It’s the end of July and the Raptor have done some business this summer:

– Drafted Ross
– Signed Fields
– Traded for Lowry
– Re-signed Gray
– Signed Lucas
– Signed Jonas (not officially an acquisition, but still)
– Traded away James Johnson

They did all this without touching their amnesty clause, and while retaining Jose Calderon and Amir Johnson, two players that were bandied about in either amnesty or trade talks. The roster looks as follows:

PG: Lowry, Calderon, Lucas
SG: DeRozan, Ross
SF: Fields, Kleiza
PF: Bargnani, Johnson, Davis
C: Valanciunas, Gray

That’s 12 guys under contract and very close to the cap of $58M, so the only free-agents they could sign at this point would have to be making close to minimum. We’re legitimately deep at the point guard and power forward spots, and have a rotation rounded up based on the depth at the other three positions. If there’s any business to be done in terms of trade, you would think (as this article suggested earlier) it would have to come at the expense of Jose Calderon. The Raptors signed Lucas to a reasonable deal of $1.5M (read: they didn’t overpay so the player had incentive other than money to be here), and I’m sure that it came at least with some guarantees of playing time. What I’m saying is that it’s not a Darrick Martin signing where you bring in the guy to ride the bench. Lucas expects to play, especially given his good form in Chicago.

I suppose what will be done with Calderon depends on if the Raptors want to make a follow-up move this summer or next. If it’s this summer, then they’d have to trade him and hopefully get the player they want, or a TPE which they would for a change actually use. If not, wait it out and see what happens at the deadline. The only other position where the Raptors might consider trading away from is the power forward spot, where Ed Davis cannot be happy being third string entering his third year. I know he’s had some brush with injury, however, that doesn’t excuse his position on the depth chart. His $2.2M salary might be swallowed this year, but if this season proves to be a continuation of the last two, then either he’ll be traded or that option of $3.15M will not be picked up.

Other than that, there’s not much on the horizon for the rest of the summer. Here’s some informed speculation on the Raptors being in Los Angeles.

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  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    The Toronto Raptors announced Monday they have signed free-agent forward Alan Anderson. Per team policy, financial details were not disclosed.
    Today is Tuesday and tomorrow will be Wednesday

  • Brian B

    Quincy Acy is also under contract, though presumably non-guaranteed.

    still smdh at re-signing of Anderson when there are better wings unsigned. Sure we might not want Delfino, but how about Dominic McGuire or Jodie Meeks or Derrick Brown?

    • Anderson played alright last season, he proved to deserve another chance. He started 12 games last season, averaging 9.6 points per game in 27.1 minutes. I think he is better than those guys

      • Mapko

        +1 (and “hungrier”)

  • Snizzoop

    According to Doug, the Raps are done.

    “I’m told by People Who Know that with a roster now at 14, there’s virtually no chance of any additions right now, they want the flexibility an open slot gives them and the most likely thing is they’ll sign maybe three guys to non-guaranteed training camp deals.”

    • Brian B

       because an “open spot” is so much more flexible than a non-guaranteed contract.

    • Jamshid

      I said this about 2 weeks ago after we got fields and lowery to Matt52 and the herd on the board. I knew BC is done right then and this team , with this current players will be in lottery again. Well, atleast we still have our financial flexibity an some TPE for future 😉

      • Al_Oliver

        Not necessarily. Bottom of the Eastern Conference is pretty bunched up from the 7th or 8th seed to the 12th team. I wouldn’t dismiss the Raps chances at a playoff spot

  • Nilanka15

    So much for hitting the ground running…

    • Theswirsky

      not necessarily:

      hitting the ground running with scissors
      hitting the ground running in circles
      hitting the ground running the wrong way
      hitting the ground running with our eyes closed
      hitting the ground running into a wall

      • p00ka

        It”s starting to warm the heart to know that some peoples’ misery continues. You’ve earned it, embrace it like a trooper. There isn’t anyone on here more deserving.

  • Nilanka15

    So much for “I don’t want 3 rookies on the roster”….

