Bruno and Buycks looked good. The team did not.

In their first elimination game of Las Vegas Summer League, the Toronto Raptors somehow turned a 56-30 lead at halftime to 93-77 loss to the Houston Rockets. Like this recap, this game wasn’t pretty.

Game Recap

Call it a collapse, call it a breakdown, call it a tale of two halves. It’s hard to overstate how poorly the team played in the second half, scoring just 21 total points while allowing 63. The Raptors had a chance to advance to the next round and face the Cleveland Canadian Cavaliers but they blew it.

Of course, you’re probably overreacting if you read anything into the outcome of the game. This, in a nutshell, is summer league basketball. This is why the scores, and quite frankly, the stats don’t matter. It’s a hodge-podge of randomly assorted players playing against an equally disjointed squad. There’s no coaching, there’s no plays being called, and it’s hardly anything more than a dry-run test environment for teams to see their young prospects in action.

But if you’re type that needs an answer for everything, settle on this one: the Raptors couldn’t make the first-pass to initiate their offense in the second-half. With the Rockets changing their strategy to pressuring, double-teaming and hard-showing on the ball, the Raptors’ ball-handlers couldn’t deliver the first pass out of pressure to punish the defense. The bigs didn’t exactly do a great job setting screens to create space either, but it’s summer league. It’s easy to play pressure defense, it’s much harder to nail down timing on the attack.

With the loss, the Raptors move onto the consolation round, meaning they have at least one game left before we waive goodbye to Bruno, Bebe and co. If you find yourself upset at the outcome, heed the wise words of Ricky Rubio: “change your face, be happy, enjoy it!” It’s a silly pick-up game.

Bruno Watch!

  • 12 points, 3-of-7 shooting, 2-of-6 from deep, two rebounds, a steal, four turnovers

Bruno had a nice bounce-back game, showing just enough flashes to keep us intrigued. Some of the same issues with lack of aggressiveness reared its ugly head, culminating in a lack of physicality, but that’s to be expected. Not only is he extremely young and undersized, he also doesn’t speak any English.

Onto the positives. Bruno’s decision-making on offense looked good, drifting over to the right spots on the floor. He often waded over to the weakside corner, and with the help of Dwight Buycks’ delivery, he found himself open for a number of looks. During the third quarter, Dwane Casey revealed on-air that the corner three is Bruno’s favorite shot, and it showed during the game.

We also caught a glimpse of Bruno’s ball-handling. He certainly rates as below-average in that regard, as his gangly arms and general weakness makes dribbling around perimeter defenders an awkward endeavor, but Bruno wasn’t shy. I counted two instances where he tried to drive. He was fouled on both occasions, including this smooth and-one.

Defensively, the results were somewhat mixed. It’s clear that he really cares, and works hard on defense, but he’s over-aggressive at times, which sometimes leaves him out of position. It also doesn’t help that the language barrier doesn’t allow him to react to other players’ play-calls, and he is sometimes lost in the shuffle. However, with his 7-foot-7 wingspan, Caboclo is always a threat to contest the shot. When he learns how to harness his skills in an actual system, there’s the makings of an Tayshaun Prince-type defender in Bruno’s gangly frame.

“Bruno Watch” Watch

I respect NBA TV. A lot of people shit on the network, but I think they produce great content. Open-court, The Starters, Inside stuff — good shit.

But they need to drop it with the Bruno Caboclo narratives. Instead of trying to assess his performance as a player (as they do with most players on the court), play-by-play commentator Rick Kamla repeatedly circled back to the echo chamber that is Fran Fraschilla’s now infamous draft-day declarations. “Two years away from being two years away”. “Brazilian Kevin Durant”. He’s a huge project and a gamble.

And again, I want to clarify that it’s probably a directional order given by the producers, rather than lazy narration from Kamla, but he just kept recycling the same three topics. To their credit, his broadcast partner Brent Barry played it down, calling the comparisons to Durant ridiculous and unfair. Same with reporter David Aldridge, who generally backed Masai Ujiri’s draft decision.

