Raptors 74, Pacers 72 – Box

The way it started with the Raptors surrendering the ball four times in the first few minutes and being down 9-2, you’d think it would end with a coach being fired.  A quick 20-second timeout extended to a full upon further contemplation served as the cortisone shot that got the Raptors in the mood.  What followed was a gritty performance delivered against all odds, and just when you thought they’d curl up and surrender, time ran out!  The Raptors scored five points in the fourth quarter and took low percentage shots on their last five possessions, including an Amir Johnson thrice-hesitated three, yet came away with a much-deserved win on account of the first three quarters. Those five points were the lowest for a fourth quarter in the shot-clock era for a team that actually won the game.

DeRozan’s early domination of Stephenson coupled with Calderon firing from mid and long range provided the underpinnings on which this victory was built.  After the horrid start where everything seemed to result in a cough-up, their offense helped settle the nerves and DeRozan’s desire to impale Stephenson in the post with an iron spear of wiry moves had you thinking whether there was something to this evening that might surprise.  Caught unawares by the resistance offered by their weary opponent, the Pacers did assist in planting the seed of their own demise by missing countless close-range shots, no doubt affected by the presence of Jonas Valanciunas, who outplayed Hibbert for large parts of the evening and surely broke more sweat than the Georgetown man.

The visitors shot 70% in the first quarter to Indiana`s 50%, resulting in an eight point lead.  The fear felt at the introduction of the second unit was unfounded as Kleiza’s post presence was felt by the Pacers, and Terrence Ross hit two timely jumpers to keep the score ticking as Indiana appeared flustered.  The rebounding edge that the Pacers might have expected to enjoy was nowhere to be found, as Valanciunas and Johnson controlled the defensive boards.  The latter was negating the energy of Tyler Hansbrough while the former supplied his own offense, setup nicely by Calderon on mostly pick ‘n rolls.  On display from Valanciunas this season has been a consistent effort and an undying desire to contribute in any which way and last night, provisioned by Calderon, he delivered critical scores that kept the Pacers at bay.

The Halloween lesson had also been learned, with Casey switching the ineffective Andrea Bargnani on the offensively-challenged Hansbrough leaving Johnson to deal with David West.  It would be incorrect to suggest that West’s 3-12 were all due to the Raptors’ defense, as he did miss a lot of shots you would expect him to make, but let’s give some credit to Johnson and even Davis, who hung with West by not biting on his pump-fakes and playing defense with their feet.  The same could be said for Paul George, the Pacers #1 wing option with Granger out, who suffered through a miserable 3-14 night and found all avenues to the lane clogged thanks to a Raptors defense that was shifting and forcing the Pacers to test their perimeter prowess.  Dominic McGuire doing his part as well.  All in all, the Pacers shot 32%.

The fear was that that the wounds from the triple overtime marathon would fester and perhaps prove fatal in the latter acts was surely present.  Any such belief was rendered baseless in the third, with evidence to the contrary found at every turn.  When the home side had lacerated a 15-point deficit to 8, spurring the sparse crowd at hand to contemplate a comeback, Calderon and Bargnani followed with prodigious back-to-back threes which quelled the advantage to 14 and brought respite to the cause.

The next Pacer assault, helped by some questionable shot-selection by Kleiza and Bargnani saw the lead cut to 9, only for Casey to respond with a nerve-soothing timeout.  The squad came back to run a pick `n roll which had Johnson go to the line, a post-up for DeRozan, and further plays going towards the rim.  The third concluded with the Raptors up 9 – bent but not broken, and most of all, unbowed.

Davis, Johnson, Kleiza, Lucas, and Bargnani featured to start the fourth, with the idea being that either Bargnani would carry the offense after taking the first three quarters off, or in the hopes that Kleiza would perform an encore and supply some much-needed offense while DeRozan and Calderon renewed their charges.  I shall not bother the reader with the gory details of the events of the fourth quarter, and leave it at this: the Raptors lost their legs with every jumper meeting the wall that was the front-rim, every drive sealed off, every contact ignored.  It was time to call upon the rear guard to hold dearly to the lead earned by endeavors of the first three quarters.

