From Sam Amico of Fox Sports:

Rockets center Omer Asik has requested a trade, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle. Asik played just four minutes in the team’s loss to the 76ers on Wednesday. While the Rockets aren’t looking to deal Asik at the moment, multiple sources said the Raptors are one team that’s already highly interested.

Asik didn’t play in Houston’s win against New York, although it isn’t clear whether it was because of his trade request.

The Raptors would be an odd choice to be interested in Asik, since they already have Valanciunas. It would create a similar situation for Asik as he has right now in Houston and neither Asik or Valanciunas have the quickness to step out and defend most of the face-up power forwards around the league.

Plus, Casey can barely find enough time for Valanciunas, so I’m not sure how he would be able to find time for both Valanciunas AND Asik, especially with his penchant for going small. And while the Raptors could use a backup center, I’m not sure what the Raptors would have that Houston would want.


There’s no way they would take back Lowry, after his contentious history there, and they would have no need for Gay or DeRozan with James Harden and Chandler Parsons on the roster (plus I can’t see their famously advanced stats driven GM, Daryl Morey, as viewing them as very valuable).

The only possible asset the Raptors have that I can see Houston wanting is Amir Johnson, and I’m not sure I see the sense in trading the Raptors’ starting power forward and his very affordable salary, for a center that will likely be unhappy in reserve role, as he currently is in Houston.

It could be the Raptors have some sort of a multi-team deal in the works. Free agents signed over the summer aren’t available to trade for another month, which may be why Houston is willing to wait to trade Asik.

We’ll all have to wait and see, it seems.

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  • 24/4 & 20/11 b2b – GIF please

    @Chris_Broussard: I can’t believe I’m at MSG watching Andrea Bargnani lock up D12! He has him in handcuffs

  • igor_katanic

    I wouldn’t rule out DeRozan. Playing Howard with lots of wings was a role in which he thrived in Orlando. I can easily see Beverly, Harden, DeRozan, Persons and Howard as their starting lineup. That would really be a high-octane offense. What makes less sense to me as you pointed out is the Raptors interest in Asik. I just don’t see him playing at the same time with Jonas, and having a 10$ million unhappy reserve is not a smart move. It only makes sense if Ujiri has more moves in the making.

    • Dwight Howard had above average three point shooters around him in Orlandlo. Something DeRozan definitely is not. And Houston’s biggest problem now is lack of perimeter defense, which DeRozan also wouldn’t help with. Add the fact that he’s not well liked by advanced stats, and I don’t see Houston even considering him. Especially considering they should be able to get far better fits than DeRozan for Asik.

      • igor_katanic

        All good points you bring, there are surely better fits for Houston for DeRozan. Problem is that the
        situation looks to be escalating down there. Asik not playing the last game (sick, yeah right) may get the Houston GM to pull the trigger earlier than later. Also DeRozan is not that bad of a fit:
        1. He can finish easily on the fast break, something Houston can use playing the up-tempo
        2. He can create his own shot – Harden is breaking down fast, he really needs some help there, someone has to spell him out.
        3. DeRozan has never had a Howard and Harden to play with. He will be getting better looks for sure in that offense. No he won’t be Stephen Curry, but it’s not unreasonable to expect improvement to his 3-point shooting.
        4. He is not injury-prone. I cannot stress this enough. I think this is way too undervalued by the community, what good is a Ginobili-type that’s dressed-up for half of the season games?

        • One relaxed fella

          I don’t see why Rockets would want DeRozan. Rockets tend to shoot a lot from a three point line. Harden, Lin, Parsons, Caspi, Garcia, Jones, D-Mo, basically everyone in that team who plays in 4, 3, 2 and 1 positions shoot threes at a pretty high percentage. DeRozan is a below average defender and his three point shooting is still far from good and I seriously doubt if he will ever get better. They have enough players who can do only one thing good or decent – shoot the ball. And they have enough players who can score on consistent basis. As Tim W. already said, they lack good defenders at the perimeter. I’m pretty sure they’re looking for something else, a starting PF to be exact. If Raptors want to trade DD, they gonna have to look somewhere else.

