Acquiring Rudy Gay an attractive but not perfect option for Toronto Raptors | National Post

Instead, a move for Gay would probably have to be the first of many moves. Bargnani’s tenure has been over-examined by now, and it is likely his time with the Raptors is almost done. But it is not clear if Gay and DeRozan, just signed to a four-year contract extension, would fit well together. Neither is a good three-point shooter, something you usually need from at least one wing. The Raptors are still a few moves away from being a solid playoff team. Gay, or any sub-superstar player, would not be a cure-all.

Wojnarowski: Raptors Trying To Find Third Team In Calderon/Gay Deal | RaptorBlog

Whether it ends up being Memphis or a third team as part of a Rudy Gay trade or just another team in a yet unknown trade possibility, I still feel like there has to be a taker for Calderon’s expiring contract out there somewhere. The obvious question revolves around what kind of value there is for said expiring contract around the league, and how that value compares to the Raptors’ perceived value of Calderon.

Grizzlies, Raptors looking for third team to facilitate Rudy Gay trade | Yahoo!

Preferably, the Grizzlies want a less expensive small forward to plug into the lineup for Gay, sources said. Memphis has been relentless in shopping Gay over the past several weeks. In a proposed deal, Memphis would likely receive another young Raptors player and a future draft pick, sources said. The Grizzlies have unsuccessfully tried to pry Raptors rookie Terrence Ross as part of the deal, sources said. Toronto has deemed Ross untouchable in these talks.

Raptors-Celtics Trade Rumors: What Should Bryan Colangelo Do? (Part II) | Raptors Rapture

Here’s a massive deal that’s legitimate: trade Kyle and Landry Fields for Sullinger, Jeff Green, Fab Melo and Leandro Barbosa. Our front court suddenly is one of the youngest and deepest in the NBA, while our wings and back court suffer. This is a white-flag trade, meaning we’re surrendering any serious chance of sneaking into the playoffs this season. The team would be too unbalanced to contend.

Raptors’ DeRozan taking less shots | Toronto Sun

DeRozan, in the month of January, is averaging 15.2 points, down form the 18 he averaged in December and down further from the 18.9 he averaged in November. What has been happening, particularly this month, is teams are loading up on DeRozan more than ever, and in adjusting to this, DeRozan has been forced to become a more willing and more aware distributer of the basketball.

Jose Calderon: Raptors Guard Isn’t Worth Financial Headache in Potential Trade | Bleacher Report

Money is a valid concern for other teams. They have a right to be wary of taking on that kind of contract, even if Calderon is set to be a free agent at the end of the season. The NBA has really strengthened the luxury tax penalties. Teams are able to spend freely and go over the salary cap like they once were. It would be one thing if Calderon was one of the best point guards in the league. The short-term pain of the financial penalties would be well worth the gain of making a deep run in the postseason, possibly winning a title.

Toronto Raptors: Rudy Gay Isn’t Worth It | Rant Sports

With the development Davis has shown this season, and the heart Calderon has always provided this franchise, is Gay really worth it? When for nearly $10 million more a year and three years older in age he’d provide the team with the same things DeRozan does? Especially, when it’s factored in Gay’s playing time would instantly limit Terrence Ross’ development. How will Ross find the floor over guys like Gay, DeRozan, Alan Anderson and Landry Fields? His minutes would be limited at best. The name value might be attractive but numbers never lie.

Should the Raptors tank for Andrew Wiggins? | CBC

Because the Raptors likely aren’t “bad enough” this year to keep their top-3 pick, they will watch somebody else draft Brampton, Ont., native Anthony Bennett, the UNLV freshman forward who has shot up this year’s draft rankings by averaging 18.4 points and 8.6 boards a game going into Tuesday. But that’s life. Bennett is great, but he’s something of a tweener and not a once-in-a-generation player. Andrew Wiggins is. Andrew Wiggins is the real deal.

Like it or not, a Gay trade could happen in Toronto | Cuzoogle

Not a fan of trading Ed Davis but it could be a good shake up for Toronto. A larger, multi-team blockbuster that sees the Raptors part ways with Calderon, Davis, Lowry and Bargnani – or even three of those four players – would hopefully see the Raptors acquire at least a couple of impact players or multiple young assets in the form of players and draft picks. Whoa, let’s not go crazy here.

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  • DryDry

    Now Colangelo was in a lifeboat designed for 15 and 15 only
    Anything that systematic would get you hated
    It’s not a deal nor a test nor a love of something fated
    The selection was quick, the team was picked in order
    And those left in the water
    Got kicked off his pant leg
    And he headed for only a remote possibility of making the f*cking playoffs

    -with apologies to Gord Downie

  • voy

    maybe the right move here for ownership is to either fire bc or extend him now, or at least tell him they’re leaning toward extending him.

    leaving the situation in  limbo and having bc think the team needs to make a splash this year is perhaps the worse thing for this organization, especially if the “splash” comes at the expense of salary cap and young players.

    i’m not advocating for either firing or extending bc, i’m just an advocate for sticking with the youth movement.