But the NBA TV production crew just wouldn’t quit. They literally played a highlight reel from Durant’s rookie season, then led with the question”so what do you think?” Talk about setting the bar for expectations high and bar for intelligent conversation low. All in all, not a great day for an usually excellent broadcast company.

rpssWho needs Patrick Patterson and Terrence Ross when you have floor-spacers like Chuck Hayes and Landry Fields?

Bebe Doing the Little Things

  • Two points, four rebounds, three assists, one steal, one block, zero turnovers

The numbers don’t look like much. Like every game to date, Bebe wasn’t prioritized in the offense, functioning as mostly a screen-setter. His ball-screens were good, freeing up Buycks to pick apart Houston’s defense. He finished with a team-high +12 for a reason. He was effective.

Bebe also demonstrated good passing vision with three well-earned assists to his name. His assists came from the mid-high post, where he found open cutters for easy looks at the rim. Once video from the game becomes available, I’ll link to a few of his dimes.

As I discussed in the scouting report, Bebe’s strength right now is his length, which is really showing up on defense. He remains diligent in contesting shots while staying near the rim. He also collected a highlight-worthy chasedown block. Keep following the Tyson Chandler blueprint, kiddo!

Dwight Buycks, professional point guard

Buycks received plenty of flack for his lack of leadership over the first three summer league games. His refusal to pass, especially to rolling bigs, cramped the Raptors’ offense, and made him look selfish.

In truth, summer league is not the place for a passing point guard to shine. It’s hard to run plays when there are none. Isolation drives or banal point-to-wing passes off a ball-screen is preferable to a likely turnover in the pursuit for the right pass. Buycks wasn’t as poor as he looked.

The process wasn’t much different for Buycks today, but he did end up with 24 points and four assists. It was unfortunately coupled with eight turnovers, but he fared better in the passing department. He hit a rolling Bebe in-stride and thrice found Bruno open in the corner for three.

Highlights from Dwane Casey’s In-game Interview

On Bruno

“‘Two years away from being two years away’ is not true. He’s probably one year away from getting to work, and the main thing he needs to do is get stronger.

He’s athletic enough, he has the wingspan at 7-foot-7. He’s got to learn to use what he has. He’s a tough kid…he’s intelligent.”

“He’s from humble beginnings. He is hungry. That’s one great thing, and why Masai was so high on him because he knew how hard this young man was going to work.

We worked yesterday, [the players] practiced for like an hour-and-a-half, and he and I stayed there for another hour working on shooting, ball-handling drills, corner threes, catching it one dribble on the floor and up. He will stay there as long as you will, so he’s a coach’s dream from that standpoint.”

On Lowry’s free-agency

“Not only the Rockets [were interested], but Miami was sniffing around…Lakers were calling.

You never know, but he had always said that he wanted to be in Toronto, that he wanted to continue what we started as far as our growth was concerned because finally, this was his team…now he finally has his team.”

On the need of a third PG

“We do need a third point guard. Dwight [Buycks] is one of the guys we’re looking at…he knows he’s on stage right now.”

On Jonas Valanciunas

“Rebounding is key. He needs to do a better job on both ends, offensive boards, defensive boards.

He’s working on his running, and he’s going to be working out every day in Los Angeles.

[Asked to give a statline prediction] “14 points, 10 rebounds.”

On DeMar DeRozan

“Gary Payton is working with him.”

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  • Wes mantooth

    Unwatchable !
    Yet I watched
    These guys can’t even pass the ball. It’s crazy.
    Number 77 painful
    Whiteside might be ok Bebe and Bruno are the only prospects

  • Chuck Johnson

    DD is working with the Glove?! I wonder if he’ll come back with an even better post game?

    • mike, prague

      Screw the post-game, I’m interested in his defence!

