Hello and welcome to the Monday afternoon roundtable. In this edition, we discuss Pau Gasol, the upcoming draft, and potentially upgrading at small-forward.

When there is a dearth of Raptors-related news, when there is nothing but scraps of half-heard whispers and rumor mill dregs, we here at Raptors Republic don’t simply stop posting and get on with our lives (mostly because we have none). No, we munch on ever scrap until we’re full of fluff.

This week’s edition of the roundtable features yours truly, the full-bearded Blake Murphy, and microphone connoisseur Zarar Siddiqi.

1. Ric Bucher says the Raptors are one Pau Gasol signing away from contention in the East. Agree/disagree.

William: The Raptors should not sign Pau Gasol. For the record, I’m a big fan of his and I respect his talents. In a down year last season, he still managed to average over 17 points and 9 rebounds per game. He’s an NBA champion and he would undoubtedly fill a void in both the paint and in leadership.

But his age worries me. We’re talking about a player with multiple 37 minute-per-game seasons and deep playoff runs under his belt. What does he really have left? Say nothing of logistics and fit — what’s left in the tank? How much could an aging center with limited mobility help in the increasingly perimeter-oriented NBA? The Raptors could stand to make a big move. Getting Gasol at nearly 34 years of age wouldn’t be big, it would be shortsighted.

Blake: Disagree. Well, I mean, I disagree logistically at least, because I don’t see how it’s really all that possible – the Raptors are light on cap space when the free agent cap holds are considered, and Gasol has been pretty clear that his decision set includes primarily contenders. On the floor, Gasol would make sense on offense, adding an element of creativity and yet another weapon in the pick-and-roll game. He would mean the end of Patrick Patterson and a decrease in role for Amir Johnson; neither of those things on their own are a bad result of adding a player of Gasol’s caliber, but it speaks to how there may be a better use of assets and cap space. Also, Gasol and Valanciunas together defensively…yuck. In short, Gasol is great, I just don’t see it.

Zarar: No, but it really depends on what he means by contention.  The greater offensive balance achieved by having Gasol patrol the frontcourt would make the Raptors a better team in the near-term, or at least as long as the 34-year old can sustain himself at a reasonably high level.  He’s been injured a lot, having missed 32, and 22 games the last two seasons, respectively, so that has to be taken into account.  He would also come at a very high price, and any move would have to be money-driven since he can’t reasonably expect to win a title here.  How his price tag would restrict the Raptors in retaining and signing free-agents would also have to be considered.  The effect on Jonas Valanciunas’ development could also be negative because Gasol’s minutes would come at his expense since putting both in the frontcourt would get congested.  So, even though Gasol would make the Raptors better in the near-term and perhaps bump them into the second round, the long-term implications are negative from a player development and salary cap perspective.  Basically, this would be a sort of move that Bryan Colangelo would make in hopes of pseudo-contention.

2. What should the Raptors do with the 20th pick?

William: I’m going to be honest — I don’t know anything about college ball. I couldn’t tell Kyle Anderson from P.J. Hairston. It’s always on when the NBA is, and the professional association is a superior product. I’ll refer you to my esteemed compatriots for specific player recommendations.

Having said that, here’s one principle I want the Raptors to stick to: draft a player with at least one solid NBA skill. Can he defend, shoot threes, rebound, quickly rotate from the basket to the perimeter, or handle the ball? I don’t want the team to gamble on a player who could “do it all”. There’s no LeBrons to be found at the 20th pick. There are, however, solid contributors like Kawhi Leonard, Robin Lopez and Kenneth Farieds available.

Blake: There are two names atop Blake Murphy’s big ol big board that may or may not be available at No. 20. Adreian Payne intrigues the hell out of me, and if Patterson is heading out the door he’s a pretty seamless replacement – he’s big, he can hit the NBA three, he’s a decent defender, and he’s tough as hell. Yes, he’s 23, but he’s also a “late bloomer” and his 2013-14 performance was marred by a battle with mono. He could go higher, though, and if a wing’s the call I love K.J. McDaniels from Clemson. While the shooting is somewhat of a concern, he has significant defensive potential and is solid offensively beyond the range question. And Elfrid Payton, well, I know some were excited but he ain’t sliding that far anymore.

