The Raptors have extended qualifying offers to Patrick Patterson ($4.3M), Greivis Vasquez ($3.2M) and Nando De Colo ($1.8M), thus making them restricted free agents.  The qualifying offers give the Raptors the right to match any offer made to them (right of first refusal).   From the CBA FAQ:

The qualifying offer is a standing offer for a one-year guaranteed contract, which becomes a regular contact if the player decides to sign it. This ensures that the team does not gain the right of first refusal without offering a contract themselves. The amount of the qualifying offer for players on rookie “scale” contracts is based on the player’s draft position. The qualifying offer for all other players must be for 125% of the player’s previous salary, or the player’s minimum salary.

It’s very unlikely Patterson or Vasquez will accept the offer and take a one-year deal at that rate, given the seasons they’ve had.  Nando De Colo, though, might just bite at the opportunity to stay on an NBA roster for another year.

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  • Adam

    what does this mean? does this mean that we have a better chance at keeping vasquez and patterson.
    Sorry, new to BB.

    • Kyron John

      In a nutshell, it means that if any of these 3 players sign with another team in free agency this summer, the Raptors have 3 days to match the contract offered by the other team

  • Magic0319

    Tbh, I personally haven’t seen Nando play so much… it wouldn’t make much of a difference if he stays or leaves. But Vasquez on the other hand, I seem to love the guy as a backup PG. He fits into the role perfectly. Patterson seems to fit our rotation fairly well too, he just needs to learn to be a bit more agressive. Definately hoping both Vasquez and Patterson stay!

    • leftovercrack

      I wouldn’t mind seeing Nando get a chance to play. He was an international acquisition for the Spurs, who seem to set the bar for picking up low-round jewels/overseas players. They were overloaded at PG so they swapped him with the Raptors. Maybe he could be decent if given a chance.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    They need to keep Greivis, that’s for sure. He’s like a younger version of Manu Ginobli. As for PPat and Nando, they’re pretty much expendable. Greivis, Dematr, JV and Lowry, should be considered as the primary building blocks of the team while the rest of the Raptos should be looked upon as an interchangeable supporting cast. I say Toronto trade Amir and Landry Fields to the Lakers in a sign and trade for Pau Gasol and use Terrence Ross and the others to add additional veteran experience.

    • Raptogram

      not sure why you say PPat is expendable. He was a reliable producer, and I believe has some upside, and a good fit with Demar, Jonas, Kyle and Terence. I consider him to be part of the build, and a keeper.

      • webfeat

        If anything, PPat makes SuperNovak expendable.

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      In no way is Patrick Patterson expendable

    • TheSpiceTyrant

      From what I’ve heard from PPat, he seems like a guy with a pretty high ball IQ, team first, and professional guy. If his 3 pt shot continues to develops, he could be a great piece… an Ibaka-light but without the shot blocking and hops. But in the long term, I think he would be best served as a backup 4, not a starter.

  • asifyouknow

    A I thought from day one this will end up with DeColo as a back-up and Toronto will have to go out and find or trade for a veteran PG. Forget about Kyle …He is gone . Vazquez gone. Patterson might stay..

  • Hassan Mehmood Khan

    2pat must stay he is underrated

    • asifyouknow

      Patterson is ready to come out…Remember he was playing with a terrible organization

  • Jensan

    Lets say a team offers 3/15 million to PP starting at 4.8 million does Toronto match, and the contract instead of 125% of the previous year is replaced by the new criteria set by others, and what happens if nobody offers a contract to the RFA , what occurs than?

  • webfeat

    GV should take the QO. It’s a little risky for him because he may get injured, but being unrestricted next year will entail a more lucrative contract for someone of his skills.

    Raps are gonna match anything offered to 2Pat up to $6M. Might he get more?

    I’d really like to see all three of them back and I believe their ability to contribute will be even greater after training on the team during pre-season. One thing that the team suffered from is that their offensive sets were not very creative or complex – and I think it had a lot to do with inexperience (JV, TRoss) and not having had time to train with the team (GV, 2Pat, Salmons, Hayes, De Colo).

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  • TheSpiceTyrant

    Out of the offers delivered, I think PPat and DeColo are most likely accept those salaries. PPat may want a longer contract at ~4M/yr or maybe more, but GV has some negotiating room, not only because he’s underpaid at 3.2M, but from the uncertainty in the KLow situation. The Manu comparison is a good one, but he shouldn’t get anything near Manu’s 12M/yr.