Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the most athletic rookie in the NBA.
Most athletic rookie in the NBA? Maybe. Best rookie beard/suit combo? Definitely.

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but on Sunday, released the results of its 11th annual GM Survey. Like any prognostication piece, this one should be taken with a grain of salt; and, in some ways, general managers have biases that many sportswriters don’t – its no stretch to say that NBA GMs have more friends and enemies spread across the league, where sportswriters are supposed to be neutral (in principle, at least). That said, it’s an interesting opportunity to look into the predictions of people “in the business” in regards to a variety of topics, and it has proven to be fairly accurate in the past (last year, the GMs successfully picked the NBA champions, finalists, and every division winner, though to be fair they didn’t exactly go out on a limb with their guesses).

In regards to the league in general, the results are what you’d expect: Miami is the overwhelming favorite to win the title, LeBron the overwhelming favorite for MVP, Lakers and Thunder favored in the West, etc. (besides one very savvy – or stupid – GM who picked the Nuggets). But, this is a Raptors blog, so let’s focus on the boys in red. What accolades did the NBA’s collective braintrust predict for Coach Casey and his young, promising 2012 squad?

Well, not much, actually. The Raptors were actually the only team in the Atlantic not selected by a single GM to win the division title this season – not surprising considering our young, unproven roster, but surprising in that there are multiple GMs that think Brooklyn or New York will win the division. Call me a pessimist, but when I look at the Nets and Knicks I see two star-power driven teams with serious flaws – Brooklyn on the defensive end, and the Knicks with two ball hogs clogging up the offense and a lot of injury risks. Don’t call it a prediction, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 76ers finish ahead of both teams, assuming Andrew Bynum can keep his head on straight this season (read: no more 3s) and isn’t out for too long.

I was a little surprised that Casey didn’t get any love from the GMs for his defensive improvements, not picking up a single vote in the “best defensive schemes” category. On the surface, it may seem a bit strange to think he’d manage to even steal a single vote from Tom Thibodeau in Chicago, but, then again, he did pick up a “runs the best offense” vote in last year’s survey, so I kind of expected something given the Raptors’ defensive improvement last season, which can be almost entirely attributed to Casey’s influence on the team seeing as it was more or less the same nucleus that finished last in the NBA the year before. Ah well, though; give him another year – if the Raps do manage to become a top 10 defense this year, as some have predicted, then the accolades will follow.

The vast majority of individual Raps mentioned in the survey were our three rookies. Both T-Ross and Acy picked up votes for “most athletic rookie,” which is nice to see and is indicative of the way the Raptors are trying to build the team – as a pressing unit that thrives in the fast break. Acy in particular is an interesting choice: he’s the only 2nd round pick to get any votes in this category, which is either a nice validation of the Raps’ pick, or proof that black guys with incredible facial hair are just presumed to be uber-athletes. Either way, it’s nice to see that at least one other GM saw something in our second-rounder (enough to say he’s more athletic than Anthony Davis or MKG!). Terrence Ross was hyped as a top-notch athlete pre-draft and was a lottery pick so his selection wasn’t as much of a surprise, but I’m going to take any chance I can get to link to the video of this unbelievable dunk. I could watch that clip all day.

Jonas got a lot of love from GMs around the league, which runs parallel to the buzz we’ve been hearing from other outfits during last years draft and up to today. He was voted the international player most likely to have a breakout season, and also picked up a vote in the “which rookie will be the best player in five years” vote, which might be a little overly optimistic, but the fact that even one GM thinks that Jonas is going to be a better pro than Anthony Davis is cause for celebration, right? I’m carrying a bit more trepidation than that (as are the vast majority of Raptors fans) but the fact that we have a rookie who’s even in the conversation around the league is cause for celebration – I guess the last time we’ve had a rookie this hyped it was Andrea, but his class seems significantly weaker than the one Jonas is entering this year (as much as we can tell before they haven’t played a game, anyway). It’s just nice to have a rook on the team with some hype around the league for once – no wonder those OKC fans seem so happy over there!

