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Developing Story: Trade Talks Between Raptors and Grizzlies Reach Final Hurdle – Jose Calderon’s Salary. Raptors Throwing In Pick As Well



The Rudy Gay trade is now a serious thing with specifics of the Raptors giving up a draft pick also coming through. The final hurdle seems to be finding a team to take on Jose Calderon’s contract, and giving Memphis a cheap three to replace Gay.

Warriors Heat Up Late, Shoot Raptors Out of ACC


Carl Landry

Thank god for Aaron Gray, or this one could have gotten ugly. Yes, you read that right.

Morning Coffee: January 29th Edition



Warriors provide Raptors a glimpse of what could have been…Raptors lose another game with porous defense…Gay still on the radar; price will be Calderon and Davis.

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