  • ZQ

    The glove?! Oh man, if Demar got into the passing lanes and crowded some guys on the perimeter was break outs…we could have a dunk show again (circa VC days)
    Although VC wasn’t a good defender (well he was when he tried), he like the best guards in the game got on the break often and hard! Demar has expanded his game, but I want to see him get easy buckets and put a couple guys on posters this year (I said this last year too, but I will repeat myself!)

  • Wiley Chamberlain

    I read somewhere that DeMar and Gary Payton have been tight for years, so we mustn’t get our hopes up that his D will improve… aw man I’m gonna get my hopes up lol

    • Andre

      very true lol

    • Rapchat

      Rad comment!

  • harold

    I didn’t like Casey’s projection for JV as 14 and 10. He was 11 and 9 this season, so that is setting the bar pretty low. I hope to see JV average closer to 16+ ppg and 12 boards in his 3rd season.

    • Alex Bill

      16ppg and 12 boards gets you to the all-star game. Jonas is still very very young. If he gets 14 and 10 on good shooting splits I am happy. Maybe 16 and 10 is possible; his offensive potential is pretty high, but no way is he jumping from 9 to 12 rebounds a game.

      • KickPuncher

        As much as I would like to see JV get looks, I don’t see it happening. Not with Casey.

        • afrocarter

          Which is okay. Considering the ridiculous amount of offensive weapons on the team, we’re better off having JV focusing more on rim protection anyway.

          • Alex Vostrikov

            yeah, and when his time to is up (contract), guess what he is gonna do.
            no mater who you are, players don’t like to live of garbage….
            most of the players get paid based on offence…
            all star game = offensive production….
            don’t give derozan/lowry looks nd see what happens.
            for gods sake, even amir got 2 3pt attempts per game last year.

            • afrocarter

              I’m sure by the time his contract year rolls around he’ll be getting more touches. Just not next season, where Casey will be requiring solid rim protection of him above all else. Besides, averaging 14 & 10 isn’t “living off garbage” anyway.

    • Jamshid

      Casey is realistic. 14 and 10 is very respectable number but don’t make a mistake, Big Val will be hold responsible more on the defensive end. He can not make the rookie mistakes this season. He needs to become the anchor of defence or he is going to get some hard lessons from Casey.

      • NameMatters

        If JV still make those same rookie mistakes, then we might as well give his playing time (at least some) to Bebe and learn. Bebe seems to have much better court vision and able to pass the ball around unlike JV…

      • Vimsanity

        Agreed, 14 ppg is very reasonable for someone who will be used as the 3rd or 4th option on offence. His offence still needs work, and he probably won’t see more than 30-32 mpg on most nights. 10 rpg would be great as well in that kind of playing time.

      • truth be told

        I think he can get his offensive numbers up but to anchor the defence? He would have to display Amir like rotations and smarts on that end of the floor. Hope he has it in him, but he hasn’t shown it yet.

        • Chewwy No Matthew

          I agree and also Jonus has to have better hands. He does not catch the ball very well

    • robertparish00

      When Casey said 14 pts, my only thought was another season with no plays run for JV. He could go for 18 if his team mates found him after the first 3 minutes of the game.

      • KickPuncher

        JV’s post game has a ton of potential. That running hook shot look really good last year.

    • SR

      I’m sure Casey’s expexctations for Jonas this year involve a lot more development and nuance than a couple box score lines.

  • jjdynomite

    Thanks for posting that screenshot of the Raptors’ “roster”, Will. Besides forgetting T-Ross and PPatterson — the latter who just signed his contract, what, yesterday?!? — they couldn’t even fit “Bebe” after “J. Valanciunas”?

    And for sure, so annoying, re: the Brazilian Kevin Durant. Did Giannis get “the Greek Kevin Durant” last Summer Leagues?! I was so pleased with the sequence where Barry put that dumbass Kamla in his place; the latter should stick to Fantasy predictions and recaps, not player evaluations.