T-Ross also got a vote to be the rookie most likely to be a “sleeper” success, which is both good and bad, in my opinion: bad, because our 8th overall selection should hopefully have a bit more status across the league to not be regarded as a “sleeper,” and good because I get to link to the dunk video again.

The only other Raptors player mentioned in the survey was Kyle Lowry, who picked up a single vote as the most “underrated player acquisition” of the offseason. I might be an eternal optimist here but I think this is one the GMs may have gotten wrong – I have a feeling Lowry’s going to spend the season proving people wrong and early returns seem to demonstrate that he’s going to provide great value for what we gave up for him. He’s the best all-around point guard the Raps have ever had and for him to finish behind Courtney Lee in this poll and tied with the likes of Alexey Shved and Darko Milicic is a joke, though I realize “underrated” is a subjective term and maybe some GMs thought the move was “properly rated”.

For the most part, I suppose the survey reflects the opinion of the Raptors we’ve seen in the U.S. media for the entire summer and preseason – some interesting newcomers, but not a team worth heavily regarding just yet. Hopefully the returning group – none of which were mentioned in any category, by the way, after Bargs and DeRozan both got some votes last year – will be able to use the snubs as motivation for the season and prove some people wrong. Though if the guys aren’t motivated yet by the lack of respect they’ve been getting in preseason preview pieces, I suppose this one isn’t likely to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Final game of the preseason is tomorrow night against the Grizzlies. Until then, follow me on Twitter @garretthinchey.

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  • Herman

    @ Nilanka I wonder if they are talking about your boy Gary Forbes down in TEXAS. (GOOD MORNING)

  • 2damkule

    the gary forbes thing is the best – YOU WIN THE INTERNET!

  • 2damkule

    i give about as much credence to these ‘GM’ surveys (which are more likely than not completed by a low-level assistant anyway) as i do the comment section in BR.

    as for the lowry acquisition being underrated, i thinks that’s probably due to the fact that it was/is likely seen (by GMs) as a consolation prize after the raps ‘lost’ out on nash.  if the raps had acquired him in the same deal, but without the nash shenanigans (and without signing fields), it would likely be considered a big win.

    • Herman

      “If the raps had acquired…” buddy, there is nooowaay KYLE would play for the raps if Nash was here but you too damfool to know that.  MONRNING

      • 2damkule

        monrning to you too…

        i’m not sure how you interpreted what i wrote the way you did, but since i’m a bit of an asshole, i’m guessing head trauma of some kind.

        obviously, to clarify for the hermans of the world, acquiring lowry would be INSTEAD OF, and not IN CONJUNCTION WITH, acquiring nash.  believe it or not, there were those who thought lowry (or a lowry type) was the right move all along (if you’re inclined to believe that they needed a PG upgrade in the first place, which is a whole different argument, but i digress).

        again, and i’ll type slower for you: if the raps had not gone after nash, instead targeting lowry from the get-go, and been able to pull the same deal with HOU (lowry for forbes & a protected 1st), the same lack of reaction to it would have made it a highly ‘underrated’ move.  because most the attention around the raptors this offseason centred around their failed attempt at getting nash, and the widely panned contract for fields, the actual acquisition of lowry went somewhat under the radar, or was viewed by some as kind of a consolation prize.  even if lowry turns out to be better for the raps than nash would have (which i believe to be the case), many will only remember him as the guy the raps settled on after failing to get nash, and that mindset lessens just how big a pick-up he was/is.

        • Herman

          Sorry I misunderstood, have a great day

  • rapsfan

    I can’t care less how others see the Raptors team.

    • Nilanka15

      Agreed.  This survey is completely meaningless, and as pointed out in the forums, probably not even completed by GMs, but likely some know-nothing summer student.

      Who in their right minds would chose Klay Thompson as a better pure shooter than Ray Allen???

      • Statement

        I guess the GM’s worth paying attention too equate to Sam Presti, R.C. Buford, Pat Riley and Masai Uriji anyways. 