      • 2damkule

        for the reasons you mention, i’d think ross would be a bigger target, given his cost & control, theoretically better D & better deep threat ability. not sure how they’d have to work it to make the dollars work…ross, amir for asik/filler? i wonder if PF isn’t in JV’s future?

  • Asik is a better fit in Toronto than it seems on the surface. JV is looking more like CB4 all the time – the very guy JV compared himself to on draft night. Who Houston would be interested in is a tougher question – they don’t need another offensive player! Landry Fields anyone? + need to add something to this – Gray? or Acy? I’m sure Houston wants more, but they need a point forward/facilitator type.

    Asik has wanted out since the very day DH was signed and its obvious the 2 don’t fit together. But deals are tough to do in Nov. – Most FAs signed in the summer can’t be traded until Dec 15 & that’s a lot of players

    • Tanks-a-lot

      “JV is looking more like CB4 all the time”
      I stopped reading after that bit of comedy

      • Paul

        Have to agree with this. I see no similarities in their games.
        JV is not a PF in this league. Lets not ruin another player by forcing them into a role they’re not suited for.

        • Even the Raptors coaching staff identified JV as being able to play the 4 – they just didn’t want to try to teach him 2 positions as a rookie.

          • THis is the same coaching staff that was replaced? That doesn’t make me feel better. I don’t see it and don’t see the point at all. Valanciunas has the potential to be a very good two-way center, which is rare in the league. Moving him to another position just because he might be ale to play it makes no sense.

            This desire by NBA teams to try and turn players into something else mystifies me (like Orlando trying to turn Oladipo into a PG). Let them be who they are.

            • That would be Casey who said that

              You wouldn’t do this type of move unless it was to create a fit with a center like Asik who is way ahead of JV defensively.

    • matt

      I agree with u, he is looking like Bosh early on. He gets pushed around way easily by opposing centers and his defence is below average. Having said that I think it’s just gonna take some time with him

    • pf8019

      “JV is looking more like CB4 all the time”? b/c CB4 *always* get rebounds and posts up in the low block, right?

      man you just lost all credibility in my eyes.

      • CB4 was a huge rebounder while he was in Toronto – you do remember? Bosh averaged a double-double his last 2 seasons in Toronto – Surely you remember Bosh driving in from the foul line on a regular basis, he scored in the paint regularly off of short moves – it wasn’t all midrange jump shots. He doesn’t play the same way in Miami now.

    • tweed8

      That’s a broken statement. Regardless of what JV might have said.

    • Andre

      No way JV and bosh are similar. But moving Fields would be an awesome idea, but we would need to bring in another team. Denver? Golden state? The bucks?

    • Bosh is a faceup 4 whose best attribute is being able to bring his man out and has the quicks to get by him. Physically, Bosh has a slim build that is difficult to add weight to. He is far more comfortable from 10-15 feet and isn’t really a lunchpail, mix it up kind of player. He’s one of the quicker PFs in the league.

      Valanciunas is most comfortable in the post and close to the basket. While he can step out, he likes to mix it up in the paint and tends to shoot over or overpower defenders inside. He’s got the type of build that you can add a lot of muscle to, and is already probably bigger than Bosh ever has been. While he’s athletic and quick compared to most centers, he would have below average quickness for the PF position.

      So I really have no idea how you can say he’s looking more like Bosh all the time.

      • thegloveinrapsuniform

        Wont it work like how Duncan and Robinson worked for the Spurs?
        IMO, since the NBA really has no position definition anymore, it would be a good experience for JV to add being a PF to his skillset. If you look around the league, Some Centers who we assume should only play center, are actually listed and do play a little bit of PF as well. Noah is the first one the comes to mind. Its not like theres a chance anyways of him turning into a Bargnani, who given the opportunity would just stay outside and let others bang on the low post. I think if JV plays PF on occassion, he’ll be forced to work on his jumper, his ball handling, penetration and ball movement.