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      I thought that Barry did a terrific job. He was professional and didn’t mock the kid in any way. Fair Critique and fair in positive comments. Aldridge has been mocking that nickname since day 1, as has Reggie and Kamla.

    • DDayLewis

      No problem JJ. Not NBATV’s finest hour.

  • Niagara_dude

    The only player that played well enough to seek a roster spot was Whiteside.He showed some toughness and a little offence, the Raptors will suffer this year because they did not add anyone from this deep draft who could help there bench this year.Bruno has some talent but there were much better and more prepared players that the Raptors could have taken and would have been able to help this year.How many free agents have we signed (one) and we were very lucky last year with injuries not being a big problem.Bench depth could be a big issue this year and we did not reaily do much to improve from last year.How does Dallas get Lewis (great 3pt shooter) for league min? we should have offered bi-annual, something this team needs (space the floor type of player).

    • 2damkule

      – re. the draft, we’ll see, but depth isn’t an actual problem, over all, for the raps. yes, they could use a better back-up C, but other than that, they’re pretty solid, and will be able to roll 8-9 guys without a severe drop-off in play/production.
      – agree that there were ‘better’ & ‘more prepared’ players available at 20. but at 20, you’re either picking a guy who’s likely to top-out as a rotation/bench player, or you swing for the fences. masai felt his depth was (or would be) fine, so he swung.
      – lowry, vazquez & patpat were FA’s as well, so they actually signed 4; re-signing your own guys is just as important – if not more so – than signing other teams’ FA’s.
      – they also picked up some depth at the guard spot in williams; if he’s fully recovered, he adds some nice scoring from the bench, and if he doesn’t, it’s not as though they’re relying on him.
      – dallas got lewis because no one else was interested, because he kinda/sorta sucks? or maybe he targeted them? you do know that FA isn’t an auction, right?

      • Niagara_dude

        We overpaid for our back-ups, look at what LA paid for Ed Davis 2 years 2 million.Sure these guys say they want to come back to Toronto.Our bench if you were watching and not with your eyes closed and just being a Raptors fan killed us in the playoffs.DD & Lowrey will be forced into playing major minutes again this year because of the drop-off when they go to the bench.My point is if you new you were not going to bring free agents from the outside then we should they should have drafted homegrown ready to play off the bench now players.Not some kid who is seen crying after being dunked on in a summer league game.The Knicks who went into this draft with no picks came out with more prepared players then we did.Everyone is day dreaming that our lack of bench or quality vets is not going to hurt this team this year.Remember I said that, bad draft and no free agents signed will kill the Raptors moving forward.

        • B_Leaf

          Its true our bench did not look great in the playoffs, other than Vasquez who was outstanding. However there were injuries and DeRozan had the flu at the end of the series. The margin between winning and losing was very little. Most of the year our bench was good so I think it is reasonable to see what another year brings.

        • 2damkule

          you’re free to think what you want. lowry got what he was going to get, and it represents FMV; vazquez maybe got a bit more on a per-year basis than what some were expecting, but it’s a two-year deal, and he proved himself not only a valuable back-up to lowry, but someone who can share the backcourt with him in a 2-pg lineup.

          PP’s deal is looking better all the time, not so sure why you’re so down on him? if he’s your starting 4 & 5th option on offense, that’s not terrible….bringing him off the bench provides needed depth if that’s the case. i don’t really think there was anyone picked at 20 or later that’s better than what the raptors currently have as far as depth options. time will tell.

          i like ED, & didn’t like the gay trade, but do you really feel he moves the needle all that much?

          i was watching, and it wasn’t so much the bench that killed us, it was ross, and the need to rely on the bench far more than should be warranted…and namely, relying on salmons to provide big-time playoff minutes. if you simply swap james johnson for salmon’s in this year’s playoffs, the outcome would likely have been quite different.

          the knicks. el-oh-fucking-el. you stick to your narratives, they’re cute. again, they signed four FA’s.