Zarar: Either move up or trade the pick.  The stock around 20 doesn’t impress me as every player on the board has a weakness that I’m not looking to give playing time to just so they can develop.  I like Rodney Hood, but I hate his defense. I like Clint Capella, but I think he doesn’t ‘get’ the game and who he is. I think Andreian Payne’s 4-year college experience could be productive sooner than later, but we already have a stretch-four (if Patterson returns).  I like K.J. McDaniels but feel there’s too much overlap with Terrence Ross.  You see where I’m going? The 20th pick on its own isn’t going to fetch anything, and a package-deal is required for something greater to come out of it.

3. Should the Raptors move to acquire a starting SF this offseason? If so, suggest a candidate.

William: I’m in favor of bringing the band (Vasquez, Lowry, Patterson) back together which leaves the Raptors with very little to cap room to work with. However, someone has to come in and fill John Salmons’ role. My suggestion is to plug the hole with something in the interim. So, how does one of Marvin Williams, Wes Johnson or Jason Richardson sound? No? Okay I’m sorry I suggested it. For what it’s worth, they would all be upgrades over Salmons.

Blake: Sure, why not? They may draft someone at No. 20 to fill the spot but they’d probably still want another veteran in the mix. It’s really hard to predict the team’s offseason given the RFAs and Lowry’s price tag are up in the air, because those players will impact the team’s cap space a great deal. Say we re-up all three, then all that’s really available is the mid-level exception. That’s not getting Luol Deng or Rudy Gay on the phone, and the crop thins out from there. Does Danny Granger move the needle at all? Would Shawn Marion come back? Can we just sign Boris Diaw regardless of position because that would be the best? I wrote all those words and totally forgot it’s already pre-ordained that Vince Carter’s coming back.

Zarar: Luol Deng, if the price is right.  He’s always been a “team guy” who plays both ends and that’s exactly what the Raptors need.  It immediately improves the defense and gives Dwane Casey a player he can easily work with.  It strengthens the bench by moving Ross back to it, and it does all that without introducing a player who feeds off of shot-attempts.  He’s a free-agent so you can acquire him without giving up assets, which makes this about as no-brainer a move as you can have.   He’s also someone who will have good resale value because he’s what contending teams often look for.  The only negative here is his health, as he did miss 19 games last season due to a back injury.

So what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Andre

    No to pau… Draft Kyle Anderson at 20… I like Luol Deng… I think he would fit..

  • I will be very disappointed if we draft Kyle Anderson. Just don’t see him having much of an impact at NBA level. Has personal issues as well.

  • ckh26

    I am all for acquiring players that fit into your scheme or what type of team and style your going to play.
    To illustrate. If you have a baseball team that plays in a stadium that is 360 feet down the foul lines and 430 to dead centre you draft pitchers and defensive players NOT home run hitters. So with the Dwane Casey regieme tentatively in place for 3 more years we should be looking to draft players with a defensive bent first and foremost that have offensive upside. Not he other way around. So to chime in on the topics above.

    Which FA’s and RFA’s ?
    YES Deng at SF for sure.
    NO P Gasol no as he doesn’t fit what you aspire to be as a team.
    YES Emeka Okafor as he plays defense at rebounds and can back up JV.

    Which players for our 20th & 37th draft choice ?
    Payne for need and he can play defense
    McDaniels for need and he can play defense
    Stokes for need and he can play defense.
    Mitch McGarry as he can rebound and clog up the lane. You can slide a 20 dollar bill under his vertical but he is quick lateraly .
    Russ Smith at 37 or 59 as he is a ball hawk and can play at speed.

    Just no because they have only heard of defense, Usually at volume from the coach because they aren’t playing it.
    TJ Warren
    Kyle Anderson
    Rodney Hood
    Zach Levine

    Projects that are very athletic and fit the requirement of defense first but will require patience that Dwane may not have
    Clint Capella
    Jerami Grant
    Jusuf Nurkic

    • DDayLewis

      Okfafor is a great option if he’s healthy. Dude was always an underrated rim defender.

    • Dr. Scooby

      “You can slide a 20 dollar bill under his vertical”

  • Tom

    We need a tough, athletic player who can defend either forward position? James Johnson, who we had, but Colangelo pretty much gave him away, fits the bill. I’m pretty sure we could get him for less than the mid-level, assuming he doesn’t go to jail.

    • Guest

      “James Johnson, who we had, but Colangelo pretty much gave him away […]”

      Yeah, totally gave him away. Johnson, who the Bulls acquired at #16, who we acquired with a late 1st round pick, who the Kings acquired for a 2nd round pick, who the Hawks acquired off the FA heap after the Kings decided not to bring him back, who the Grizzlies acquired off the FA heap after the Hawks decided to cut him. Yup, we pretty much gave this valuable player away.