        • Both Duncan and Robinson were insanely quick and athletic for their position (until Robinson’s back went), which meant either one could defend the four without a problem. Valanciunas simply isn’t quick enough or comfortable enough defending out on the perimeter.

          It’s not necessarily about offense, but defense.

          • thegloveinrapsuniform

            good point. i actually forgot about the defensive part. and to rebutt my own rebuttal, back in the day during duncan/robinson pairing, there werent many PFs who can shoot from the outside like Love, Bosh, Amir, so Duncan didnt have to be as quick to defend PFs. However, there are only a handful of teams really that do have these kinds of PFs. Love, Bosh, Bargnani, Millsap and Dirk. You can always put Amir, Hansborough or even Gay on these guys. Most of the PFs in the league still do work around the 5-10 feet area which JV shouldnt have any problems defending.

            • Paul Millsap, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, David West, Carlos Boozer, Ilyasova, Josh Smith (when he’s at 4), Bosh, Aldridge, Love, Ibaka, David Lee, Blake Griffin, Dirk, Randolph and Anthony Davis all either can either shoot from outside well enough to cause problems for Valanciunas or can simply go by him no matter what because they’re so much quicker than Valanciunas. Or both.

              Valanciunas at the four is a BAD idea.

              • One relaxed fella

                It’s a very bad idea. I remember that fans were talking that Jonas should play at 4 when he started his rookie season and the same topic started again. I don’t get it. He’s a typical center, a promising two way center to be exact, just let him play and develop at 5. Jonas is best at playing inside, battling for D and O rebounds, he doesn’t shy away from contact and etc. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t play at the position he’s been playing for his entire career.

              • thegloveinrapsuniform

                Tim, youre stretching this waaaaay to much.
                Im not saying the Raptors should turn Valanciunas into a 4. Im saying is let him play some time on that spot to accomodate Asik and at the same time, make him develop some skils that a PF has. And you are making it sound like he is going to defend these guys every minute he’s on the court as a PF. players rotate. players double. teams play zone.

                I think youre exaggerating waaay too much.

                • IF the Raptors trade for Asik, then you’re going to have to play the two together at some point, But I don’t think that’s good for the team or Valanciunas’ development.

      • JV is discovering other bigs can’t cover him15 ft out – just like Bosh did. He is starting to get – even look for – those open shots and he can hit them. This doesn’t happen over night, but its starting to happen.

        • But he doesn’t need to move to power forward to do that. In fact, staying at center makes his jumper than much better because slower defenders who are less proficient at defending outside will be defending him.

          • Nope doesn’t need to – but he could and it could be easier for him to play that way with the right big man beside him.

            • Not if his defenders are quicker than he is.

  • One relaxed fella

    If Omer comes to Toronto, I’m guessing he would be a starting C. Casey has no intention to run O through his big men players and Omer is a really good rebounder and defender. That itself is enough to put JV on the bench. Don’t see how Raptors can afford a luxury like that – to have two good players in one position. However, that might improve Raptors defense and duo of Amir and Omer might look really good. As for JV, Raps could easily trade him and get a great value in return. He’s a very promising sophomore C, there would be a lot of teams in the line to make that trade. If Omer would be a back up center, it doesn’t make no sense at all. One position would take about 16 mil of cap space (Jonas, Gray an Asik salaries all combined).

  • Matt52

    My guess is Toronto would be looking to involve a third team.

    The other issue might be trading less desirable assets to upgrade to better assets.

    A starting C is a great trade chip to begin discussions with.

  • Nilanka15

    Why is everyone drooling over Asik?

    • johng_3

      Asik is one of the best defensive centers in the NBA.

      • Nilanka15

        He’s a good defensive centre, but not in the same league as Chandler, Howard, Hibbert, Noah, etc.

        But more importantly, where does that leave Jonas?

        • Andre

          Exactly. it will hinder Jonas development. besides that dude is selfish. but then again, i’d be cheesed if I wasnt playing.

