21 Responses to “GIF: Bargnani goes for the block”

    • Matt52

      Holy crap! You are right. Never noticed Melo.

      He watched the whole play unfold and then stepped out of the way.


      • Lucas

        I think he was trying to reach in a bit to force the attacker to pick up his dribble, and then moving closer to his man (Danny Green). You see a lot of defenders doing that, which often results in that “parting the red sea” effect where the guy driving gets a wide open lane. But when you’re guarding Danny Green on the 3pt line, I don’t blame you.

        Also, general comment: a foul was called on the play (see the ref at the bottom of the screen), so there was no rebound and explains why folks stopped just stopped at the end (Bargs and Splitter didn’t even try for the rebound).

        Don’t get me wrong, I have no clue what Bargnani was doing there. And I literally laughed out loud at this, so thanks Zarar!

  1. cesco

    According to the majority of Raps fans , with that NY trade the Raptors got better by subtraction . How come the majority now are in the tanking mode . Those two things are so contradictory that the mental state of those fans need to be questioned .

    • Tim W.

      The team IS better. Just not a whole lot better because the roster is still massively flawed. And if Bargnani was still on the team, more people would probably be in tanking mode.

      I know you have some sort of loyalty to him, for some strange reason, but do you actually watch him? And I mean more than when he’s just shooting the ball?

      • cesco

        He defend well one on one , help in spreading the floor , worst 7 feet rebounder of all times , very poor help defender and in the 2 years after Bosh left ( not counting last year ) the team won , percentage wise, more games when he played than when he was injured .

        • Tim W.

          Well, no, he doesn’t defend well one on one. I’m not sure why this keeps being repeated, because it’s simply not true. He can, depending on who he’s guarding, be a good POST defender, but he’s below average when he’s asked to defend faceup big men, of which there are a lot of in the league.

          He’s also a ball stopper on offense, so while he CAN spread the floor (when he’s actually hitting), he also can be a hindrance on offense because he ruins the flow.

          As for the winning percentage “stat”, I do believe Bosh left three years ago, so you’re missing a year, and are you taking into consideration other injuries?

          Now, I’ve never been one to suggest that Bargnani is garbage, but he certainly has not helped the team win for most of his career, and the evidence suggests the Knicks are actually a better team when he’s on the bench.

          It appears you attached yourself to the wrong wagon, but for some reason refuse to let go.


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