 5 years JV will become the best 5 and dc will cement his case as the best Coach in raptors history.

      • ScottBaird

        I would have been happy with Kanter as well, but in hindsight… maybe, maybe not.  I think it’s too early to tell with him.

        Jonas, though… I agree.  In a few years everyone’s going to want this kid.

      • Valanciunas told Alex Mckechnie that he wants to be dominant at his position in 5 years. So its good that he’s got a time frame in where he can get better physically and skill wise. I can easily see him being a dominant 5 in today NBA. You rarely find centres with his touch around the basket and free throw shooting.

      • Lorenzo

        It’s really not that much of an overstatement to say that he will be a top-5 Center in a couple of years. His incredible motor will help him get there.

  • There will be an adjustment period for Jonas when he plays in the NBA. The FIBA rules that he’s used to playing with aren’t in the NBA’s rule book (three seconds, cylinder interference). He’ll have ti adjust to the physicality of the NBA bigs as well. He’ll still produce very well and will be tough to guard for a lot of NBA centres. He’s got a great touch around the rim, has post moves ranging from a turn around J to sweeping hooks and fakes. He’s got a mid range jumper, a great free throw shooter and is a pretty good passer off the block. I’d say he’d averages 9-12ppg 7reb 1.5ast 1blk. That’s pretty good for a rookie centre.

  • Los Manos

    For anyone that wants an extended look at JV, here are 23 mins of highlights from this current season for Lietuvos Rytas http://youtu.be/BBKPl6biP5M

    • cesco

       Very impressive . Is there a center in the NBA who can run the floor as fast as JV ? I can’t think of any . He will have to get rid of the habit of hanging on to the rim though because the NBA refs will hang him for that .

      • henriques21

        You’re point about running the floor struck me. Was watching the suns nuggets game last night. Haven’t seen the kid play but the more descriptions I hear about his game, the more it screams Marcin Gortat. He’s a solid 5, wouldn’t mind if Jonas produces the way he is at all, actually I’d welcome that.

    • 300milesaway

      You have to keep in mind he’s playing in Lithuania against bums….He wont be able to do alot of that stuff in the post against bigger more athletic NBA players….He has some IQ but its silly to think hes gonna dominate based on that video evidence…He wont be able to run off picks for uncontested dunks in the NBA,he wont be able to back guys up under the basket and turn and dunk in the NBA…hes not big enough or strong enough right now…He’s playing against small defenders who cant push him out over there,wont happen over here….I see a kid with some skill and athleticism and basketball instinct but i think he will have foul problems over here  at first and i see at best a 12/5-6 guy until he adds some muscle….as i stated i see a 8/4-5 guy off the bench next year…

      Anything more than that based off the vids is plain delusion and wishful thinking…

      • Listas

         Oh, so I assume other draft prospects like Davis are playing against NBA All-Stars.
        And when last year Jonas was holding his own agains guys like Kaman, Noah, Gasol Bros, those guys are also bums, right ?

        • Destro

          He wasnt dominating them like in the above video….Again you can be naive if you want and think hes gonna come in next year and be dunking all over guys and putting up 18/10 *shrugs*

          • Listas

             I know you’re a troll, but I will argue with you for the sake of all the people who might believe your nonsense.

            13 pts (5/7 FG) in 16 minutes vs Spain (Gasol Bros+Ibaka)
            18 pts (8/9 FG) 5 reb; 2 bs in 20 minutes vs Serbia (Krstic)
            12 pts (5/7 FG) in 19 minutes vs France (Noah, Diaw)
            15 pts (6/10 FG) 4 reb (3off); 2 BS in 18 minutes vs Germany (Kaman, Nowitzki)

            • Destro

              Youve already made my argument by posting what i just said…2 games he played against bums other 2 he didnt dominate…your posting 2 intl games to mean something smh….When do you posters ever learn…..So clearly you think these 4 statlines in 4 games only 2 of em being good are too mean he will dominate in a 82 game schedule next year….

              Nothing else need to be said…

              • Destro

                lol still @ this guy using 4 intl games as evidence hahahaah

                You do know the games are different with NBA players playing on bum ass foreign teams fulla crap….plus add shitty fiba refs who dont know how to ref a basketball game…

  • Ismail

    I don’t mean to sound crazy, but he kinda plays like Tim Duncan. He can hit the mid range shot, and is solid at the free throw line. If he can develop solid post moves, that comparison might not be too far off. I’m excited to see him next year. 

  • “Lietuvos Rytas” beats “BC Khimki”, 103-78, advances to VTB league final 4.

    Jonas : 20 points (6/9 FG ; 8/9 FT); 9 rebounds; 2 assists; 2 blocks; 3 TOs; 26 EFF in over 27 minutes 


  • Aaron8007

    Jonas is a top 3 centre in europe pro ball at 19 years old and playing the toughest teams in europe.  I think his stats depend on how much playing time he gets.  10 point 7 plus rebound and 1.5 blocks is reasonable in 30 minutes of play.  He will have to watch out for his problem of stupid fouls and being a little overly physical.  I think the best comparison is duncan but a little more aggressive duncan.  Next year is going to be fun but expect some inconsistent games from Jonas.

