14 Responses to “GIF + Video: Patrick Patterson Game Winner versus Brooklyn (Nets Commentary)”

    • morgan c

      I was actually gleefully looking forward to hearing an assumed-to-be-vicious-homer call of disappointment, but I gotta hand it to that guy – very professional and legit call.

    • Feather Ruffler

      I was actually streaming the game live and that commentator really was unbiased! He was very complimentary of JV and made some flattering remarks about the Raptors as a whole. It was a pleasant surprise compared to some of the other commentators around the league (like the koolaid drinking fools in Boston).

  1. Raptorozans

    Did anyone else notice all the love from Alan Anderson to Lowry and the other former Raps? Jason Kidd wasn’t liking that lol… then again if I had d-bags like Garnett for teammates I’d try to be friends with the opposition too

  2. J

    That’s why Ian Eagle is one of the best in the game. A great commentator reacts accordingly to any situation in the game regardless if it benefits the home team or not. That’s why I’ve never minded Devlin as compared to some other homer commentators.

  3. Keepup

    We shouldn’t overlook the great assist by Lowry on Patterson’s game-winner. He knew exactly what he was going to do from the time he received the pass – draw defenders and kick it back to Patterson. Nice!

  4. DryDry

    Watching Kidd SITTING DOWN during our last shot: awesome!

    Watching him lifting both his hands off his knees WTF: awesome!

    Watching him get up and saying GO GO GO: awesome!

    Watching him rub his head with his hand: awesome!

    Watching Garnett trying to set a pick on Lowry but failing miserably: awesome!


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