Whatever good work Tony Parker had done for the French, Alexis Ajinça ruined it. Now it’s another Frenchman who is on the radar, and it’s Nicolas Batum, the Blazers RFA who is rumoured to be the last guy Portland will lock up (considering how he’s got a $6.5 cap-hold and will likely make more than that in his next deal). You might recall Batum as being drafted #25 by the Blazers in 2008, the year the Raptors and their renowned international scouting staff decided to flip the #17 pick for something that resembled Jermaine O’Neal’s carcass.

You don’t need me to write the rest of this but I will do so in short bursts. Raptors. Small Forward. Sucks. Batum. Small Forward. Batum. RFA. Money. Colangelo. Batum. Throw. At.

There you go, that’s how easy it is to write a post these days. If you really want some analysis, maybe you should check out Tim Chisholm’s small forward list, it’s hardly realistic and mostly fantasy but a guy’s got a churn out a piece, now doesn’t he?. Actually, it sort of reminds me of myself when I watch the The Bachelor: Yeah, I’d do her..and her…prolly her too…yup…meh..why not…

Where do the Raptors, who are at $41M (cap is $58M) get that extra money to throw at Batum? Well, Jerryd Bayless of course. There’s no need to even think about picking up his $4.1M qualifying offer, when you can get Ben Uzoh to do basically the same shit for free. If Jim Kelly ever proves to be worth even 1% of the airtime he gets on raptors.com starting in about two weeks, we might even find a point guard in the draft who can play defense and doesn’t just pretend to do so. This man says to buy a pick for $3M and get Damian Lillard, and don’t talk to me about his height!


Speculate on why that might be (oh, this should be fun).

As we’re always looking out for our readers, I’ve found an awesome deal on a jersey. So awesome that the guy isn’t even listing a price, just asking you to pay what you can. There’s only one small catch.

You might also want to know that Jonas V won an award(s) of some sort in Europe. Actually, this is like an Employee of the Month type award more than anything. Still, though. We might want to hang that in the rafters at the ACC.

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  • NyAlesund

    We have to offer him a damn contract.

  • Milesboyer

    Is he still pissed that we made public a “heart problem” that didn’t exist. I’m expecting to read in Hoopshype anyday – “N.B: I have no interest in Toronto and their blasphemy no matter how much they offer.”

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    “….the year the Raptors and their renowned international scouting staff decided to flip the #17 pick for something that resembled Jermaine O’Neal’s carcass…….”
    TJ Ford + #17 + Rasho for Jermaine O’Neal
    Posted by Arsenalist on June 23, 2008Obviously we’re taking a big gamble if this goes down but I’m all for the proactive nature of this deal, once again giving up the #17 pick hurts but I wouldn’t be terribly upset at this move
    23 june 2008Birdman say: Bottom line – I agree with you Arsenalist – I’m leery on including the 17th pick for JO28 june 2008Alright this is how i see itJermaine O’Niel, if healthy, is a six time all star+Chris Bosh=the best NBA Front court

    • Nilanka15

      Apparently when new evidence becomes available, one is forbidden to change his opinion 😐

      • Theswirsky

        I’d point out some of the clear caveats in these statements:

        “giving up the #17 pick hurts ” + “leery on including the 17th pick ” + “if healthy” + “a big gamble “. 

        Turns out those warnings held true.  O’neil wasn’t healthy and has never returned to form, and giving up the 17th pick did hurt.

        But as life goes on this should have been a lesson.  Teaching the importance of keeping picks, not taking big risks, not taking on huge contracts for players of questionable health and ability, and not expecting a 7 fter who missed almost 2 seasons with serious knee injuries to return to their former status.

        I do wonder though, what the total salary was of all the individuals in the Raps organization combined who came to the conclusion this trade was a good idea vs. the salary paid by the organization to Arse and Birdman for their input……. I think that will tell us who the real clowns are

    • Arsenalist

      You need to hold the Raptors front-office staff to higher standards than a blogger, but yeah, nice find.

    • BKing

      I don’t know if Bargnani can be that guy for this Raptors squad. – Mike Breen

      Hop off his jock.