        • moderate_observer

          The bench got us into the playoffs. We lost game 7 by one point in the first round, and the players who really let us down was our second year guys. That being said, what player at #20 or lower would be able to actually contribute meaningful minutes as a rookie? Even the best rookies in any draft start to show their value in their second season, 3rd season for most big men. What would a #20 do for us off the bench next year that none of the current rotation players cant. Especially in the playoffs? Im sure there are some meaningful players that could have been picked but without the benefit of hindsight, its really a crap shoot.

          • LuckyMystery

            I’m not sure why anybody even responds to this guy anymore. He spouts the same crap every time. Talking like he is the only guy that knows anything about the raptors when the truth is everything he says is exactly the opposite.

            Ed Davis signed in LA because they have minutes for him to play. His second year is a player option. he wants to showcase himself and opt out and get a bigger contract. The guy got traded to the worst possible situation for him. He was playing behind 2 all stars.

            Just because the Raptors could have offered him the same contract if not more doesn’t mean he absolutely has to sign in Toronto. The thing about free agency is the player has a choice.

            Lance Stephenson and Mike Miller have both taken less money this offseason. it happens.

        • Chewwy No Matthew

          Obviously, you watched the playoffs with your eyes closed because it wasn’t the bench that killed us. What killed us was:
          1) The starters other than Demar ( except game 1) and Lowry. Ross was brutal, Jonus played amazing to begin the series and was invisible in game 7. Amir Johnson showed up for one half of a game, which was game 7 but he fouled out. He also committed 2 dumb fouls on 3 point shots in game 5. Demar had 1 bad game and Lowry was a stud. In terms of the bench, Vasquez and Patterson played terrific off of the bench. Landry Fields was the ONLY Raptor that slowed down Joe Johnson and Chuck Hayes did a good job. This brings me to my second issue.
          2) Dwayne Casey- Ross was brutal for all 7 games yet Casey never replaced him in the starting lineup. Kidd replaced Livingston with Anderson and Popovich put Diaw in the starting lineup in the finals. Ross should have come off the bench as it was clear he was struggling.
          – In that crazy game 5 where we almost blew that huge lead, one main reason was Casey. We were getting crushed on the boards and we had no interior scoring threat. The reason? Valanciunas, who had played great on both ends of the floor up to that point was collecting splinters on our bench for way too long courtesy of Casey.
          – Landry Fields was the ONLY Raptor who gave Joe Johnson fits one on one. Fields was healthy for games 6 & 7 yet Casey put two of our worst ( If not the worst) defenders on him in DeRozan and Vasquez. Game 7 and he put’s Vasquez on Johnson, who must have been licking his lips seeing him being guarded by GV. The move was dumb in many ways as it got our best guy off he bench into foul trouble. It also made life easy for Johnson. It also limited one of our best players in the series playing time. In the meantime, rotting on the bench is the one overpaid guy who actually can stop Johnson in Landry Fields yet nothing from Casey.

          3) The top players for the Raptors in that series was Lowry, Vasquez, DeRozan and Patterson. Two of those are from the bench. JV played well until game 7, so I will include him on here. The worst performances were from Ross ( A starter) and Amir ( A Starter). Add in that Casey rarely used our playoff experienced bruiser ( Hansbrough)
          Those are the 3 main reasons for the series loss.

          • Alex Vostrikov

            so, after your points… did you notice that even after you saw that Johnson and ross were the problem in the playoffs… who are the starters this coming year? ross and Johnson.
            I like Johnson as energy guy of the bench, nothing more. ross is far from playing 30 min a night.
            now, we have very expensive bench… and two holes in starting line up.
            go raps

    • DDayLewis

      Which team has a better bench than the Raptors’?

      Greivis Vasquez, Lou Williams, James Johnson, Patrick Patterson and Bebe/Hansbrough is a pretty damn good bench unit onto its own, and many can start in a pinch too.

