Dwane Casey chose not to foul despite approximately a 2-second difference between shot and game-clock. Here’s the final play and the explanation for it:

The explanation:

“We felt like we had five seconds and as soon as we got the rebound (the team was) going to call timeout,” Casey said of why the Raptors fouled so late. “(If Charlotte makes) two free throws, it’s over with anyway “. We felt like we could get one stop and then get a timeout. That’s the way it went down at the end, it should never have gotten to that.”

Note that the Bobcats were 17-30 (56%) from the stripe in this game.

RR feels that this would have been a fantastic strategy if it weren’t for the small problem of the mathematics involved.

5 Responses to “Dwane Casey Explains Decision to Not Foul”

    • Jim

      This coach needs to be talked to. Inexplicable coaching decision at the end. If this was any other team, they’d actually care about winning.

      • JV

        GEORGE KARL!!! the perfect coach for this team, we need transition buckets. When we got guys like ross derozan and rudy gay we need to take advantage of that athleticism

  1. Brian Gerstein

    May I also throw in that Casey once again blew a 2 for 1 opportunity, when we had the ball with around 47 seconds left, down by 2, and called a timeout. Had we taken a quality shot earlier in the shot clock, as any functional NBA coach would have drawn up, leaving Charlotte no choice but to give us the ball back, with more than enough time to repeat again, it never would have come to this. Casey has lost all rights to call offensive plays and clock management. Let him run the defence and get a new head coach in, although realistically, you would have to fire him at that point.

  2. SMH

    One of those moments when you realize Dwayne Casey can’t hear you through the television. Where does this man find 5 seconds?! 0.5 at best.


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