I thought it was Tommy Heinsohn, but it’s not. You can still almost pinpoint where the commentators heart shatters into a thousand pieces.  It feels so good to win, and even better to win in Boston.  I have to give credit to Chuck Hayes for his defense on that possession, he was a bit of an unsung hero.

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  • ahoang

    dagger, holy swagger

  • Icarus Descending

    I’d like to see Ross getting the shot more often late in these close games.



    • John

      omg your crazy
      you probably think Pipen>Jordan aswel right
      DeRzan in 24 and Tross is 23, Tross will be a great player in the future but DeRozan is too good already and only getting better, watch him 4 years from now will will be putting up some crazy ass number

      • FREEJV

        ross is in his 2nd year idc about the age. derozan is already in his 5th year his growth from here on will be little. Ross is already a better shooter, defender and dribbler.

        • Ghotte

          BUT, didn’t you think DD had plateaued *last year*??? That his stats had remained basically the same and that he’d hit his ceiling?

          Were you wrong? Ummm, yes.

          • FREEJV

            lol wtf are you talking about? find where i said that pls thanks clown.

            • Ghotte

              ha ha hater

              • FREEJV

                ross>derozan you mad ?

                • Mike P

                  ross over everything

    • mike, prague

      I’d have to fix up your statement a bit to agree with you.
      DeRozan > Ross
      Ross’s potential > DeRozan’s potential

  • johng_3

    haha just beautiful silence from that old man

  • Isaiah Babcock

    FYI-That’s not Tommy Heinsohn. I still enjoyed it though.

    • arsenalist

      Damn. Well, that took something out of it, but thanks for pointing out the error.

      • Jeffrey Yau

        That’s Mike, Tommy was also commentating though

        • FREEJV

          or not commentating on these 2 plays lmao.

  • Will

    Yeah, that’s not Heinsohn. Heinsohn is so annoying. He’s ten times worse than Leo. That guy is the definition of a homer.

  • Wiley Chamberlain

    I like those “Lets go Raptors” chants you can hear in the video lol

  • Stojakoraptor

    “dagger D: ….”

    • Bryan Colangelo

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the millisecond where his heart breaks.

  • Bryan Colangelo

    I try not to enjoy the misery of other teams too much because it wasn’t that long ago that we were getting our hearts ripped out of our chest.

    Unless it’s the Knicks. Eff THOSE guys.

  • Fly Fresh

    You can really tell the mentality of “fans” who probably only started watching basketball in the last 5-8 years. They’re usually the ones that scream “tank”, yell “trade known good players for unknown players in college” and diss good-hearted, good players on their HOME team. Smfh. Wack Sauce!!!