For the first time in forever we have a guy at the top of the corporation running the Raptors and Leafs that appears to be bullish about winning. So he comes off a little brash and know-it-all when he speaks, but that's great. NO! That's awesome.

For the first time in forever we have a guy at the top of the corporation running the Raptors and Leafs that appears to be bullish about winning. So he comes off a little brash and know-it-all when he speaks, but that’s great. NO! That’s awesome. Tim Leiweke is a guy who has come in and evaluated the Raptors with an accuracy of 100%, and then has had the cahones to make the moves that need making, and that too swiftly. In this process he’s apparently hurt some feelings (Link 1, Link 2) and now needs to apologize to people who have been cajoled and fed by Bryan Colangelo all these dreadful years.

I get that we’re Canadians and value politeness. However, when Leiweke came in and ruffled the nest of lies by speaking harsh realities, the reaction by some people has been to focus on the manner of delivery rather than the actions. And it’s actions that matter, never delivery, especially when it comes to success. I’m glad that Leiweke has put people in their place, introduced accountability, and is trying to introduce a culture of winning, not just on the court and ice, but also in the hallways of MLSE.

There was a time when Leafs and Raptors fans had created in hopes of getting rid of the man who had overseen so many failures, while still somehow holding on to the job. Now, after all these years the fans have gotten their wish and every one of us is looking ahead to this transformation (i.e., we’ve drunk the Kool-aid). Let us enjoy the high and look forward to what is most definitely a new era with the Raptors, as evidenced by the deep cleansing of MLSE. If some people were offended at the perceived ill treatment of Bryan Colangelo, then they’re focusing on the wrong things are are missing the point.

People are criticizing Leiweke for not having “Canadian Sensibility”. I’d much rather have a dose of American Brashness as long as it means winning. We’ve long been plagued by being too nice, handing out undeserved contracts to players (e.g., Turkoglu, Kapono, Kleiza, Fields, Jack), doling out front-office jobs (e.g., Alvin Williams, Jerome Williams), playing favorites (e.g., Andrea Bargnani, Turkoglu’s fatigue), and giving weird perks (e.g., Kendra Davis, Vince Carter’s Mom). I hate that and never want to be part of it again. These kinds of decisions don’t need to be dealt with sensibility but wrath and Leiweke has delivered on that front. Personally, I like the ferocity of the Bryan Colangelo purge because it sends a clear message that what had been going on will not stand. I’d have it no other way.

I have no doubt that Leiweke has already gotten some people rooting against him, wanting him to fail just so they can throw that perceived arrogance back in his face. Instead of appreciating the openness he brings we’re worrying about how “it was hugely important to hear him be conciliatory toward Bryan, who did the very best he could in seven years”. Who cares about Bryan Colangelo? He’s gone and it doesn’t matter if some of us were friends with him, the fans don’t need to hear how Leiweke wasn’t nice to him – I wouldn’t be nice to the guy who wasted seven years of the franchise and fooled fans year in and year out. Leiweke was nice enough to offer him the job of PRESIDENT OF THE TORONTO RAPTORS for God sakes. I don’t know if you can be much nicer than that to a guy who has put the franchise in such a hole and missed the playoffs for five straight years in a weak East while having a top ten payroll every year.

In the short time Ujiri has been at the job the Raptors have signed three players to reasonable deals (Buycks, Augustin, Hansbrough), traded away a big problem (Bargnani), and have managed to construct a functional roster while operating under heavy cap constraints. They worked extremely hard on draft night and had at least 20 deal scenarios worked out to get into the later stages of the first round, only for none to work out. We’re moving in the right direction and that’s where the focus needs to be.

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146 Responses to “Leave Tim Leiweke Alone!”

  1. John

    Doug Smith is such a hack. I think he was offended that BC was fired full-stop.

  2. Roarque

    It is interesting that Doug has taken this confrontational stance with the new regime in Toronto. That is not his style based on his track record. I wonder if Doug’s career with the Star is about to take a new direction? If it does then I for one will miss his “steady hand on the tiller” approach which always stood in sharp contrast to the adversarial Arsenalist approach from the RR. Don’t get me wrong, both approached are welcome over my breakfast table.

  3. Jamshid

    Doug Smith is a moron with personal agenda … Tom Leiweke is a Winner with a proven record and a resume to back up what he says. The man is respected in L.A. sport scene and that is no JOKE.

  4. Mikael

    How about an apology from BC for what he has done to the Raptors franchise? That would be nice.

