It’s time. 6 p.m., Raptors and Lakers, LVSL, the Bruno debut. Discuss.

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30 Responses to “Summer League Game Thread: Bruno debuts”

    • raptorstand

      The thing that nobody mentioned , IS HE LOOKS LIKE KEVIN DURANT OUT THERE !!!! That step back three was the same shot that Kevin Durant took to beat us in the regular season. The opening alley oop was pure Durant. The kid runs like a deer. Sure the turn overs and fouls in his first summer league game are expected, but if you had to compare the kid , it would have to be Durant. Tracey Murray comes to mind. He’s so young, but that kid can play and he is going to get better quickly, you can see it. This is Masais baby I really have high hopes.

      • raptorstand

        Brain fart , Tracey McGrady, but come to think of it, it was nice to think of Tracey Murray, a class act and nice basketball player.

  1. hotshot

    I am tired of the announcer’s joking about the “Brazilian KD”, that moniker who ever came up is stupid and the announcers are stupid too.

  2. CJT

    Well I guess the mystery about why Machado hasn’t caught on in the NBA is solved. F’ing awful.
    Hope Kobongo is better. Dwight is 5 times the player Machado is right now.

  3. Moewrawn

    God I hate Reggie Miller constantly semi-shitting on/making fun of Bruno… “The brazilian KD! hur hur hur!, Two years from being two years away! hur hur hur!” God these announcers suck.

  4. Chewwy No Matthew

    Shurna looks solid in the first half and Bruno hit a nice step back 3. Getting annoyed at the announcers making fun of Brazilian KD and constantly blabbering about everything except the game itself.

  5. Moewrawn

    What the hell, why do all I hear about Tross today is how shitty of season he had, wtf? these announcers blow. Terrence had a perfectly fine year and showed a lot of progress.

  6. Yoyo

    Wow some people are so amazing allow the kid a chance don’t believe this Brazilian KD crap floating around did the raps management say that? No just random commentators started blabbing on about him being the Brazilian KD? The kid is 18 and actually has looked good in his FIRST game forget the 2 fouls and 3 TO the kid can shoot and has been very efficient

    • CashGameND

      actually the raps management didnt say brazilian KD but the 2 years thing. MU was on tim & sid and said something like “it was funny to hear him say that he was 2 years from being 2 years away, cause thats what I was going to tell the media”.

      hopefully just trying to keep expectations super low, but still, they did say that.

  7. Yoyo

    Who else is just like F**k these American Commentators they dont know shit about the raptors why put ignorant people that don’t know jack squat about the team they are commentating about out there, they just look silly come one i expected better from Reggie he has ragged on the DIVISION CHAMPION raptors the whole time instead of crapping on a team in the Lakers that had an embarrassing year.

  8. Kayl

    I like what I’m seeing from bruno. I’m not expecting that much tho but I was hoping to see his shooting and D. He’s shooting at a great percentage and although no steals I’ve deffinately seen him disrupt the passing lanes with his length and some sound defensive instincts with his double teams. Obviously he’s not taking over the game or anything, but i didn’t expect that. All I can say is even though miller’s ripping him he by no means is the worst on the floor and is showing some solid potential flashes. Also the kid is so damn long.

  9. Kayl

    Same thing goes for bebe, in limited minutes im liking what I see especially that afro

  10. leftovercrack

    Overall not a bad start for Bruno considering he is only 18. Whiteside did some good rebounding and Daniels looked competent

  11. CJT

    Certainly Bruno is going to be a project to develop, but there we some good positives in that first game. A couple of great 3’s a nice put back and a driving left handed layup. Also a lot of hustle and motor i thought. Looking forward to seeing him again. BeBe had a few nice moments too.

  12. Abdul K

    pretty good game for bruno and bebe they had some focus issues on D sometimes but that could just be them learning the system, good movement tho. Like the ranged i saw from bruno the decision making isnt there yet but happy with wat i saw.

  13. Abdul K

    ya i dont think he had to many chances tho and from wat i saw he did box out pretty will. Also had an impressive off reb over a defender that WINGSPAN.

  14. ckh26

    First impressions.
    The hair makes him a dead ringer for Sideshow Bob.
    He has soft hands for a big man and can run the floor. Some nice grabs in traffic and he can finish.
    Needs work on positioning for rebounds. For a 7 footer dude had a Bargnani outing on the boards, Grade B+

    Well the thought I had going in was hoping he would not be embarrased. Dead ass wrong. He looked like he belonged
    Hit some outside shots. Couple of finishes in close.
    Good disruptor in the passing lanes with those long arms.
    He is a foul machine right now. But thats what he is here for to learn and to see how he stacks up against other draftee’s. He does belong.
    He is further along than I had hoped. A year away from being a year away. Grade B

    • Ghotte

      Agree. And for him to take the type of step-back 3 he took shows he has confidence in himself. He settled down after the turnover, foul, turnover, turnover 1st half. He’s not so far away as he was touted at draft day.


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