All 82 Games – Predicted and Recapped

What I’ve done here is gone through every game, predicted the result with about a 98% accuracy and also given you a recap.

What I’ve done here is gone through every game, predicted the result with about a 98% accuracy and also given you a recap. In case you miss a game this season just keep this post handy and you’ll be set to go. It’s what I do man, it’s what I do. I make your life easy.

Wed, Oct 30 vs Boston W Remember the 2006-07 Celtics? Yeah, me neither, but I’m thinking that’s what this team looks like. Raptors crush the Celtics and to top it off, hit a three as time expires, much to Rondo’s dismay.
Month 1-0, Overall 1-0
Fri, Nov 1 @ Atlanta L Close game but Paul Millsap is too much for a still-gelling Raptors frontline. Atlanta bounced back after their opening night loss to Dallas. The Raptors are already being termed a physical team, thanks in part to Hansbrough kneeing Al Horford in the groin.
Sat, Nov 2 @ Milwaukee L Delfino’s back with the Bucks and this is where he announces himself – four threes, tight road loss. Bucks were helped partially by Casey using a 5-guard lineup for the latter half of the fourth quarter. After the game he spoke of the tactic, “We adjusted to their adjustments, and then they adjusted which forced me to adjust. Next thing you know I got five guards out there, go figure”.
Tue, Nov 5 vs Miami L Raptors stay close, Rudy Gay with a big game but Chris Bosh nails a corner three to silence the crowd and tie the game late. As he walks up the court he bumps into Tyler Hansbrough who elbows him in the chest. Technical called on Hansbrough, Raptors lose by one.
Wed, Nov 6 @ Charlotte W Raptors 108, Bobcats 74 – Assistant Head Coach, Patrick Ewing is spotted trying to sit on the head coach’s chair.
Fri, Nov 8 @ Indiana L Psycho T returns to Indiana to pick up two flagrants, DeRozan and George with a shootout, but George Hill’s late three is a killer. A rivalry is brewing and after the game DeRozan is blunt about it, “We don’t like them and they don’t like us”. A rivalry is brewing.
Sat, Nov 9 vs Utah W Big home win for the team, Terrence Ross hits a three with seconds left to give the home fans the pizza. Without even being asked, Ross declines to enter the dunk contest, “I’m more than a dunker”, he suggests.
Mon, Nov 11 @ Houston L Dwight Howard and James Harden combine for 68 points to overcome DeRozan’s 36. Tracy McGrady is in the crowd to be honoured. Dwight Buycks outplays Jeremy Lin after Lowry had to leave the game due to an ankle sprain.
Wed, Nov 13 @ Memphis L Rudy Gay goes 1-16, Raptors lose. “There are no men like me, only me”, says Gay after the game.
Fri, Nov 15 vs Chicago L Tight game but Derrick Rose gets the whistle late on, and Lowry misses a potentially game-tying three – rims out. Raps lose. The post-game talk is all about why Dwane Casey benched Jonas Valanciunas in the fouth quarter despite him scoring 27 points.
Sun, Nov 17 vs Portland W Career-high points by Tyler Hansbrough who shuts down Aldridge. Hansbrough proceeds to swear in post-game interview. Fans love it.
Wed, Nov 20 @ Philadelphia W A sparse crowd of 1,200 witness the Raptors romp over the Sixers as Nerlens Noel is dunked on by Quincy Acy.
Fri, Nov 22 vs Washington W John Wall goes off for 40+, but Lowry is there to respond with an even-keel game. Raptors win. Lowry playing like an All-Star on all fronts.
Tue, Nov 26 vs Brooklyn L DeRozan with a strong game against Joe Johnson, but Jay Z sitting in the front row distracts him late-on as Raptors drop a close one. Former soccer star, Zinedine Zidane is courtside as well.
Fri, Nov 29 vs Miami L Tight game again in Miami thanks to Amir Johnson’s monster effort of 26 points, 20 rebounds, but Raps go cold late and LeBron takes over. DeRozan outplays Wade and innocent Fan 590 reporter asks Wade after the game, “Can DeRozan be as good as you?”. “No, no he cannot”, responds Wade.
Month 5-9, Overall 6-9
Sun, Dec 1 vs Denver W It’s get-away day and the Raptors come through on a Sunday afternoon against a road-weary Nuggets side, whose mental clocks are set to Tokyo time.
Tue, Dec 3 @ Golden State W Huge road win to start the three-game road-trip, high scoring affair three starters score 20+ points to offset Klay Thompson’s seven threes. The best part of the game was watching Jonas Valanciunas trash talk David Lee in Lithuanian.
