As per RaptorsMR, who I’ve always pictured like the above, the following tidbit of information has come to light:

So, prior to tonight’s Rockets/Raptors game, the Raptors will determine whether Lowry is good to go.

It goes without saying that if Lowry is out our chances of making a dent in the playoffs are slim to none, actually, they’re more like none.  A possible outcome here, and I’m speculating, is that since he hasn’t broken anything (X-Rays etc. negative), it’s likely a bruise or something similar that under ideal circumstance would require 2-4 weeks rest.  If that is the case, it’s best to shut him down for the remainder of the regular season to give him a minimum of two weeks rest, knowing full well that third or even fourth place might be under threat.  I’d rather have a healthier Lowry as a road playoff team than a wobbly one as a home one.

It also sucks for the man himself because he’s been having a fantastic season, and suffering an injury this late into a contract-year could have some bearing on his summertime offers.

On the plus side, we get to see more of Nando de Colo and Dwight Buycks! And maybe even Landry Fields will get to man the point-forward slot with great aplomb.

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9 Responses to “Kyle Lowry to Receive Treatment During Day; Pre-Game Announcement Pending”

  1. ayejay

    Rest him for a week, it dont matter who we face, I know Raptors can beat any team if they feel like they can.

  2. Milesboyer

    My gut tells me he’s out tonight, ready to go Friday. Dwight Howard is also out tonight so even without Lowry, we have a chance at winning this one.

    • Nerius

      Jones also had the flu the night before and Motiejunas couldn’t step it up. We’ll see if TJ plays tonight.

  3. uke2themax

    Agree 100%. Even IF we dropped all the way down to the sixth seed (is that even possible/likely at this point??) I would much prefer to play as a road team with Kyle Lowry at full strength. Ideally, the first round series wouldn’t go 7 games anyways, and we’ll lose home court in the 2nd round regardless. Health > Home Court

  4. JRedmond14

    Patrick Beverley is injured as well. If Lowry doesn’t play tonight, it will be Lin v.s Vasquez: Battle of the Floaters haha. But Seriously, REST LOWRY!!!!

  5. Pong

    Lebron is made of steel so Lowry most likely got a bad bruise from that exchange. Doesn’t sound as serious as the meniscus tear that pbev just got or the one Westbrook had last year.


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