        • Statement

          I especially like the way Uriji schooled the Knicks in the Melo trade and muscled his way in to the Lakers/Orlando trade which allowed him to essentially swap Aaron Afflalo for the Olympian and 3rd best SF in the league, Andre Igoudala.

          • unknown guest

            Would have been nice to see him stay as assistant GM and eventually become GM here.

          • Nilanka15

            I’m not even sure if I’m willing to give Uriji that much credit.  After all, he was responsible for us drafting Alabi 😉

            And although he didn’t get fleeced for Melo the way Babcock did for Carter, he’s now got 3 small forwards all capable of starting, a head-case of a centre in McGee, and it still nowhere near “contender” status in the tough Western Conference.

            Faried was a solid pick, and Quincy Miller might turn into a steal, but as of right now, the Nuggets appear to be the epitome of “treadmill mediocrity”.

            • sleepz

              Swapping out Affalo for Igoudala is a clear upgrade in talent.

              Yes, they have a glut of SF’s but talent is talent and he has shown he is able to swing deals and get value so I would imagine, either Chandler (most likely) or Gallo (they should keep him), might get moved.

              Also getting Faried was a solid move. Uriji has taken good steps in his short tenure in Denver.

            • Herman

              “he was responsible for us drafting Alabi ” and we wasted that #1 pick on Alabi when we could have drafted an allstar with that #1 pick or was it the 15th pick maybe it was the 32nd pick…

          • sleepz

            +1. Agreed.

        • Destro

          Agreed…but when you tell people round these parts that alot of the leagues GMS really are no more knowledgeable than ur average basketball fan you get the “Then why are they a GM and your not” type bullshit…..

          You really think it takes a briliant mind to fail like BC has the last 5 years ??

          To the point yes who gives a fck about a GM poll…half those GMS are terrible,wont make the playoffs and wont for 5 more years because they dont know how to build a successful NBA team…

          I should care what the GM of the Suns,Bobcats,Hornets,Bucks,Cavs thinks about ANYTHING ?

          • Dan

            I agree. People underestimate how well some casual fans know the game. They give to much credit to gm’s just because of the position they are in. Most gm’s are hired for their business backgrounds not Basketball IQ. Your not just making a team your running a franchise (business) A lot of their opinions are just based on what their basketball guys (scouts, coaches) tell them. I’m not saying this for every gm but i’m sure it applies to more then a few of them.

            • CJT

              I am sure there are many of you who know lots about the game, but I don’t think you appreciate the difference between being an armchair GM and the one who actually has to make the decisions.  There are more severe consequences to the decisions you make.  Foresight versus hindsight etc.  Anyone can critique decisions after the fact with little to no knowledge of what options were available at the time. 

  • 511

    Good dunk video (like, whoa-dad, 380!, smooth as silk). 

    If I was a GM (2d), I don’t know that I’d let the assistant fill that sheet out … without ok’ing it, anyway. (Still, little more than fun and games.) 

    Noted that GMs couldn’t vote for their own. So somebody likes JV, wonder who? 

    Is it more fun at this point cheering for an underdog, young-and-hungry, reasonably talented Raptors team, with a coach who’s been there (and might’ve had more to do with the title the Mavs won than generally credited) than it’d be for say … the Heat? Cuz … ya, they have LeBron. And Dwuwuwayned. And Bosh. And (now) Ray Allen (latching on as the odor of prior suspected-player-collusion drifts away), but … how much fun would it be to eyeball the upcoming schedule, wondering who might upset us, as opposed looking at it, wondering who we might upset? Might be the masochist in me, but … I like where we are right now. Having more fun looking forward to what might be than I’ve had (doing that) in a while. GR! 

    • 511


  • ad

    Isnt it a known fact that GMs dont even fill out these surveys? Their interns do them probably. Not surprised to see a bias against the raps. Lowry deserves more love for most underrated acquisition. But really, who cares? Im more concerned what other opposing players think about this team.