          • thegloveinrapsuniform

            I dont think it will but rather allow JV to expand his game by adding the skillsets of PFs to his. Its not like Asik is coming in to compete with JV for his position or his minutes. Asik is not dumb enough to think the he is starter material in this league, or at least im assuming he is not, and his agent only said that they are concerned about his continous development which 4 mins a game will defintely not help.

            • Valanciunas doesn’t have to play another position to expand his game. He can do it playing the position he’s best suited to.

              And Asik IS a starting calibre center. Whether he gets to play there or not is debatable, but while he’s not an offensive threat, he was the starting center on a playoff team in the West, and his defensive presence was the ONLY reason Houston was a middle of the pack defensive team despite the presence of so many below average defenders. The difference when he was on the court and was off, defensively, is astounding.

              Besides, if Casey can only find 25 minutes a night for Valanciunas, how many minutes is he going to find for Asik? How is he not competing for minutes with Valanciunas?

              I really don’t see how anyone can see Valanciunas as a four. Not in this day and age. He’ll get killed defensively and will likely foul out of twice as many games.

              Just let him get used to the center position, instead of yanking him all over the place like other Raptor prospects have had happen.

              • thegloveinrapsuniform

                Im not saying he has to be forced to play another position to get better, but its not a bad idea to give him the chance to acquire more skills that can help his game, if the Raptors do decide to pick up Asik.

                What i want to make clear is that I am not advocating that the Raps pick up Asik, what im bring up here are trade scenarios that could work and scenarios that could be put in place IF the Raptors do decide to pick up Asik. Youre making it seem that most of us here are pushing that the Raps pick up Asik. I dont feel that way. Since a rumor came out, people are trying to make the situation fit, how it could work.

                If Asik was a starting calibre center, why was there a need to bring howard in? Why didnt HOU just spend their money on other positions of need like the PG, PF?

                Casey doesnt find 25mins for JV, he is giving ONLY 25mins to JV and i think that should change. Of course if Asik comes in, one of Amir and Hansborough will be relegated to the bench, but why wouldnt they if you have a starting caliber player infront of them, right?

                I thought he defended well against west, millsap/horford, bass, gasol/zebo. and he only fouled out against dwight.

                he is already used to the center position. he’s been playing that his whole life.

                • I think fans sometimes see that a player is available and sometimes forget that other teams could offer better deals. As I said, the Fields and Gray suggestion was awful.

                  As for why Houston signed Howard when they already has Asik, it’s probably because while Asik is a starting center, Howard has All NBA ability. Why did Miami sign Chris Bosh when they already had Udonis Haslem, who they won a title with as their starting PF? Why did Golden State sign Iguodala when they already had Thompson and Barnes? Because they wanted to get better.

                  As for Valanciunas playing other positions, I simply don’t see the point. He’s a prototypical center and that’s the position he should learn to play. Especially in a league where so many big men seem to eschew the idea of playing the position. It’s not as if Valanciunas can’t learn different skills while still playing center. And you’re not screwing with his development by confusing him playing him at different positions.

                  Valanciunas is still learning the center position and still making plenty of mistakes. Making him learn a new position makes no sense and could do more harm than good.

                • johng_3

                  I just think Jonas is too slow to defend 4s in this league. Especially with the league going smaller nowadays

          • tonious35

            Jonas Starts and Asik is off the bench for at least 25 Mins. In Practice, Asik will teach Jonas a lot of fundamentals and tricks in improved rebounding and post positioning. A plus teammate for Jonas.

        • Rap fan 2

          I think Masai would just be accumulating Asik as an asset to be used in other possible trade scenarios. There’s a good market for centers who can defend and get rebounds. Even the Heat or OKC could use a player like Asik. I really don’t see Jonas going anywhere. Maybe only for a first round lottery pick.

          • Accumulating assets is fine as long as the value of those assets will go up. The problem with trading for Asik is that he’d have the same situation in Toronto as he would in Houston. Fighting for minutes. He’d be unhappy and probably complain about his role in Toronto, putting Toronto in the same situation as Houston is. Unless they already HAVE a trade in mind, I don’t see the point.

