Feast your eyes on this purple goodness.

“See the thing about the old days, is that they the old days. Except, they’re also the new days, apparently.” — Slim Charles, probably.

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  • Andre Julian Ward

    LOVE IT!

  • mike, prague

    Sweet, a less tacky version of the old ones. I LOVE IT!

    • Sig

      They’re the same jerseys.

  • Rd

    Man… I almost forgot how much a terror Vince was..

    • mountio

      100% STUD. When you throw in the clutch plus the athleticism, Im not sure there has been a better player to watch from a pure night to night entertainment perspective than Vince in his prime. Sure, MJ, Lebron, Kobe much better players … but not the same must see TV as Vince. We were lucky to have him …

    • afrocarter
  • Bryan Colangelo

    I just don’t know. I mean, I like the purple, and even the logotype. But the Dino always rubbed me the wrong way. It’s just too cartoonish.

  • KateC_22

    The purple I understand – there is some tradition there. Don’t like it, but accept it. But please… no more Barney.

  • KateC_22

    Also – please keep the claw logo. One of the best in sports.

    • Jeffrey Yau

      Agreed, the claw is good.

  • Sportsfan_11

    Simply Amazing…Love the Purple……always have…should keep it….

    • Delabar’s Weighted Balls

      We’ve definitely been missing the purple

  • Blair Miller

    I wish they’d change to the Huskies. Raptors was the result of a fan vote when Jurassic Park was a fad. No new team today would want to be named the Zombies, Adolescent Vampires or Hogwarts.

    • Dave Smith

      Why though? I never understood this. For one, huskies is a terrible name by itself, it just sucks. Right up there with Pelicans and Jazz. Second, the Huskies played in the NBA for one season. Why are we trying to be so nostalgic for a team name that barely was a blip on the radar. In terms of history with this city, the Raptors have 100 times the nostalgia, name recognition, and history over the Huskies.

      Anyway, I can see the argument for maybe going blue and white, to match the Jays and the Leafs, but honestly the Huskies name is just horrible.

      • Blair Miller

        To be honest, I just picked the Huskies because it’s the most discussed alternative. I don’t like Raptors and I don’t think 20 years constitutes a rich history in the grand scheme of things. I also don’t think nostalgia has to be a part of a good name, but I know I’m in the minority on this.

        • Dave Smith

          Fair enough. I personally like the Raptor name and I hope we keep it, but if it had to go, I’d much rather we came up with something better than Huskies. I think it’s only discussed as an alternative because for some reason people think we should be beholden to that name for all eternity because we used it one time in 1940’s.

          • Blair Miller

            It doesn’t just have to be about the past…I like Huskies, but it comes down to personal preference. The moniker has done pretty well in Connecticut, and it doesn’t even apply as well there.

      • afrocarter

        Hey! Pelicans is a freaking awesome name

        • Blair Miller

          Ugh. Maybe it should be the Toronto Herons, then.

          • afrocarter

            Nah, I don’t think that’d work. Doesn’t quite have the same pizzazz as “Pelicans”.

      • Blair Miller

        I think Jazz was a great name – when the franchise was in New Orleans. Not so much in Mormonville.

    • The Red Fury

      Raptors is a great name. One of the better team names in the NBA.

    • Nerius

      They could keep the claw and the name without the dyno. Raptor is also bird of prey which is not too bad as a name for a team.

  • jakdripr

    I’m pretty sure it’s for specific games, they’ll still have the red and white but will bust this out every now and then.

  • livestar

    Hedging their bets on the video..not a lot of lowry on there…

  • Dev

    Slim charles lol

  • afrocarter

    In this particular situation, it’s okay to squeal.

  • robertparish00

    The Raptors name is easier to like when the team is winning.

  • Philoveritas

    I hated the purple jerseys back in the day, it’s so hard to match with the rest of your outfit…I mean really if you got purple pants in your closet you need professional help. The home white pinstripes are somewhat bearable but for the love of everything sacred keep the red white black and silver colour scheme as the norm, if they want to trot out the purple on throwback night it’s better than the CF camo I guess…

  • Shadow Of Christ

    First of all, this is NOT the rebranding of the Raptors. It is only the 20th Anniversary tribute of the Raptors. Rebranding takes 2 years and the team started the process last offseason, so after next season we’ll see what the Raptors rebranding looks like…


  • yessir

    Bring back the purple ASAP lose the red/black/white keep the claw keep the name and lose those arrows on the sides, those should have been there for one two-years tops… i like the huskies retro jerseys, just put “Raptors” on the front and change the blue to purple…

  • Checbenj

    are these retro jerseys on sale at the acc love them