Shockingly, Valanciunas never saw the floor and the Pacers managed to get 8 offensive rebounds in the fourth quarter, four on the final possession.  If this had resulted in a defeat, pointed questions would have been asked of Casey.  On the backs of a defense that refused to concede, and helped by Indiana’s seeming inability to finish near the rim, the Raptors were hanging on their lead by slowing down the rate at which the Pacers were shaving the lead.  Tick tock, tick tock.  It was only a matter of time as the clock ran down to below three minutes.   By this time it wasn’t about scoring but managing to shed the weight of 24 seconds, and the Raptors did so in a fashion that brought hearts to mouths.  Forced fades by DeRozan, an Amir Johnson three, a contested long-range effort by Calderon, with the Pacers coming closer at every turn.

It came down to the final possession with the Raptors protecting a precious two-point lead.  David West missed a short jumper.  Offensive rebound.  George misses a three. Offensive rebound. Hill misses a jumper.  Offensive rebound.  George misses again.  Game over.  If this one had another possession in it, it would’ve been heartbreak.

With the battle scars now healing, honors may be bestowed.  Jose Calderon’s sheer will commanded the team in the first half, and his scoring, playmaking and even rebounding (first-carer triple double – 13/10/10) were critical.  DeRozan’s hard play attacking the rim set the tone for the game and lowered the critical factor of pace – no jumpers early in the shot-clock, this was about grinding it and making the Pacers pay the iron price.  Kleiza and Ross’ second quarter cameos were key, and so was Amir Johnson length inside as it hindered West to no end.  The three at the end of the third by Lucas which extended the lead to 9 was much-needed and swung the crucial element of momentum in the Raptors’ favor.

This was about winning ugly on the road and the kind of basketball that a sadist like me enjoys very much.  And let it be said that I, for one, am loving how the referees are swallowing their whistles and letting them play.

Here’s the Raptors fourth quarter shot chart:

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  • AB7.38.pt.on.CB4

    ……and if George West & Hibbert went for a combined 9 of 35 wasn’t because of Raptors fight on D or effort coming after a triple overtime and reaching the Hotel 3 am the same morning, just look at the chart of our “shitty” team and support every team against TO because we are right this team is robbish and BC has to go.

    Ha ha ha great post, talk about ED PER as well, if you like 

    • Destro

      Why dont we talk about Lamond Murrays PER while were at it cuz its as relevant in this case…..Ed Davis isnt supposed to be our top player nor is he playing alot of mins so it makes no difference what his PER is…

      Its worth analyzing Bargnani because hes expected to be one of your top players and hes not performing…


    • Trruth

      you fucktard we gave up 3 offensive rebound’s in the last 30 seconds and it was all that white bitches fault for not boxing out. bargnani is liabiliaty, and you’re a dumbass.

      • p00ka

        Blatant lie. His man was boxed out on every one of those rebounds and never had a crack at any of those rebounds. Invent “Trruth” much?

        • sleepz

          Should players be given credit for boxing out their man on rebounds?

          It’s your job.

          • p00ka

            Yup, and he did, unlike the lie I was responding to.

        • cesco

          Correct , Andrea was wrestling with Hansbrough under the basket and George had the last 3 rebounds plus 2 shots , Hill had the other shot.

          • CJT

            That was Demar’s man for what it’s worth.

      • Gregast

        Hey! I thought the rule was talk like your mom’s in the room. If that doesn’t work, choose your words like p00ka is packing. Stuff like that really lowers the tone gentlemen.

        • p00ka

          It’s par for the course here, so I use language that peeps understand.

  • Puffer

    Hey Arsenalist. Who wrote this one for you? Or were you evoking a mid 19th century British sports journalist?

    • 511

      Wondered much the same in near-identical words. 

    • Nilanka15

      I thought it was great!  The man has some skill with a keyboard.

    • ibleedpurple

      Great post by Arse. His style and tone captured last night’s game exactly. Raptors fought an all out war last night. The walking wounded with just one thing in mind, to win. 

      On a side note the general lack of whistle blowing is alright but Derozan should be rewarded more than 5 times a game for his aggression and grit in taking the ball inside again and again. He gets hammered by opposing bigs with nary a whistle in sight. Still I am thoroughly impressed with Derozan’s maturity and heart to keep attacking whistle or no whistle. 

      Andrea Bargnani continues to start due to a lack of replacement options coming off the bench. Yes we all know that he can score the ball, which is great but if that’s all he’s capable of doing then he should ultimately come off the bench to provide a scoring punch with little defensive or rebounding responsibility. My biggest pet peeve about AB is his early shot clock jump shot, when the offense isn’t set resulting in a clank and then a fast break by the other team. He needs make more intelligent decisions with the ball and with his shot. 

