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10 “Behind The Scenes” Points from Masai Ujiri’s Interview with George Strombolopolous



A fantastic comment from RR reader, Alexey Ots, tells us what was and wasn’t aired from the Masai Ujiri interview with George Strombolopolous.

Swimming Upstream on the John Salmons Issue


Toronto Raptors lose to the Oklahoma City Thunder 119-118

Taking an objective look at John Salmons, and assessing his role on this team.

Report: MLSE To Offer Playoff Tickets at Half Price to “Make Amends”



There’s a report in the National Post which should get everyone excited about getting affordable playoff tickets.

Raptors lose game to good player, focus turns to Kyle Lowry


LeBron James, John Salmons, Jonas Valanciunas

The Raptors lost to the Heat but the bigger loss may be Kyle Lowry.

Morning Coffee – Tue, Apr 1


Kyle Lowry needs sleep

Kyle Lowry injured. That is all.

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