Fri, Dec 6 @ Phoenix W Boom! What a game, what a shot! Lowry with a fadeaway at the Buzzer with whoever the Suns point guard is draped all over him.
Sun, Dec 8 @ LA Lakers W The Raptors spoil Kobe’s return, completing a three-game sweep of the road-trip. Awesome stuff, this. First road win in LA since forever, Devlin basically loses it on the air.  Buycks’ three which tied the game late was in fact a two but the officials didn’t review it.
Tue, Dec 10 vs San Antonio L It was almost four in a row but for the Spurs late surge led by Canadian, Cory Joseph. Post-game talk is all about Joseph and how one day, when he’s well past his prime, he wants to play for the Raptors.
Fri, Dec 13 vs Philadelphia W Raps go back to their winning ways with a romp over the Sixers; as easy as a win can get. Pretty low attendance for a Friday night, but then again it’s the Sixers who now only dress 8 players. “Of course we’re not tanking”, says Sam Hinkie.
Sat, Dec 14 @ Chicago L Raps drop a stinker on the tail end of a back-to-back. Joakim Noah with a 20/20 night as Amir Johnson has his worst game of the season.
Wed, Dec 18 vs Charlotte W After a nice three day break, the Raptors destroy the Hornets as Michael Jordan makes a rare road trip. The game is so out of reach that Austin Daye sees his first action of the season playing 3 minutes and registering a plus-minus of -30.
Fri, Dec 20 @ Dallas L The roadtrip gets off to a bad start and to make matters worse, Lowry hobbles off with a sprained ankle.  X-Rays are negative, MRI is done just in case which is also negative.  Just to be sure the Raptors also do a blood test, which is negative as well.
Sun, Dec 22 @ Oklahoma City L Terrence Ross goes 0-11 from three in a game the Raptors stay close to thanks to DeRozan’s attack on Sefolosha. Raptors stay close, but Durant gets the calls late on. Thunder crowd boos Hansbrough for kneeing Westbrook in the face between free throws.
Mon, Dec 23 @ San Antonio L The Spurs lead wire-to-wire in a routine home win. This road-trip looks nothing like the earlier one. “We lacked focus”, says Bryan Colangelo to no one in particular.
Fri, Dec 27 @ NY Knicks L The post-Christmas game sees the Raptors drop another one in MSG. Landry Fields scores 25 points. Raps go 0-4 on the roadtrip but on the plus-side, Elaine Alden was at the game.
Sat, Dec 28 vs NY Knicks W Raps get their revenge as Fields again goes for 25 on the back-to-back. Not as enjoyable as Elaine Alden chose to stay home.
Tue, Dec 31 @ Chicago L The Bulls end the Raptors year with a loss despite a great performance from the bench. After the game, Amir Johnson posts New Year Eve party pics on Instagram.
Month 7-7, Overall 13-16
Wed, Jan 1 vs Indiana L It’s a back-to-back and the partying was not a good idea. Raptors lose to the Pacers at home in front of a weekday sellout crowd. Quincy Acy hints that the team is too “soft”, Hansbrough says, “let’s see what we can do about that”.
Fri, Jan 3 @ Washington W Hansbrough lives up to his word, knees John Wall in the groin at half-court during a timeout. Kyle Lowry goes for 30, but it’s Jonas Valanciunas who powers the Raptors with 25 including a tip-in to ice the game.
Sun, Jan 5 @ Miami L Raptors have played the Heat tight and this one was no different. Chris Bosh throws up a one-legged fadeaway while falling out of bounds to seal it.
Tue, Jan 7 @ Indiana W BOOM! Great win, simply awesome performance by Rudy Gay who hits the game-winner with .7 seconds left. Great screen by Valanciunas on that last play. “It’s what I do”, says Gay after the game.
Wed, Jan 8 vs Detroit W The momentum carries over to the next night as Detroit underestimates the Raptors legs and pays for it. Brandon Jennings goes 1-16, making DeRozan look like a bargain.  “The rim looked really big out there”, says Jennings after the game.  ‘Looked’ being the key word.
Sat, Jan 11 vs Brooklyn L Ugly home-loss as everyone laments what could have been if Lowry had just fouled Joe Johnson when up three, instead of letting him take the open shot. Ugh.  Casey calls it a “philosophical difference”.
Mon, Jan 13 vs Milwaukee W Charlie V explodes against his former team but so does Amir Johnson. It’s a tasty one at the ACC with multiple ejections thanks to Tyler Hansbrough and Larry Sanders, who are both ejected and suspended for one game.
Wed, Jan 15 @ Boston L Horrible road loss against the Celtics who are 20 games under .500. Best to forget this one.
Fri, Jan 17 vs Minnesota L Kevin Love overpowers Hansbrough and early foul-trouble haunts Lowry. Raps lose. Trade rumours regarding a Love for DeRozan swap swirling.
