The Rapcasts the last few weeks have had some great interviews and some awesome guests. But they’ve also been fairly structured and low on RR-personalities. So we took a week off from the hard-interview style and brought in Garrett and Arsenalist to “just talk ball.” Without a gameplan, the three of us basically chewed the fat for what ended up being the fastest 40+ minutes I can remember. There’s nothing quite like talking ball.

*What’s been different since the Raptors “turned things around?”
*Would you be okay with Davis-Johnson-Valanciunas as a three-man big rotation moving forward?
*Jose, Davis and a pick for Gay, are you kidding me, dawg?
*Ed Davis’ development and eventual upside.
*Terrence Ross’ role in the offense and his beautiful three-point stroke.
*The return of the “real” Landry Fields?
*Much, much more!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (42:41, 14.6MB). Or just listen below:

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  • K.J.P

    Maybe Bargs+anderson and a pick for Gay

  • EmarErozan

    What happened t Tom Liston?

    • Nilanka15

      He got a gig with

  • llaen

    The file download link appears to be broken.

    • Arsenalist

      Fixed. Thanks.

  • Nilanka15

    RE: the Davis-Amir-Jonas rotation, what we’re seriously missing is reliable low-post game.  Ideally, we need a big man with some offensive skill on the low block.

    I’m pleased with all 3 players, but I don’t think either is currently skilled enough to provide enough balance offensively. Maybe Millsap can address this problem this summer 😉

  • Candyman

    some people are so stupid, first of all Jose is the most underrated player in the league, 2nd of all Ed Davis is good and is going to be very good and third, were trying to get something out of this and we have people trashing the trade and trashing Jose… how dumb are these people… 

    • BlakeMurphy

      Did you listen? I don’t think any of us said a single unkind word about Jose…

      • 2damkule

        you didn’t spend the entire podcast feverishly washing his balls, so, yeah, that’s the equivalent of setting his pig farm on fire.  are you new here or something?

        the rules for praising/critiquing are as follows:

        – no criticisms ‘my guy’ are ever warranted, justified, allowed, etc.;
        – any criticisms of ‘my guy’ are, like, totally just because you’re a hater;
        – any praise directed at any other player is wasted air that could be used to praise ‘my guy,’ and thus, is the equivalent of a critique of ‘my guy’ (i.e. time wasted not praising ‘my guy’ = time spent critiquing him);
        – a minimum of four (4) comparisons* of ‘my guy’ to super-duperstars that show ‘my guy’ to be on their level (if not above) is required in any discussion of ‘my guy’ that lasts longer than 75 seconds.  *fact-based comparisons optional.

        that’s pretty much it.

        • disqus_IYYYU2AYkT

          Ok the ground rules have been clearly laid out…..lets get a win tonight and go at it again tomorrow !

        • Matt52

           Funny because it is true.

  • voy

    good luck back at school.  almost getting my bachelor of arts, at york u, was the best 8 years of my life.