    • Al_Oliver

      Acy might be on the roster, but he should be playing in the D-League this year (Amir and Ed both need minutes)

  • Pimblett

    Please BC , do not start the season with Calderon on this team… I got to run I hear P00ka coming .lo

    • Daniel

      Don’t worry, all those who like Jose want him traded as much as the Jose-haters. The reasons are completely opposite though: for the former he’s too good for this team, for the latter he’s too bad for this team. One day a lot of fans will understand that Jose has become the proximate target for management failures in Toronto. We have daily exposure to him during the season whereas the management is mostly “hidden” from our eyes. Everything he has done for the last 7 seasons in Toronto has been dissected and magnified to the point of caricature. In the meantime the management and coaching got scot-free for the most part.
      I’m sure he doesn’t need our approval, compassion or understanding. He’s World and European champion. Since 2006 Spain has won in every final tournamment when Jose was healthy up to and including the final game and has lost every final tournament when Jose was injured or he took the year off from international competitions. He has a fair chance of winning an Olympic medal. Next season he’ll probably sign with a contender so he may one day get an NBA championship. Not bad for a guy who went undrafted in 2005, couldn’t understand one word in English and couldn’t shoot to save his life. He’s also $50M richer now than in 2005.
      Just trade him already and be done with it. Let Colangelo and Casey swim or drown with Lowry and move on.

      • Mapko


      • Theguest


  • CalgaryRapsFan

    Despite all the claims and informed ‘sources’ indicating that the offseason roster makeover is complete, I still don’t think the 3 biggest issues have been addressed, which leaves me a little disappointed in the offseason overall (even though I like all the moves that have been made):

    1. Calderon – on one hand, he’d be a great veteran backup PG, especially if he re-signs for 2/3 years at $5M per season or less; on the other hand, he’s a $10.6M expiring contract who should have some trade value to net assets (ie: draft picks and/or TPE) or as part of a bigger deal for a high priced stud.  It just seems like he’s the elephant in the room.

    2. PF – I still don’t see how both Amir and Davis are going to get enough minutes to develop (individually or 2nd unit team chemistry), considering that Bargnani is likely going to get big minutes, Valanciunas/Gray should get most of the minutes at C, Acy should get some playing time to figure out if he’s a legit piece of the puzzle moving forward, plus Kleiza can play PF if they want to play small-ball on the 2nd unit.  It’s the biggest logjam the team has and its greatest position of strength, from an asset management standpoint, so it definitely needs to be resolved.

    3. Starting SF – still not adequately addressed, in my opinion.  Fields and DeRozan are both better equipped to be SG, IMO.  BC specifically mentioned this being a goal, and it sounds as though he at least kicked the tires about guys like Gay and Iguodala, but it still stands out as a weakness for me.

    I think the 3 points can be tied together, either during the offseason or up to the trade deadline, to put a deal together that trades from the team’s depth (ie: Calderon & Amir/Davis) to address a weakness (starting SF & veteran leadership).  I would love to see a new starting SF brought in, which would see Fields become the starting SG, with DeRozan & Ross on the wings on the 2nd unit.  Kleiza could be the primary backup PF, with Amir/Davis (whichever is left) playing backup C (Gray would be the 11th man, playing 2nd unit C against true C’s, while also likely getting some playing time with the starting unit when Valanciunas is overmatched and/or in foul trouble).

    I still get the sense that there is at least 1 move still waiting to be made, but understand if BC is waiting for the best deal possible, which may not become an option until closer to the trade deadline.

    • Acy getting playing time? lol he looks like a garbage man instead of a basketball player. 

      • Nilanka15

        I see Acy is a serviceable backup big man (one day) in the Udonis Haslem, Dale Davis, or PJ Brown type mold.  A no-nonsense, know your role type, who coaches love to coach.

        • wow thats why too high expectations for this guy. This guy can’t even shoot the ball like Udonis or PJ or has the bball IQ of those guys. He is like Reggie Evans with more athleticism and undersized. 

          • Statement

            Acy looks like Evans, but Evans is a MUCH SUPERIOR rebounder to Acy.

            Acy has more of an offensive game though.

            • The only offensive game he has is finishing strong at the rim. But in a sense, he has the athleticism to be a good rebounder but not as great as Reggie. They both will hustle and dive for the ball every possession and are undersized PF. The similarities besides the appearance are there. 

              • CJT

                what are you basing your opinion on?  During the summer league games he played Acy was deadly from 18 feet, just inside the arc.  So I am not sure what you are watching.  He is by far a better player than reggie evans. 

                • Destro

                  How is he be far anyting when he hasnt played a game yet ??

                  You dudes are ass…

                • Ryan

                   Maybe “far better” is a stretch, but just because a player hasn’t played a game yet doesn’t mean they can’t be better than someone who has. I’m sure plenty of people think Anthony Davis is better than Reggie Evans already, and he hasn’t played a game yet either. I don’t think Acy will be very good, and he definitely isnt’ better than Evans right now, but that’s not because he hasn’t played a game yet.

