The NY Post reports:

Marcus Camby isn’t officially a Raptor yet, but has already asked for either a buyout or trade so he can join a contending club and could soon be on the free-agent market, The Post has learned.

Not surprisingly Marcus Camby, who earlier voices subtle annoyance at being traded to the Raptors has reportedly asked the club to either buy him out or trade him. Camby’s contract stands at $4.4M guaranteed for the coming season, with a partial guarantee of $1.025M, the following season. He is, essentially, an expiring contract.

Ideally, the Raptors would flip Camby to a team under the salary cap for a pick or package him as part of a trade, thus shedding his contract and getting assets in return. However, if suitors are rare, then a buyout at less than the $4.4M owed to him is now an option. The problem with that is the $4.4M would continue to count against team salary, so the Raptors would basically just save some money and it would not affect flexibility (other than freeing up a roster spot).

I got a funny feeling he’ll somehow end up back on the Knicks.

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