The NY Post reports:

Marcus Camby isn’t officially a Raptor yet, but has already asked for either a buyout or trade so he can join a contending club and could soon be on the free-agent market, The Post has learned.

Not surprisingly Marcus Camby, who earlier voices subtle annoyance at being traded to the Raptors has reportedly asked the club to either buy him out or trade him. Camby’s contract stands at $4.4M guaranteed for the coming season, with a partial guarantee of $1.025M, the following season. He is, essentially, an expiring contract.

Ideally, the Raptors would flip Camby to a team under the salary cap for a pick or package him as part of a trade, thus shedding his contract and getting assets in return. However, if suitors are rare, then a buyout at less than the $4.4M owed to him is now an option. The problem with that is the $4.4M would continue to count against team salary, so the Raptors would basically just save some money and it would not affect flexibility (other than freeing up a roster spot).

I got a funny feeling he’ll somehow end up back on the Knicks.

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  • Marz

    If we’re keeping Gay, Camby + DeRozan for Boozer!

    • Because you would like the Raptors to follow the Knicks model? Collect as many flawed players with outrageous contracts as you can.

      • Marz

        Because his contract ends with Rudy Gay’s, freeing up around $35M. Because if he can play defense enough for Thib he can do it for Casey. Because he has playoff experience. Because we won’t have to pay DeRozan $9.5M/year (though I personally don’t mind, everyone else seems to be against Demar’s contract). And because we already have 4 or 5 shooting guards on this roster (Ross, Fields, Richardson, our new 6’7 PG…)

        • I’ve got nothing against moving DeRozan, but why move him for horrible contract. And if Boozer played enough defense for Thibodeau, then they wouldn’t be looking to trade him every chance they could. And they wouldn’t have been looking to trade him for Bargnani.

          And what does it matter if the Raptors free up $35 million at the same time? What are they going to do with all that cap room?

          • Marz

            It’s not a horrible contract if it’s only for two seasons, in my opinion. You’d have a starting line up of: Lowry/Fields/Gay/Boozer/Val – that’s a very strong rebounding frontcourt and backcourt, which in my opinion is very important for a successful team. The lineup as a whole lacks 3 point shooting, but I don’t see any other glaring weakness (it’s not a bad defensive team).

            The reason they’re looking to trade Boozer is because Taj Gibson offers similar (or even better, sometimes) production for less money.

            • You don’t think $32 million over two years isn’t a horrible contract for a 31 year old under-sized power forward who hasn’t made an All Star team in five years and is a below average defensive player?

              That lineup you mentioned is decent. Possibly a 45 win team. But then what’s next? How do you turn that 45 win team into a 55 win team?

              • Marz

                Organic Growth.

            • rocketman

              Fields??!! Starting at SG??? Don’t you have to be able to shoot to be a shooting guard?? He has the worst jumper on the team, Aaron Gray’s is better.

  • Wiley

    We should trade him to the Bobcats.

    • Bendit

      Oh no…the agent will blackball us surely.

  • ahoang

    So there’s no reason to buy him out right?
    It would save MLSE some money, but if it still counts towards the cap, who cares about saving MLSE money.

    • Wilson

      Buyout probably isn’t the first option, yes, but… MLSE cares?

      • ahoang

        Assuming his guaranteed is 4.4 mil and we would out a buyout probably somewhere in 2-3 mil range would mean a net savings of 1.4-2.4 mil. Pocket change to them, but to buy him out and have his contract eat up 4.4 mil on the books is worth more than the actual cash they’d save.

        In any case, if we can’t move him right now, chances are someone will bite on an expiring contract.

        You can’t say we’re in it to win it and then penny pinch like this.

  • Nilanka15

    What if we decide to neither buy him out, or trade him. We just sit still and dare Camby to join training camp.

    Are there any legal consequences if Camby decides not to show up? Are there any contractual loopholes that allow us to void his contract if he’s a no-show?

    I’m just really tired of players making demands. You’re under contract. Show up, shutup, and earn a paycheque. If you don’t want to play here, don’t expect to get paid.

    • If Camby doesn’t show up to training camp, they don’t have to pay him. And if it continues, they could ask to void his contract. But teams don’t want to piss off players and agents for fear there will be repercussions down the line, which there probably would be. I agree, that in a perfect world the Raptors would simply demand he show up and play or not pay him, but it’s highly, highly doubtful that happens.

      • Guest

        What repercussions? No top level talent wants to come to the Raps anyways. Doing one player a favor so others can consider Toronto as a free-agent destination sounds ludicrous to me. The only thing the organization needs to worry about is keeping the talent they drafted and build that way.

        Camby has no leverage here, the only way the Raps should let him out of his contract is he goes the Mike Bibby route and forgoes his salary to be waived.

        • cdub

          I kind of agree…hes a 39 year old has been and thinks hes entitled to ride another teams coat tails….whos he going to win a title with exactly the knicks? 4 million is a lot of cash these spoiled pukes disgust me. its not like I really want him on the raps just the principle of having to pay these leeches not to play so they can sign somewhere else.

      • Nilanka15

        Ever since the Alonzo Mourning debacle, I’ve been jaded….

        • cd hall

          Me too! What other job can you get were you sign a contract—-not live up to the contract—- get fully paid to not live up to it (in sted of getting sued) —go out and sign another contract and get paid for it too!!!!SIGN ME UP FOR THAT SITUATION

        • cdub

          yup….I blame babcock more though…I actually think as time goes by that trade somehow keeps looking worse if that’s even possible

        • monocled_gentleman_scholar

          Agree with this entirely. Remember when Mourning left he called us a “mickey mouse organization”? (This was his explanation for not wanting to come here.) Well, what would you call an organization that lets its employees insult it, and then does them a favour by allowing them to leave with full salary paid? That’s right, THAT’S a mickey mouse organization. I say we do nothing about Camby and then void his contract when he fails to show up to training camp. Want to gain respect in this league? Stop letting people walk all over you.