  • Daniel

    Colangelo is an absolute disaster. He got fleeced by Houston helping bringing in Harden for them and us getting Lowry, 2-13 as a starter. Now he’s helping Memphis unloading an underperforming and overpaid Gay to the expense of young talent and the future. We should get something for Jose however it should be draft picks or young talent from a desperate team. Tough times for the Raptors fans for the next 2-3 seasons.

    • voy

      how is he helping memphis exactly? is the deal done? how do you know this is any more than just a plant by memphis management to help drive up the cost for Gay? or how do you know this is not simply fodder to give writers a few days/weeks worth of content?

      for someone who likes to think he has supreme critical thinking skills you seem to come to awfully funny and definitive conclusions. (1) labron is overrated,  (1a) labron wouldn’t have the same success if  he played in the 80’s/90’s (2)  durant is just a scorer, (3) you’d take jeff green for lowry, (4) andrea is a system player, (4a) its everyone else’s fault andrea is not playing well blah, blah, blah, blah…

      you’re pretty much a text book case of a reactionary fan who falsely creates their own narrative then rages against that narrative, thinking you’re more clever than everyone else because no one else can “see” what you see (shares your delusions).

      instead of generalizations, I’d like to know what “desperate” team you think might be interested in jose and what you think we could get back from that team, and if honestly you think bc hasn’t already or isn’t currently exploring that opinion.

      • Daniel

        Anybody helping Memphis getting rid of Gay while giving up any assets is, well, helping Memphis. All my “delusions” proved correct in practice whereas all the “facts” from the streetballers proved to be delusions. 

        • voy

          again, how is bc “helping” memphis.  please feel free to explain what bc has done, today, to help memphis.

          and from your statement:

          “anybody helping memphis getting rid of gay while giving up any assets is, well, helping memphis”.

          …are we to deduct the only successful trade with memphis will be acquiring gay for nothing? seems like, again you are establishing expectations and setting yourself up for another nonsensical rant “what, I cant believe bc couldn’t get gay for nothing….”

          proved correct in practise like labron is overhyped or durant is just a scorer, yet andrea is a systems player?


      The Toronto Transaction Facilitators, forever!

  • raptorspoo

    Here we go again!

    Toronto’s GM screwing our future to save his own ass in the present.

    Gay is NOT! what we need right now. He’s not going to take us to the promise land – unless your idea of the promise land is squeaking into the playoffs and a first round exit.

    When the **** is this cycle going to end?!?

    • Nilanka15

      Gay is the type of player we’d hope to draft in the coming years.  He just happens to be earning a lot more cash. 

      Why do people think that a 26 year old SF can’t help this team for many years to come?

      • Sam Holako

        Wish I could retweet this comment. This is my feelings about Gay exactly!

        • FAQ

          Wonder if  Gay looks forward to coming to TO and playing for the deeveloping Raptors?!

          Maybe Gay would be just another vince/Bosh in the making… ya think??

        • Nilanka15

          lol, feel free to copy & paste 😉

      • c_bcm

        The problem is not acquiring Gay. The problem is the cost. Giving up Jose (our best player this year, and most consistent over the past few years) and ED (a developing big with lots of room for improvement), and a future pick is just too much IMO. The only way I am comfortable with this move is if there is some arrangement to bring Jose back this summer, and we avoid giving up the pick.

        If we are going to try and win some games now, we have to continue to reinforce the future with draft picks.  I like what OKC has done (not to beat a dead horse, but i’m making a distinct point here), which is to continue acquiring draft picks regardless of what their talent level is already. This will ensure continuity in winning.  Identify and keep your top talent, trade your complementary talent for picks and veterans.

        What this (proposed) move does is sacrifice the future for a debatable boost in talent. Whatever  gains we can make will not be sustainable.

        • Nilanka15

          I agree that giving up a 1st round pick is a bad idea.  Although I have no problem parting ways with any 2nd round picks.

          As for Calderon being our best player, he’s still a backup PG (and has been since his arrival in Toronto).  Besides, I’m of the belief that he’s not re-signing here this summer.  Holding onto him risks losing him for nothing.  We don’t need to learn that lesson again.

          And I view Davis as a backup PF on any “legit” playoff contender. 

          Trading 2 backup players (plus 2nd round picks) for a fringe all-star is something I do 10 times out of 10.

          • c_bcm

            Perhaps Jose and David are bakups on legit playoff teams. But the production at those 2 spots without them on THIS lineup drops big time. We don’t have the horses to with-stand that kind of departure. So i’m hesitant. Maybe we can get pieces back that can address the depth issues that this trade creates.

            Agreed with the 2nd rounder v 1st rounder though. I’m fine bulking up the trade with a 2nd rnd pick.

            Any chance they’d take Kleiza in place of ED? That’d be a trade I make 10/10 times (Jose+Kleiza+2nd rounder for GAY).

