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  • Guest

    keep your eyes on the prize JV. I will watch your fiance 4 u!

  • Starsky

    First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman.

  • Alb_perjet

    We all know what she is thinking………… “I am rich!”. Good choice JV.

  • Jamshid

    OH Big Val, Why ??!!! Why rush it pal. Enjoy the life before you commit half of your salary to someone else.

  • FAQ

    High school sweetheart … from the looooks of it … ya think??

  • dino4life

    Alright JV this is the most important english word you’ll learn: ” PRENUP”

  • Ed

    Too fast boy…

  • Spence

    Jonas … What happened to LOLA?

  • Kupooo

    What’s the girl’s name? I’m sure she’ll be happy to move to Canada and spend all his money…she better show up to some of his games lol.

  • SR

    Looks like Landry Fields has some competition.

  • SR
  • Stan

    Never understood early marriages myself. It made sense back when it was about survival and we didn’t expect to live very long anyway, but in this day and age… What’s the hurry?