• drizz

    The Raptors Republic is now under a coup.

    I am the sole member and leader of said uprising.

    Here are my terms:

    1. Jonas Valančiūnas will release a musical track of the rap variety composed of gangster Lithuanian.
    2. Andrea Bargnani will renounce all ties with pasta sponsors.
    3. Terrance Ross will contractually agree to not grow nappy dreads then shave them off and join the Miami Heat.

    My demands are non-negotiable and will be enforced as of January 3rd. If my terms are not met, I will refuse to buy ACC beer and may be forced to smuggle a mickey of appleton rum on my person to be later mixed with watered down fountain coca-cola.

    Viva la revalucion.

    • WJF

      drizz, drizz, drizz!!!!!!

    • Jeffrey Thompson

      I agree with the no Pasts Adds.  Next they’ll have Bargnarni hawking gangstar movies.  how stereotypical!!

  • Miekenstien

    the fga stat..is that lucas takes the shot or the shot that is on that play be it by him or whoever?  because if it is him it looks like he takes the shot near 90% of the time.

    • p00ka

      If you notice the title above the breakdown, it says “Play- Ends in FGA, TO, FT’s”, so it’s a selective set of stats, just as the video is selective in showing the same kind of stuff. 10 minutes of “highlights” of a PG, with not a single assist. I don’t know what the intent is, but the whole presentation seems rather slanted, especially considering a “Synergy” label is put on it.

  • Statement

    Lucas is a fine 3rd stringer. He’s better than Uzoh, Hassan “What in the world are you doing” Adams, and whichever fodder they have thrown out there over the past few years.

    • Nilanka15

      He almost seems too good to be a 3rd stringer, which leads me to believe that they acquired him with intentions/promises of 2nd string minutes at some point next season.

      • Statement

        Good depth signing in that case as Calderon may leave or will likely miss playing time.

        Sidenote:  Who are Jack Armstrong’s favorite players of all time?  My vote goes to Javale McGee, followed closely by Eddy Curry.

        • Nilanka15

          lol, I’m sure Nick Young’s on that list…

      • Jamshid

        This is exactly the case but I can not see BC being able to move Jose’s Contract till the trade deadline and even then probably for a 2nd round pick … 

        • Nilanka15

          Agreed.  I’m using the Barbosa trade as a measuring stick as to what to expect in a deadline trade.

          – Barbosa (a serviceable bench scorer, with a $7 million expiring deal) = late 2nd round pick

          – Calderon (a serviceable bench PG, with a $10 million expiring deal) = late 1st round pick at best?

          Unless Calderon is packaged with Davis/Amir, DeRozan, etc.

          • mountio

            yup. Ive made this plea many times .. but we need to stop suggesting trades where we swap jose for [insert borderline all star] .. its just not happening.

            • Matt52

              On his own?  Absolutely agree.

              Throw Jose in as part of a package of himself, PF and/or wing, and 2nd round picks… who knows?

              Is it likely?  Absolutely not – but few trades are. 

              • mountio

                Agree he could be part of a package, but if he is, he (ie Jose the player) will not be the core reason for the trade.
                Take a Rudy Gay deal. Is something like DD, Ed, Jose and a pick doable for Gay and a scrub? Possibly. But, if Memphis does that, they are doing it because they like DD and Ed first .. Jose a distant second. His contract helps make the deal work .. but the deal is essentially DD for Gay .. Jose is a throw in.

                • Matt52

                  I think any deal for Jose and DD would be about money… either a cheap owner/under performing team, save luxury tax, or a step back to make 2steps forward with flexibility down the road (Atlanta or Dallas for example).

                  We are in agreement, I think, that any deal for borderline all-star with Toronto will not be primarily a basketball decision.

          • Jamshid

            I will be happy with a late first round pick …  I think packaging him with either Amir or Davis is the right move. By then, we should know who we want to go forward with ( Amir vs Davis) … 

    • 2damkule

      how DARE you mistake will ‘swill’ soloman for hassan ‘puke’ adams!!!!

      • Statement

        Oh ya….. the ending to the quote was “what in the world are you doing, Will Soloman”?

  • Scottbbaird

    let’s get a video about a PnR guy showing some passing.

  • howlonghowlong

    Is Lucas good enough to be a back up PG on a playoff team?
    I’m not saying Raps trade Calderon.
    I’m not saying Raps make playoffs.
    Just wondering what role he can play?

    • Nilanka15

      Wasn’t Lucas a backup PG on a playoff team last year?

      • p00ka

        Technically that’s true, when looking at it in a vacuum. In reality he was a 3rd string that rose to #2 because of injury and “helped” his 1st seed team get blown out in 5 games vs the 8th seed. Hardly any endorsement that he’s a #2 PG, which has to be what the poster is asking, n’est pas?