            • thegloveinrapsuniform

              It depends how you look it. His contract, at 8mil is expiring next year. The guy is 7 feet who can average a double double at 25-30mins a game. Dampier played 16 years in the league, a guy who only had one good season in those 16 years. Same with Haywood. Guys 7 feet will get contracts and will be in demand for as long as they can play.

              • I’m not suggesting Asik isn’t valuable, but if he is stuck on the bench sulking because he’s in the same position he was in Houston, he’s not going to have a whole lot of value.

                And really, the only asset the Raptors have I can see Houston being interested in is Amir, and he’s already got value. And he starts and gets minutes so there’s little chance it will go down.

                • thegloveinrapsuniform

                  As weve been discussing in the other post, if the Raptors do decide to experiment with JV at the 4 which i think would be beneficial for his game, then he would have enough mins on this team. Both Hansbroughs and Amir’s salaries are non-guaranteed next year so if one of these guys decide to bolt, there will be a spot for Asik, and more minutes.

                  Not necessarily. They already have terrence jones who is fitting in nicely. and montiejunas who i think they are just being patent with. If you look at the HOU depth chart, they clearly need scoring with the 2nd unit so Demar can be a candidate. They can use Fields to back up Parsons.

              • Deadallus

                Not quite. His contract runs through next year and it jumps from $5.225mil his year to $14.899mil next year.

            • drg

              If we got Asik I have no doubt Casey would rather start him over JV

        • Dagger

          He is absolutely in the same league as those guys (and Gasol).

          • ppellico

            thank you very much.
            I just don’t understand where some of this nonsense comes from.
            The guy blows away Noah. Is a better defender and shoots tons better than Noah.

        • johng_3

          I’m not saying we should trade for him. I just like his game. I would pick those guys over him but he is a pretty good defensive center along with good rebounding skills as well.

  • Judas Gasol

    Asik is a goon who has no interest in the name on the front of the jersey, like his countryman Hedo. Here’s a guy who requested a trade the second his team became a contender because he wanted to be the main man. Let some other team deal with this weirdo.

    • johng_3

      The guy had a career year last season and they are barely playing him. The Rockets are not a contender and he can help another team if he is not being used.

  • Denzel Boksingero

    Hope Lin follows suit and asks for a trade, too.

  • Rap fan 2

    I think maybe they need a stretch 4. Howard needs room to operate in the middle. They also need help on defense. Maybe add a better 2 way wing player or a lock down wing defender.

  • Andy33

    Why not involve Denver who needs a C right now with McGee out , Lawson is unhappy with how the offense is being run this year. We send Amir , Novak & Gray to Houston , Asik goes to DEN along with Lowry and we get back Lawson & Chandler and Montiejunas from Houston. For Houston Amir, Novak & Gray > Asik & Montiejunas .

    • Andre

      I like this move. But I dont think we can get all of those good players for our players. Its a good start though.

  • Andre

    I actually think a good move would be trading Asik for Chris bosh. Bosh would fit in nicely in houston as a third wheel, stretch 4 that can score and free up dwight. It would create pick-and-roll nightmares for teams. Heat will finally get a true starting centre and not get beat up so much by bigger teams. What do you all think?

    No way the raptors get him, but I do like trying to do something with denver to get the manimal and ty lawson. then again, Casey would most likely mess with lawson’s attack first mentality and try to make him jose caldron… sigh.. lets just lose already.

    • truth be told

      ‘Third wheel’ stretch 4?

      Bosh is a better scoring option than Howard is.

  • Roarque

    JV and Rudy for Asik and Chandler and a first round pick.

    • I’m hoping that’s a joke.

      • Roarque

        Damn. Busted.