            • Nilanka15

              You’re right about the immediate drop in production (from losing Calderon and Davis).  But I’m hoping Colangelo can pull some more moves to balance out the roster.  The gluttony of wings would definitely need to be addressed.

      • Daniel

        Drafting such a player is good asset management. Trading for such a player when he’s vastly overpaid is bad asset management. This is a business decision and you have to think about the opportunity cost of it.

        • Nilanka15

          What if we were able to unload the “bad contracts” of Bargnani, DeRozan, Kleiza and Fields in the next 12 months?  Would that make acquiring Gay less of a problem?

          • sleepz

            To me it wouldn’t and I would be fine with him in the event that was the scenario, however unloading all of those contracts you listed and not receiving bad contracts in return is impossible.

            • Nilanka15

              What about bad contracts that come with useful players?

              • sleepz

                I only like that when you are getting picks or players on rookie dels with upside.

                It just seems like another path to mediocrity.

                I prefer to just pay players who are productive and help you win. Anyone else (unless a young player on a rookie deal) is expendable imho.

          • Daniel

            They all got their contracts from the current GM so you expect me to applaud him if he manages to “unload” them? This guy has not earned the right to reserve our judgement in regards of trades or free agent acquisitions. Memphis played better without Gay and is desperate to get rid of him for basketball reasons (they are not in luxury tax anymore) and we are willing to take him? We have 4 players with PER above 17 and we are ready to trade 2 of them for no D chucker Rudy Gay. He has the PER of Alan Anderson and he’s not a better defender! As to comparisons between Gay and Harden, there is nothing in common between them. I mean, really nothing. 

            • voy

              i tell myself  “dont ever reply to daniel’s posts ,dont ever reply to daniel’s posts” but then posts like:

              “bc has not earned the right to reserve our judgememnt in regards of trades or free agent acquisitions”

              …just floor me.  the funny thing is that i bet he has no idea whats wrong with the above’s implications. zero.

          • KaioKev

            YES! 😀

      • sleepz

        He can, but when his contract is over you think he’s going to want to take a pay-cut going into his prime?

        Rudy can help but what kind of ceiling do you want on the team moving forward?

        And I don’t want to hear anymore from you about, trying to accept it cuz you know Colangelo will never build properly.  If you know there is a way that is the best path, you don’t have to settle for shortcuts as a fan. ; )

        • Nilanka15

          It’s less about Colangelo and more about MLSE/Bell/Rogers.  I don’t think they would ever commit to a full rebuild either.  Like the Queafs, the Raptors are profitable….and will continue to be profitable as long as they’re not telling fans to wait for 3-5 years.

          Based on this gut feeling of mine, whether it’s Colangelo (or his eventual replacement), I don’t see us building properly through the draft with the current ownership group.

          I guess it’s a defeatist attitude I’m employing 😉

        • Nilanka15

          We could pull a Houston, and trade all assets for 1st round picks, and attemp to revamp the roster in 1 summer.

          But I don’t see Colangelo successfully pulling that off either….sigh….

          • sleepz

            I just think that if you have good personnel people and solid coaches it won’t take 5+ years to assemble some talent you can truly run with and try and build around.

            The Raps are a lottery team anyways, regardless of what BC or MLSE wants them to be. 

            For those who watch Breaking Bad, we all know the difference between half measures and taking full measures.

            I’m tired of Bryan ‘Half-Measures’ Colangelo making wack player decisions turning this franchise a perpetual joke around the league.

  • FAQ

    No trades!  No trades! No trades! No trades!

    Wonder what the media mavens will say if there are no trades and the sh!t you see is the sh!t you get..!!!

  • Gregast

    I hear BC plans to convert Landry Fields to PG. Talk amongst yourselves.

  • canuck_eh

    I missed the part where Jose’s expiring contract became a liability. (e.g. trying to find another team to take it on..) Here I thought we might GET a reasonable pick or guy with potential at the deadline and now there’s talk we need to GIVE UP a pick to dump him??

    Forget it. Trading for Gay was bad enough an idea on it’s own. Potentially throwing away a pick? Friggin ludicrous. 

    • c_bcm

      Exactly! Giving up a pick along with ED and Jose is like apologizing to Memphis for taking an expiring contract and a promising young big. F-those guys. They are asking too much. 

      Keep in mind that there is an obvious problem with what Memphis is asking for if BC hasn’t made this happen yet. I suspect the pick+ED+Jose is what we are hearing is “too-steep a price”.

  • kuzzybear

    I can’t wait to see the offense in action! Lowry with his head up forcing the action and making those around him better.,Gay and Bargs swinging the ball in a smooth effortless flow as they create for others. Oops, not a dream but a nightmare about to happen.
    I can’t wait to see DD and Ross develope in this scenario. Oops, another nightmare. Ross sits while Gay,BArgs  and AA lead the Raps to the promised land by setting  NBA records for the quickest shooting team in history and generating the lowest assist total ever.
    Casey must be enjoying his tenure in TO. BC keeps giving him players that fit PERFECTLY into the defensive juggernaut he hoped to create here.