    • Nilanka15

      I can’t even say I’m interested in what other players think.

      • ad

         I think its important because this franchise has failed miserably in attracting top talent during its existence. Partially due to terrible ownership/ management which leads to bad results. The other factor is the ignorance of American players not wanting to come here due to false assumptions which the raptors do a terrible job at nullifying. Attracting top talent is the key to improving this team other than internal growth by players like Val. If other players like what they see, better chance we can finally land a star via trade or free agency.

        • Nilanka15

          Agreed with the above.

          I thought you meant you’d care how the players would fill out the GM’s survey.

        • Herman

          it looks like you want a ready made star,don’t worry the stars are already here and you,nilanka and charles barkley will see them on opening night

        • KaioKev

          I think this years product of the Raptors will have more high-end/top tier talent give much more consideration to joining the Raptors, regardless of assumptions. When players look at the growth over the past two years some may feel its something they can be apart of. If Lowry’s attacking personality can motivate the rest of the Raptors to not take possessions off (defense or offense) other players around the league will start to see the Raptors as more attractive. Hopefully more top tier 3’s see us as more attractive. At the end of the day, and its been said time and time again, winning trumps all.

    • Destro

      I really dont think theres a raptor bias but nobody is going to give this team/franchise any praise until it starts strining together some winning seasons and making the playoffs more than once every 5 years…

  • vino


    The Nets??  I think
    signing Brook Lopez long term was an excellent move and he’s going to break out
    this year. The Nets are for real and they will only get better the next off
    season with another infusion of Prokhorov’s money. Just for the record, I’d say
    that until our Raptors get someone like that (commitment level, not necessarily
    as wealthy as there aren’t many 6ft-7 billioners around) to invest in this team…
    we aren’t going anywhere but the first round early exit against teams like the
    Heat and the Nets. And that’s the best case scenario. Just look at how he has
    thrown money at two additional second round picks this past draft… as for
    playing defense, I do not know what your concerns are; I suspect you’ve just copy/pasted
    staff from wiki without giving this much thought. They have average or above
    average defenders on the perimeter (Wallace can defend any wing in this league
    and Williams+Johnson can stand their own) and inside (Lopez is a solid defender
    and Evans grab balls… as we all know); besides, I’m curious to see Blatche in
    the regular season – he was awesome in the pre-season! If only Hump continues
    to grab those boards the way he did this past season… Brooklyn is a top four
    team in the East! As for the Knicks… let’s just say they have a better squad
    than the Sixers cause Bunym for Iggy was just a stupid move short term and long
    term, as I do not think this dude wants to stay in Philly. Don’t like Bunym at
    all; such talent and such a waste… shame!

    “underrated player acquisition” – I like Lowry a lot and I
    agree with the opinion that his arrival is better than Nash here (from a pure
    bball perspective; not talking about selling jerseys); but I think you missed
    the point. The GMs did not rate players; they rated player-acquisition. I’m not
    going to argue Lee versus Lowry… but I will say that Alexey Shved is going to
    open some eyes this season until Rubio comes back. Saw him play against the
    Bulls in the pre-season; he’s got some terrific court vision. Can’t defend for
    shit as of yet… but he’s got game! And the best part – the Wolves gave nothing
    to get him! That’s why he’s a very good acquisition. Same goes for Milicic. He’s
    been a bust and stuff has been written on this bio… but the Celtics got themselves
    a very serviceable center for nothing! With KG’s minutes going down… he’ll play
    quite a bit and Rondo will make his stats look awesome. Book it.

    • Destro

      They improved but they are being overrated by everyone….D Will is nice but nothing else is…*shrug*

      Crash aint been shit for several years,JJ has been declining.
      Brook Lopez although a good scoring centre is a fckn awful defender and equally bad rebounder…

      I really think there a bubble playoff team where the Raptors are in that 38-42 win window…All this 50 win talk is straight exaggeration and delusion….

      • vino

        you don’t get it, do you… there is a plan in place to invest limitless amount of funds into this new Prokhorov’s toy, ala Abramovich with Chelsea. You will bite your tongue as soon as next season.

