Source: Masai Ujiri to Use Draft Picks, But Might Trade Them…Or Not

S**t just got real.

Masai Ujiri has stunningly revealed that he might actually use the 20th pick in the draft, and has even dared to select players with picks at 37 and 59 as well. Obviously, this changes everything. Or nothing. Nobody is quite sure, not even Ujiri. Historically, the Raptors have done one of three things with their picks: 1) they’ve either drafted players with them, 2) traded them, 3) totally forgotten about them and hurriedly shoved a piece of paper to David Stern with something illegible written on it (that’s how we got Alex Radojevic). However, this latest report suggests that Ujiri is well aware that he has two options of what to do with the picks and is committed to going through with one of them.

See the tweet for yourself:


Hopefully you were sitting down when you read that because if you weren’t, your knees are probably shaking and you might just have soiled yourself. Keep calm, though, help is on the way in the form of either a player being selected with one of those picks (or not) or the pick being traded for another player (or possibly another draft pick which also might get traded or with which a player will get selected). Whatever the case, these are exciting times as Ujiri ponders ponderously on the options available to him (there’s two).

Stay tuned to RR for the latest.  This blogger suggests that we go with Adreian Payne or Tyler Ennis, or package that bloody thing for Eric Bledsoe if Lowry is leaving.

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