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Tim was bitten by the basketball bug back in the mid-80s, and has been infected with an overwhelming desire to play, watch and read (and eventually write) about basketball, ever since. He spent his formative basketball years following the Detroit Pistons and watching them win back-to-back titles. It was a bittersweet moment when the NBA awarded Toronto a franchise because he’d already made plans to move out west. In Vancouver he got to view the disaster which was the Vancouver Grizzlies, firsthand. He started writing his own basketball blog, The Picket Fence, back in 2009 as a healthy outlet for his basketball obsession. Little did he know it would land him a dream job writing for Raptors Republic. Tim’s most endearing basketball memory is playing 3 on 3 with Mike Bibby. His least endearing memory is a tie because getting his front tooth knocked out, fracturing his orbit bone, chipping one of his vertebrae, dislocating five of his fingers, destroying all the cartilage in his knees and the Raptors drafting Andrea Bargnani.

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