        • p00ka

          Destro doesn’t understand a lot of things very well, but you don’t seem to understand that the NBA CBA severely limits the amount an owner can spend when a team is over the cap, regardless of how deep the pockets are. As it stands now, I believe Brooklyn is locked in through 2015/16 (that’s 4 years) with being able to offer nothing more than vet minimums, a la the Knicks going out and getting a pack of 40 year olds for vet min. This isn’t a Chelsea situation.

          • vino

            “CBA severely limits” – I have not carefully reviewed the “severely” part; I suspect you haven’t either… so this is a moot point; however, I have seen in the past exchanges for “cash considerations” and I think “cash intensives” were part of many trades in the past, occasionally “convincing” teams to take unfavorable contracts. I do not have Prokhorov’s agenda, but I heard him speak about the Nets and I read a bit about him… and I lived long enough to know that money talks in a business world… especially when it comes to David Stern’s world. The point I was trying to make is that the Nets got lucky; I wish our team had similar ownership

            • p00ka

              You’re being a tad naive with what you think can be done with “cash considerations”

              “Cash Considerations in Trading.
              Teams may include cash considerations in a trade, cash of up to no more than $3,000,000. However, this sum is not used when applying the
              trade rules so it cannot be used to help teams meet the 15% Rule, etc.
              The bigger market teams try to use cash considerations to trade up draft
              picks with smaller market teams or to induce a small market team take
              on players with large salaries. The limit of $3,000,000 is there so that the large market teams cannot “buy” their way in a trade.”

              Like it or not, what you see with Brooklyn is basically what you’re going to see for 4 years, plus draft picks and old vets.

              • vino

                I suspect that your last sentence isn’t correct. Hump was signed for two years. What limits the Nets trading his 12mil expiring throwing in the two young players they bought this past draft (assuming they show progress and become desirable to a certain team), adding two more they’ve just bought (2013) and/or their own picks plus cash considerations. That’s a nice package… taking into account they could receive 125% of Hump’s contract coming back, that’s 15mil. With the ability to structure contracts heavy on the progress years… that could mean taking back a max player.
                But then again, the five-year plan would be after the four years the big four contract come off the books. What’s our five year plan?

                • p00ka

                  “What limits the Nets trading his 12mil expiring………”?

                  Finding the other team that wants to gift a superstar player to the Nets. The real NBA isn’t fantasy b-ball. The filthy rich Russian already found that out when he tried to offer everything but the kitchen sink to get Dwight. That ship has long sailed by the way, so your suggestion that they could still get Dwight is impossible, unless you think the LAL Buss’s are going to need his cash, because the only possible way they get him now is in a sign and trade with the Lakers.

                  “But then again, the five-year plan would be after the four years the big four contract come off the books.”

                  WHAT???!!! A 5 year plan that kicks in 4 years from now? You can’t be serious. Do you actually think Prokhorov has any accurate idea where his team is going to stand, and what he can/cannot do in 2 years, never mind 5-9 years from now? Really? What kind of blarney are you listening to?

                • vino

                  “A 5 year plan that kicks in 4 years from now” no one talked about 5 years in 4 years.
                  His five years started last season; so that would be 2016… and that’s the year when the only player with a contract is D.Williams. I’m sure he can add value to that. And yes, I’m sure he has a very accurate idea where his team is going to be in 4 years from now. Actually, he has laid his plan publically; Unlike the Raps, where no one has any idea what’s going to happen next summer

                • p00ka

                  Perhaps I misunderstood. What did you mean by “the five-year plan would be after the four years the big four contract come off the books”?

                  Anyway, please educate me, and the board. What is this plan that he has publicly laid out. Do you have a link?