  • Philoveritas

    I don’t think I have ever seen worse ‘professional’ basketball in my life; this tourney is an abomination. 12 guys fighting for maybe one roster spot you’d think there would be some people rising to the challange. Whiteside looks like a half-decent goon I could imagine that a garbage time frontcourt of Hassan and Psycho T would keep any ill-will to a minimum. Oh the depths that I will sink to, to get my basketball fix, 30 point blowout losses; epic 2nd-half meltdowns where they get outscored 3-to-1; a record setting five point 3rd quarter; BeBe’s hair and Bruno’s waterworks, my lawd what a debacle and worst still I can’t even get hyped about the FIBA tourney without Canada being in it. LVSL might just convert me to the WNBA if only Toronto had a team.

    • Tinman

      wow a dozen guys, most with no chance of playing in the NBA, thrown together, for a weeks worth of games, playing against a team also thrown together.
      Remember when the big 3 got together in South Beach? It took them half a season to figure it out. A bunch of D-League stiffs? What do you expect?

      • Philoveritas

        Ok I know it is a streetball game and I didn’t expect the Harlem Globetrotters to show up but dang the ‘Raptors’ looked more like the Washington Generals. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to throw some real street ballers into the mix, imagine a roster of 2 draft picks and the And-1 Allstars…I might even pay to watch that…

  • Jamshid

    I LOVE DD … Working with Payton this summer !!! Wow, Simply amazing. The kid is going to come back and going to be a great defender. People who want to trade him away are out of their mind.

    • truth be told

      He decided in year 6 that perhaps stopping the opponent is a good idea as well. smh

      • Jamshid

        DD has improved every summer. He picks one or two things for the summer and works on it. He has done on regular bases every year. This guy is really shutting his haters here in RR … The hate for this man is unbelievable here and is being led by mcHappy and his crew. It is time for the fans to appreciate DD and his work ethics and hope that new guys like Bruno and Bebe follow his path.

        • truth be told

          When he was drafted, the first thing he said in his press conference is that he can score and be a lock down defender. Year 6, he’s decided to stop being a sieve?

          There is a misconception with ‘hate in this context. If you don’t like someone’s game, it DOES NOT mean you have any hate on for them.

          • Jamshid

            When he is possibly your 2nd best player or best player, when the guy is dedicated to city, when the guy has improved every year constantly, when the guy is a raising star all around the NBA, when the guy lives in the gym trying to complete his game, then criticizing him and wanting him out and coming up with ridiculous trade scenarios and wanting to replace him with much worst players is simply HATING … There is no other word for it but HATE.

  • Garrett Hinchey

    Casey’s interview was comprehensive and WAY more interesting than the game itself. He sat with the PBP guys through like 3 commercial breaks.

    On DeMar working with GP, he basically (I’m paraphrasing) said that his offensive game is down, it’s smooth, and that he and Casey agreed that the next step for him to become a complete player was to become a lock-down defender. Casey challenged him to be one of the 10-15 best wing defenders in the league. He says he has the athleticism and smarts to do it.

    Brent Barry compared him to Paul George but in reverse, basically saying that PG learned the defensive game and had to fine tune his offence, and DeMar has to do the opposite. Casey agreed.

    Also apparently DeMar’s been doing everything left handed this summer – including things like eating with a fork – to try and get more comfortable on that side of the court.

    Also that depth chart graphic was hilarious.

    • B_Leaf

      DeRozan is such a pro.

    • truth be told

      I wouldn’t compare Demar to George. George is a better offensive player than Demar and there is no comparison defensively.

      • moderate_observer

        George before the end of last season when Indy collapsed, was considered a potential MVP, so definitely no comparison between the two as yet.

      • Minks77

        PG is a better 3 point shooter but he’s lacking any go to mid range and is way more turn over prone. They both lack handles and are dumb about driving into traffic. George coasts a TON as well. He’s often just standing around doing nothing but waiting to take a long trey. He really plateaued last in 2013 and last year after a hot start he regressed to his 2013 high water mark.

