I swear I take no pleasure in writing this hit-whore of an article but it’s kind of our job to do this.

According to a report, the Raptors are interested in Rondo:

It’s no secret Boston has dangled four-time all-star Rajon Rondo league-wide and while the asking price is steep, he has piqued the interest of Toronto’s front office, according to multiple sources. Toronto is eager to up its “star” quotient and is also enamoured with Rondo’s resume, particularly his four all-defensive team selections (two all-NBA first team). He has many backers in the organization.

What would need to happen for the Celtics to trade a 27-year old Rondo in the prime of his career?
Rob Babcock becoming GM of the Celtics

What would the Raptors have to give up?
Enough so that when Rondo does arrive, there will be zero players/assets for him to play with

Would Masai Ujiri be interested in Rondo?
Do I think Hillary Duff is kind of hot?

Having said all that, let’s put on our serious faces for a second and talk about this like adults.



Hahhahahaha…I just can’t…I really can’t. Rondo, right, the Celtics trading their best player to a division rival when all they have to do is activate the tank button in turbo mode and get themselves a decent player in the draft to contend anew…

Let’s see what Rondo’s contract is like: he’s signed through 2014-15 ($13M) which could be considered a very reasonable deal, and has never suggested that he’s looking for an out from Boston. Even if he did, why would he pick the Raptors in his quest for a championship? The Lakers, Heat, and Knicks all have glaring PG holes and they would entice Rondo more than Toronto. This is especially the case if the Raptors actually complete a trade for him since they would have to give up basically everything to get Rondo, so unless Rondo wants to go championship-hunting with Dwight Buycks and Landry Fields, Toronto ain’t the right spot.

He has been injured of late which might lead some to believe that his value is on the slide, but I highly, highly, doubt that it’s gotten down to the point where you can have him for cents on the dollar. And if Lowry is in the equation, he’s not exactly Ironman either, so there is little incentive for the Celtics to pull this off. Even if Jeff Teague comes into the picture for the Celtics, I still don’t see it being enough unless they throw in Al Horford or something, but now we’re getting into some serious hypotheticals.

While we’re coming up with trades, I say aim high and go all the way. No need to stop at Rondo when you got the world at your feet.

In conclusion:

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  • BlakeMurphy

    LOL, K

  • dbow15

    I’d offer Lowry Ross and this year’s first rounder. May not be enough to get it done but may just be enough to convince Boston to pull the trigger. Anything more than that Id say hes not worth it

    • Regina rap fan


      • ckh26

        Double LOL … you would trade for an attitude problem with a surgically repaired knee ? (ACL)

        Ainge won’t be moving Rondo, if he can, for anywhere near what he wants. For the Raps to offer anything beyond a 2017 2nd rounder protected up to 59 and 60 and the rights to Solomon Alibi would be buying high on this world class ass muppet with a bum knee. I am definitely not PH7 this one.

        • 2damkule

          you seem to have an issue with rondo. i assume it’s 100% based on his personality.

          what is his ‘attitude problem,’ if you don’t mind my asking?

          • Copywryter

            He seems to have mostly grown out of it

          • ckh26

            Yes its based solely on his attitude. From his Kentucky days Rondo has shown a lack of maturity… from kicking a guy in the head during an NCAA game to getting into bar dustups as a pro on a couple of occassion’s. His on court skills are without question. He is a cut above Lowry in that respect but he is a little more combustible than Kyle and needs to show more maturity. If he changes his stripes then very likely my issue with him dissolves along with it… Personal belief that teams that have a no *sshole policy tend to function better when the pressure is on. As a rule someone doesn’t implode and do something that costs themselves and the rest of the team. Poster boy for that was Rasheed Wallace.

    • Hassan Mehmood Khan

      id trade demar over Tross

    • Roman Botiuk

      Do not trade kids – we are not that good! Trade for kids and awesome young upside potential that is buried on the bench on LOUSY team

    • Dean

      Is it just me or has nobody else realized that Rondo is coming off a significant injury, as well as being without 3 future HOFers not currently at his side to allow him to put up the numbers like he did with them and with no jumpshot?
      I have never been a huge Rondo fan, and I will wait to see if he continues to put up numbers like he did prior to his injury and without HOF teammates. The makeup of this Boston team now is drastically different than what it used to be in their winning days. They have no inside scoring presence and no significant scoring threats on the wings at his side..

  • greenmidus

    lowry + picks for rondo maybe, but they cant give up anyone else, rondo hurts that knee again and he’s probably done for good, way to risky, i trust masai

  • Guest

    I wonder if we can get John Wall

    • afrocarter

      LOL well played

    • BIG WoRm


  • Saskatoon Raps Fan

    Rondo is overrated and coming off injury. While next yr he’s prolly better than Lowry again. I don’t think he’s enough of an upgrade to justify the extremely high price.

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      In what world is Rondo over rated? Wow!

      • mike, prague

        Saskatoon …

      • Saskatoon Raps Fan

        Not saying he’s a bad player or anything, just that he’s not someone I’d gut my team to acquire. Especially coming off a knee injury when his game is based off athleticism. If he had a jump shot it would be less risky. And with 1 yr left on his contract he’s going to hold whoever acquires him hostage next year.

        • Saskatoon Raps Fan

          Although I see he’s shooting 66% and 50% from 3 since he’s come back. Small sample size, but if he has indeed fixed the jump shot then that’s a different story. I’d still be worried about trading for him without a guarantee that he’ll resign tho

          • morgan c

            “Small sample size,” say no more. If you isolate a ten-game stretch for TR, he’s shooting over 50% from three… hahaha don’t think that’s representative of him as much as I love the guy.