      • Alberto

        I agree 100 % with you when you wrote:”biggest pet peeve about AB is his early shot clock jump shot, when the offense isn’t set resulting in a clank and then a fast break by the other team. He needs make more intelligent decisions with the ball and with his shot. “. That is the real problem he has in games likes yesterday night.
        His a mental block, that sometimes he solve with a huge play wich energize him. But when the hand fails… the black hole in the middle field and probably in his mind. I am a “fan boy” of AB7, but I think to be rational and realistic in this short analisys.

        • K.J.P

          I feel that’s true with every Raptor. Amir had some bad ones last night…. the 3? the running hook? lol. 

          • Nilanka15

            Both those shots were late in the clock.  The other option is for Amir to kick it out and have a teammate chuck up a prayer at the buzzer.

            If Amir has the ball with 5 seconds left, the possession has already failed, but you can hardly blame him for shooting under desperate circumstances.

            • CJT

              Agreed.  I think that what you describe happens often in our offense.  It usually ends in a contested 3 pointer or long 2.  Would like to see that evolve in to something better.

  • Milesboyer

    How many GMs with point guard issues have the Raptors on speedial? Not sure what will happen with Calderon this year – he likely won’t re-sign for another stint as a backup on crappy team so I guess he should be traded for the best offer once Lowry is back and healthy.  It will be sad to see him go after watching a night like that but if a mid to late first rounder can be had or any young prospect, trigger should be pulled.

    • Nilanka15

      I’m not going to rule out the idea that Calderon re-signs.  It’ll depend on how the Raptors finish the season, but I think there might be enough intrigue for him to stick around (or at least consider it).

      • The Truth

         I could see him considering sticking around, but I think (hope?) the team would want him on a significantly reduced deal.

        • Alb Perjet

          I am all for Calderon staying. If anything we owe it to the guy with all the shit the organization put him through. He is a great player and a solid top 15 PG in the league… BC owes him a contract extension… I couldn’t see a better role model for the organization. From start of his NBA career to the end always has taken his role and never asked to be traded. Fans in north america need to realize and value him not only as an asset(in terms of trading value) but as a team first role player. If anything we should make sure he retires here and retire his #8 jersey.

          • Gregast

            What Alb said.

            • Bambam

              Hmm… J-Cald gets his number retired before VC? 😉

              • CJT

                without question.  Though neither will have their jersey retired.

              • Gregast

                Tough call – I loved Vince but he was very very immature and under the control of his mother the entire time he was in Toronto. However, jerseys are hung in the rafters for loyalty as well as success and talent.
                The short answer is NO.

              • Afimi Sinting

                wow tripple double one night …next it’s going to be him starting ahead of KL

                • Alb Perjet

                  NO WAY… I think you totally missed the point, KL is THE starter PERIOD. Personally,  I believe KL is an all star in my books and tied third best PG in the east (with Irving). TOP 10 PG in the league as we speak excluding injuries of some players. 

          • pran

            nice but not a priority.

      • Milesboyer

        No way he sticks around, he’ll get offers from contenders and though he’ll never say it, to have his starting job taken away will have an impact on his decision even if he knows Lowry is better.  Sure it would be great for the Raptors to have him back at a reasonable rate but I just don’t see him wanting to after being almost traded, then demoted – and all on a team that has much more glaring needs than his positon. He’ll be with Boston, Miami, LA, SA or some other team come next year…or before the trade deadline.

        • Daniel

          How exactly is Lowry better than Calderon? Last year one of them was 1st in the entire NBA in Pure Point Rating and the other one was 56th. One of them may be better suited to a certain style of play however in terms of running an offense Lowry can’t hold a candle to Calderon. With the same roster this season Lowry mustered maximum 8 assists a game compared with at least 10/game for Calderon. Lowry is a better scorer and slasher than Calderon so the question is one of fit and not quality.

          • Nilanka15

            Calderon is better at running an offense, but isn’t as polished as a scorer and defender.

            When you compare both ends of the court, Lowry emerges as the better overall player (which isn’t a knock on Calderon).

            I’m not at all suggesting that Lowry will keep up these numbers, but his current PER of 32.5 is in MVP territory.

