DeRozan had 16 points on only 4-12 shooting against a strong Memphis perimeter defense, but hit this massive three which went some way to ice the game as the Raptors pulled off an impressie home win. Read the Quick Reaction to get a taste of the game.

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  • john

    Haha, I wonder if Amir realized the mini heart attacks he gave the thousands of people watching the game with that pump.

  • peter_7.701

    LOL when Amir was thinking about taking the three the entire ACC had the same reaction and man Jack is priceless

  • curse of the swirsk

    I love at the 0:27 mark when Demar is sitting down on the bench, the hot chick in Gucci row beside the bench is giving him the “Me love you, long time” look.

  • KJ-B

    That CompTen Corner Trey (should pattern that) was a très cool moment. Let’s face it, if you or I were guarded by Tayshaun Prince/Tony Allen all day n night like that we wouldn’t even make it to the elevator–I know I’d never even get to my desk, spesch on a Friday, to do any work!

  • He definitely had trouble with the D tonight but the optimist in me says that by simply having him out there it kept guys like Prince from pinching for double teams. They know what he’s capable of so on an “off night” let him hang by the perimeter and remove their best defender from the game.

  • Steps

    The announcing is priceless … “ho ho ho, ha, ha, hoo, hee hee hooo, hee, hee, hoo …” … 6 seconds of clowning around right before DeRozan nails the 3!

    • Qasim311

      didn’t even notice that listening live, just imagine someone on league pass watching the game, they’d (rightly) think our announcers are retards