    • Destro

      smh @ more aggressive duncan….i guess your a new basketball fan…

      • Aaron8007

        Your a new basketball fan destro…duncan at the same age wasn’t as good as jonas you can look up duncans stats in his sophomore year at wake forest.  Jonas is playing against grown man pro basketball players as good or better then the nba d-league players.  

        • Destro

          You lost for looking up stats first of all….
          He is not better than Duncan was at WF thats non sense…Timmay came into the NBA as an all star 20/10 do you think JV is going to do that as a rookie……your comparing a rookie to the greatest power forward of all time dont be stupid…

          JV is playing against grown men who suck in a really bad league…D league at least has players that can play in the NBA…euro league esp lithuania is comprised of bums who’d never set foot on an NBA court….

          • Aaron8007

            destro you must be stupid to not realize that Duncan played all 4 years at college.  I know its rare like a brain cell in your head but duncan was 22 when he entered the NBA.   Stupid is as stupid says desto

            • Destro

              Whos the idiot comparing a rookie to a Hall of famer and calling him a more aggressive version of said HOFer

              faqquite !

  • Raptor4Ever

    6-7 pts per game and 6 rebounds … That is all we will get from him for next season.

    • tankcommander

      that would be a bit disappointing since Tristan Thompson is averaging pretty much the same thing.  I’d be more happy with 9-12 pts 7 boards… which is extremely plausible.. Ed Davis is averagin 6/6 and JV is longer & a much better FT shooter than Ed. 

      6/6 = disappointing.10/7 = great job
      14/8 = ejaculations of bodily fluid

      • mountio

        I think you guys are being too easy on JV. I expect him to get lots of minutes (30+/gm) and average something like 14 and 7.
        To me, 6/6 is a bust. 10/7 is dissapointing. 14/7 is what I expect. Something like 18 and 9 would be ejaculations of bodily fluid …

    • Destro

      Thats about right to me…i think he will have foul problems too his first year,he’ll have to learn and adjust to picking his spots better at challenging shots and learning to deal with bigger more athletic players in the NBA…

  • Mr. Toronto

    I think the biggest threshold for Valanaciunas development is Andrea Bargnani. With that player on the squad JV will have big troubles to fulfill his potential. AB is too selfish and i can not see that Raptors could prform better with having him on a squad.

    • Raptor4Ever

      LOL, Some already found another excuse to blame AB 😉 Next thing we know, AB is to blame for Global warming and middle east conflict. 

      • cesco

        Andrea is going to steal JV rebounds and blocks while continuing to spread out the floor  . He will not pass the ball to him for fear he will be supplanted as #1 scorer . He thinks solely of his next contract , can’t get max money if you are not the best player on a contending team .

        • sleepz

          You’re a hypocrite.

          This talk about keeping and respecting the “best player on the team” was not something you were spewing when Bosh was around.

          A non-objective hypocrite are the worst opinions to entertain

          • cesco

            After Andrea became a starter , him and Bosh were one of the best scoring big duo in the league . Why would I have wanted Bosh to be traded ? . Afterward , when the team failed to improve , everyone wanted this or that player ( sometimes the whole team ) to be traded . Right now , everyone should wait and see what the team accomplish next season with the new additions before asking for trades of their best players . Andrea will have the responsibility to lead the team into the playoffs or contend for a playoff spot or else he may be traded if that would make the team better .

      • Steve

        Picket fence guy already blamed AB for that, he even blamed him when he was late for work, when he spilled hot coffee on himself, and when his car broke down. 🙂

        • 2damkule


          • Steve

            Yes you are 🙂

  • Bendit

    It was said that the Spurs offered Tony Parker for that pick (they wanted JV) before it was made. The Spurs dont whiff on picks too often. And Parker is yet a force as a PG in the league. 

  • j bean

    There are a lot of positives around JV, his smarts, motor, and finishing in particular but there are negatives that don’t show up on a highlight reel [mainly how he will translate his game to a much different league]. He may be giving himself five years to fulfill his potential but it’s guaranteed the fans at RR won’t give him five years. I think I’m typical in expecting 30 minutes a game and most importantly not constantly getting burnt defensively. In that respect which Bargnani we get next year will have an impact on JV. 

    • minks77

      The fans have given AB 5 years so why not JV? I think JV will be a great compliment to AB in that he’ll do the dirty work defensively in the post and with the help. Plus AB’s much (and deservedly) maligned rebounding woes won’t be quite as much of a problem with Vala going after every loose ball.

      • j bean

        AB has lost a lot of cred for a number of reasons so I wouldn’t say all fans are still in his corner. For me AB rebounding 6-7 instead of four doesn’t make a big difference to their overall game. He has played beside  Reggie who gave them tons of rebounds without it helping Bargs big picture.

