Did the week off partying rejuvenate the pod? That and other burning questions are tackled by myself and Andrew in a packed RW which tackles Lowry’s free-agency, silence and then his free-agency again. There’s that draft thing that’s happening, Payne’s position, sombre seniors, fat All-stars, summer league, jersey deals and so much more that I’m forced to make a list:

Part 1

  • RR Party
  • USA v Portugal
  • Lowry situation
  • Alternates like Bledsoe and Thomas
  • Lowry’s comments at the Nelson Mandela fundraiser
  • Lowry’s goal: payday or championship
  • Twitter hate-on for Miami
  • Andrea Bargnani news!!!
  • Adreian Payne workout
  • The rather sad story behind Adreian Payne
  • Seniors in the draft and teams’ perception of them
  • Rookie-scale contracts and their impact on the draft
  • The Fat All-Stars featuring Oliver Miller and Raymond Felton

Part 2

  • Summer league schedule
  • This year’s Vegas Summer League is a bit different from a Raptors POV
  • Should Terrence Ross be sent to summer league?
  • Kobe and summer league
  • Carmelo Anthony is a FA, just sayin’
  • Shareef Abdur Rahim, Carmelo Anthony and a wager
  • The NBA getting ready for corporate sponsorship of jerseys
  • Revenue sharing under a jersey-sponsorship deal
  • Who would the Raptors sponsor be?
  • Will Mark Jackson coach in the NBA again?
  • Will Patrick Ewing ever get a chance to be a head coach?

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