Sun, Jan 19 vs Los Angeles L Kobe scores 36 on 11-29 shooting. Good afternoon game at the ACC, but Raptors get out-rebounded 46-33 to lose. A completely winnable game after which Kobe says, “The Mamba moves massive mojitos”, confusing everyone.
Mon, Jan 20 @ Charlotte W The Hornets lose their 14th straight game as Patrick Ewing is instilled as Bobcats coach.
Wed, Jan 22 vs Dallas W Jose Calderon has a big game, but Lowry is not to be out-done. DeRozan and Gay each go for 30. Raps win and Cuban goes off on the refs for not calling a flagrant on Hansbrough, who clearly kneed Nowitizki in the groin.
Fri, Jan 24 @ Philadelphia W There’s turmoil in Philadelphia as trade winds are swirling around Noels. It’s a blowout and Sixers are rumoured to be interested in Doug Collins just so they can fire him again.
Sat, Jan 25 vs LA Clippers W Clippers come to town and get rocked. Doc Rivers gets ejected for arguing a goaltending call, and Dwane Casey trips him on his way off the court. Crowd goes nuts.
Mon, Jan 27 @ Brooklyn L The Nets win despite Jason Kidd’s best efforts.
Wed, Jan 29 vs Orlando W Since the Jameer Nelson trade the Magic are 1-14, and the Raptors make it 1-15. Twitter explodes after a Quincy Acy dunk in the second quarter.
Fri, Jan 31 @ Denver L The altitude kills ’em again. It’s the worst loss of the season – Raps go down 131-83 to start a grueling roadtrip. After the game, every Raptor player loses an inch in height.
Month 9-8, Overall 22-24
Sat, Feb 1 @ Portland L Portland exacts revenge on the back-to-back. Rumours of a Rudy Gay trade are swirling, but Ujiri denies everything saying, “Trust me, I’ve tried to trade him – it ain’t happening”.
Mon, Feb 3 @ Utah L Things don’t get much better in Salt Lake City; DeRozan gets hurt in a seemingly harmless collision and Ross continues to struggle. On the plus side, Jonas goes for 36. Raptors lose by 15, but the talking point is Gray’s nip-slip.
Wed, Feb 5 @ Sacramento W Reprieve in Sacramento, DeMarcus Cousins misses two late free throws and Ross redeems himself with two late threes in a come-from-behind win.
Fri, Feb 7 @ LA Clippers L Kind of expected loss; Chris Paul with a triple-double as the Clippers exact revenge for their earlier loss. Tyler Hansbrough seen arguing with Penny Marshall, who he unexpectedly knees in the groin.
Mon, Feb 10 vs New Orleans W Strong second-half including 25 points by Amir Johnson to overcome Anthony Davis’s 28.
Wed, Feb 12 vs Atlanta W Atlanta doesn’t even show up and the Raptors get their biggest win ever over the Hawks and people are talking about how Valanciunas should have made the All-Star team, especially after Garnett’s injury with keeps him out of it.  Casey cries injustice.
Tue, Feb 18 @ Washington L John Wall goes off post All-Star break in DeRozan’s return from injury (he was out a week with right-knee tendinitis).  Obama attends game and gets in a bit of scuffle with Devlin.
Wed, Feb 19 vs Chicago W DeRozan has a strong showing against Deng and ends up guarding Rose late in the game for an impressive Raptors win. Chuck Swirsky is abused on Twitter by Raptors fans still holding a grudge.
Fri, Feb 21 vs Cleveland L It’s the Raptors first look at the up-and-coming Cavs and this time it’s Andrew Bynum and Hansbrough going at it in a tense affair. Raptors lose as Irving hits the game-winner. Rivarly brewing here.
Sun, Feb 23 vs Orlando W Routine romp over the Magic who have now lost 30 straight.
Tue, Feb 25 @ Cleveland W Surprise! Raptors win in Cleveland as Irving fouls out late; DeRozan goes 18-18 FT from the line while playing all 53 minutes (game went to OT).
Thu, Feb 27 vs Washington L Ugh. Ugly home loss to the Wizards who were playing without John Wall (flu). Terrible way to end the month.
Month 6-6, Overall 28-30
Sun, Mar 2 vs Golden State W High-scoring affair with Curry and DeRozan in a shootout. Raptors pull away in the third, but the talking point here is the female streaker who bared all at the end of the third. Pics are all over Twitter.
Fri, Mar 7 vs Sacramento L DeMarcus Cousins and Jonas Valanciunas each with 30 points, but it’s rookie Ben McLemore that’s the story after he torches the Raptors for 26. Raptors fans bring down the ESPN Trade Machine with McLemore for Ross proposals.