        • cesco

          Offensively the starting unit in the last 2 years has basically been 4 against 5 . Getting 3-4 points from one of your STARTING bigs ( Reggie and Gray ) is a good enough reason to fall behind in a game and never catch-up . If JV provides 10 points instead of 3-4 you can see where many games will be won instead of lost . How many ? , time will tell .

    • 2damkule

      i’ll give you that the leagues (euro & nba) are quite different, but his offensive game is built around the PnR, heavily used in the nba.  yeah, he’ll struggle physically in the low blocks, but he’ll have a quickness advantage on PnRs.  the one thing that will be different is that he’s not going to be able to get to the line nearly as much in the nba as he does currently, mainly because he’ll be facing better defenders who won’t be forced to foul…but also because he’ll be a rookie, and won’t be getting those calls. 

      still, i think he’ll do just fine.  so much is to be determined before next season in terms of the roster that projecting numbers just seems silly…i could care less how many pts/rbs/blks he puts up, as long as he’s getting an opportunity to develop & uses said opportunity to improve.

  • mountio

    AB averaged 25 mins and 11.6 pts / 4 boards his rookie year (on a much better team than what the raps will be this year)
    While AB clearly has (and had as a rookie) a better scoring touch than JV – JV is a much better rebounder and should be able to put up a decent number of points on put backs / garbage points (something that AB never has or will do).
    Add it all up and I dont see why he doesnt get 30 mins + and as I said above, Im hoping for something like 14 and 7. I truly think this is realistc. By comparison, in the first year AB got 30+ mins (his third) he averaged 15+ and 4.5 boards.

  • NyAlesund

    There will be a real training camp with a new additions. Two rookies, probably some acquisitions and in general the team will be more competitive. Now, instead to complain about if AB is selfish, or he steals rebs (I can’t believe even if I saw him to do….lol), or he can stop the JV’s growth (!!!!!), we have to wait the off-season and hope that everything is going to be ok.

    The absurd season is almost over, fortunately we are so close to see a light at the end of the tunnel and we are discussion about AB? C’mon. Many of us are completely obsessed by him.

    Wait 7 months before starting to discuss……..him…………again………….if…….he will be part of the team…..

  • Toshmon

    Great article but I fear that your intent to tamper our expectations of our #5 pick did the exact opposite.  (or maybe that was your intent)

    “Kyrie is obviously in a class of his own, and the hope is that Jonas eventually challenges him as Best in Class, but #2 seems a realistic target, though maybe not an immediate expectation. ”

    – Im guessing #2 refers to where you think Jonas will be ranked in this draft later in his career.
    I dont know if you watch Utah Play but Kanter is a beast.
    Brandon Knight: 13pts 3rbs 4 asts as a rookie!? those numbers are bananas & he has length.

    I agree with your conclusions about how good of a pick Jonas is, he could be a steal.  But this type of article and the comments that follow may put more pressure on JV.

    • 2damkule

      i’m going to go out on a limb here & suggest that JV – or any other player – isn’t putting any more or less pressure on themselves based on what’s written on RR…

  • Enlightenment

    JV is a star. Count on it!
    He is BIG, SMART, PHYSICAL, and TALENTED. If he doesn’t pan out, I blame the raptors.

  • Destro

    7 pts/4 rebs

    • mountio

      per half

      • 300milesaway


    • Nilanka15


      There’s no reason for us not to expect Brook Lopez type rookie numbers (13 pts, 8 rebs) for Jonas.

      • Destro

        Yes there is…if he comes off the bench…and hes a euro big i dont expect him to dominate in any capacity…esp as a rookie… 

        • TdotRaptors

          You really are pathetic.

        • Dan

          I don’t think he will dominate. But it is possible. Pau Gasol had a great rookie year and his brothers was not to bad either. I would say the competition in Europe is better then in the D league. The reason the guys in the D league make it to the nba more often is because they have more exposure to scouts plus have contracts that allow them to leave and join NBA teams. I’m sure if the Euro leagues allowed 10 day contracts you would see alot more players make it. Look at Jennings and Rubio. They have better stats in the NBA then they did in Europe. I’m sure there is an Eldestro in spain calling the NBA a bums league based on that logic.

          • Lorenzo


          • Destro

            based on what logic ? NBA is a superior league period end of story nobody cares what some Manuel Del Sol Pierro thinks….Nobody calls NBA a bum league,every player OVER there wants to play here cuz its where the money and spotlight is and everybody knows the best players in the world play HERE…and lol @ using Jennings to make ur argument about a euro league…he’s an american player bruh….he was only there to circumvent the 1 year college rule….smh 

  • Nilanka15

    Jonas will go through growing pains next year.  He’ll get dunked out, he’ll pickup cheap fouls, he’ll force shots, he’ll miss open jumpers, etc.  In other words, he’ll go through what all rookies go through.

    Having said that, I’m still going to expect solid numbers from him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he averages a double-double.  If Ed Davis can average 7 and 7 in 24 mpg as a rookie, it’s not far-fetched to assume Jonas can reach 10 and 10 in 30 mpg….especially considering Jonas is superior to Davis in almost every area of the game.