Raptors Republic would like to thank you for making the site part of your daily trip around the internet.  We greatly appreciate your time and are committed to providing excellent, timely, and free content to our readers on a daily basis – yes, that includes the weary summer.

We’re not perfect but are striving to be, so when we make mistakes, like forgetting Fields was inactive and then slagging Casey for it, please try to forgive us.  Or when you disagree with the grades, like when someone gives A- to a guy who had a 51-point night, feel free to let it rip – we can take it, we really can as long as you don’t bring our mothers into it.

At the end of the day, we love producing Raptors-related content and hope you get some joy out of the site as well.

Raptors Republic is:

Other contributors to Raptors Republic include Alex Wong, Atique Virani, Siri Birnbaum, and Glen Hogarth.  A special thank you to ESPN, the TrueHoop network, and to Henry Abbott and Kevin Arnovitz.

Thank you! The season is over, but we’re going to keep chugging along right through Day 1 of training camp!

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  • DDayLewis

    Seconded. Thanks for putting up with a novice blogger all year, and for any kind words from anyone. It was a very good year.

  • Icarus Descending

    Best sports site I’ve seen next to grantland. Keep up the great work!

  • jclaw

    The city just found out what we knew along. Not just that the Raptors are worth supporting but that the Raptor fan base is unparalleled. Whenever I look to other teams sites, I am so thankful that the dedication of this site exists. Thanks to everyone who keeps it going. We’re going to need it to keep us busy until next october 🙂

  • nikemanvc

    Long time reader of RR, but this is my first post. I just really wanted to thank all of you guys for such a great season. I first came to the Raptors as a 10 year old, when I moved to Toronto from the States because our immigration status in the US was in flux. I only spent 3 years in Canada (we came back to the US and I’m now a dual citizen) but I’ve held onto my Canadian-ness–I’ve held onto my Toronto Raptors fandom.

    It hasn’t been easy through these years to root for this team, but I always held on, not only because the Vince Carter years were such a huge part of my formative childhood, but also because this team was a tangible link to my Canadian identity. This season, I was finally able to financially afford a league pass account, and I’ve watched almost every game as a result. RR was my first stop after the game, every morning, and every night. I laughed at Will’s corny jokes, stewed along with Zarar’s frustrations, and rolled my eyes at Tim W’s pro-tanking stance (we still love you Tim W, sorry for all the mud being slung!). RR is a part of my life (as sad as that sounds).

    This was a great season for the boys–they always fought, and they never quit, all the way down to the last 6 seconds of Game 7 of the PLAYOFFS. The future is bright, and I’m proud to be a Toronto Raptors fan. Thanks for being a part of this journey, Raptors Republic.

    • jclaw

      welcome aboard. Even in the south, you can still be the north 🙂

    • mike, prague

      Wait, are you me?

      • nikemanvc

        haha unlikely, since I’m currently in Washington DC

        • mike, prague

          Who knows we could be Chris and Cliff Paul 2.0 lol … let’s rather end this …

    • ardefen


  • RPT23

    Thank-you RR for filling my time with all things Raptor Related. I’ve said this before (and I’m sure others may have as well) but I’ve always thought this was the Official Toronto Raptors Website with a neato-looking logo. Please continue the excellent work, I understand the time and effort exhausted in keeping this website up-and-running… THANK-YOU SO MUCH!

    Now… where do I get that fancy looking cap shown up at the top?

  • mike, prague

    Respect and thanks from the czech republic, love what you do and it has been great to see Will grow up as a writer lol. Thanks, for pseudo-constructively wasting countless hours of my time I should have been learning it’s truly appreciated (straight, dead serious, no irony).
    God bless you as writers and people!

    • DDayLewis

      Aww, thanks Mike. There’s plenty more growing pains to come, don’t worry.

  • Minks77

    meh, thanks for putting in all this work. Keep the site poplin, got it looking better on mobile, generating a ton of content and just like the Raps themselves, being the unloved redheaded step child at ESPN. I truly appreciate it all (even if I only use about 2% of it).

  • Timo In Waterloo

    To Arsenalist and the rest of the team at RR, thank you. I don’t comment much on the site but I read it daily as my main source for Raps news. I appreciate all that the RR team does. I raise my glass in your honour !

  • MisterM

    Thanks for all your hard works guys and gals! This season was magical. This site was a constant for me all season, particularly after every game. Keep it up.

  • CashGameND

    thank you back. I used to stop in once & a while but was a regular reader here all year & love the site & the podcasts. You are now a regular daily stop on the internet for me & I am proud to be a member of the raptors republic!

  • the caustic

    Long time Raps fan and reader of RR from Europe, must say this season has been a hell of a ride both for the Raptors and for the Republic. And another good aspect is that both are well placed for the next future. Which doesn’t mean it will be easy to climb to the next level, but at least the premises are there. Keep the good work coming, keep pounding the rock. Thanks Arsenalist and the team for this excellent site.

  • ItsAboutFun

    I acknowledge I give the writers, and some posters, a hard time, but that doesn’t diminish the appreciation for all the time and effort put into this site. Thanks to all the writers (well with one exception, my good buddy Tim W). Sincerely.

  • Guest

    Thanks to all the writers, readers and commentators. All of your contributions make this site a great visit.

  • jlongs

    We as readers may not always agree with what’s written, but I don’t think anyone can deny how much effort you guys have put in to the site and the content that you constantly put out. The forums/game threads, morning coffee/web articles, the quick reactions followed by a more in-depth analysis, rapcasts, etc. The amount of Raptors-related content is amazing. It’s actually the only site I go to for anything Raptors related.

    Thank you for being a great companion and hub for us fans. I look forward to the many more years of fandom spent along with you guys. Hopefully most of them equally or even more so exciting and rewarding than this season.