      • RRT Ash

        That guy’s wife beater,,, he ain’t welcome here

        • ac1011990

          I guess innocent until proven guilty no longer applies.

      • Tom

        I understand the skepticism, but he had a great year in Memphis. Admittedly, he was pretty terrible in Sacramento, after being mediocre in Toronto.

        He wasn’t good in Toronto, but his most glaring weakness (shooting) was a learnable skill, and I loved what he brought defensively. I was mad when we traded him, and I think the season he just put together in Memphis validates my feeling that he had a lot of potential but just hadn’t put it together yet.

        3 blocks and 2 steals per 48 minutes at the SF position is nothing to scoff at, and he has been doing that consistently for a while His TS% last year was 55%, which was a big jump for him.

        Dan Tolzman said recently that the Raptors believe defense is largely innate, whereas offense can be learned, and I believe the jump that Johnson took last year is an example of that.

        I understand the skepticism (and the character concerns), but I’d love to have him back. He’d bring something that our roster is missing, he’s still much younger than the other SFs people are talking about, and I think he’d likely be relatively cheap.

        • ItsAboutFun

          Yeah, they were so impressed with him in Memphis that come playoff time he got 4 DNPs, and a total of 28 minutes in 3 games he did play, all losses. That aside, cheap or not, he didn’t fit with the culture of this team before, and it seems still doesn’t. The wife beating is a sign of his character issues not being welcome in that dressing room.

    • Tom
  • RaptorFan

    Can we just go get Luol Deng already!? Everyone knows that he would be a perfect fit for this team.

    • RaptorFan

      July 1st….hurry up!

    • DDayLewis

      With what cap space? Signing Lowry, Vasquez and Patterson for ~20 million takes away all their cap room.

      • why

        Obviously glad that they are gone, however the residue of Bargnani and Gay still lingers in the form of the horrible contracts of Novak, Hayes, Salmons, and Camby that count against the cap next season for $14 – $15 milliion (assuming buy-out of Salmons) – throw in Fields and that is about $20 million on players who are worth at most $5 million.
        Since they are all expiring contracts, do you think we could package some combination of these players and throw in the 20th draft pick to do a sign-and-trade with Cleveland for Deng?

        • DDayLewis

          Giving up a first-round pick to sign a free agent is bad asset management, IMO. They’d be better off waiting for those contracts to expire, then sign a free-agent then.

        • ckh26

          Why would Cleveland take our garbage off our hands and help out a division rival ? Don’t see when the “good stuff” starts for the Cavs in your scenario… and.. Deng is a UFA. He can call where he goes to and for how much.
          As much as we’d all like to see Deng or Monroe with the Dino on thier chest next year… Its very very unlikely to happen.

          • why

            that is why I included a first round draft choice under this scenario – that would be something of value for Cleveland vs.getting nothing for Deng – whether that is enough for them to also take on expiring contracts for lousy players I have no idea. However, based on all the other comments I have read, this might be the only possible way of getting a free agent of Deng’s quality this off seaon. as William noted, perhaps it is better to wait until next off seaon when all these bad contracts come off the books before signing a free agent.

            • ckh26

              The cap really blows for us till next year. If we were to make a move this year for Deng or anyone else in the FA realm that carries a price tag of 9 or 10M per year then in order to pay for it we pretty much have to give up Amir for nothing and give up some semblance of control on PPAT and OR Grevis just to clear the space to be able to take him on.

              I am not that much of an adept cap guy to understand under what circumstances you can exceed the cap. Maybe some body out there can say how. I am fairly certain you just can’t take on whatever guys you want or the Knicks wouldn’t be the tar pits they are now.

          • noname

            cleveland would take our garbage because it gives them a shit ton of cap space in 2015, and we all know that 2015 free agency is where shit is gonna go DOWN.

            • ckh26

              No they won’t.

              Not now.

              Not next week.

              Next Month

              Not Ever.