          • Dan

             Calderon also plays a very safe game and his assists are based of pick and roll or just waiting at the top to hit cutters and shooters. Lowry is a better drive and dish passer. He forces the defense to react to him. He is a better scorer, rebounder and defender. He is tougher to guard then Calderon is too. Watch how Calderon gets his assits. The players do all work then he hits them. He doesn’t creat often for others.

            • CJT

              I think both are very good at their style of play, which is hard to compare because it is so different.  It depends on which style of point guard you prefer.

              • Afimi Sinting

                FOR THE RAPS LOWRY PLEASE!!

    • Destro

      What IF Lowry is out for the season ?

      • Gregast

        Really? Did you know you said that out loud?

    • FAQ

      How about Bargs + Jose .. for.. Vince + Marion + Beaubois + picks??!!!

      The trade fails without the picks, but who knows how far Dallas will go.

      With Dirk catching more injuries, Bargs could be his backup/understudy replacement… and Dallas can use a pass-first PG like Jose… ya think?!


      • Alb Perjet

        REALLY…REALLY… F-that… with your logic lets go and grab TMACand roll back to the 90’s… FAQ wtf are u thinking…

    • Gregast

      We have to remember Jose’s state of mind must be tempered by the reality that Toronto has been trying to replace him as the starting point guard every year he’d been here. It’s like BC didn’t draft him so he’ll never be good enough. I know I’m making excuses and that he never had a step to lose with age but I gotta love the amigo’s heart.

      When he plays with Amir, Blake says 1 + 1 = 2 on defense and sometimes 3 on offense 😉

  • 2damkule

    i just can’t figure out who’s trolling the republic more, bargs (for his play), or casey (for his refusal to play JV any late minutes).

    • cesco

      I thought that Andrea and his coaches ( Sam , Jay , Dwane ) have been trolling the Republic for 7 years now . What is new ? .

  • sitnonDfence

    how bout that officiating…

    • 2damkule

      holy shit, i know.  it’s one thing to ‘let them play,’ but psycho T is a dangerous motherfucker…i thought he had at least two fouls (that went uncalled, obviously) that were a bit on the flagrant-y side (there was one play where he went up with derozan, and essentially came down with a double-fisted tomahawk on/near his head – no call) – he (psycho-T) has fully embraced his moniker, and seems to be given more leeway from the refs than most players.  if amir played that way, he’d be fouled out in 2 minutes.  he’s like the annoying fucker at the Y who plays balls-to-the-wall every second, with 180% more ferocity than is called for, and generally pisses off everyone on the court…but you have to let him get away with his crazy shit, or you’d be calling a foul every 6 seconds.  like jim carrey in the cable guy:


    •  For the Raps, its the absolute worst I’ve seen in…ever! I’d say officiating has decided 3 loses for the raps and almost factored (against them) in the win vs Indiana.

  • brother

    Nobody likes a whiner – but this IS getting ridiculous. Derozan’s reputation precedes him. He’s getting ZERO calls and they really are as clear as day. That has to change in order for the Raps to get some wins.

  • Nilanka15

    Impressive performance by Calderon.  It was endearing hearing him say, “it took me 8 years to do this” (referring to his tripple-double).

    But during the final 6 minutes, his decision making was atrocious.  Taking long, contested twos early in the clock, panicking due to ball pressure, holding onto the ball too long and passing to Amir with 5 seconds left on the clock (this happened at least 3 times).

    I expected a much smoother run offense from one of the league’s best “quarterbacks”.  Our impressionable young team can’t have their veterans playing scared down the stretch.

    7 points (or less) happens once in 20 years, not twice in three days.  I’ll take the ‘W’ in the standings, but this game continued the alarming trend of coughed up leads and poor execution when it mattered most.  We don’t seem to be learning from our mistakes.

    • sleepz

      +1. Agreed. Decision making down the stretch was BAD. Amir shouldn’t be launching 3’s but Jose shouldn’t be giving him the ball off the pick and roll with only 5 seconds left on the shot clock. Jose has to shoot that coming off the pick.

      Indiana coaching was awful as well. Seeing that they had Amir on West this time, Vogel should have countered by taking Hansborough out and putting back in Hibbert. Last game they got what the wanted when using West in the pick and roll with Andrea covering him. With Hibbert back in the game it would have forced Andrea to have to cover someone who can score and they could go right back to the pick and roll or posting him up if Casey matched AB with Hibbert.

