This GIF is from the third quarter of the Denver game. Kind of epitomizes Rudy Gay’s play of late. (HTML5 video).

DeRozan’s reaction to his non-pass is telling of the frustration he’s feeling.

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    wow ….. even randy foye gave up cuz he thought he was gonna pass to a WIDE OPEN demar smh

  • Mexiballer

    How do you not give up that ball. Thats an easy dunk. I think I misjudged Rudy on the no-stat sheet policy. I thought he was being unselfish. My bad.

  • Louvens Remy

    At this point I’d rather have William Gay instead of Rudy.

    • DDayLewis

      Impromptu Gay Power Rankings:

      1. Marvin
      2. Tyson
      3. William
      4. Ben
      5. Rudy

      • AxlT

        I’d even put Mitch Gaylord ahead of Rudy

  • Erggg

    My blood boils watching this play.

  • Louvens Remy

    FREE RUDAAAAAY! He clearly needs to be playing in China.

    • Papi

      This is hilarious bro lool

  • deebee

    Gay’s my least favourite raptor of all time – Bosh may have been a blackhole on offense, but at least he converted

    • DryDry


      You’d take talentless Araujo or damaged goods useless O’Neal or damaged goods old man Olajuwon or no show crybaby Alonzo Mourning over Gay?

      • dfp

        don’t forget get overweight turkey-glue

        • Dr. Phil

          Turkey-glue was just retaining water from the “roids” he was on back than

          That’s why he would sneak out at night and go dancing at the disco-teques all the time…

          kinda like the Turkish version of “Hip-hop Abbs” but with a really un-attractive back ground dancers and a host that thinks he is the Turkish Ricardo Montalbon incarnated.

    • Dr. Raptor

      Hmm..possibly because secretly you’re gay?


      Your mom.


    we should ve traded him for Derrick Williams while we had the chance its too late now :,(

    • And how exactly would the Raptors be able to trade Gay and his $17 million contract for Derrick Williams and his $5 million contract? And are you sure the T-Wolves would have done it even if it was possible?

      • FREEJV

        idk man just dreaming here

  • timassin

    Demar liked playing with gay last season and i think at the start of this season, the last couple weeks demar has been able to score from anywhere and it seems like hes taking the next step. I think hes getting mad because Gay thinks this team is his and continues to shoot terrible when demar is shooting better and doing basically everything better. We need to trade gay for a sf that can shoot the 3 and pass and a power forward that can shoot the turn around jumper and 15 footer, Amir isn’t getting it down this year.

    • Oknas

      well your wish came true lol

  • DryDry

    I screamed at the tv when he pulled this ball hogging stupidity and blew our chance for a crowd-motivating dunk to put us up 4 or more likely an And-1. Selfish prick move.

  • guest

    I’m not convinced the video shows it was an intentional ignore. Could he have been just overconcentrating on the dribble?

    • 2damkule

      well, great…it’s not that he’s selfish, it’s that he’s not talented enough to dribble in transition without staring at the ball? is that supposed to be the better of two possible explanations?

  • AB4EYE

    This made me mad and so did when DeMar refused to give it to Tyler who posted up his man twice only for DD to go take on 2 defenders at the rim and luckily got to the line.