              We need Salmons’ expiring for our own purposes. Cleveland is at about 45M right now without Deng on their payroll. Add their first round, first overall pick contractual obligation of 5M and that takes them to 50M. They will have to resign Hawes or another centre as Varejao is injury prone and seeing as missing the playoffs this year cost the last coach and the last GM their jobs odds are pretty good the current GM will want to make the playoffs this year eh ? So add another 6M to 9M for a centre or a SF (depends if they take Embiid or Wiggins) and they are at 56 to 59M WITHOUT the 12M that Fields and Hayes carry. That would put them at 68M or 71M and over the cap with a lineup that doesn’t look much different from this years powerhouse that went 33 and 49
              So shit going down or not Cleveland taking our garbage for no visible gain is not going to happen.

              • noname

                It’s Cleveland…chill bro. Plus it could be worth it to pay the luxury tax now (or just go over the cap limit) if it nets you a big time free agent in 2015 (like lebron or love). Annnd plus it’s Cleveland.

      • jakdripr

        Would you forfeit re-signing one of those 3(or 2, since Lowry is out of the question) if it meant we’d get Deng? Personally I’m torn. I want Deng on this team, in fact, I started playing NBA 2K14 and literally my first move was to trade for Deng. I feel he fixes so many of our problems, from our lack of experience, to our lack of size on the perimeter.

        One issue(and it’s a small one) I see is where do we put him? We’d either have to bench Amir or Ross. If we start him at PF, then 2Pat’s probably not coming back.

        The other issue of course, is how much does Deng have left? He’s been injured for most of the past two seasons, and maybe this is just an abberation, or it could be sign of all that work under thibedou wearing on him.

        Overall I’d probably be down, especially after seeing what Joe Johnson did to us these playoffs.

        • DDayLewis

          Deng would be a good fit for the roster, but I think he’s way too expensive and has too many miles on his odometer to make him a worthy investment. Plus, the Raptors would have to surrender a few key players to get him (see ckh26’s comment above).

      • TheR3dMenace

        Signing a player of Deng’s calibre would mean the raps are ready for a serious run in the East and that means being a tax team. So long as Deng is the first signing, the team can exceed the cap to re-sign its own free agents and go into the tax. So it’s not a problem of cap space, its a problem of coordination and timing.

        • DDayLewis

          Nope. The played listed above have cap holds. There’s no circumvention with the timing of signings.

          • TheR3dMenace

            There is no cap hold for Lowry, and Patterson Vasquez cap hold for their combined QO is ~8.5 million, they maybe another 2-3 million for the upcoming draft picks. So it’s really like 10 million tied up, instead of the 20 you were thinking initially.

            • bobjoe

              So there are cap holds for them. They’re there till Raptors sign them or renounce them.

      • ckh26

        Yes the nasty gritty business of actually having to pay for something on a budget rears its ugly head with Deng.
        We would have to:
        1. Not Pick up Amirs Option and let him simply walk.
        2. Sign both PPat and GV for their Qualifying Offers and let them be UFA’s next year.
        3. Waive Buyks/Stone/De Colo
        4. Buy out both Hansbrough and Salmons and we still eat 1M apiece for their residuals this year.
        5.Pray that Kyles agent is a touch dim and takes a home town discount of 40M over 4 years

        AND THEN

        Hope Deng wants to come for 28.5M over 3 years at 9.5 cap hit per year as thats all we have in our bank account. Thats a cap of 63.3M for 2014-15.

        We fill out the roster with more guys like Stone and Buckys to fill the roster to 13 players and wait till next year when we crawl out from Hayes+Fields+Camby+residuals which gives us a cap of about 15M .. which we then have to pay both JV and maybe one or two of Ppat and Grevis.

        Nothing but net 🙂

        • noname

          Why has everyone suddenly forgot that fields and hayes are big expiring contracts? That is an ASSET to shitty teams…you hear that…ASSET. It means we can trade them to teams who want cap space because they are rebuilding. Fields + hayes to the lakers for a bunch of second round picks. Then get rid of salmons and hansbrough and buycks and you can resign all 4 free agents AND sign deng if deng would accept 10 mil per. Then fill out the roster with scrubs using mle.

          • ckh26

            We haven’t forgotten. There is no value in the expiring deals for the Lakers. What value would the Lakers get from taking on Fields and Hayes in exchange for their draft choices ? They have about 30M in cap space now in 2014-15. Why would they give away a draft pick @7 slot that obligates them to 2.5M this year in exchange for an 11M obligation in salary that hamstrings them from adding a player or two this year. It eats up 33% of their cap and they are no further ahead.

            Its just not that easy to unload non productive assets. The other guy has to think he is making out in the deal as well.