                • Destro

                  and then you offer hyperbole as an argument…smh..

                  A.Davis is going to be a good player Acy is not…

                  Acy’s game is being compared to R Evans so its fair to suggest he needs to play a game before being where Reggie is 8-9 seasons into a career….

                  You dudes man smh….

              • Buschfire

                He has a pretty strong face up jumper and pretty good % at the free throw line. Has a great head on his shoulders. He is in my opinion going to be Reggie Evans type of hustle hard nosed player diving on the floor chasing down rebounds player. But witha jumpshot and a bit more athleticsm at the rim.

    • Roarque

      Watch for Amir at the C spot after 10-15 games.

      • FAQ

        No no …. our great white hope, JonasV, will dominate at the C-spot…. guaranteed (per p00ka, I believe).  It’s the PG-spot that worries me and to find it.

        • p00ka

          “(per p00ka, I believe)”

          Like many things you believe, very misguided, or made up, but thanks for thinking of me.

  • Ghost

    Question: When are you allowed to use the Trade Player Exception. In the link above, relating to Calderon being traded to Dallas, it states that Dallas would have to be under the salary cap to absorb Calderon’s entire contract. However, when Odom was trade to Dallas last year, the Lakers received a TPE and they were over the salary cap.  

    • why

      I believe they received a TPE from The Knicks in a S&T for Tyson Chandler which they subequently traded to The Lakers for Odom. Of course as we all know the Lakers used the TPE to S&T for Nash.

      • ghost

        My question in essence, does it matter if you are over or under the cap…otherewise there would be no need to match salaries on other trades.

    • Matt52

       The TPE cannot be added as part of a trade as you would a normal salary.  Any TPE must be able to absorb the entire contract of the player traded for or if using as part of a sign and trade, the starting salary must not be more than the TPE. 

      Dallas can’t trade for Calderon using the TPE because the TPE is too small ($8.9M) to absorb his salary ($10.5M).

      The only way Dallas could take on Calderon with no salary going back would be if they were $10.5M below the cap.

  • 511

    I love the idea of having Calderon coming off the bench … and the way things usually work out, you know it’s likely he’ll get a share of starts one way or the other. The way he can change up a game or calm the offense down, especially when he’s got a reason to really show his stuff, man … there are a lot of teams probably better than the Raptors who’d love to be able to ‘go to Jose’. Contract speculations aside (or maybe even not) I hope he’s with the team when the season tips off. 

    • Destro

      Problem is HE doesnt love it…and the further into the season the more of a distraction and rash it can become…When ur back up is making double what ur starter is things can turn quickly….

      • CJT

        I don’t think anyone loves coming off the bench.  It is about the ego, so I don’t see that as any different from Harden, Crawford etc. who would certainly have preferred to start but were forced to embrace the role and thrive in it.

  • Onaman

    if calderon comes off the bench it will give the team great balance throughout the game

  • Destro

    So which one of you geeks actually watched the nigerian/lithuanian game lol.
    How was it ? I couldnt do it,horrible basketball is just terrible to watch…So whos gonna talk about it lolol…

    • Nilanka15

      It sounds like you’re puffing out your chest, but I can’t seem to figure out why…

      • Destro

        You KNOW why…I know even those that didnt watch saw that box score…get used to it… 

        • Nilanka15

          lol @ drawing conclusions from 2 Olympic matches.

          • Destro

            Dont be a lame im not drawing any conclusions but its interesting he couldnt stay on the floor against bum ass Nigeria…

            • Lorenzo

              Stfu u racist prick

            • Thetruth

              Drawing such a conclusion from two Olympic matches proves just how ignorant you are when it comes to basketball.

  • FAQ

    Calderon will be traded during the season for another and cheaper veteran and draft picks.  Hope he doesn’t get injured with the Raps.  Playoff contending teams with injury-prone PGs will love to have Jose for backup plus his b’ball IQ.

    It could happen even before the start of the season.  Jose deserves a change for the better. 

  • FAQ


    Fm: B. Colangelo
    To: Coaching Staff

    Confirming our season prime objective per our last meeting:


    High draft picks are essential for our future recovery.

    • Nilanka15

      lol, this almost looks official.

      • mountio

        except that we traded away our draft pick .. so oops .. scratch that memo ..

        • FAQ

            What idiot traded away our draft pics?????!!!!!!!

          • jjdynomite

            It’s lottery protected. This happened just three weeks ago, hopefully you’re being ironic.

