I felt like doing something a little different today, so we’re going to have a look at the Raptors players’ contributions this year graphically. Below, you’ll find a radar diagram for each Raptor who qualified for the minutes leaderboard.

I took the 193 NBA players who qualified for the minutes leaderboard this year and created an index out of 100 for five different stats. The stats used are just meant as an approximation of the “attribute” identified in the radar screens. They might not be perfect, but it’s a first try at a methodology like this.

The Attributes
Volume: Indexed Points Per Game.

Efficiency: Indexed True Shooting %.

Rebounding: Indexed Rebound %.

Playmaking: Indexed Assist % minus Turnover %.

Defense: Indexed Defensive Win Shares (yup, it’s flawed, but it’s the best catch-all I have access to).

The Raptors
Oops, it turns out only four Raptors and two ex-Raptors qualified for the board. Let’s have a look anyway.
derozan diamondjohnson diamondgay diamondross diamondcalderon diamonddavis diamond

The Unqualified
Let’s have a look at how some other Raptors stack up, loosening the minutes requirement to 1000 minutes. For the record, the NBA’s minutes requirement is “70 games or 2000 minutes,” hence Valanciunas and Lowry missing out.

lowry diamondjonas diamondanderson diamondbargs diamondfields diamond

Flaws & Possible Improvements
Obviously there are some flaws with these. Indexing probably isn’t the best way to go because guys like Tyson Chandlers (TS%) and Reggie Evans (Reb%) really skew the index as outliers. And Defensive Win Shares is probably a poor judgement of defense due to flaws in the statistic and because it’s a counting stat, hurting a guy like Valanicunas or Johnson. I probably should have scaled it for minutes, and perhaps done the same for “volume.” But it was just for fun anyway. If people want I can take suggestions for tweaking it and re-post it next week. If I run it again, perhaps it will be as follows:

Volume – Points Per 36 (or FGA per 36?)
Efficiency – TS%
Rebounding – Rebound %
Playmaking – Ast% – TO%
Defense – DWS Per 36

And Just for Fun
lebron diamond

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9 Responses to “Fun With Raptors Radar Graphs”

  1. Possibility?

    Hey Blake, love these visualizations!
    Think we could get an overlay of the starters to get an idea of where the team overall is redundant/lacking?

  2. ppellico

    what? no gray? he has played better/more than bargs so he deserves a graph.
    is he a part of this team at all to this site?

  3. rapturd

    Great graphic summary of a player’s stats.
    I would agree with the proposed tweaks for the next round.
    Also since the category adjacent to each other implies a relationship between one another i wonder if it would make more sense to have efficiency at the top of the ‘star’ with volume on the left and playmaking on the right. The feet being rebounding and defense.
    I wish there were more graphical statistics out there.
    Keep it up

  4. Guest

    We want more, Blake. And yes, please prorate the stats per minute (or choose stats that aren’t affected by lack of minutes), and maybe have a set that contrasts (overlay) each Raptor with the average starter at each position. That is all!


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