            • noname

              I said for second round picks… it would be absurd if the lakers gave us the no 7 pick…and if not then trade for cheap scrubs (maybe Wesley Johnson?) and lmfao ahhh the liberals; they crack me up.

              • ckh26

                The Lakers don’t have any picks to trade other than their first in 2014. They have already traded their first and second in 2015 and their first in 2017 and can’t trade their 2016.So all they have is a 2017 second round pick in exchange for two expirings in 2015. Not exactly a win for us now is it. They have 4 players under contract. Kobe at 23M per year, a fully broken down Steve Nash, Robert Sacre and Kendal Marshall to make salary work and most of them expire at the same time as Fields and Hayes. There is no deal with the Lakers to be had.

            • noname

              and what about philly, they would be happy to take our scraps and gain cap space if we take tony wroten + another cheap scrub + a second round pick. Who knows, maybe tony wroten will make a decent backup sg? And if not…then waive goodbye.

              • ckh26

                No on philly scenario. They have too have a lot of capspace right now and no logical reason to make a trade to take away some of that capspace for more “scraps” on a roster already loaded with them. Why would they do that ?

          • asifyouknow

            According to insider in Laker land Lowry is a numero uno target and if they don’t get Lowry the plan B is Vasquez . There will be a Raptor in an LA uniform next season….lol

            • AT33

              you seem to think that Kobe still has anything left in the Tank… the raps are a young team on the upswing… the Lakers are exactly the opposite… why would Lowry or Vasquez rather play on an old declining team vs. the youthful improving raptors?

            • webfeatmm

              GV is restricted, though. How much do you think the Lakers would be willing to offer him?

              • asifyouknow

                Will Toronto give him 5 mill to 6 a year for three ?
                And that is cheap compare to all the bums that are getting 6 mill plus sitting around as a practice player.
                GV qualifying offer trigger to around 4.7 mill (please experts correct me if I’m wrong) I think there will be teams willing to pay a few more mill ..This is not Casey’s type of guy, so I don’t see Toronto paying.

            • noname

              just cuz they want em’ doesn’t mean they’ll get em’. Vaz wants to stay, and lowry hints at it + lowry has full control over his free agency. I only worry about patterson staying.

          • bobjoe

            How many teams still trade for expiring contracts? They’re not as valuable as they were before the last CBA

            • SR

              Expiring contracts are not what they used to be.

      • asifyouknow

        I thing you will have room because the way it looks Lowry won’t be back. He is going to end up at 12+ for 4 years.

        The Lakers blogs are all pointing towards him playing in LA. Look, lets be honest, any competitive BB player would love to have an opportunity to play with one of the greatest ever, KB! If Lowry gets the chance he wont pass that up.

        They are also looking for partner in New York for Melo, I don’t know how the Knicks can work it out but if they can that would be another possibility.

        Vaz will take a a bigger deal elsewhere even though he loves it there, he is 28 and he needs to take the money.

        Vaz is too slow for Casey’s defense so he would be wasting his time. Now that coach has a three year deal can build his defensive super team, you know, winning games 60 to 53 ..lol…

        So yes Deng is the guy, draft the best speedy PG available along with another big man inside and you got a shot at another playoffs, maybe not the third spot but still in the playoffs.

        • ckh26

          Would you believe the world is flat if you read it on an LA Laker blog ?

          • asifyouknow

            LOL …Yes…I thought it was flat but that you told me otherwise I have to believe is round.
            As a long blogger I can tell you the rumors at times are bogus, but but when it gets this heated up there is usually some thing going on.
            I hope Kyle comes back you need him but I think he is gone. Just an opinion.

            • DDayLewis

              Just curious, could you provide a link to your blog?

              • asifyouknow

                If your talking about my blogs, you can Google al asifyouknow and find me in Bleacher Report …old stuff.. and hundreds of other sites. FanNation is where I hang out now.

                I abandoned my own sites because it cost me nothing to blog on FanNation.

                I don’t link on other folks sites out of respect, but I will link every article on the NBA when I post them up if is ok with you.

                I know some of you don’t like my opinions but facts are that I have been right on everyone of them specially about Vaz.

                When most of the fans including you and some of the other writers wanted to run Vaz out of town and start DeColo and the other bench guys , I told you what was going on about his injury, but of course none of you wanted to hear any of that.

                I told you that after the all-star game thing would change for Vaz and of course the rest is history.

