Raptors celebrate clinching playoffs

Andrew’s back, so is an old jilted lover and we talk Raptors.  James joins us during Part 4 to sprinkle us with his NBA insight. It’s all good as we also tell you how to get playoff tickets.

Part 1:

  • Props to Amir Johnson and DeMar DeRozan for sticking with the Raptors
  • Playoff matchups and talk of Nets wanting to face Raptors
  • Dwane Casey vs Tom T
  • Who has the coaching edge in Nets v Raptors

Part 2

  • Analysis and predictions of Miami, Houston, Indiana and Milwaukee games
  • James Harden and DeMar DeRozan
  • Why Landry Fields isn’t getting any burn
  • Lance Stephenson’s temper and his ejection
  • Pacers vs Raptors matchups so far this season
  • Milwaukee’s impressive commitment to losing
  • Leafs vs Raptors – Hey SportsCenter, we get it, Leafs aren’t very good

Part 3 – Listener Questions

  • How many minutes do you see both Chuck Hayes and Tyler Hansbrough getting in the postseason? Does one player get cut out of the rotation completely?
  • What sort of success in these playoffs will it take to interest high end free agent signings?

Part 4

  • James Herbert talks NBA
  • Houston’s slide
  • Western playoff race and the Vince Carter connection
  • Eastern playoff situation
  • How Iverson and Vince took different paths

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9 Responses to “Raptors Weekly Podcast, March 30 – Jilted Lovers”

  1. Bryan Colangelo

    My assumption has always been the reason why Fields isn’t getting any playing time is that his nerve issues must have fundamentally crippled his mid-long range game.

    With Patterson out as well, you can’t have a line-up of GV, Hansborough and Hayes on the floor without another scorer to spread the floor. Even though Salmons is struggling, theoretically he can hit a shot from outside. Of course you can mix in Ross, Lowry and DeRozan in there but I guess Casey is just gambling to cut down their minutes.

    TLDR; I think if Patterson were available to stretch the floor off the bench, you’d see more Fields in place of a struggling Salmons. Just my best guess.

  2. Yoshi

    Milwaukee actually made the playoffs last year…it’s sad that it feels like a couple years ago. haha

  3. rapierraptor

    Good stuff. My favorite line from the pod: “Have you seen more than 5 minutes of Milwaukee basketball this season?” “No, because I don’t hate myself.” haha. BTW it’s pronounced Yahn-iss not G-ahn-iss.

  4. morgan c

    Huge Raps and Leafs fan. But let’s get something straight here… the Leafs will always be the number 1 draw, by far, in Toronto. That is simply fact, and it won’t change (culture of Canada, history of franchise, hockey over basketball as “Canada’s game,” and so many more reasons). Not sure why you have to denigrate Leafs to prop up the Raps. Seems like sour grapes. Ya, it would be cool if Raptors got the opening SC bit since they are doing better, but that has literally been for 8 games (Leafs losing streak) out of the existence of the entire franchise, maybe minus one season in VC days (but Leafs were losing Conf Finals then, so…). We are all from Toronto (or most of us); just not sure why you can’t be a fan of both teams. Pitting Raptors or their fans or their sport against the Leafs (and theirs) is a losing proposition and battle. It’s okay to not hate your hometown’s most popular team…

    Go Raps Go Leafs (fire Carlyle). Thank God the Raptors are doing well, because at least for me, that makes this disaster by Leafs more tolerable. Am I seriously the only Leafs fan that reads and regularly contributes here?! Maybe…

    Great cast otherwise, as always.

    • afrocarter

      I think the denigration is aimed less at the Leafs and more at the media outlets that insist on providing minimum coverage of Canada’s basketball team. Yes, the Leafs are the Leafs, but this Raptors season has been historic on many levels. You’d think TSN & Sportsnet would give it the acknowledgment it undoubtedly deserves — especially considering ROGERS Sportsnet owns the freaking team.

      • morgan c

        Good point. I live in Washington, DC, so am not able to catch my hometown broadcasts, etc. Seems to me though that the Raptors get plenty of love on sportsnet.ca and the fan 590 (which I listen to live daily at work). But maybe that’s not true?

        • jjdynomite

          Really depends on media personalities. Tim & Sid, coming from The Score (which initially carried a lot of Raps games before it was bought by Rogers and then farmed out to high cable channels like SN1) always pump up the Raptors and often put them on first (ode to Ujiri, etc.). Old curmudgeons who hate all forms of basketball like Bob McCown cover hockey, then baseball, then NFL/NCAAF, then hockey again.

          It’s too bad, morgan, you don’t get NBATV Canada, it’s all Raptors + NBA, all-the-time. I basically only watch the TSN12s and SportsNetOESW1s for the actual live games.

          P.S. Leafs get FAR too much coverage and love from fans for a perennially mediocre or worse team. If the Leafs were as good as the Raps have been this season (11 clean games over .500, none of this bullshit 2 points for a shootout win, 1 for a loss, only-in-the-NHL garbage), this city would be painted blue. The only historic thing about the Leafs is their playoff collapse last-season, and regular season collapse this one.


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