          • The Raptors WERE a Mickey Mouse organization when they traded for Alonzo Mourning. Remember who the GM was? Hard to disagree with him.

      • mountio

        Weve had this debate before (the situation is escaping me – oh ya, it was around the LF contract and could we walk away after Nash went to LAL) – but I absolutely disagree with the notion that pissing off players and agents will somehow have repercussions and blackball our organization from getting players / free agents in the future.
        First, if guys are traded to us (like this case) it doesnt matter what our reputation is, they are stuck with us.
        Second, if we offer a free agent the most money, 99% of them will sign here, regardless of our reputation
        Finally, our reputation stinks anyways (we arent exactly a hotbed for free agents), so what exactly are we risking?

        All in all, Im in favour of some hardball here .. whether its a discounted buy out or just making him show up. The halarious part of all of this is that camby is totally washed up and wont see court on any contender anyways – he could barely see the court for the Knicks last year.

        • Personally, I agree, but I’m just telling you the way things are in the league with this type of situation. If agents don’t like a team, they can make things difficult for that team. Agents still have some power, unfortunately.

          • mountio

            Ya .. I hear that .. certainly the precedent has been set to just buy these guys out (at damn near 100 cents on the dollar to boot). Im just saying, if you step back and think about it, Im not really sure what the agents (or the players) collectively could do even if they wanted to just because you played hard ball in one of these situations

          • monocled_gentleman_scholar

            But teams and agents are dependent on one another, so agents have just as much incentive to maintain good relations with teams as the reverse. Obviously I have no concrete idea about how this works, but if agents need teams to pay their players (good and bad), then the power can’t all be with the agents.

      • cd hall

        Your comment doesn’t make sense. Why should owners pay a player to not play? Why not void the contract if he doesn’t report to training camp and tell the player that you are now a free agent —- go negotiate a new contract with a club of your choosing? It is highly unlikely he would receive a contract for the same money!! It is time owners acted like owners. This type of situation should have been addressed in the last CBA. It’s quite maddening!!! Also if his contract was voided, would it count against the cap? If it doesn’t count against the cap, there is the best reason to have his contract voided under the new HARSH cba tax .

        • Again, I’m not stating my opinion. This is the way things have worked in the league for a long time. I don’t agree with it. I think if a player refuses to play, he shouldn’t get paid, but teams don’t want to piss off players and agents, so they rarely do it.

          That’s not to say it NEVER happens. But it’s rare.

          • monocled_gentleman_scholar

            I think we should set a precedent.

    • ItsAboutFun

      Not often we agree,hahaha, but I am with you on this one. Only problem is, they do not want him around if a cancer in the locker room and bench

      • Nilanka15

        Good point.

      • cd hall

        Send him home then! He gets paid but doesn’t get his own way!!! Now no locker room or bench problem. Give him the right to sign with any other club BUT if he signs another contract, he must waive his contract with the Raps. Now that’s common sense!!!!!!

  • DryDry

    Yawn. Yet another fading NBA player thinking he deserves a shot at a title so requests/demands to be traded to a contender. Contract is a contract, so go get fitted for a uniform until yer traded. If he really wants out, there should be no buyout – if you’re so valuable, why don’t you just agree to tear up the contract and take your chances in the free agent market?

    • monocled_gentleman_scholar

      Exactly. If this were Ray Allen or J Kidd (veterans who could actually help a good team), then maybe we’re magnanimous and try to help out. But Camby won’t play a minute in a playoff game. Have some pride.

  • themasao

    Of course he assumes a contender would want him….

    What a douche.

    • DryDry

      Exactly. The sense of entitlement of some of these pretty good but not great aging players is quite hilarious.

    • ahoang

      Forgo your salary and sign the vets min. on the Heat. Assuming they want your size and ‘vet leadership’

      I’d be good with that

  • Roarque

    When would Camby’s value be greatest – now or near the trade deadline in the new year? If he came for the half season with a promise to be showcased for possible contenders who might need a defensive specialist / back-up for the play-offs then the Raptors might get someone worthwhile in return. Or the Raps could be in the thick of it themselves and Marcus could be a first string contributor, all the while mentoring JV.

  • ckh26

    Best thing we could do is trade him for a 2nd rd draft pick to a team that has cap room… any team. either now or during the year. You shed the salary commitment now and gain an asset. Its not like Camby is going to make a difference here this year.

  • nahnahnah

    tell him to retire or just dont show up, we dont have to do anything to help him when he wont do anything to help us. like keeping his mouth shut

  • Bendit

    Masai, just tell him to sit tight and you’ll get back to him.

    It’s on your schedule (you dont have to actually say this). Better still, let Leiweke give his agent a call and have a little chat.

  • Rey

    Camby, just takes your “talents” to South Beach

  • Guy

    A team shouldn’t be on the hook for a single dollar if a player requests a buyout. In fact, the player should have to pony up some cash. If he wants to play elsewhere, let him buy his way out. Sayyyyy, 50% of the highest yearly salary left on his contract. ‘You want to go somewhere else Marcus? Okay, but it’ll cost you $2 million to buy your way out of your contract. Here’s a pen, make the check out to MLSE.’

  • Todd Lee

    nobody wants to play up in Canada. that’s a fact. any die-hard Raptors fan reading this be prepared to suffer for the next century Chicago Cubs style. no championship, no advances past 1st round, zéro.