        • Nilanka15

          Yes, I suppose you’re right.

        • cesco

           n’est-ce-pas ?

          • p00ka

            haha, oui (oops)

          • Marc

            “n’est-ce pas” if you wanna be nitpicky.  
            Ce n’est pas = It is notN’est-ce pas = Is it not?

            The subject and verb are reversed and then hyphenated to denote a question

            Puis-je attend pour Octobre?
            Non, je ne peux pas…

            • cesco

              “n’est-ce pas’ is correct but “puis-je attend” is bad grammar , “puis-je attendre” , “puis-je regarder” , etc … is the proper “conjugaison” in this instance . Et je ne peux pas attendre non plus .

              • Marc

                Oui, j’ai oublié l’infinitif.  Désole!

        • j bean

          There was a lot of love for him in Chicago. I base this on Bull’s blogs and relatives there. I never caught the game but he was awesome against the Heat where he scored 28. He also started a couple of games. The criteria to be called a #2 PG is what? The guy played most of last year and did a more than decent job. 

          • p00ka

            The criteria is going to vary depending on who you ask, and what the team make-up and style is. I’m in no position to judge Lucas either way, nor am I doing that. I’ll start doing that when I see him play in a Raps uniform. The question was put out here as to whether or not he’s capable of being a #2 (implied with the “backup”) on a playoff team, and I was responding to the response that he already was a #2 on a playoff team. He wasn’t. My point was simply that the reality is that he was a #3, which there’s no denying. I hope to hell he can prove to be capable of #2 minutes/responsibility with the Raps,,,,, as a playoff team.

  • WJF

    I have left this long enough, it is not John Lucas Junior, he is the 3rd (III)

  • theoneandonlyfiveoneone

    I watched a bit of Raptors Rewind yesterday. Raps from a few years back against the T-Wolves. Kapono, Moon, Jermaine O’Neal. So-so hoops to watch. Bosh was out for this game. Probably would’ve helped. Definitely would’ve helped. 

    But what it reminded me of mostly was, how much I dislike hearing … … … Leo F’ing Rautins. 

    The endlessly lame one-note-instructional-for-nine-year-olds commentary that mindlessly rolls out of his pie-hole … 

    made me want to pull my ears off of my head. 

    All over again. 

    Thing is, as much as I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Raptors play another season, I suddenly don’t know – seriously – that I want to have to go through another season of muting the volume and inconveniently listening to the out-of-whack (time-wise) radio commentary, for half or so of the games … because of Leo F’ing Rautins. 

    I understand that I may be in the minority on this (though I’d seriously doubt it) but, tastes being what they are, some don’t like Jack … and I don’t get that. So … there ya go. 

    I imagine it might be a bit like when a storm hits a certain ‘note’, it can cause a whole bridge to collapse the way that one did that was filmed many years ago. Hearing him kind of does that to me. 

    I could imitate his commentary in print-form but I would have to start punching myself in the face, Ed Norton-in-Fight-Club-style … and I’d rather not, thank you. 

    So … 

    Is he scheduled to do that job, yet again? 

    I so hope he is not. 

    Please ‘like’ the hell out of this post so I can at least pass it along to someone in Raptor TV land, as if it were a petition. If I do so, I will use my email with my real name. (And … they seem to not have a ‘Contact Us’ link on the Raptors site – what’s up with that? – so email will be the only way to get it to someone.) 

    But we must speak up about this. Come November and you’re hearing, yet again, what I’m talking about, you’ll be glad to know that we at least, tried. 

    Thank you. 

    • mountio

      couldnt agree more. The “international” name dropping (to remind us that he (at least used to be) the coach of team Canada was infuriating ..

    • Nilanka15

      “When you swat the ball, keep it inbounds”.

      “Don’t leave your feet to defend a jump shooter.”

      “Syracuse rules.”

      • p00ka

        haha, we agree again. What’s the world coming to? It seems everybody is sick of his script. He either has to change it or go find some people that haven’t heard it all 10,000 times.

      • Marc

        That “never leave your feet” thing drives me up the wall.  


        Yeah, I get that you don’t want to get caught in the air by a pump fake, but this is the NB-freakin-A and players will gladly just shoot over any fool just standing there with his arms up.


    • Rpsfan95

      backed, Leo sucks, Jack for all 82 !

  • KJ-B

    Where’s the feature on Deebo…Dude’s been in the gym and working on that jimmy! 

  • Kdel

    You know what its for BC to make up is mind and pick between davis/johnson. Personally i think Davis should be shown to the door immediately take salvage 
    what u can when you can. He hasn’t shown any significant improvement, with a awkward looking flat jump shot and a less than dominate post game. WHAT DO U THINK??????????