I know this news was bundled towards the end of this article, but I really think this deserves its own post.

Also gone in the Stefanski purge are long-time scout Jim Kelly, pro scouting director, vice-president of pro scouting Dave Pendergraft and two regional scouts. One source also said Maurizio Gherardini, who has been working on a yearly contract as the team’s face in Europe, will also be gone after the weekend housecleaning.

The fate of former Raptor Alvin Williams, who moved from the front office to a scouting role last season, is undetermined.

Aside from Kelly, who first joined the organization under Isiah Thomas before the team had even held its first training camp, all the men let go on the weekend were hired during the seven-year Colangelo era.

Many a night I have spent wondering just what purpose this man served with the Raptors. He usually reared his head right before draft time and spoke after every player workout, and never quite said anything that you couldn’t find on the first paragraph on Draft Express. What value he added remains a mystery, possibly a greater one than just how he managed to stick around since the inception of the organization. From a scouting point of view, the only “hidden gems” the Raptors were able to find were Jorge Garbajosa and Jose Calderon, and beyond that the scouting department failed to add any real tangible value.

For a guy who isn’t even in Toronto, Ujiri sure is cleaning the house out and seeing Kelly go is just as cathartic as the moment Bryan Colangelo got ousted, and possibly even more than when Andrea Bargnani gets shipped.

I feel as if the gangrene that had spread on this organization is slowly being cured. Mind you, I have little sense of what Ujiri will bring, but so far he seems to be his own man making moves left and right. I like it.

While we’re talking, here’s a trade the Raptors could pull:


Rationale: We need to find more shots for Jonas Valanciunas, and the only way anyone will swallow Bargnani’s contract is if something of value is packaged with it. DeRozan is that guy, unfortunately. You purge Bargnani, get back an All-Star level player, and create a front-line that could content for being one of the best in the East.

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29 Responses to “This Deserves Its Own Post: Jim Kelly Got Fired!”

  1. Andre Julian Ward

    why would we trade DeRozan for an aging and injury ridden Pau Gasol? ……

  2. Bill

    That trade is retarded. DeRozan, as much as you think he is inefficient, has more value than what you’ve prescribed.

  3. arsenalist

    Good:- Gasol = Expiring contract at $19M

    – One year with Gasol, Valanciunas, Gay, Lowry + SG as starters. Not a bad line up.
    – More shots for Valanciunas as DeRozan’s out, Gasol won’t take as many
    – We shed Fields
    – We shed Bargnani

    – We lose DeRozan, but I’m not completely heartbroken about that.

    Combine this with the amnestying of Kleiza and we might even have some semblance of cap space next summer.

    • Matt52

      The problem with the trade is that next season DeRozan’s contract kicks in making this an addition of about $40M for the Lakers under the salary cap. That also assumes Howard resigns. If Howard does not resign, then they keep Pau.

  4. Brett

    This is probably the most retarded thing I’ve seen, how could u value getting rid of bargnani over the actual value of DD the kid has improved every year, he hasn’t yet plateaued and hasn’t come to his ceiling yet, if u think there are better players at the 2 guard position look for them before sending our leading scorer to a place behind kobe SMH

  5. Dr Scooby

    A slow insipid delirium has burrowed into the minds and hearts of some Raptor fans…DeRozen is not a keeper. I like him and he may get better but we have to use him and Amir to unload the crap contracts we have for really overrated players like Bargs, Kleiza, Fields and yes- Gay.

  6. Nyquil

    I like the trade—Pau might be the most underrated player in NBA history—but LA won’t take on long-term contracts because they think they can sign Lebron when his contract is up.

  7. Tim W.

    For those wondering why the Raptors would do this deal and give away so much for a player obviously on the downside of his career, the best reason they would do it is money, plain and simple. Bargnani has three more years and $35 million more, DeRozan has four more years and $38 million more and Fields has two years and $13 million more.

    Gasol, on the other hand, has a contract that expires in the summer of 2014. In one trade, the Raptors would get rid of three of their worst contracts (Gay being the worst, and obviously not involved in this).