  5. mike, prague

    To be quite honest, I think that a lot of people are stupidly harsh on Doug Smith. Like come on, we are grown ups mostly aren’t we? He is a sportswriter. He has his own style. If you don’t like it, why the hell do you even bother reading it then? Who on earth is forcing you to read it? I think a bunch of you don’t understand that he has known the guys in the organization for years and yes does have somewhat of a relationship with basically everybody. Now this is a good thing but unfortunately can be also bad. The good side is that the guys have more trust in him and maybe can get more info from them, who knows. Unfortunately he does occasionally get a bit emotional with his articles, but I find that he leaves most of the emotion he leaves in his blog and sometimes parts of his blogs get posted in the sports column, God knows by whom. My point is… Wake Up!!! Grow Up!!! and mainly SHUT THE HELL UP !!!

    • SR

      I endorse this comment, although I can also see how bringing up Mr. Smith is relevant to the present discussion. Still, in general there’s way too much whining about Doug.

    • Jamshid

      LOL , People are expressing their opinion on a “Yes, Man” , sport writer with no insight into the game. Last time I checked, people are free to do that. Based on your logic, we can say the same thing to you:

      “Wake Up!!! Grow Up!!! and mainly SHUT THE HELL UP !!!”

      • mike, prague

        Of course you can! Feel free to … but I’m just saying what benefit is there in whining and trolling a guy that you don’t even know? You don’t know who he is and what his situation is like. Like honestly do I agree with all the things he says and how he says them? No. Do I agree with at least most of the things he says and how he says them? Haha … no. But it is still isn’t a reason to be whining and pouring warm crap all of the guy. And to be specific … you all saw Doug aiming an rifle at Timmy’s genitals during the report didn’t you??? Yeah … me neither.

        • youngjames

          The point is Prague – Smith has a responsibility as a voice to the public – a responsibility to be better then what he displays . Who writes a “sports” blog or calls it a “sports blog” and whines almost everyday about airlines, hotels and the irks of travel? What does that have to do with sports? Is Doug so arrogant that he feels the sports world needs a blog about only him? DOUG SMITH IS THE ONLY REPORTER WHO THINK HE IS BIGGER THEN THE TEAM HE COVERS. I never ever hear any other reporter who covers any team cry so much like Smith does about them selves!..EVER! He has roughly 12 readers who leave questions in his comment box, because he has ignorantly chased everyone with an opinion not like his, away! Then whne he does answer those same 12 people – he is arrogant and consitantly name drops so he feels like he is showing us he is important (that just shows us he has a weak personality)…Is that what the Star wants?…Readers driven away from their medium!???
          The benefit, is to show that blow hard HE SUCKS! The benefit is hopefully someone at the the Star will listen, see that the others (like Raps Republic, Raptors blog, Stephen Brotherson, etc) are miles ahead of him now and make a change. Doug smith’s “kiddie table” insights and lack of basketball knowledge is not what is insightful, knowledgeable Raps fans want!
          Look at how many people hate him – also go and check the Star in today’s paper under the Daye article…is it any consistence that a bunch of people are hating him on their in the comment section? while he can block people on his on FLOG, he cannot block the truth on his articles and the people have spoken. The only people that stick up for him when ever he is called (which is a lot of many different site unlike any other T.O reporter) are his teenage son, his two friends and some parents from Doug’s baseball team he coaches – how do I know he coaches, because all he does is talk about him self and not the Raptors

          • mike, prague

            Okay, to make a good analysis on Doug I think it’d fair to divide his writings into his Blog and Articles. Starting with blog. If you look at his blog generally he has a good 50-75% on sports related content. Considering the fact that its his blog and he can do whatever the hell he wants with it I think that the general sports related content in it is sufficient. Especially considering the fact that he has been at it for the past long while doing it every morning. Now in regards to the content I DO NOT ALWAYS/OFTEN AGREE WITH IT … if it wasn’t clear which it should have been… anyways I just wanted to point out that its a blog he has the right to post almost whatever he wants and whatever he feels like posting. Regarding his articles I don’t have much of a opinion except that I generally find them somewhere between mediocre and fairly good. The reason I posted anything in the first place is not because I think Doug is some revolutionary news-reporter or something. I’m just saying that is stupid rant on and on about articles that nobody is forcing you to read. Plus you said yourself there are better places out there “(like Raps Republic, Raptors blog, Stephen Brotherson, etc)” so why do you find reasonable sh!tting all over a guy who is just doing his job? (even if you don’t like it)

            If people find enjoyment in putting someone down they are:

            A: 14 year-olds with a low IQ (put softly)
            B: Grown-ups who obviously have bigger problems than Doug Smiths blog and need to get a life

            Not to offend anybody…

      • Guest

        No, people are expressing their opinion on someone who they feel isn’t sufficiently fanatical, or someone who doesn’t happen to agree with your sacred opinion. That’s the one thing about the writers and readers of RR; you resort to immature bashing in an attempt to raise your own stock. If you had any, you wouldn’t need to. So he has no insight into the game, but all of us do? LOL. At least the bigotry in these threads seems to be way down from where it used to be, but so are the post counts.