      A win is a win but that was a college ball score last night.

      This team needs to figure themselves out. Are they a defensive team or do they have a different team identity this year?


    • Dan

      Jose was great through 3 quarters. He always plays like this in the 4th. He’s not a closer he plays scared. They should have won last night too but he gave away the lead in the 4th due to passive play. I like Jose and he is a great back up pg and seems like a great teamate.. As the record shows over the years with him as the starter they are not good. Rubio is injured and could not play for spain this year and yet they still had someone else play pg down the stretch of close games.

      • knickz

         is our record on jose,  or the team the gm put in on the court?

        • Daniel

          We’ll know when Jose leaves, which I hope for his sake is rather sooner than later.

    • unknown guest

      Got to look at the guys that were playing with JC at the end though. Where was TRoss? JV? How do you pass the ball when no one is moving or setting up to get open?

    • NyAlesund

       Ok, bad decision making. I understand what you said, but honestly those guys were worn out phisically and emotionally!! We have to understand the situation. Fear to lose another painful game, fear to make a right shot, AB was a zoombie unable to take a shot, Amir tried to shot like AB, DD insisted to drive in the paint without reason and the others didn’t do nothing good. Defensively all the guys more or less, had fought on the floor. Even Bargs (really really bad) boxed out Psyco-T, Amir was great on West, Calderon suffered but was there and anyone gave his contribute.

      Off course we can forget the performance, is necessary to improve because we won’t have another chance to win a game with only 5 point in a quarter. We have to give them time, and be positive. Despite all they managed to win a game.

      • Nilanka15

        Hey, I’m happy we won.  I’m just saying that there’s still a lot of room for improvement.  We haven’t seen what this team is fully capable of yet.  A lot of loose ends that Casey needs to tighten up.

  • Sinatras

    what ever happened to Bargs 3 that was counted as a 2? were the Raps given the extra point ?

    • 2damkule

      it was corrected between the 1st & 2nd quarter.

      the fact that he was 10 inches behind the line, with the ref staring at him from 8 feet away, is totally, completely, irrevocably unrelated to the fact that the refs appeared to be half-blind most of the night.

      • unknown guest

        The refs were amazing at making Hansbrough look like Tyson Chandler.

    • Afimi Sinting


  • Dan

    Trying to kill the clock to win a game is not a very effective strategy and more nights then not will result in a loss. If your up 20 with 5 mins to go then fine. But if it’s under 10 most nights you will lose. Slowing it down allows the other team to set their defense and it results in poor shots which lead to fast breaks the other way. You may be slowing it down on your end but your speeding it up the other way. Watch the 4th of the game tonight and the game last night against utah.

  • OvertheWall

    Stop talking about Bargnani.  I don’t like wasting time talking about garbage scrubs like that every game.  Let it go.

    • FAQ

      You’re the only one talking garbage… 

  • 511

    I think we gotta give ’em a pass on the offensively-dysfunctional fourth quarter last night. They’ve had some tough losses – a couple or so that could’ve gone the other way – including that one from the previous night with the OT(s) loss before getting on the plane to Indiana. Not cryin’ a river; actually the opposite. This team’s showing potential in the grit department, for sure. Gotta like that. 

    Looking forward already to the weekend. Big game early Saturday in Boston. (12:30; haven’t seen that too often.) If they show up ready and give the Celtics the game they might, Orlando could be in trouble the next day for the early Sunday game. (Did I say I’m looking forward to it already?) GR. 

  • Big Fan

    Love your insights and analysis

    • FAQ

      I bet Arse hopes you are a female ….!!!

  • tmk

     “just when you thought they’d curl up and surrender, time ran out!”

    Pretty much summarizes what happened. But a win’s a win.

    As for Bargnani, the only reason I can think of that he was in the game instead of JV was in order to space the floor. Having JV, Amir, Derozan, and McGuire all in at the same time would’ve gave no reason for the Pacers not to just clog the paint and wait. Now I don’t think he would’ve even hit an open 3 with the way he was playing, but it does stretch the defence a bit. Or Casey still doesn’t trust JV.

