Raptors feel NHL players’ pain when it comes to shortened season | National Post

More than 200 NHL players signed with European teams during the lockout while many others spent time in the American Hockey League. That number is far greater than the amount of players who took basketball jobs elsewhere during the NBA lockout.

Toronto Raptors hit weak spot in NBA schedule | Toronto Star

Home games Wednesday against struggling Philadelphia (15-20 heading into Tuesday night), woeful Charlotte (9-24 and freefalling) on Friday and Milwaukee (on its second coach this season) on Sunday present a great chance for Toronto to climb the Eastern Conference standings.

Video – For NBA GM’s – The Andrea Bargnani Exclusive TV Offer!! | Raptors HQ

Raptors’ Ed Davis up to coach’s challenge | Toronto Sun

“Ed’s been taking advantage of an opportunity but I met with him (on the off-day Monday) and I challenged him. I didn’t think he brought it against Oklahoma City. I thought he could have brought it more, competed harder, banged harder, got to the boards harder. A lot of things. His screens, taking some of the shots he had,” Casey said.


Going through a defensive-minded practice, many guys hung around long after practice ended to get in extra work. Specifically Jonas Valanciunas, who is recovering from a fractured metacarpal on the ring finger of his right hand, sustained during a victory over the Orlando Magic on Dec. 21. Valanciunas worked with assistant coaches and basketball development consultant Jamaal Magloire long after the practice facility had emptied. Defensive close-outs, one-handed free throws and sprints up and down the length of the court, Valanciunas got in a great workout.

DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis’ Development Powers Toronto Raptors’ Recent Surge | Bleacher Report

The fact that the Raptors have lost two games and Davis and DeRozan have not played well is likely not a surprise. The one thing you seek from all young players is that magical word consistency. We are starting to see that more from both on a regular basis.

Toronto Raptors Have A Big Week Ahead of Them | Rant Sports

The Raptors six-game home stand will wrap up and if the team wants to keep their faint playoff hopes alive, they’ll need a winning record against their remaining opponents. After going 1-2 to start things off at home, there is little room for error in the final three games. Toronto will tip-off Wednesday against the 15-20 Philadelphia 76ers, before hosting the 9-24 Charlotte Bobcats on Jan. 11, followed by the 16-16 Milwaukee Bucks on Jan. 13.


The Raptors have been much improved over the last few weeks, but the way that betting seems to work is that you’re only as good as your last performance, and Toronto have just lost at home, albeit to Western Conference contenders OKC, and also lost to the Kings at home 2 days before that to the tune of 9 points. Interestingly, the only 2 times the Raptors have failed to cover 2 games in a row at home is their last 2 games, as well as 2 games earlier in the season, with one of those being the aforementioned loss to Philly. Toronto are averaging 103 points in their last 5 games, but have only cracked the 100 mark once in their last 5 at home.

Philadelphia at Toronto | CBSSports

“There are so many things we can do better as far as the mental part of the game,” Casey said. “We gotta learn from playing against a team like (the Thunder), but we can’t lose our mojo. We gotta get our mojo back here in the next couple days and get ready for this coming week.”

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  • guest

    lmao that video is genius!

  • voy

    i dunno.  that video reminded me of all those chris bosh videos on funny or die.  just because you slap a cowboy hat on a black dude doesn’t make it funny.  just because you pretend to be a sketchy tv ad spokesman doesn’t mean its gonna be funny.  reminded me of a kid’s highschool project. anyway, just my opinion.

  • Canadian Paul

    Stein is reporting that the Raps are offering Calderon + Ed Davis + change for Rudy Gay.

    I like.

    • Nilanka15

      Other than cutting salary, it’s hard to find reason why Memphis would accept that trade.

    • NEW ERA

      I don’t think the Grizz would take that deal. I’d be willing to throw in AA too

      • tweed8

         Alan Anderson, Jose and Davis for Rudy Gay? Too much.

        • NEW ERA

          That’s probably what it will take. Perfect time to sell high on AA right now. That would leave Bargnani as our remaining chip. Trade for an exception/picks or amnesty in the summer to go after somebody like Millsap.

          • Sam Holako

            Amnestying Bargnani would be a monumental fail IMHO

        • Nilanka15

          I would make that trade in a heartbeat, and pray the ink dries before Memphis realizes they’re getting screwed.

          • Jamshid

             Fully agree with both your comments. Grizz is finally able to compete right now and I don’t understand why they would do that to their team except if they can not afford the money. As far as Jose+ Ed+ AA being too much !!! Are you kidding me ? Do you really think AA is that valuable around the league ? Replace AA with Ross and that deal may go through otherwise , Raps have no chance.

            • voy

              just looking at the players, seems like a steal for the raps, although I doubt memphis would agree to this deal.  who would fill in the minutes at sf for the grizz afterwards?

              on the raps side, i dont know if I’d want to commit to gay for 16, 17 and 19 mill over the next 3 years.

            • tweed8

              It really depends on when it happens (now or the Grizz hold on and make the trade at the end of the season) and what the team is looking to have happen this year.

              If, Raps are still trying to push for the eighth spot this year then giving up three guys that have given us good minutes this year will be tough to trade for Rudy. While we would still have Kyle for the starting five, we would now be looking to Lucas to run the second unit and while I like him, I do see him as a third option. On top of that AA would be gone from that line up and a leader voice in the locker room and on the floor would be lost.

              For a future build I would make the trade for sure and would try to keep Ross. The kid looks like he has  big potential and I would want to see how he develops here. 
              Honestly with the current make up of our team, everyone is kinda of expendable. It all just depends who’s on the offer block.

  • Smitch

    Id much prefer to ship Jose+Demar for Rudy if were actually talking to Memphis, T.Ross will soon surpass Demar in the rotation at SG anyway & trading Ed is basicly saying bargs will be back in the rotation when healthy which makes me sick to the stomach…we’d also have to find a way to move our surplus SF like AA, Pietrus or Fields..we can play them all

    • Jamshid

       No way Grizz is willing to pay Demar 10 million a season !!! another reason why BC signing DD this season was stupid.

  • DryDry

    That video was wayyyyyy too long.
    Get in, make your jokes, get the f out.