For the Raptors, Telfair is primarily insurance. John Lucas III has played well as Kyle Lowry’s backup since Jose Calderon was traded, but Toronto didn’t have a third point guard or a combo guard capable of swinging to the position. The Raptors could have signed a free agent, but that would have meant waiving Haddadi and eating his salary. This way they saved somewhere between $75,000 (a rookie) and about $200,000 (a veteran) on the cost of a replacement, and they also got a better player in Telfair. I’m not sure that’s worth a second-round pick likely valued at somewhere in the neighborhood of a million dollars, but it’s not a huge loss either way.


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  • It’s a good thing that the pick is lottery protected.

  • mountio

    I hope the people who were clamoring for a backup PG are happy. This deal makes zero sense to me. For this team, as constituted  JL3 is totally fine as a backup PG. 

    • CJT

      does paying a center that will never report to the team make sense?  Turning Haddadi into Telfair isn’t a bad move.

      • Kevin

        Not to mention that Lowry is injury prone this season. If Lowry goes down, I don’t trust JLIII enough for him to run the point full time…

        • The Rub

           and you trust Telfair?

      • Lawrence10

        It seemed to make sense to Rob Babcock.

    • John

      Well tell me what about this trade upsets you then? All you do is piss on others pov without offering one of your own. How can adding an insurance policy for a protected 2nd round pick be a bad thing?

      • mountio

        this is pretty simple. We traded an asset (2nd rounder .. albeit not a huge asset, but still an asset) .. for a backup PG who is only signed through this year .. which by definition means we signed him to make a playoff run, when we have little chance at the playoffs this year. What does that get the team either near term or long term? Nothing in my view. 
        You want my pov? Dont trade draft picks for no reason. Its pretty simple. 

        • John

          Your use of the word “asset” is comical.  Name me the last time someone of significance has been traded for this so called “asset”?  The fact is they do still have a chance to make the playoffs and it is worth exploring since the value being sent the other way is minimal.  

        • RapthoseLeafs

           The development of our younger players “could” – if Lowry went down for an extensive period – be affected by the lack of Point Guards. Having our Shooting Guards try to fill in – as Barbosa did previously – should be avoided.

          Regardless of whether Raptors make the play-offs, the balance of this season can be ideal for Casey in bringing some cohesion to the team. All the while transititioning Lowry & Gay (hopefully) to a more team oriented aspect. Ball movement is essential to that goal, and Point Guards are essential to ball movement.

          2nd Round picks do have some value, but as BC easily gave one up, it is just as easy to retrieve one in the future.


  • cdub38

    I think he is just there in case of injury.  They need a backup PG.  What if Lowry got hurt, JL3 cannot run the team alone.  Who knows with Casey though and his crazy rotations, he could be playing in no time.

  • Callmemaybe

    idiots. everyone. JLiii hits a couple threes, some of them reckless and uncalled for, and you think hes a decent backup pg. we need this trade, regardless of lowry’s injury proneness. were not getting wiggings (FACE IT), get rebuilding outta ur heads, bc is on win now mode and he aint quitting till he get tossed. 

    btw, teams are already prepaing for wiggins, and we are not one of them…orlando, phoenix…

    • RapthoseLeafs

       I doubt I’ll call you, but I do agree with you.

      JL is streaky, and it’s been great to have some of that scoring. But … his ability to engage his teammates, is not the best. Or even average.

      In some respects, I see JL as Lowry-lite.


  • The_man_moth

    I can’t believe there’s any controversy over this.  We needed a back PG, to protect against injury, and we got a decent guy for essentially nothing.  That’s not a C- minus.  It’s something that had to be done that we accomplished cheaply. It’s a win.

    • JerryGarcia

      Exactly…..this is a basketball team, not Coronation Street.