Hey, looky here. It’s a night where we like Jonas Valanciunas and don’t think he’s a human turnover.

Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe might have outscored him, which is all fine and good except that nobody cares about that. What we care about are rebounds because that’s a category where Jonas won, so let’s see what he was up to. Also, the first rebound in this clip is hilarious, because they basically credited the guy closest to the ball.

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For the record, Jonas will be just fine and I think Dwane Casey’s been handling him well. Valanciunas needs to be held accountable and treated basically the exactly opposite of how Andrea Bargnani was treated. He might get benched one in a while, but that’s just part of growing up here.

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  • c_bcm

    I agree entirely with you RE Casey’s management of Jonas’ development. Maintaining a level of discipline within the organization is what keep young developing teams like the Raps from turning into disorganized veterans like the Pistons.