Jaden Smith once said “A group of individuals, we kinda like sausages.”

I don’t know what the hell he meant – did he mean people are similar to sausages in that sausages are a group of individuals, or that his particular group of individuals enjoy sausages? I have no idea.

In any case, use this weekend open thread to discuss anything you, as an individual and/or sausage enthusiast, care to discuss.

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25 Responses to “Weekend Open Thread”

  1. Ladel

    I think he’s referring to how sausages straight from the butcher are linked, but are then separated by people and consumed. Meaning the world separates you from family and friends then eats you up.

    • GoingBig

      mmmm sausages
      Different types of mustard mmmmm….

      When you go to the hot dog stands, they cut them open in a criss-cross pattern. Strangely, I like barbecue sauce on the grilled sausages mixed with dijon mustard.

      Philosophical thought tastes better with grilled sausages covered with barbecue sauce mixed with dijon mustard.

  2. Stef

    Anybody watching the Spurs-Thunder series closely?

    I ask only because for me, watching the Spurs play when they’re firing on all cylinders the way they usually do, I’m about as happy watching hoops as I could be .. with the exception of course, of how it’d feel to watch the Raps play that same kind of way. (I can *almost* imagine that.)

    Which is the point of this comment, I guess.

    What the Spurs do so well depends, to a certain extent on the talent of Tony Parker and Tim Duncan and Kawaii Leonard and Manu Ginobili and the rest of the players that Coach Popovich and GM Buford has chosen to be there. BUT .. even with somewhat-to-slightly less-talented players on the court, *I* suspect that almost any NBA team could improve their destiny dramatically if they played a similar kind of way. Making the extra pass .. and then the extra-extra pass and the extra-extra-extra pass, etc, always looking for the better shot all the way down to the end of the shot-clock if need be.

    “No ball-stoppers!”, I heard Pop shout to them in a huddle. And naturally, I thought of .. our ball-stoppers. And the reality that ‘ball-stoppers’ on the court are even *allowed* to stay out there. But .. different styles of play, I suppose.

    Cheering for the Spurs myself because A) I love watching them play .. but more importantly, I think they could and maybe even *will* beat the Heat. It’s not a slam-dunk by any stretch; the Heat are monstrous. But the Spurs have unfinished business with the Heat (Spurs probably should’ve won last year) so it’s gotta be on their minds.

    Plus, I’d like to see LeBron have a reason to consider moving on to another team.

    • Paul Stevens

      Great post. Watching 5-10 minutes tape of the Spurs play should be mandatory for every Raptors practice.

    • mountio

      Spurs are great to watch. But, Miami unfortunately is taking it again this year. When they are in top gear, no one (inc spurs) can stay with them

    • pjs

      Looking at these teams play, but really any of the top 8-9 teams in the Western Conference, makes me think the Raptors should target someone with the following characteristics, not sure what position, I’m not that technical:
      – Western Conference
      – Playoff experience
      – About age 24-26

      • Stef

        Couldn’t really say but your list would include a lot of good players.

  3. mountio

    [copying from Dr is In podcast, as probably more appropriate here]
    What do you guys think of the Simmons / Lowe scenario that they threw our re trading DD for something like Charlotte’s #9 pick plus Gerald Henderson? If you do that, you take someone like Gordon or McDermott with 9. Henderson obviously isnt DD, but at $6 mm / year is certainly serviceable. Gives TR more playing time and should get a very quality (and cheap) player in the draft at #9. Gives you more cap space to go after a FA (whether Deng, Monroe, Bosh or someone else), gets the team younger and while it maybe puts the team back a half step this year (maybe not depending on who you draft / sign) – it should definitely help long term.
    Not saying Im sold on it .. but worth considering.

    • arsenalist

      Henderson is seen as the most overrated player in Charlotte by their fans and I agree. The ninth pick is of no interest to me, as the most you expect out of that late a pick is a guy like DeMar DeRozan, which would take us full circle.

    • arsenalist

      Will let you know in July…I remain firmly off the wagon for now.

  4. Anonapotamus

    What does everyone think of Otto Porter? From reading some Wizards fans comments it seems as though if they resign Ariza they’re may not really be a place for him in the rotation again next year, especially since they already have Webster to back up the SF spot.

    The fact he was drafted so high, albeit in a weak draft, and the fact that he’s a lengthy wing who has a good defensive upside makes me wonder if he wouldn’t be a decent fit for the Raptors.

    I don’t know if the Wiz would make him available, but they didn’t seem to enamored with playing him last year. Plus since Ariza, if they resign him, is gonna be around 4 years at say 9 million per, and Webster is 4 years at over 5 million, can they afford to pay around 5 million for their third string SF? That would be close to 20 million a year at a position that isn’t really a key spot for them.

    Any thoughts on Porter?

  5. jjdynomite

    Speaking of Jaden Smith (in terms of people who get roles totally out of their depth just because they are famous for something totally different), why in living hell are REGGIE MILLER and MARK JACKSON commentators on high profile basketball games. Their VOICES ARE FUCKING HORRIBLE and they OFFER ZERO INSIGHT. /rant over.

    • arsenalist

      If TNT could have a re-do with Reggie, they’d pass on him. Mark Jackson, Magic Johnson, and Bill Simmons need to get off TV permanently. I like the idea of having a print guy on, ala Vescey back in the day. Adds something…different.



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