After four consecutive losses to teams that aren’t tanking, Dwane Casey is considering a lineup change after looking at some rather mercurial statistics:

“Our starters are minus-18 (in points scored vs. points against), so it’s something with the start of the game…When you start with your starters going minus-18, that’s difficult to come back from”

Hmm. This is quite bold, he’s honing in on a stat that he finds troublesome and is about to do something about it – isn’t a bit too short-sighted to rely on just stats?

“With their minutes on the floor, they are minus-18. That’s the analytics, but I know what my eyes see.”

Good stuff, the eye-test is confirming the stats. I stand relieved. But hey, what’s Casey going to do about it?

Whether it’s a lineup change or change in personality, we have to look at something to start the game because we can’t expend that much mental and physical energy to fight against all the teams we are going against. That’s what it has been the last couple of weeks. We’ve got to look at it and just see where we are.

I don’t question our guys’ fight,” he added. “It’s not that we are not playing hard with the first group. It’s just not meshing together with that first group, but we have to look at that. It may be just a matter of time to let it go. We are still searching. We are not panicking, but we have to make sure we understand and get the right group together.

A lineup change! The age-old answer to fixing deep-rooted chemistry issues. Let’s look at who has been the worst starter in the first quarter for the last “couple of weeks” (8 games). Again, this is over the last 8 games and considers only the fist quarter of those games.


There you have it. Of all starters, Rudy Gay has the worst Net Rating of all players. Case-closed.

Of course, we all know that’s not going to happen and someone like Jonas Valanciunas will be getting the axe, or worst yet, Amir Johnson. Casey will likely introduce Tyler Hansbrough into the lineup to bring his energy up front, and although that move might pay dividends in a game or two, Hansbrough is best suited to the role that he’s currently excelling in.

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Quotes are from Toronto Sun, the stats are from

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