  • Aschami1

    Best moment in the game is when Calderon asked AB to set a pick and AB would not…  Casey calls a timeout…  You hear Calderon yelling at the huddle that he wants to win this game so badly…  his smile at the end of the game is priceless…  Raptors improving and will continue to do so… patience everyone patience…

    • FAQ

      Jose refused to pass the ball to Bargs on several occasions and dribbled away from him when he was open at the arc. As Hedo famously said: “ball ball ball”… and it’s the same for Bargs.

      • Lorenzo


    • unknown guest

      Really? I gotta check the game again to see this.

  • FAQ

    What was obvious:

    1. Shooting accuracy tanked in the 4th quarter because fatigue from the last game had set in. If the game had gone another 30 seconds the result would have been different.

    2. NBA reffing has changed from last season. Now that “flopping” is being ignored, the refs are permitting even more close contact. I fear that slim  players like Demar will get hammered driving to the basket. Watch out for more injuries.

    3. Casey is pushing deevelopment regardless of wins or losses. He prolly doesn’t believe this is a playoff team… and perhaps surprising trades are looming. He is coaching accordingly.

    4. Many players are now aware what is required of them for a winning effort. Demar plays fearfully and fearlessly now that he must justify his big contract.

    • Nilanka15

      Disagree on point 3.  If this year was about development, we’d be seeing a lot more minutes for Jonas and Ross.

      • FAQ

        Casey is giving JonasV and TRoss plenty of playing time even in crucial situations.  It’s not like it was with Bosh and Demar, but it’s substantial.

        At Indy, JonasV started with 22 minutes, more than Ed and less than Amir.  TRoss had 13 minutes backing up Demar’s 40 minutes.

        What about looming trades (Jose/Bargs)?

        • Destro

          JV is getting mins in crucial situations ? So yuo havent watched a game yet this year….

          • FAQ

            Every moment of Raptor games are ‘crucial’… or hasn’t that sunk into your brainlet yet…??!!!

            • CJT

              Have to disagree, Casey seems reluctant to put JV in to games at moments where his preceived fouls issues will stop the clock and give the opponent free throws.  Until that changes I don’t think we will see him in cruch time.

              • Ghotte

                Maybe there’s something to “bringing a player along slowly” rather than the norm for Raptors young players? 

                What’s the most amount of games JV has played in a season? TRoss? Maybe 30? 


    • sleepz

      I agree on #2. Definitely more contact this year.

      Exactly the way it should be.

      • FAQ

        Let’s watch if the refs still protect Lebron, Kobe, Wade.

        If not, I suspect commish Stern told the refs to speed up the game with fewer foul calls.. because the TV networks are complaining and charging big money for extra time.  (Same as for pro tennis limiting time to serve the ball).

    • BrainColangelo

      I both agreed and disagreed with your point about Demar’s fears.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Casey is not pushing development- are you even watching the games?lmfao

      His in game decisions ie rotations, have cost the Raptors games not to mention his strategic blunders within said games…

      What happened to the Raptors media hyped defensive culture change Casey was to instill has it evaporated into another BC pr spin in the wind?

  • Amobogio

    Mr Arsenalist,
    Regarding the following quoted sentence:When the home side had lacerated a 15-point deficit to 8, spurring the sparse crowd at hand to contemplate a comeback, Calderon and Bargnani followed with prodigious back-to-back threes which quelled the advantage to 14 and brought respite to the cause.Speak English motherfucker.Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.Amobogio

    • FAQ

      Mr. Arsenalist was mightily overcome by the Raptor win and couldn’t contain his flush of excitement… ergo the flowing grammar pouring out unabated and unrestrained by silly rules of English propriety.  Think of it as Arse speaking to us in b-ball lingo… rather than writing prose for the chattering classes (aka t.h.f.’s)  that burden this fine forum brought to us by the kind people affiliated with ESPN.  Do you want more??

  • Gregast

    Every game watching JV getting better in the post warms my heart and my interest in supporting this team. I’m guessing Dwane is sitting him in the fourth quarter as a way of guiding him to a more disciplined approach to defense.

    Remember Dwane is no fool.

    With D’Antoni coaching the Lakers they’re going to need a three point threat more than they’re going to need Pau Gasol in the post. I say trade Andrea for Pau – win win for both teams. Steve Nash gets his three point outlet shooter for his SteveNash offense aka Pheonix Suns offense and the Raps get a power forward or center who lives in the paint to ease their way into the Jonas Valenciunus – Ed Davis era.

