• Bacadi!

    I felt he had more of a mean streak today, e.g. yelling after that slam on Varnardo…I think he will grow well from this

    • Bacadi!

      And to add, damn it feels good to have a Euro dude that has some fire in him…I lost a lot of hope for Euro ballers after the whole Bargnani trip

      • jakdripr

        I’m ashamed to say when BC drafter JV, I switched off the TV and stormed out of the room. I had had enough of soft centres and I assumed JV would be the same. Glad to see he’s proving me wrong, really looking forward to watching this kid develop.

  • ahoang

    hope someone else on the team gets arrested for a DUI before the playoffs, what a fkin BEAST
    (just kidding, drinking and driving is no joke. Glad to see him move past this)

  • RaptorsKOR

    That’s my boy! I’m sure that DUI incident was a turning point for JV. It will only make him become more mature and better player than before!

  • lemminfa