    • ItsAboutFun

      “Like come on, we are grown ups mostly aren’t we?’

      Makes you wonder, hey. A hissy fit over a report of Leiweke himself admitting he made the mistake that Smith said weeks ago (no he didn’t harp on it like some local writers do) he had made.

    • Paul

      Doug Smith deserves all the scorn he gets and more.

      He never criticizes even the most blatant franchise mistakes (he defended the Carter trade at the time for God’s sake!).
      He refuses to engage in any interesting discussion (player evaluation, potential trades, GM strategy), and is arrogant and dismissive of anyone who raises these topics. Guess what a**hole? No one cares what your favorite restaurant in Indiana is!
      Doug Smith tries to portray himself as a true professional and a class act but in reality he’s nothing but a shill and a hack writer.

      I try to avoid his writing at all costs but he still seeps into my Raptors reading through links on sites like these.

      • ItsAboutFun

        That’s your problem. He writes what he writes up front in the public eye. You write your babble hiding behind a pseudonym on the internet.

        • Paul

          1. Yes. My problem is that Doug Smith writes for the public.
          2. Paul is my name. ItsAboutFun is not your name.
          3. You are the the type of person who asks Doug Smith what his favorite government holiday is, just because you get an erection when you see one of your questions posted on his blog.
          4. You suck.

      • Guest

        “He refuses to engage in any interesting discussion (player evaluation, potential trades, GM strategy)”

        Wow, are you reading yourself? So horrible that he refuses to engage in discussion about player evaluation and potential trades!

        1. You guys say he has no insight anyway, so why would you want him to discuss player evaluation? He isn’t a scout. Leave the amateur player evaluation to the RealGM and RR forums.

        2. He doesn’t want to discuss the endless trade proposals that get made up? All the Kobe Bryant for DeRozan “rumors”? Yes, I just started that one. Bryant is washed up, the Lakers need to rebuild and they can use DeRozan to start their next dynasty. Perfect opportunity for us to acquire a legit superstar on the cheap while dumping DeRozan’s contract. Sarcasm aside, many people on here don’t enjoy discussing stupid trade proposals either; so what? There’s already a place for that.

        • SR

          I also get tired of fans pretending to be GM. It’s fine in its place – fans are always going to talk about player evaluation, potential trades, and GM strategy (and rightly so). But it also gets waaaaaaaay overdone. There’s only so much to be said about roster-change pipe dreams, and there’s so much more to enjoy about this game – even something simple like “The Jersey Rules” post on here, or Zach Lowe-type analysis of what’s happening on the floor when players and strategies collide. Stuff like that.

        • youngjames

          You example to protect Doug is weak – of coarse nobody is trading Kobe for DD and that shouldn’t be discussed with anyone at any time. Doug Smith is trying hard to keep up over the past 7 years or so – yes maybe at one time he was the only consistent voice (and Chuck S) for the Raps, but the time have changed and Doug finds himself blabbing on about designed plays, what the GM should do next what TL needed to do…this all in the past few months. Did you not read those comments by him?
          Did you read his “Lieweke hired a search firm” piece that turned out to be false? – TL even said in his first telephone conference call that, that those report(s) were “laughable” and Doug Smith broke the story! is that the guy you want covering your favorite team? I don’t! I’m a more dedicated fan who needs truthful real reports and insights.
          So your point once again is weak – Doug tries hard to compete now-a-days, his old fat and slow body and mind cannot keep up!

