Rapcast #182: Why So Mad? Casey and Lowry Extensions, Draft Theory, Atlantic Check

Today on the podcast, we try to ease the swelling, calm the nerves, smell the flowers, and most importantly, talk some Raptors basketball which has been fantastic of late.

Late on Thursday night I caught up with Sam, the man who faithfully brings you Morning Coffee amongst other things to talk about some of the uproar from yesterday regarding the post-game recap and the podcast. We try to calm things down, see things for what they are, try to enjoy life and not freeze to death.

Whether the winning ways are here to stay or not, it’s high time we chat about what to do with Kyle Lowry and his looming extension, and whether the outlook on him has changed to the point where pre-emptive contracts can be handed out. It’s all basketball talk and I’ll venture to outline the topics in bullet form for the reader who wants a peek before hitting play:

  • The nature of yesterday’s post-game report and the reader reaction – justified or not?
  • Quality of the possession-by-possession grind out against Indiana
  • We pull out a Shareef Abdur-Rahim reference
  • Where Masai Ujiri has to make his money and what separates a great/good/bad GM
  • A little known theory about asset accumulation which goes against the grain of everything this draft is touted as
  • Duds in the draft, the gamble aspect and whether it influences Ujiri’s job security
  • Standings check and a look at the NYK and BKN results – banner hanging
  • Player benefiting the most from the Rudy Gay trade
  • Are we downplaying winning the Atlantic a bit much?
  • Parallels to 2006-07 team
  • Trying to explain the transformation Casey has undergone since the Gay trade
  • Kyle Lowry extension debate – Sam and I disagree on what to do
  • Dwane Casey extension talk – we agree on what to do
  • The Flagrancy

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (25:23, 30 MB). Or just listen below:

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