Sun, Mar 9 @ Minnesota W Raptors bounce back in Minny and take the front end of the back-to-back on the strength of Acy’s career-high 16 rebounds.
Mon, Mar 10 @ Brooklyn L The Nets have been a tough matchup all season, and Pierce is the killer tonight – 34 for the wily veteran. Raptors shoot 33%.
Wed, Mar 12 vs Detroit W This is considered a must-win game and the Raptors deliver after Jennings is shut down by Lowry, who has a season-high 6 steals. There’s now talk of extending his deal.
Fri, Mar 14 vs Memphis W Rudy Gay finally beats his old team despite Ed Davis getting a sweet 20/10. Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay get into a scuffle after a rebound, but Hansbrough does well to knee Randolph in the groin.
Sun, Mar 16 vs Phoenix W It’s a three-game win streak against the Suns who were taken aback by the early start time. Read the schedule next time, fellas.
Tue, Mar 18 @ Atlanta L Raptors can’t make it four in a row thanks to Paul Millsap’s huge 28 point game. Johnson very poor defensively here. Big let-up this game, and Casey’s decision to go with a rather unorthodox 1-1-1-1-1 zone is questioned in the blogosphere.
Wed, Mar 19 @ New Orleans W Great win – the Raptors rebound on a back-to-back with the bench outscoring the starters. Instead of flying back after the game, the Raptors stay a night in N’awlins.
Fri, Mar 21 vs Oklahoma City L Sell-out Friday night at the ACC foiled by Kevin Durant and the officials, he shoots 24 FTs, 16 of them in the fourth quarter. The Raptors play well but settle for jumpers late. D.J Augustin is the guilty party.
Sun, Mar 23 vs Atlanta W As is the case when we usually play Atlanta, it’s a tight game and this time the Raptors and Rudy Gay come though. Terrence Ross scores 10 straight points for the sixth game in a row, his jumper’s looking better of late, but nobody seems to care.
Tue, Mar 25 @ Cleveland W Another win in Cleveland, this Raptors team is clicking now. Kyrie Irving and DeRozan get into a big of an argument at halftime, but Aaron Gray does well to separate the two. Hansbrough takes the golden opportunity afforded to him during the melee and knees Bynum in the groin.
Wed, Mar 26 @ Boston W Boston has lost 20 of 22 games, and Rajan Rondo has long been traded. The Celtics are thinking of rebranding the logo to “shake things up”.
Fri, Mar 28 vs Boston W More Boston humiliation, this time the Raptors annihalate the visitors and Ross throws a breakaway dunk as time expired in a 120-88 game. Things get heated up. No apologies.
Sun, Mar 30 @ Orlando W Five staight as the Raptors pick up the first game on the Florida two-step. New commissioner, Adam Silver is contemplating relegating Orlando to the D-League.
Mon, Mar 31 @ Miami L Chris Bosh hits a half-court shot to tie the game, and then heads the ball into the hoop as time expires in OT to win it.
Month 11-5, Overall 39-35
Wed, Apr 2 vs Houston L Houston is contending for that third seed in the West with Denver and came out to play. Dwight Howard with a so-so game but Harden explodes with 40 and is seen partying with the Raptors at a local nightclub. RR post-game recap is livid about this.
Fri, Apr 4 vs Indiana W Raptors trump Indiana handily as the Pacers are resting starters at this stage of the season, secretly hoping to play the Raptors in the playoffs.
Sat, Apr 5 @ Milwaukee W Milwaukee has struggled of late and is in a dogfight for that final playoff spot. The Raptors treat it like a playoff game and get a big one-point win on the road. Dwight Buycks plays 40 minutes after Lowry sprains ankle.
Wed, Apr 9 vs Philadelphia L Brutal home loss after three days off. Unacceptable loss, especially considering Philly’s center is their mascot.
Fri, Apr 11 vs NY Knicks W Melo and Gay in a shootout and the latter wins it for the Raptors in a rare performance where he shoots greater than 50%. “I’ve dreamed of this moment”, says Gay after the game.
Sun, Apr 13 @ Detroit L This was going to be a tough game with Detroit right on the heels of the Raptors, and Jennings finally had a decent game against the Raptors. Lowry re-sprains an ankle.
Mon, Apr 14 vs Milwaukee W Milwaukee is struggling, and the Raptors do well to compound their misery. For some weird reason Charlie V is now an assistant coach.
Wed, Apr 16 @ NY Knicks L Knicks seal the third spot in the East in a must-win for them, the Raptors were without Lowry and end the season on a loss. No worries though, a playoff date with the Bulls is next.
Month 4-4, Overall 43-39

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