    • Brat

      mike…you make a few good points about Doug Smith. But you answered your own question there when you said “he has known the guys in the organization for years and yes does have somewhat of a relationship with basically everybody”. Therein lies the problem. We, and I’m assuming most fans, just wanna read about our Raptors. Inside information is great, but only to a certain extent. As a reporter or columnist, his job is to write about the team, good or bad it shouldn’t matter. And when you get too close, you lose that objectivity. Furthermore, we just want more honest, objective analysis about the game itself. As for his writing style, don’t tell us who to like, how to feel, and we won’t tell you how to write…it’s simple, really. We just want to read about the Raptors…not what Doug Smith thinks or feels about them. He shouldn’t be making himself part of the story. Lastly, unforunately as basketball fans in a hockey-first market, we are very limited to what we can read already. We understand that…we’re not griping about it…we accept it. So when one of those resources that we look to for information on our favourite team continually writes subjectively, the fan base will react negatively. And to be honest, this is how it should be. We just want more meaningful content on our team. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

      • youngjames

        His (Dougs) relationships with the Raps insiders are business only! Do you think they are buddies who hang out after business?…nope! They know of him, they know what to expect and know he is the media….that is going to happen like it or not after 17 years of covering this team. The Raps insiders know what to tell him and what to keep from him. He doesn’t get every bit of info, all the time but decides to just keeps it under his belt from the public – he wants you to think that with his name dropping all the time, but he is the media and he gets the media info just like the rest of the T.O media who cover the Raps, no more no less…which Smith has proven over time by example even though his words would tell you other wise – and if you can’t figure that out for yourself, then you’re a fool!
        Why didn’t Doug ever break any of Masai’s signings this summer before they happened if he is so “inside” and has such deep relationship with these decisions makers? How come he didn’t know that TL was coming here till after it happen? Last basketball season Doug Smith went out of his way, to say on his FLOG “stand down people” about ED Davis NOT being traded – the next day, Davis is gone! Why didn’t Doug have that inside info? Not only didn’t he have it, he was WRONG again on the prediction (which he claims he never does)…DS has a simple business relationship with the Raps people because he works along side them everyday, that’s all!

        • Brat

          Okay 1) I’m in agreement with your views that Smith is not a good basketball writer. 2) I never said Smith breaks stories. I KNOW he doesn’t get every bit of info because most of the time he seems to tow the company line and just regurgitate…which is why I’m saying you, me, and a lot of our fellow Raptor fans are tired of it and wish for more meaningful coverage. And 3) I’m saying he seems to have lost all objectivity when writing about the Raptors. And having a fraction of the coverage the Leafs get, I think we deserve that objectivity from what little coverage we get.

          • youngjames

            @Brat – I was replying to Mike…And I agree with objectivity, but in no way is Doug Smith the man for that – he hasn’t been up to now and never will be the man for that!

      • mike, prague

        I totally agree with everything you said, well for the most part that is. With “he has known the guys in the organization for years and yes does have somewhat of a relationship with basically everybody” I was trying to point out that it is hurting him, I’m just saying … Do you honestly see a point in ranting and ranting and whining and complaining about one guys blog? Like REALLY ??? My whole point, and why I posted anything in the first place is just to say, if you don’t like it don’t read it and if you do happen to read it. It is pointless to whine a complain about how you hate it. What is achieved with it? It just makes the whiners look immature and foolish. If your stuck on where to go other than Doug Smiths sport blog then here are some good/better sites (like Raps Republic, Raptors blog, Stephen Brotherson, etc) … I’d highly suggest

  6. SR

    I also really liked how Lieweke came in with guns blazing. He called a spade a spade – MLSE has been a steaming pile of sh*t as far as success on the court/ice/pitch goes for years now. That is not even debatable. So a guy with a track record comes in and wants to shake things up – great! MLSE needs to be shaken up. The status quo over there has been non-playoff misery for far too long.

    I think it’s stupid that Canadians start blaming him as an American for being too “brash.” That’s patently ridiculous. There are many “brash” Canadians with national platforms, such as Don “CBC Hates Me but Needs Me” Cherry and Conrad “The Convict” Black. Demanding someone pipe down in order to be more like the rest of us irks me more than anything Lieweke said. The last thing this world needs on any level is more sheep toeing the corporate line and avoiding ruffled feathers at all costs. Oooooh, I’ve been offended! The great Canadian sin! Ahhhhhh, he’s acting like an American! The second greatest Canadian sin!

    About the only time I’m embarrassed to be a Canadian is when we decide we’re so easily offended, as Canadians. My Canadian skin is not that thin.

    • Guest

      Same sentiment about the Canadian bit, but different reason. I’m an American and Leiweke would have been criticized even here, to be honest. I don’t know why Doug is writing about it like it would only ruffle feathers north of the border. That said, I don’t buy into the “guns blazing” bit like you (and others). Honestly, the Raptors replaced one salesman with a second one, plain and simple. I’d rather have results than all Leiweke’s talk.

      • SR

        I suppose Leiweke’s approach could be just another sales pitch (it has to be to some degree), but I think a lot of it is actually who he is, don’t you?