    Imagine Pau and Jonas on the floor together – an offensive rebounding machine!!

    • j bean

      He won’t be hoisting 20+ a game there and his scoring percentage isn’t very good but the Raps should go for it if there is a possibility. 

    • Nilanka15

      I can’t see the Lakers going for it, but I can hope/dream…

      • FAQ

        I still think the Dallas trade is more probable … come back Vince and bring the old mojo too.. and I don’t mean Marion…!!!  

        • Afimi Sinting

          What? you  want a star

    • Daniel

      That’s an intriguing trade however I doubt Pau makes much sense for us at the stage we are in. Pau can teach Jonas a few things. Pau and an AK47 would have changed the dynamic for this season and we would have had a chance at play-offs instead of Lowry and Fields. I have no idea how could Colangelo and Casey sell the idea of play-offs making the team younger and less talented than last season.

      • Ghotte

        Less talented than last year? LOL
        Guess we had a world-beater at SF last year. This year’s team is grittier and will get more wins due to their emerging experience (see Fields, Ed, JV) as their game time increases. 

  • morons

    all these retards on here complaining about a win. it’ll be funny once this team gets moved to the states, I wonder where these dumbasses on here that like to bitch will flock to then? the leafs board? dipshits

    • FAQ

      Las Vegas here we come… Morontonians weep..!!!

      Maybe Stern’s “international” NBA dream has been dashed because the big black bro’s don’t wanna come to Moronto and play for ratshit Canada… ya think?

    • Nilanka15

      Thinking the team will move to the states because of comments on a blog, now that’s the funny/moronic part.

      When your car breaks down, do you push it to work and throw a party because you made it, or do you get the car fixed to make sure it doesn’t break down again?

      A win is nice, but when a team simply played less poorly than its opponent, and continues to make the same mistakes that cost games all season, there’s a problem there.  Ignoring them doesn’t make them go away.

      BTW Joshua, you ain’t fooling nobody with plethora of screen names…

      • morons

        and where did I say that this team will move to the states because of comments on a blog? where? dumbass.

        • Nilanka15

          Liking your own comments again I see.  Classic Joshua Reynolds.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    A much needed win but it still doesn’t hide the major flaws in the Raptors from the front office to the coaching staff to the roster players- culture change anyone?

    13 games anyone?lmfao

    Bargnani’s on his 7th NBA season and can’t even come into training camp in shape- shows how seriously he’s taking this season, just trying to play his way into shape while getting almost 20 shots per game. This is who BC is/has been building the Raptors team around post Sam & CB- a half ass lazy mofo’er that looks dazed and confused on defense.

    BC’s 2 major off season free agent/trade acquisitions (Lowry, Fields) are both injured at this point and time missing games- bad karma?

    With the 4th pick in the 2013 NBA draft the OKC Thunder select (drum roll)…………….

    • Jag

      I agree with “FAQ” that Bargnani simply is not interested in playing uninspired b-ball for the Raptors. He needs to be complemented with real players and not ones trying to “jell” in order to showcase his true elite talents. He has simply had enough of playing in a losing atmosphere and culture. 

      • Nilanka15

        Good call!  Trade his ass so his wish can finally be fulfilled.

        • Jag

          Or get better players so he can use his talents here and not elsewhere.

          • Nilanka15

            Just to clarify, you’re suggesting changing the team to suit 1 player, rather than changing 1 player to suit the team?

            • Jag

              And that is exactly why LeBron left. Not changing the team to suit 1 player. Trading away Bargnani does nothing to suit the team better. Do you have any legitimate opinions? They seem like easily refuted jokes.

        • I wouldn’t want to see his ass traded so soon. But I just hope he can at least take the ball in the post more. Have the same mentality that Derozen is having and forget about the jumper less and more about taking it to the basket. 

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    Some numbers from last night games and season fg% of dreamed players by RR

    Roy Hibbert (max contract) 
    7 pts 8 reb (-22) ft 1-4 in 25 min  L against the Bucks
    12/13 shooting 37%
    E.Yliasova (new contract 5 years 40 mil)
    5 pts 4 reb (+29) fg 2-9 in 22 min W against Indy
    12/13 shooting 29%
    Tony Wroten Jr (rookie) 
    12/13 shooting 0%
    Austin Rivers (rookie)
    10 pts 2 ast (-4) in a L against Hou
    12/13 shooing 22%