With their first pick in the second round (37th overall), the Raptors have chosen 22-year-old DeAndre Daniels, from UConn.

NCAA fans should be a bit more familiar with Daniels than 1st round pick Bruno Caboclo – let’s be honest, we’re more familiar with anyone than Bruno Caboclo – he was Shabazz Napier’s running mate during UConn’s improbable 2014 title run, and an interesting prospect, though a bit of a reach at 37 (though again, Caboclo. It’s all relative).

Daniels is a lanky forward – ESPN has him at 6 foot 9, 196, with a 7 foot 2 wingspan – who runs the floor very well for a big guy. It was fun watching him finish off Napier drives this season. He’s more than just a finisher at the basket, though; his bread and butter is the pick-and-pop, and it’ll be interesting to see where he ends up position wise at the next level. His game is perhaps more suited for a shooting power forward, though he’s extremely lanky and a bit short to play that position in the NBA.

Here’s Ford’s instant analysis (ESPN Insider):

Daniels really helped his stock in the tournament. He has great size and can shoot it, but he’s not a great athlete. He was very inconsistent at UConn.

He’ll likely settle in at small forward, where he’ll be a knock-down shooter right off the bat. He’s got the size to develop into a solid defensive player, but has plenty of work to do at that end. His last month at UConn is likely what got him drafted at all, and certainly what vaulted him this far up the board, as he caught fire in the NCAA tournament and was unquestionably UConn’s second most valuable player on the way to their title run.

The Raps could certainly use a big small forward, but a player with glaring weaknesses – his assist rate (one every 65 minutes) is one of the lowest in NCAA history – and work to do on defence at the age of 22 is a bit of a question mark. That said, the Raptors did have Daniels in for a workout before the draft, and it’s possible he’s made great strides to address those areas since the end of the season.

Ford had him listed as the 59th best prospect in the draft, 15th best small forward. Draftexpress had him going 50th in their mock. This is, on paper, another reach for the Raptors in what is turning into a puzzling draft on paper. NBA Draft has Quincy Miller as his NBA comp. Again, you have to give Masai  the benefit of the doubt, given his track record, but it’s still pretty confusing and, I’m sure, far less exciting than many Raptors fans had been hoping for.

Don’t forget that historically, the second round is essentially a crapshoot, though.

Here’s a scouting vid of Daniels, via DraftExpress:

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21 Responses to “Raptors draft DeAndre Daniels 37th overall”

    • dingismaximus

      Are you retarded? this is probably one of the biggest steals of the draft. Shabbaz was good in the final game but DeAndre was leading the team in the tournament.

  1. John

    I was hoping for Glen Robinson III but at least we didn’t draft the Indian LeBron

  2. asifyouknow

    Needs about 25 pounds more buy Toronto is going to love this guy..This is highway robbery..lol…good job MU….awesome…

  3. tonious35

    Let’s make sure he’s got the heart of a winner and claws his way into the exhibition roster after the summer league. Time for player to earn their shit to join our team, instead of coddling them and giving them “fatigue” rest days.

  4. Amobogio

    Read SImmon’s article at Grantland for a historical perspective on what a crap shoot the entire draft is.

    • mountio

      Ya, but taking the kevin durant of brazil, who is 2 years away from being 2 years away doesnt help

      • Mat Arseneau

        No telling how quickly the kid develops and if he even commits back to his Brazilian team at this point. He’s currently on his way to Toronto to take part in some camps and then down to Las Vegas for summer league action. Trust in Masai, everyone was so fired up when Masai showed up in town and they’re all so quick to judge and ask for his job after one draft pick.

  5. keith

    Good morning! I am happy to have Bruno, I just didn’t think it was the right pick when we need someone to help the team this year move forward. I don’t think a guy who might be a superstar in 2-3 at the earliest helps keep Lowry and adds to the team this year. It almost seems like Ujiri thinks the current team is fine and is doing what the Spurs do. And again, he might be the future Kevin Durant but the current Kevin Durant still hasn’t won a championship. So if you take a risk to get a superstar it doesn’t guarantee a championship.

    but I like this kid a lot. He rises to the occasion, he is long and can 3 and D, he is developed enough he can help this year and he doesn’t need to be a starter or have the ball in his hands. He is the perfect combo with Ross. He might not be a future superstar, but he helps this team with a glaring deficiency at SF.

    I do see the plan that Ujiri is thinking, long and can shoot. I’m just concerned about who is backing up Jonas. I’m concerned about our two best PG (really only two PG) are both UFA and the best next options are journeymen. I really hope Lowry is locked to come back. If not, we could be seeing the dismantling we all expected last year.

    • asifyouknow

      Well he is not a horse, he is a very good basketball player…I fallow the mid- American conference that is the worse basketball conf in the USA, there are plenty of kids with a 48 and guess what they are bagging groceries…so please give me a break, if a jump impresses you, well, then I’m glad you’re not a basketball coach…lol

      • bballi bballi paradise

        I hope you are right, that he is a very good basketball player because finding valuable players in the 2nd is so rare.

        Jumping does impress me. I enjoy watching basketball players jump with the ball in their hands and throw it down through the hoop. I also enjoy when they jump up for rebounds and blocks. I also was really impressed by this and this and finally this

  6. The Wizard

    What are u guys worried about..the kid is 18 right now!!!they made the playoffs without any of these guys in the draft and now they won’t????obviously the raptors wants him to make Toronto his home and when your that young it’s a little more easier to adjust and this is a very young core!!!! Just wish u guys would stop living on draft picks as if they are life and death… Like they say the entire draft is a gamble so u pick the gems that u believe will benefit your club down the line… They raptors are still the better team once they get everyone signed and now the reduced the older guys and bring in even younger guys to learn the culture of the team cuz
    “We Are The North” different than any other team in the NBA

  7. amateurGM

    I has impressed with this pick…it is function of the fact that the Raptors have evolved into a playoff echelon team….and we are developing a program which will allow for long term success rather than quick fixes….assuming we re-sign everyone, we are already a good team….we are now picking later in the draft and we are picking for future growth and depth rather than desperately trying to pick someone who can help the team immediately….MU will add pieces via trade and free agency to help the team fill the current needs to become better immediately….I would take a seasoned veteran add anyday…only a small number of rookies can have an immediate impact at a playoff team level

  8. Abdul sayed

    They should have taken him with the 59th pick nobody was going to take him and taken shabazz at 20th
    to make a trade with Miami



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