                  “I’m sure he has a very accurate idea where his team is going to be in 4 years from now”

                  I’m trying to be gentle here, but you obviously don’t have much dealings with the real world. Have you ever heard of such things as injuries (possibly career ending), or disgruntled players wrecking havoc, or bad chemistry developing among players and or coaches, or getting run over by a bus, or, or, or, or. A LOT can change over a span of a few years that all the money in the world can’t control. Do you think Cleveland planned on losing LeBron, or Orlando Dwight, or NOH Chris Paul, or, or, or……?

                  But, you have me very intrigued, so please share this Nets/Prokhorov 5 year plan, that I haven’t publicly found.

                • vino

                   “you obviously don’t have much dealings with the real world” where does this come from? Is this common practice here on the boards to get personal after bouncing a few ideas off eachother? Please don’t answer that one.

                  No, money can not control everything, but it helps a lot; and that was my initial point. Not quite sure why you listed several scenarios of injuries/etc. I guess you assumed that I am a lunatic; but let’s just leave it at that. I do not intend on getting personal here. 

                  As for the plan. See… Prokhorov does not speak much English, so you wouldn’t find a lot googlin’… Prokhorov is also known for not having email or communicating online. Is there a point of me posting links in Russian? I did see several interviews where he said he is going to invest heavily in “specific players that fit his goal of winning it all in five years”. I think this is sufficient for being excited as a Brooklyn fan. He has also proposed it to be a Russian team… though I do not buy his marketing agenda, I’d gladly listen to some Balalayka and have a shot of vodka at his arena next time I’m in NY/Brooklyn.

                • p00ka

                  I’m sorry that you find the “real world” comment too personal, but you really are not presenting realistic stuff here, in fact some impossible stuff, thus the real world comment.

                  As far has his “plan”, the only thing he has said “publicly” is that his plan was/is to win a championship in 5 years, with 2 years gone by already. That’s the “plan” you speak of him laying out publicly? That’s “wish/hope”, not “plan”.

                • Copywryter

                  Pooka is a troll. 

                • vino

                  “Finding the other team that wants to gift a superstar player to the Nets”
                  Technically you are correct; however, sometimes a superstar player wants to play for a certain team… and a certain team only. Who knows how the Lakers season goes, and so far it has not been all that great for them (of course, pre season doesn’t count). The point here is that next off season Howard may put forward an ultimatum that he wants to play for the Nets and the Lakers will have to do a sign and trade. It may not be Howard, it may very well be some one else…


                • p00ka

                  You are simply not living in the real world if you actually think that’s even possible. Dwight giving the Lakers an “ultimatum”? Sorry, but LMFAO

                  Because the Lakers would help the Nets to get what/who back?

            • CJT

              It won’t take long for the owner to realize after being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs for a few years that he doesn’t want to continually pay 80million in taxes for a losing team.  His philosophy will change.

              • vino

                I read somewhere recently that he is bringing two KLH games to Barkley’s arena this season. Great idea considering the lockout! And not for the amount of cash these two games will generate, but for the exposure… There are ways to offset the big spendings… but I do not think 80mil is such a big deal for him

                • Nilanka15

                  Charles Barkley’s Arena?!?!?  😛

                • vino

                  screw Chuck; he hates the Raps 😉

                • CJT

                  I don’t know, it doesn’t take many years of paying the 80mil without the results to deter.  Look at Cuban, he used to spend like crazy, but with the new penalties he let the core of a championship team walk. 

                • vino

                  Look at Cuban’s estimated value versus Prokhorov’s

        • Destro

          who gives a shit about NEXT season…we dont know what the roster may look like…stick to THIS season and your lacklustre posting…

          Good day ! 

        • j bean

          Rogers and Bell had sales of over $30,000,000,000. last year with profits over $8 billion. Their worth is around 75 billion and the families that own them are worth many times what our Russian friend is. The Raptors ownership is highly commited to winning as winning boosts ratings on their tv and radio businesses. The extra earnings that higher ratings generate are the incentive to grow the brand, spending whatever it takes and whatever is allowed. If it was as easy as spending money to create a winner the Raptors wouldn’t have a problem winning a championship.