    The one thing I don’t like about this trade is getting back Gasol. I don’t see the point, quite frankly. If the Raptors want to purge themselves of bad contracts, then I would think the point would be to blow the team up and go after a top pick in 2014. This trade doesn’t do that, and it doesn’t really do anything beyond help them win some games next year.

    Personally, I would bring in a third team and grab a couple of young prospects and send Gasol to another team.

    • Hotshot

      Yes bringing in Gasol will diminish the purpose of the Raptors long term goal of tanking for the 2014 draft so another third team needs to get involved (if tanking will be the strategy). However I do feel that the Lakers could probably fetch something better for Gasol then being stuck with 3 mediocre players with long term contracts that could hamper their own chances of getting someone of value so I doubt the Lakers would agree to do it.

    • ItsAboutFun

      “Bargnani has three more years and $35 million more”

      Bargs has 2 years at $23M

  8. tonious35

    Jim Kelly, whenever we look back and see what gems we miss out in the late 1st round and 2nd round, I blame this guy.

  9. tonious35

    This trade is an emergency salary dump that can allow the Raptors to net themselves money to buy some valuable draft picks in the future. Although this might make us into a Grizzlies team that included Gay, Gasol, and Lowry in 2007 that they only had a record pct of under 0.400, we have the needed financial stability to allow MU to do what he needs to do.

  10. Jon_Erikson

    This trade doesn’t make sense for L.A. Why would they want DeRozan? They’ve got Kobe already, and running D’Antoni’s system the two things a wing player absolutely MUST have are 3pt shooting and court vision/passing ability. Those are DeRozan’s two greatest weaknesses!

    • amateurgm

      Kobe is done….never be the same….ya don’t come back from achilles at his age…

      • ItsAboutFun

        I don’t know what medical knowledge you have to be so certain, but Kobe has been defying injury-recovery/pain-threshold norms/logic for his entire career. I wouldn’t even bet against him coming back earlier than expected.

    • smh

      You do realize Kobe got injured? Even if he didn’t, he gets what, 2 more years of productivity? When not have DD as insurance?

  11. Andre

    I would add Ross, minus derozen and get a first round pick from the lakers.

  12. smh

    I like this trade for the Lakers and Toronto.

    Pau can be a mentor to JV. Getting rid of Pau opens up the paint for Dwight.

    Andrea is off the books, and will fit better with Dwight and D’Antoni’s system.

    DD gets to be marketed as the hometown player + is insurance for the injured Kobe.

    Fields is insurance for the defense and intangibles of an aging MWP.

  13. Bendit

    Nice Kelly pic….did Doug Smith ask him a tough question? He was a dinosaur (no pun intended) wasn’t he?

  14. don't worry bout it

    thats a BRUTAL trade! DeRozan and Amir are the core of this franchise! The rare americans that enjoy Toronto and work hard for Pau Gasol who has the toughness of Barney ….. whoever wrote this deserves capital punishment

    • hotfuzz

      Nice core there! You can expect to finish in lottery every year with that core.

  15. RaptorFan

    This is such a silly trade i spit out my coffee reading it!!…..Have you lost your marbles?? You do realize that Pau Gasol is an injury prone free agent after next season who WILL walk away……so essentially we can lose our young SG and have NOTHING to show for it (only cap space – which doesn’t matter because NOBODY wants to come here anyways). Also, Andrea Bargnani only has 2 years 23 million left…..Could you not come up with a better way to get rid of Andrea??

    Why not just amnesty Andrea if he’s gonna cost us one of our better players for someone who can walk away leaving us with nothing in return?? I would rather toss in T Ross over DD….reluctantly.

    • Dr. Scooby

      I guess it depends on your vision of the team going forward: do you tank and start again or simply remix the same ingredients and hope for success…I’m for a re-boot and if that means trading a pretty decent SG (DD) then yeah I’m okay with that.

  16. Jay

    Your smoking crack. I would rather keep Andrea if that is the case. We could get more for DeRozan trading him by himself.


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