Predicting a realistic path to improvement for the Raptors this offseason

Their biggest problem is on the offensive end and their inefficient isolation offence. While it might seem like a simple solution, moving away from an isolation heavy offence seems like a no-brainer. The team has the personnel to play more of a motion offence, which should increase their offensive efficiency. Siakam, Barnes and VanVleet are all very good passers and a motion offence would also make them a hell of a lot more fun to watch.

A new direction in 2021-22, and the possible trades that could catalyze it

It’s not exactly a secret. Masai has always loved the freakishly long, athletic, high-motor players who can play and defend several positions. He’s liked them since his very first draft in Toronto when he desperately tried to trade into the draft (Bryan Colangelo had traded their pick away to acquire Kyle Lowry) to select Giannis Antetokounmpo (I’ll just let the irony of the fact that trading for Lowry prevented the Raptors from drafting Antetokounmpo sink in for a moment).

Team at a Crossroads

The Raptors moving up to the fourth pick puts the team at a crossroads. A place they haven't been since Masai took over the helm of the franchise. What happens on draft day will likely reveal what path Masai intends to take (should he stay with the team, which most expect him to do). Let's take a look at his options.