    • sleepz

      Look at your ‘blogging name’ before you call anyone else a clown.

    • Sam Holako

      If it’s any consolation, enough of us at RR hated the trade when it was made. Their was definitely a risk/reward aspect to it, but the price was just too high for me. If the pick wasn’t included, I would never have complained about it.

      • 2damkule

        true dat.  i’m in the same camp…i certainly didn’t hate the acquisition of JO, i just didn’t like what it took to get him (and i’m pretty sure i stated as much at the time).  BC essentially burned all his assets (when there were multiple holes to fill) on acquiring a guy who would, at best, fill (partially) one of ’em. 

    • Flyfresh416


      • GameBreaker

        People need to let go of wayback playbacks and talk about NOW.  What can we all possibly gain/do about JO?? Like, really guys…WHO CARES??? 

        • Bendit

          True, but history bears remembering especially when the actors haven’t changed. Repetition can be a bitch.

        • Destro

          You cant wipe out past blunders because they point directly to where this team is at 4 yrs later…..and remind bitchasses like AB 5.5 of why he’s a scumbag liar….

    • Truthkiller

      Says the guy that still clings on to Bargnani’s 37 points 2 years ago. SMH

    • HitItHardFromTheBack

      Lol this dude went in…

  • tmk

    I know its not that simple, but honestly can’t we hire a better scouting staff? I don’t really know how the whole scouting and drafting process goes, and I know its never clear cut and can be a hit or miss but can’t we do better? I can’t remember the last time we picked up a steal or just a useful player late in the first round or second round.

    • Statements

      Ahem….P.J. Tucker?

      Seriously though, Roko Ukic had his moments (remember the San Antonio games)

      Though Mo-Pete was a pretty late pick as well.

      I agree with you 100% however.  Through all the coaching changes, GM changes and what not, one constant has been Jim Kelly.

      I asked this question before, but why is this guy still on the team??

      We’ve got Mckecknie (or whatever) from the Lakers,

      Dwane Casey is top-notch,

      We should have top-notch scouting as well.  Also, the last I read, the Raps employed two random university students to do their statistical analysis for them, how about stepping up in that area as well. 

  • Bendit

    I have railed against Mr. Kelly the head scout (or whatever) before. He has been the single talent evaluator who has been around since 1 or very close. And he keeps getting promoted. I wonder why?

  • onemanweave

    Finally.  Some demand for accountability from Raps’ scouting system.  Top teams find useful players with high draft picks.  Raps never seem to. Why?
       Except for #1, this draft is all about scouting and/or luck.  Scouts will earn their money — or not.

  • guest

    If the team gets Batum, I hope they hire D’Antoni because you might as well just play no defense Euroball.

    • Destro

      Yea except batum is a good defender….

      Ever watched basketball before ?

      • guest

        I copied this from a Batum evaluation from Mike Prada
        “Why he might not: Despite his reputation, I don’t think Batum is a very good defender. He’s kind of like Chris Singleton in that tougher players can overpower him with their strength. His length makes him a good team defender, but if you’re looking for him to be the team’s lockdown one-on-one wing defender, he’s not the guy you think he is.”

        Some people actually pay attention when they watch basketball, others just hang out on blogs and post nonsense.

        • Destro

          Nah hes a good defender fuck what that guy thinks….He can guard multiple positions,is long has quick feet and good athleticism.good on the ball or off it….sometimes people argue just to be that guy against the grain with a diff opinion hoping to say i told you say….

          He’s a good defender for a variety of reasons,that opinion of him doesnt even make sense lol

          How does length make you a good team defender lol…but not ball defender…

  • guest

    Batum is great until he gets hit hard then that’s it.  He has length and uses it but he does not like contact.  Maybe you should watch closer.

    • Destro

      Your “creating” a talking point to this convo….He’s a 3 not a 5 of course bigger guys can play him physical….nothing to do with his accumen as a defender…

      • guest

        Who said he was a “5”? Talk about creating a talking point.  No need discuss with you any further. If you don’t know why length is deceiving in terms of his defense, you need to ask somebody.