                I seen none of you say , Hey I was wrong about Vasquez. Not one of you. Such is life…lol

                here are some Toronto blogs I did during the season If link doesn’t work copy/paste



            • SR

              I’m very curious to see if the Lakers will be able to recruit much of anything the next couple seasons. Aside from being in LA, nothing good is happening there right now. Any player can see the Kobe contract is going to handcuff that roster to a significant degree, and the ownership since Jerry Buss has been absolutely horrendous and incompetent. There’s no reason to believe the Buss kids aren’t going to continue to screw things up for the foreseeable future. The Lakers have some dark days ahead.

              • asifyouknow

                Time will tell ..It is the Lakers, you never know…

        • Mexiballer

          Lowry is coming back for sure. Im not sure how you calculate these things in that slighted tilted head you have. Lowry is coming back without a question. Vasquez wont leave for more money. I thought you knew the guy. If he doesn’t come back it wont because because he chooses not to, it will be because Masai has other plans. But Vasquez will probably be back too.

          • asifyouknow

            lol…..My head is probably at a 90 degree tilt but that does not cloud my judgment.
            I feel there too many big money teams who have an interest in him, if LA makes a play and he gets the call from Kobe I bet you a case of Molson beer he is gone.
            If LA is willing to pay 12+ for 4 and Toronto matches it and you were Kyle, would you rather play with Kobe and maybe Lebron or Melo or Vasquez DD and Ross? Nothing against those guys, but please.
            He is gone to LA if that scenario happens.

            • ItsAboutFun

              There’s some very significant “ifs” and “maybes” in your trolling babble, but since you put it that way,,,,,,hmmmmm, play with a young up and coming team, where I’ve connected with the GM, the coaching staff, the entire team that I’ve lead into battle and had success beyond expectations, and who look up to me to lead them to better things after the best season of my career,,,, or play “stand in the corner, catch and shoot, decoy/bit-player-sidekick, to broken down, at the end of his career Kobe, during my prime years, when the team is floundering with making up it’s mind about coaching and direction, has made horrible decisions in both coaching (Brown, D’Antoni,, ?????), and players (Nash, Dwight), because I’m excited that MAYBE they get biggest black hole in the league Melo. SIGN ME UP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Raptors PLEASE

              • asifyouknow

                Half of Kobe is better than 50% of the NBA..Please my friend don’t embarrass yourself with low level statements.
                Melo is better then the other half..Please stop before you dig yourself a bigger hole. Really want to take you seriously.

                • oldSchool

                  Id be very surprised if Lowry doesn’t re-sign with the Raps. Here’s a player that’s been around, he’s seen and experienced all sorts of troubles while playing for other teams. So here he lands in Toronto. He has his best statistical year of his career, he becomes loved and adored by an entire city (country?), he becomes the leader of the team and has already stated the chemistry on this team is “crazy” as in good, he was arguably an all-star and makes it to a game 7 playoff while taking and missing the last shot (who wouldn’t have a burning desire to correct that the following year?)
                  Besides the money, why would Kyle leave?
                  Ditto (almost) for GV. He absolutely loves the city, loves the team and his teammates and has already tweeted at the future of the Raps (with him still playing here).

                  If either or both of them leave then Ill be truly convinced that the league is strictly about money and the cliche “its just a business” is absolutely true….Im hoping both players return and prove me wrong

  • Rap fan 2

    It depends on what Masai sees as the window for contention. He’s been preaching patience all along and doing nothing too crazy. If the window is make things happen in the next couple of seasons then I don’t see why we don’t go all out and go after free agents like Gasol and Deng. We need to shore up the centre and big wing positions. It would be also ideal to go after and bring in the fastest point guard we can get from the draft. Speedy point guards are great for getting behind the defense of teams like the Miami Heat. If the window is to win immediately then I wouldn’t worry about the cap and going into the tax territory. And you can’t be shy about who you want to recruit. You need to be aggressive here.

  • asifyouknow

    No breiner here…..Luol Deng

    • AT33

      you can’t even spell Brain….

      • asifyouknow

        Now I do ..muchas gracias Senor AT33

  • Mexiballer

    Masai has already said that he is not going to do anything crazy. Step by step…organic growth until the time is right has been the mantra. Unless Deng wants to take way less then his market value…he isnt going to be signed by the Raptors.

    • ItsAboutFun

      Some people just refuse to listen to MU. Dumb, or need for instant gratification overwhelms the hearing abilities?

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