Portland: 7-2, 110.5 O-Rating (3rd), 105.6 D-Rating (18th)
Toronto: 4-6, 103.3 O-Rating (15th), 102.6 D-Rating (9th)
1 p.m. on Sportsnet

This is basically a 10 a.m. game for the Blazers, making the Raptors two-point favorites in the eyes of oddsmakers.

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11 Responses to “Gameday: Blazers @ Raptors, Nov. 17”

    • AB4EYE

      Can’t score without the rock. Those 3 shot 13-for-19 .68% with many coming off the offensive glass over 86:30 MP while Rudy and DeMar took 54 in slightly more combined time to shoot 43%.

      Another thing we need is to bench Dwight Buycks and go back to DJ who at least will pass and not hold the ball forever. He has just 3 assists over 81 MP with 6 TO and two of those assists came while we were up over 25 on the Jazz and no defense was being played.

      He kills the offense when he’s in and its no shock the exact moment he left the game is when the comeback to send it into OT started. DJ has his issues no doubt but he’s at least has had a good year as a starter in this league so the talent is still there somewhere and he will pass since he has 4 more assists than Buycks in 9 less MP.

  1. ckh26

    Good ambush game for the raps today. A steady diet of getting the ball inside and good perimeter defense should get us over the top.

  2. 10 000 Hours

    I think the Raps can pull it off, depending on how pissed they about being embarrassed by a Rose-less Bulls squad.
    My fear: Raps up double-digits after one, then like always, coasting in the 2nd to make it a close game at halftime, followed by a nail-bitter 2nd half where they just can’t seal the victory in the closing moments.

  3. Minks77

    Man the raps offence is so boring and predictable. This ISO shit is making my eyes bleed. This is the worst offence since Kevin oneill.

  4. Michael Comsa

    Need Calderon back.
    KL not average pointguard.Buycks…..
    How come Calderon and Bargnani are the best in their teams……

  5. nyStef

    I blame Colangelo for this.

    I don’t know how Masai can begin to fix any of it cuz … how do you trade you-know-who with his promised ++ salary for this season attached to a nutty option for next year that he’ll be laughing about all the way to bank once he nods his ok on accepting it? Only team I can imagine being crazy or desperate enough to even think about it is the Knicks … and they already have a bigger pain-in-the-butt contract than we do; theirs with Stoudemire. Unless … there was a way to take Amar’e in return and buy him out to get him off the books. If that’s even feasible in any way or possible. (I haven’t a clue on that or if it would be worth considering. Plus … the reason for us doing it would be difficult to camouflage, if that’d be important.) But anyway. Damn. Bryan Colangelo.

  6. jamaljohnson

    I Hate to break it to all you guys but unfortunately the raptors will definitely not make the playoffs this year. Just dont get your hopes up and waste your hard earned money on them.


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