Did the week off partying rejuvenate the pod? That and other burning questions are tackled by myself and Andrew in a packed RW which tackles Lowry’s free-agency, silence and then his free-agency again. There’s that draft thing that’s happening, Payne’s position, sombre seniors, fat All-stars, summer league, jersey deals and so much more that I’m forced to make a list:

Part 1

  • RR Party
  • USA v Portugal
  • Lowry situation
  • Alternates like Bledsoe and Thomas
  • Lowry’s comments at the Nelson Mandela fundraiser
  • Lowry’s goal: payday or championship
  • Twitter hate-on for Miami
  • Andrea Bargnani news!!!
  • Adreian Payne workout
  • The rather sad story behind Adreian Payne
  • Seniors in the draft and teams’ perception of them
  • Rookie-scale contracts and their impact on the draft
  • The Fat All-Stars featuring Oliver Miller and Raymond Felton

Part 2

  • Summer league schedule
  • This year’s Vegas Summer League is a bit different from a Raptors POV
  • Should Terrence Ross be sent to summer league?
  • Kobe and summer league
  • Carmelo Anthony is a FA, just sayin’
  • Shareef Abdur Rahim, Carmelo Anthony and a wager
  • The NBA getting ready for corporate sponsorship of jerseys
  • Revenue sharing under a jersey-sponsorship deal
  • Who would the Raptors sponsor be?
  • Will Mark Jackson coach in the NBA again?
  • Will Patrick Ewing ever get a chance to be a head coach?

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16 Responses to “Raptors Weekly Podcast, June 23 – Payne Points and Circular All-Stars”

  1. why

    I don’t think you remember Jud Beuchler very well – he was a very good athlete (was a volleyball player and a team mate of Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott, and Tom Tolbert at Arizona) who could do a variety of things, including three point shooting – a solid, versitile player who could be effective in limited minutes which made him a valuable player to those Bull teams. I believe Jordan called him the “Technician”

    • arsenalist

      I recall Buechler being a very situational player, brought in entirely for his three-point shooting and those late-game possession subs.

      • why

        I think you would find he did many things reasonably well in addition to 3 point shooting (offensive reound, defense, running the triangle offense – that is why Jordan gave him the Technician nickname).
        Your point about Bargnani is well taken – if he doesn’t become consistently positive with at least one aspect of his game, he is probably out of The NBA afther the 2014-2015 season. If I were The Knicks I would pay him and then tell him to stay in Italy – that way you don’t get sucked into the trap of him playing well for a few games then sucking for ten.

    • why

      Charles actually looks fitter now than when he played.
      Remember how fat he was when he raced Dick Bavetta – he could still run way faster backwards than Bavetta could forward

  2. Kermit da Frog

    Kyle Lowry is overrated with. His excessive flopping and Westbrook like pull up threes…. Only in Toronto we over value mediocre players

    • noname

      are you kidding? Kyle Lowry is not mediocre. Yeah he is a little overrated because some raptors fans think he’s a based god or something but he is still VERY GOOD. Without him we are a 40 win team.

  3. Stef

    ‘wouldn’t happen but if Masai got Carmelo’ .. “… would be the final pin on the Aristocrats joke that is Masai Ujiri dealing with the New York Knicks …”

    Ha. Good line.


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