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We didn’t have a draft party this year so wanted to make up for it. Our man at the Raptors has offered discounted, pre-sale rates towards a Raptors game this coming season. The first 40 people to pay $100 (for a ticket that usually costs $150) will get below-cost ticket to a game we will attend as a group. This is a pre-sale ticket so you’ll get the best location for the price, and the best games. Basically, this is a deal you can’t get by walking up to the ticket-window, online, or through a scalper. The best part is that in addition to the great deal, we’ll scrimmage on the practice court at the ACC on July 22, 2013 at 7pm!.

The court has plenty of room for multiple scrimmages, and we can choose to organize a round-robin tournament there as well (if everybody’s up for it). Whatever the case, it’s guaranteed to be a blast, as you simply don’t get to do this much.

It’s going to be awesome. If you don’t want to scrimmage and just want to hang out at the court, check the facilities, take some pics, that’s OK too.

We’ll also have a section of Real Sports Bar reserved on the day of the game, so you can come earlier and meet-up as well. Looking forward to that.

You can do an Interac Money Transfer of $100 to [email protected] with the code raptors via your bank (make sure to provide your email in the message). Alternately, you can pay via credit card here (costs more, though – $106). The deadline for this is July 11th, so get in before then.

Let’s get together and make a night of this! Hope to see you all there.

Some questions you might have:

What happens if I can’t make the game you guys pick?
No worries, anyone can pick a different game to go to. Everybody doesn’t have to attend the same game (but that would be nice).

$100 is a lot! You sure about this?
This price is guaranteed below-cost, meaning it’s cheaper than what you’d pay if you went up to the ticket-window during the season.

What game are you going to pick?
We’ll try the Knicks, Lakers, Heat…basically, someone good.

How much is Raptors Republic making off this?
Zero. This is all about getting Raptors fans out to a game and having some fun at the ACC.

Wait, you’re saying $100 but you’re charging $106 via credit card?
$2.80 goes to Stripe for processing the payment, and $2.50 goes to ShopLocket for providing the payment services for a total of $5.30. I refuse to deal in cents so I rounded up. I’ll collect the 70 cents and buy someone a bag of popcorn at the game. You can always pay via Interac and pay $100 flat. That’s what I’m doing.

I have more questions
You can ask in the comment section, or email [email protected]

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  • gm16

    Is the $100 deposit all you have to pay or do you have to pay more after?

    • arsenalist

      Just the $100.

      • gm16

        Where would the seats be?

        • arsenalist

          They’re going to be either in lower bowl, or balcony primes (which is our season seats, and they’re solid). What you need to know is that it’s going to be a very below-cost ticket, meaning you can’t get this price through other means, no matter what the seat.

  • tross_31


  • Rick

    No tanking for raptors plz. That thought is just underly stupid. You’re not guaranteed wiggins. Also don’t trade demar. You actually have a player in the nba from the states who wants to stay and play in Canada, toronto!!!
    Lets talk about something like that! Not trading him when he’s actually putting the work in each summer and getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chrish Boss

    Do you still have to pay $100 to play in the scrimmage?

    • arsenalist

      The tickets + scrimmage = $100. Can’t have either/or. I guess you could pay $100 and skip the game, but that would be a waste.

  • Statement

    I’m in. I just bought my package. This should be sweet.

  • Statement

    I’m in, just made my deposit.

  • Jamshid

    I am disappointed that we lost on Bledsoe. I guess DD’s contract made him too unattractive for other teams. Redick and Dudley had more attraction for Clippers than DD. Oh, well, UM better find another place for DD.

    • RaptorFan

      Really?? How about we find somewhere for Rudy first?? Demar’s still 23…..I’d prefer to keep him over Rudy. Do you think Rudy will want to stay if we trade DD for a backup PG? GTFO
      Hopefully DD isn’t going anywhere! :)

  • Marz

    I’m much rather be playing 20on20 games on the practice court. Thanks.

    • arsenalist

      Sure, we can do that 😐

  • KJ-B

    I’M IN THAT HOUSE!!! Been on P90X2 so, I’ll substitute this as one of my nights! Can’t wait–will sign up tomorrow… I wonder who’ll be wearing the #7 Knicks jersey??? Got a couple of a guesses lol!!! ((How could I forget though–this other guy on NYKs already has that number. Hmm…))

    In all seriousness, I wish Andrea Bargnani, I vowed not to say his name til he was traded, makes the Knicks the winner of this trade–my biggest beef was his inability to harness his vast talents–hopefully the Garden faithful can bring out the best in him the way it has in some of his previous stupendous games in the world’s most famous arena–IT just was never gonna happen here in TDOT with BryCo enabling him to underachieve while being overpaid.

  • J$

    How long do we have the practice court for? What’s the plan for shooting hoops? 40 guys is a ton of players.

    • arsenalist

      Hey –

      We got it for 1.5 hours, and quite possibly more since we’re the last batch using it that day. Assuming all 40 guys play (note that I already got some people that just want the game), we would play 4-on-4 or 5-on-5s – there’s plenty of room for multiple games. Most guys tire after four games and just want to shoot hoops and stuff, which is cool.

      Hope to see you there!

  • Brian Gerstein

    I am in softball mode, and am pretty out of shape but would love to maybe play a game with 40+ year olds, as I am soon to be 49. At worst, can shoot some hoops. Is anybody going to be in my age category. If so, I am in.

    • arsenalist

      Bro, I’m pretty much in your category.

      • Brian Gerstein

        I’m in, cue the paramedics courtside just in case.

        • Brian Gerstein

          Monday, the 22nd it is. 2 1/2 hours on the court, are you nuts? At 25 when I first moved to TO I played 3 hours a night, two 1 1/2 hour games, but man, that was a long time ago. Now at twice that age I play for an hour, so that will be my limit.

  • Vimsanity

    Still spots left?

  • Liberal

    Could we get a “Spots Available” update? Would be appreciated!

  • Jason Chan

    is this still on? or passed?

    • Jason Chan

      Do I just have to contact “zarars” and space is still available?

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