            • mountio

              lottery protected for Houston .. only top 3 protected for us

              • TheR3dMenace

                or if the Raps make the playoffs and are out of the lottery, we keep it

        • Nilanka15

          Assuming we miss the playoffs next year, exchanging a top-10 PG, for a prospect in a “weak” draft seems like a low risk maneuver….at least in my opinion.

          But it’s a determination that can’t be made until we know who Houston picks, and he’s given enough years to establish himself as a legit player.

          • mountio

            Dont disagree .. just means we are all in on this year .. no need to tank any longer, cause it aint doin us any good …

          • Daniel

            It’s amazing to me how things tend to be considered true among certain people only because they are repeated often enough. When in the name of God did Lowry become a top 10 PG? There is no metric under which he is top 10. He had Conley and then Dragic starting before him. I understand hope however this is not hope on reasonable grounds, it is just crazy talk. 

            • Nilanka15

              This has been discussed many times before.  If a list of the top 15 PGs was made, depending on one’s opinion, Lowry would be anywhere in the 8-13 range. 

              Referring to Lowry as a top-10 PG isn’t a stretch….unless you believe the Hall of Fame should be re-named after Calderon…

              • Daniel

                Lowry had one good half-season in a shortened season in Houston until he got injured. Morey got a high draft pick out of it – that’s excellent GM. The rest of his career Lowry has been a back-up PG: since when career back-up PG’s are in top 10 conversation?
                More importantly, how come Raptors fans know so much about Lowry, a PG in the West? Nobody watched him for any significant stretch of games. The impressions about him are mostly media related or gotten from other fans. Just because you hate Jose doesn’t mean anybody replacing him is a top 10 PG.

                • Destro

                  If you think Morey is an excellent GM based on this off season,i have some oceanfront property in vegas to sell you…

                • Destro

                  Its called NBA league pass and its available in Canada…

                • Nilanka15

                  I don’t hate Jose.  I just hate fanboys…

                • Nilanka15

                  Lowry played 47 games last season.  Should they all be considered a fluke, while his performance 7 years ago be considered truth?

                • Daniel

                  What performance? In his best season he got outplayed by Dragic, he shot 40% and had 6.6 assists. You talk about fanboys? I’m bringing facts to the table and not opinions. You present as facts crazy opinions and then you have the guts to call other people fanboys?

                • Nilanka15

                  Is it not possible for a player to be a late bloomer?

                  Is the entire basketball planet wrong in thinking that the Raptors obtained their coveted “PG of the future”?

                • Daniel

                  I’ll tell you this in a friendly manner, only between you and me: there is a difference between an optimist and an idiot (or a delusional, if idiot is too strong a word). An optimist would say:”maybe one day Lowry will become a top 10 PG in this League”. It is a reasonable and credible statement which people can argue with based on facts and probabilities. An idiot would say: “Lowry is a top 10 PG right now”. It is such a demonstrable stupid statement that it destroy the credibility of its author.
                  Another thing: it is a beautiful thing to use your brain to create your own conclusions instead of hiding behind “the entire basketball planet” (which again it is an idiotic expression). You have to understand peoples’ agendas when they make public statements and you have to do your research before speaking.

                • Nilanka15

                  [rolling eyes]

                  Your lame passive aggressive insults aside,
                  name me your top 15 PG list as of right now, and let’s see what kind of consensus exists outside of the top 8.

                  Lowry’s first 5 years in the league have no bearing on my claim that he’s a top 10 PG today.

  • Buschfire

    Calderon I wouldn’t mind him on the team if he assumes the permanent back up role however I expect him gone by the all star break. Depending on how Big Ed and DeRozan do maybe we could package Calderon and one of those 2 and maybe a 2nd rounder for a A list NBA star….(wishfull thinking i know…)

  • NyAlesund

    Calderon, Lowry and Lucas. Too many. We are expecting some movements that involve the spanish fella. I don’t know when, but it is inevitable. Same story for Ed Davis and Amir.
    I don’t see how the coaching staff and BC can manage this actual roster in which some of the players are demanding minutes that are impossible to guarantee.

    I really would like to see a good sf player. It’s my opinion, but currently, in that position we are still weak. Gay or Iguo would be excellent. Unfortunately, Calderon, Amir/Ed Davis are not represent the right asset to involve those team in a trade.

  • FAQ

    What you see is what you got.  So, is the current edition of the Raptors a:

    • playoff team?

    • development team?

    • tanking team?

    • joker team?