        • DDayLewis

          Rondo isn’t Ray Allen or anything, but he can shoot from the midrange and beyond.


          • morgan c

            Um 25% shooter for his career from 3? No, he can’t shoot from beyond mid-range. That is simply false.

        • One relaxed fella

          I’d say that Rondo is one of those elite players who exactly doesn’t rely on their athleticism. Most of the things he does so well is because of his excellent basketball IQ, experience and very professional attitude (defense, court vision, passing, creating, his ability to stay cold blooded when it matters the most). After all, he has one championship ring. He’s still relatively young to pursue more titles in the future. I would agree that this trade is high risk – high reward one. High risk – because of his difficult injury and fear that he may get similar injury in the future but high reward if he stays healthy. I don’t know how realistic the possabilaty is but at this point he may be the best Raptors shot at acquiring an elite talent. If Raptors are serious about contending and if it’s not just empty talks.

  • Ian Reynolds

    When I saw the title I just thought, “No, they’re not.”

  • Dean


  • Kovalainnen

    There were some rumors that Celtics would give up Rondo for two unprotected 1st round picks, so our 2014 1st and 2016 Knicks 1st rounder + Salmons expiring contract and Vasquez to make the salaries match, would land Rajon Rondo to Toronto?

  • some random guy

    I think the rumour comes out of Toronto to test the waters of the fans on both sides. Some of it to could be trying to prop up the value of lowry in other trades.

  • rc

    According to the trade machine, if we traded Derozan, Fields and Lowry for Lebron….we would only be one win better???

    • 2damkule

      trade machine don’t lie! LEBRON IS OVERRATED!!!

  • Rap fan 2

    Rondo would be a good rental player option to have. Have him on the team for the playoff run. See how that works out. If he makes the Raptors that much closer to being a title contender then you try to keep him longer term and bring in more closer players. On the other hand, if it doesn’t look like its working I think he can fetch us a 2014 lottery pick or a promising building piece.

  • Bendit

    Getting Hilary Duff would be much easier.

    • tonious35

      But then you have Mike Comrie as the contract you must take back…

      • Lyall

        Comrie and Duff ain’t together anymore bro.

        • tonious35

          I’ve been under a BIIIIG Rock the last 3 years.


    i think lowry is a better fit for us right now cuz we dont got a lot of consistent scorers on our team yet. however when JV and ross get more consistent id like rondo on this team 😀

  • RickRossAfterHearingDrake

    Report: Toronto Raptors interested in Rajon Rondo … Will celtics trade him away for nothing? Hell no

  • ckh26

    Boys.. the trade deadline is two days away and its been quiet. First rule of sensationalist journalism is that if there is no news .. create some… This has as much credibility as an NDP election promise of free everything with no additional taxes to pay for the free everything.

    • 2damkule

      and to go along with the sensationalist journalism, we have sensationalist comments! congratulations for inadvertently proving your point.

      • ckh26

        a grudging “perhaps” on that …

  • Pong

    Rondo’s playmaking will definitely help develop JV’s game. But giving up lowry, some of our prospects and picks is a bit much unless we’re going for a title run. That and Lowry is a better fit for our team since his spot up shooting ability allows him to play the off-guard in certain matchups. We should look to upgrade our 4 spot first. As much as I love Amir, we could use an upgrade at the starting 4 spot, someone who can bang in the low post and create their own offence.

  • abdi

    If MU does get rondo I thing the endgame is to get Melo to Toronto. Melo want to win and want to play with Rondo. All Melo would have to do is to sign. He get to play with Rondo and will have a team has every piece in place to win now. DD,Amir, Val,Ross and 2pat is great support cast for him.

    • abdi

      This is an idea I had on the bus. What do you guys thing. Also would we be over the salary cap.

      • 2damkule

        i think you may have been sitting in the section of the bus that lets a lot of fumes &/or CO2 into it. because it appears you’ve suffered some form of brain injury.

        also…was the bus you were on short? like, very short. and, are you wearing a helmet right now?

        • abdi

          If you think it a bad idea then say it a bad idea. You don’t call me stupid or I should be wear a helmet. You don’t have to attack me. Just it a bad idea and move on

          • abdi

            It just a idea that it not a rumor or anything.

          • 2damkule

            can’t it be both things?

    • Alex Vostrikov

      mind me asking, where is the bus taking you….. crazy house? la-la land?

  • Copywryter

    Ainge should not trade a dollar for four quarters, but he may not have a choice. Unless Rondo can be a Pierce and buy in to a rapid rebuild. God knows Boston has a lot of picks and what looks to be a solid, solid coach.

  • morgan c

    I mean, I think Zarar is being a tad too dismissive. I’m by no means saying the Raptors will acquire Rondo, but it is abjectly false to say that the Celtics wouldn’t consider trading Rondo. You may say he’s 27 and in his prime. I may say for a guard who plays the way he does, has the miles he has on him, and his injury history, he’s on the downside of his prime AT BEST, and possibly has already peaked. Who knows how his knee holds up. Ainge has PUBLICLY made it clear that nothing is off the table with Rondo, and has actively shopped him in years’ past. Just saying. Oh yea, and the Celtics are in full tank mode, so acquiring yet another first round pick and a good one prospect for Rondo might be enticing. Celtics won’t be winning titles in next 2-3 years no matter what, at which point Rondo will DEFINITELY be past his prime.

  • Bullshit Santa

    Tis the season for more bullshit, fa la la la lar la lar la la

  • Dean

    Yawn.. Another pointless rumour ahead of deadline day.. Rondo has no interest in resigning to a new deal in Toronto if even dealt here