Gotta say, Terrence, I’m a little upset you didn’t give me the scoop last week, though we probably all could have read between the lines.

Anyway, Ross is going to defend the dunk contest crown in New Orleans in February. That’s awesome news.

He also identified Tony Mitchell, Victor Oladipo and Andre Drummond as names he’d like to see participate. We’re on the same page, then, as I had listed Ross, Mitchell and Oladipo as my three Eastern Conference picks, too.

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  • Nilanka15

    Great to hear. Me might have quite a few Raps to watch during All-Star weekend.

  • Lets Play

    I wonder if Terrence will also enter the three point contest! That would be awesome!!!!

  • Guest

    I wonder if Terrence will enter the three point contest also! That Would be awesome!!!

  • hottfuzz

    *shrug* It’ll be boring as hell anyways.

    • Quintarka

      maybe, but suffering through 10 terrible dunk contests is worth seeing one good one (or do we all pretend to have seen carter’s 360 windmill in real time?). could be good, nobody thought that one was gonna be that great before hand