Rapcast #127 – Chewing the Fat

Blake, Arsenalist and Garrett chat Raptors without a plan.

The Rapcasts the last few weeks have had some great interviews and some awesome guests. But they’ve also been fairly structured and low on RR-personalities. So we took a week off from the hard-interview style and brought in Garrett and Arsenalist to “just talk ball.” Without a gameplan, the three of us basically chewed the fat for what ended up being the fastest 40+ minutes I can remember. There’s nothing quite like talking ball.

*What’s been different since the Raptors “turned things around?”
*Would you be okay with Davis-Johnson-Valanciunas as a three-man big rotation moving forward?
*Jose, Davis and a pick for Gay, are you kidding me, dawg?
*Ed Davis’ development and eventual upside.
*Terrence Ross’ role in the offense and his beautiful three-point stroke.
*The return of the “real” Landry Fields?
*Much, much more!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (42:41, 14.6MB). Or just listen below:

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