  • FAN

    Please please trade JV out of this crap team. To real NBA team. Please

  • JA

    What about something involving Asik to New Orleans, Gay to Houston, and Ryan Andersen to the Raps?
    Andersen is a great 3pt shooter that can come off the bench (something he’s used to) or bump Amir to the bench (who can back up both PF/C spots).
    For NO: Davis is already a stud PF, who can use a true C beside him (Jason Smith and Greg Steimsma are more of the backup type).
    For Houston … Gay gives them another option on offence, and they can go small with him as PF (with Dwight backing him up)

    • I’m not sure I see the point of trading Gay for Anderson, and why Houston would want Gay OVER Anderson. It would make far more sense for Houston just to trade Asik straight up for Anderson, especially since Houston’s biggest positional need is PF.

  • Brandon

    Asik for Derozan works and is the simplest trade.

    If the Raps want Asik it likely means they don’t see Valanciunas as a starting 5 at this time. That would seem to agree with Casey’s view. I think JV would become the backup 5.The question is can Ujiri convince Morey to take back Derozan.

  • thegloveinrapsuniform

    Fields and Gray for Asik?

    • ppellico

      plus Gray has a contract that ends this sprnig so he would be a good thing for a small period pick up.
      And likely anybody that gets hims can keep him at a low pay increase.

    • You really think Houston is going to give Asik away for that little? They can get a MUCH better return than that.

      Teams that could also be in the running for Asik and would probably have better assets that Houston would want:

      Atlanta with Paul Millsap (would have to wait until December 15th)

      Cleveland with Anderson Varejao

      Miami with Chris Bosh- Houston would also have send back Lin and possibly Terrence Jones

      Dallas with Shawn Marion, who would be the perfect small ball PF to play with Howard and in Houston’s system.

      New Orleans with Ryan Anderson

      And then there are teams like Oklahoma, the Clippers, Minnesota, Portland and maybe one or two more than probably want him, but a third team would need to be brought in to make it work.

      People have to stop assuming Morey will only deal with Toronto. And I really don’t understand how anyone could see him wanting DeRozan. DeRozan is EXACTLY the type of player that Morey avoids and is completely wrong for their current roster and their system of play.

      • thegloveinrapsuniform

        i dont know where you got the idea from that people are assuming that houston will deal Asik ONLY to Toronto. Since this is a Raptors site, most of us here are raptors fans, and since the rumor that came out was that toronto is interested in Asik then we are making trade scenarios that can make those rumors possibly happen. Why would i concoct a trade with HOU and NYK? or HOU and CHI? Im not posting on a NYK forum or CHI forum. Clearly the article said “Asik to Raptors?” so we are exploring options that could bring Asik to Toronto.

        Of course HOU would want as much as they can get, problem is, who would be willing to give them that, when the guy has already demanded a trade? IMO, the guys you have mentioned are way too valuable to trade for Asik, plus, these teams are doing quite well and probably wouldnt want to disrupt their rotation. anderson from NO, probably.

        • Offering Landry Fields and Aaron Gray for Asik tells me you’re not thinking there will be competing offers. I like Fields and even Gray, but that’s a HORRIBLE deal for Houston.

          I think you may be undervaluing Asik. He’s a difference maker on the defensive end.

          • he isn’t playing at all now – so what his value will be is rather up in the air – there’s no way to know, but teams won’t be offering much to start – which is probably why Morey keeps saying he won’t trade him

            • The Rockets don’t have to do anything until they get the right offer, and my guess is they’ll be lots of teams wanting a very good defensive and rebounding center who can score fairly efficiently.

  • roman

    Trade JV 4 Asik, please!!

    • Daryl. It’s not going to happen.

  • tonious35

    Asik…. he worked his ass off last season to justify the large contract given to him last year and earned every penny. McHale should find a way to immediately use Howard and Asik together, but it is not coming together. Houston’s loss. To Acquire this blue-collared ‘Turk: it might involve Amir Johnson + Aaron Gray, or sadly DeRozan.

  • hyperdouche

    Hi um, just because a guy is available you don’t have to square peg the shit out of him to find a way to get him to TO. All of the points you raised why HE WOULDN’T BE a good fit here are valid. Just move on.

    Also note that Houston’s front office are pretty stats/VU-oriented so the likelihood of them taking Gay, Lowry or DeRozan is pretty low.