          • vino

            Spending money wisely is not easy, but I hear you… we have the potential financially; let’s see when BC has a green light to go into the tax zone. I doubt it’s going to happen any time soon

  • 2damkule

    re. lopez…anytime you can lock-up a slow-footed, horrible rebounding & even horriblerer defensive big who’s already peaked offensively to a massive, long-term deal, well, you’ve just gotta do it.  the nets will be ok, but i just can’t help but feel that they’re overrated.  they get attention because of the market, the owner & for throwing money around like arse at rail, but i’m not really sure it equates to be a contender.  i’m sure they’ll make the playoffs – it would be hard not to, they are talented – but i fail to see how this roster is better than the one joe johnson couldn’t do much with in ATL.

    • vino

       I guess it all depends who you compare Lopez to… I read here numerous times that Bargs one-on-one defense is good… well, it’s as horrible as his weak side defense. It seems ok when he is guarding a slow big or no-game/no-clue players like J.McGee… my point is that Lopez is adequate on D. Not superb like Howard (whom Prokhorov may still buy in addition to Lopez) but sufficient to get the Nets to top 4 in the east. As for the throwing money… well, that’s how it is in Brooklyn and no one is complaining. Being over the cap is not a big deal over there… as for your last point – this Nets roster isn’t much better than the Atl one with Johnson, but the make over isn’t done there. Their plan is to contend/win in five years (oh those Russians… and their five-year plans) from the day Prohkorov bought the team, so there are a few more off-seasons. Even Mark Cuban is jealous!  

      • Destro

        It doesnt even seem ok..he doesnt move his feet or arms..hes not doing shit but standing there using his size….Lopez is a shitty defender but not because he doesnt do things hes supopsed to do,its cuz he wont do things he aint supposed to do like stepping out on PnRs….

        • vino

           “its cuz he wont do things he aint supposed to do like stepping out on PnRs….”
          – wtf?!

          • Destro

            Yes you strike me as a dumbass that doesnt understand certain things….Typically you dont want big man to defend outside the paint..So technically by guarding the basket hes doing his job BUT on certain plays runned you would like the most dedicated rim protector to be able to guard pick and rolls which require them to vacate the paint…

            We good know remedial poster ?

            Excellent ! 

            • vino

              you do not strike me at all… oh, and thanks for explaining the pick and roll defense. the “wtf” comment was directed at your sentence structuring; not the content. now fuck off and don’t bother commenting on any of my future posts as your comments will be ignored.

              • CJT

                Welcome to the board. 

      • p00ka

        Lopez is far from adequate on D. With him and Humphries manning the block, teams with decent scoring front courts are going to punish them.

        Re Howard, he can’t possibly “buy” Howard (there’s something called a CBA) as they are over the cap for the next 4 years. The only way they could get Howard is if he signs somewhere else and that somewhare is willing to trade him for equal salary player(s) coming back. Who would do that? What does Brooklyn have to satisfy someone unloading Dwight? Ain’t going to happen.

    • why

      it is also important to lock him up coming off a season where he missed most (all?) of the prior season with a broken foot.

  • Destro

    TRUTHFULLY im glad nobody around the league is repsecting them…Im glad the writers think they aint shit and are not going to make the ‘offs…Hopefully it means this team will play with an edge and stick it down peoples throats…The feel of this team right now is kinda like how the beginning of the 06-07 season…Team looks different,some sizeable additions from a bad year previous…Nobody really in the media or in the league think much of them or there upgrades….

    • Matt52

       Hey, hey! We agree on something! 

      Only difference is the overall team is younger, the cap situation is not handcuffed, and there is room to grow.

      • Jamshid

        Team is younger ?? So What ??!! 
        Are our young guys talented  enough to be a force in NBA ?
        Are our picks the hidden gems in the draft?

        That is the key. 
        Just being young means nothing. We may as well have a young team with average of 20 from the D-league. 

        Simple example is Eric Bledsoe who was #18 in draft while we selected Ed Davis at 13 or Bradley or … I remember PHDSteve , who is missed in the site, was big on both of these guys that year.

