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No Interest In Bargnani?



“Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”. That was me doing my best Gomer Pyle impression after the news that there is little to no interest in the trade market for Andrea at the moment. Guess we better continue getting used to his mug here in Toronto.

Anderson Dishes On Teammates



Via ESPN Playbook, for a good chuckle come and check out what Alan Anderson has to say about his teammates.

Unexpected Heroes Deliver Victory in New York



Is this what hope feels like?

Morning Coffee: V-Day Edition


Alan Anderson

Raptors win a fugly one in NY; defense was the key…also, don’t forget to buy your girlf friends/wives flowers tonight

Quotes: Amir / Anderson / Gay on Guarding ‘Melo


Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks

Amir Johnson: We knew he was going to iso on the block and on each wing. We just had to shrink the floor and everybody was talking and helping and that’s how we had to play.

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