        Either way, just the difference in Lieweke’s approach is refreshing to see.

  7. Bendit

    As long as Lieweke doesn’t walk around with jackboots and demand a Heil from the underlings I think he’ll be fine. For those who think we haven’t had our Canadian bred sports dictator types pick up a Leafs (I hate to bring hockey up but Bball just doesnt have the history in Canada) history publication and read about 2 of the most surly, rude and win at all costs (not money!) types in this city….Conn Smythe and Punch Imlach. I know times are different but they’d make TL blush.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      How about Harold “I wanna make Roger Neilson the Unknown Coach” Ballard.


  8. TheR3dMenace

    Why are we hitching our wagons to a fucking businessman in the first place? I thought we were fans of the game.

  9. Matt52

    The Raptors and the majority of its fans and the media who cover them have become accustomed to losing.

    I am disappointed that Leiweke apologized for anything as he has done nothing wrong except tell it like it is. The only people who would be offended are the people who have accepted losing as par for the course.

    • DonCarlos

      This. When Leiweke talked about taking the Leafs pics down and building a new legacy, I cheered and understood what he meant right away. This statement alone should have endeared him with Toronto fans, not alienated him. You can pay respect to your elders, but don’t live off past glory – that’s all he meant. The Jays do a fair job at striking this balance, but each passing year, there’s more of a “glory days” focus. It creates untouchable legends – sure, Joe touched ’em all, but how many people remember that he was in a horrible hitting slump for most of the previous month?

    • CJT

      There is a good way and a bad way to do everything. Americans typically choose option #2.

  10. Hassan Mehmood Khan

    lool screw BC, If the paid me even half of what BC gets I would of done a million times better job

  11. ItsAboutFun

    What is this? A bunch of 12 year old internet tough guys? Leiweke himself went out of his way to apologize for treating a man in an undignified (do you internet punks even know what that means?) manner. A man that, despite his mistakes, always acted in a dignified and classy manner himself. Toward the players, coaches, organization, fans and city. And you all want the new guy to literally shit on him, because your pissy little interests for a winner weren’t satisfied? What a bunch of self-entitled internet cowards.

    • youngjames

      what are you a 65 year old man who has lost touch with reality…thanks for trying to keep up grandpa, but it’s 12:35 pm and soon will be your dinner and bedtime so try and relax.

  12. Amigo

    “We’re moving in the right direction and that’s where the focus needs to be.”

    hahahahahahahaha that’s me…….. hihihihihihihihihihihihi that’s my dog pancho who has just finished dinner.

    “They worked extremely hard on draft night, only for none to work out”

    I should really fart here (excuse my french, as per Tim L) but I wont because I m a nice block.

    Mate, Zarar are you by any chance dealing money with this new franchise ? Are you pocketing some free lunch , free tickets for next season ? Nada de nada ? Because , man that’s a lot blowing you know…a lot of crap. Sorry just IMO.
    I m waiting for your answer, if you don’t mind.

  13. Stephen Brotherston

    We have heard the whining for years that MLSE was a faceless entity where no one was responsible. Now MLSE has a face – one with 30 years experience running pro Sports enterprises – and the whining is about Leiweke being too visible while doing doing his job.

    Must be summer and there’s nothing else to write about?

    • SR

      Spot on. Essentially, the journalists who cover MLSE and a significant portion of its fan base are addicted to whining about the organization. They’re going to complain regardless. TL should stick to his guns instead of worrying about patching things up. He’ll make enough converts if he can help these teams win.

  14. Sud

    Colangelo’s first year moves:

    Rafael Araújo for Robert Whaley and Kris Humphries with the Utah Jazz.

    Eric Williams, Matt Bonner and a 2009 second-round pick to the San Antonio Spurs for center Rasho Nesterovič
    Charlie Villanueva, for T. J. Ford.
    Andrea Bargnani with the first overall selection in the 2006 NBA Draft
    Signed free agents Jorge Garbajosa and Anthony Parker.
    Chris Bosh to contract extension for 4 years

    That was a hell of a year, we enjoyed success that season. So the moves Masai Ujiri has made to date less impactful in comparison.
    I am not a BC fan boy, far from it, I was on the mob pitch fork wielding band wagon, wanting him gone, because he undervalued draft picks, and did not spend enough to improve his scouting staff. Lets not even go anywhere near the bad contracts, and terrible trades.

    All I am saying is keep everything in perspective. We all need to stop drinking the MLSE Koolaid, its the same taste, just another color. I will not spend any more money in this organization, till I actually see positive results, and a consistent effort/winning team



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