        Bledsoe is on fire this pre-season and Davis is still struggling !! 

        If we are going to build through the draft, if we want to have a “Young movement”, we need to get guys who will flourish and become great players. 

        So far the ONLY draft pick that BC has selected and seems to have be alright is Big Val.

        The rest of them, DD, AB, Ed and … all have question marks. We are debating if we should keep them or just let them go after all the investment that we have done on them so far.

        This season will answer many questions because our so called financial flexibility will mean nothing if we have to sign Ed and DD to longer term contract and keep these guys.

        • Matt52


          The comparison was to the 2006-2007 Raptors.  There is little to debate as the team is younger, the cap situation is not handcuffed, and the current Raptors still have room to grow.

    • CJT

      Did you catch Demar’s tweet about Hollinger?  Called him a nobody and a clown.  I love that coming from him.  He has shown more of a chip on his shoulder to my eye this year and I like that he is taking all the bashing he gets personally for the reasons you mentioned above.  I too hope that they are able to harness some of this and stick it to a bunch of teams, GMs, writers, reports whatever.

  • FAQ

    BC will attempt to link a JC trade with a DD trade… a Package Deal … wanna bet?!

  • nba_socrates

    These are the same GM’s who passed on Andre Drummond. The job of the GM is overrated when head coaches could easily absorb their workload. NBA should abolish this phoney job title. Why cant DC easily do the job the inept BC is doing at the moment? Saves ball clubs money in the process too.

    • Jamshid

      Not all the GMs are bad. There are some GMs who constantly pick guys in late first round, or even 2nd round where everyone else passed on them and these guys end up being great players. it is about vision. It is like the CEO of the company or stock brokers and … Not all of them have vision and can become successful at what they do.

      BC had a good track record in Phoenix. Was it people around him or was it him ?
      So far the ONLY good choice he made was Big val.
      I remember how everyone was raving about BC’s genius when he converted Delfino to Weems and Johnson !! It was suppose to be a steal !!

      Delfino is still consistent in the league while Weems is out of the league and Amir is a poster boy for inconsistency. 

      Hope BC made the right choice with Ross otherwise he will be added to the likes of DD and Ed who have a big question mark about their ability to take the next step.

      • nba_socrates

        Wait a minute, big Val as you put it hasnt done anything yet but here you are claiming hes legit already. I believe the fans are also part of the problem, over hypig these players and putting too much pressure on them. Time will tell if Val becomes that player we all hope he can be, remember the NBA is a different kettle of fish than preseason games.

        • Philoveritas

          Jonas appears to be a legit centre…which is a commodity that NBA scouts scour the farthest reaches of the globe to find and GM’s waste lottery picks on questionable 7 footers in the hopes of securing. He hasn’t played a real NBA game yet but if given a do-over I would still pick him.

          Although I credit BC with more than just one good move in his tenure here, the right move at the time doesn’t always pan out in the future, but he hasn’t been shy about moving guys out that didn’t work out either.

        • Nilanka15

          Preseason for Drummond = Legit NBA competition.

          Preseason for Valanciunas = Completely different to NBA competition.


    • Stephen Waugh

      Andre Drummond is a physical and athletic freak, but that’s probably the only thing going for him now.

      Plenty of articles to read regarding him:

      • nba_socrates

        What has dwight howard got apart from being a physical and athletic freak? Anyway hes the best rookie hands down and his growth depends on his boneheaded coach lawrence frank starting him with immediate effect

  • howlonghowlong

    It’s time to start this NBA season.  There has been a lot of analysis and over analysis of these raps.  I think we all want to know where we stand.  I’ve watched some games this pre-season and I thought “same ol raps” other games … it’s “playoffs here we come!”.  Just don’t know … and no one does.  Play ball!!

  • Stephen Waugh

    Much of this survey you could probably take with a grain of salt:
    The Annual GM Survey: A Reminder That Conventional Wisdom and Experts Are Often Pretty Stupid