        PG is def a better player but he’s arguably the most overrated player at his spot now.

        • TheSpiceTyrant

          Yup. Playoffs showed that

        • truth be told

          George has no mid range game? George’s ball handling (he’s typically the primary ball handler for the Pacers) is world’s better than Demar.

          Every player coasts sometimes, but George is considered one of the best 2 way forwards in the league. Looking at his numbers I don’t see how he regressed to the water mark. and quite frankly I think that any drop off in numbers has more to do with an unimaginative Vogel offence than George’s abilities.

      • Garrett Hinchey

        The comparison was that DeMar is developing the same way George did, only opposite. In that DeMar first became a star player offensively and is now turning to work on his defence, George was first a star on D and then had his offence catch up.

        They didn’t expressly compare the two’s games, just used them as counterpoints, development wise.

        • truth be told

          Demar is not an offensive star. He can score, but he is a volume shooter. George was never a star on D when he came into the league. He’s always been a well rounded player who’s offensive game has blossomed and his defence has now become as good as any other wing player in the league. Offensively he is better than Demar from when he came into the league (better handles, better shooter) Demar had to work on his offensive game when he first came to the Raps and is still doing so.

          George is also younger than Demar.

    • DDayLewis

      Here’s what I imagine their depth chart of the Cavaliers’ roster looks like:

    • jlongs

      Apparently people are missing the point about comparing PG and DD. It’s not that they are saying DD is EQUAL or BETTER than PG! It’s which part (defense/offense) of their individual games was ahead of the other parts, and which parts did they have to develop later on to get better as a total package player.

  • B_Leaf

    People seem down on TRoss because of his poor showing in the playoffs. I admit that it is too bad he didn’t catch on a little quicker. But this was his first playoff series and he was up against quality competition. The reality is that Terrence probably grew two years this year. And now he has had the playoff experience too.
    JV probably grew two years in development as well, and showed very well in the playoffs.

    The Raptors are set up for a really solid season, who knows what might happen, either good or bad, but they have a solid starting five still very much improving and a good bench.

    • Minks77

      Sources say Tross had a little stripper/pregnancy scare just as the season ended. He was mentally out of it and unable to channel his frustration properly.

      • jjdynomite

        ??? We all know that would explain PGeorge shitting the bed for much of the 2nd half of the season, but, re: T-Ross, source please?

        • Minks77

          Friend of mine who works for MLSEL and is a huge ball nerd. He called it “getting Georged” and it’s apparently pretty common.

  • Flubbery

    Im sure their projected depth chart was just them categorizing the highest paid players on the roster into their player positions. Poor job.

  • c_bcm

    I much prefer the comparison to Prince than to either McGee or KD. It keeps expectations much more under control, but still gives us hope that he could develop into a reliable starter in the league. I would have no problem with a Prince-type player on this roster…especially a younger version…

    • LuckyMystery

      Prince doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for his importance to that champion team. I mean we all know of them were superstars or anything but people seem to forget Prince when talking about that roster

    • Andre

      He has a freak body like Anthony Randolph. But that kid just didnt get it. BRUNO does !

  • brunoandbebe

    Whiteside should get the remaining spot. Him and Bebe can fight for the backup Center position. Whiteside looks like a grown man out there. 7 feet 270lbs

  • Andre

    I think bebe needs to go to the d-league.. He has amazing length, but he doesnt play defence with his feet. But I think he will get it shortly. He also looks lost on offense (i blame Buyckes) and forgets positioning on defence.

    Buycks play his way off this team. I wonder if houston would offer up nick johnson? (pipe dream)

    BRUNO!!! (thats what I call him) can ball. I cant wait to see him this year.

    • DDayLewis

      Nick Johnson just signed a 3-year deal with the Rockets

  • jakdripr

    14 and 10 for JV next season sounds doable. Give us 1.5 blocks and 2 assists and we have ourselves a very solid season.

  • Rapfan2

    As the point guard, Dwight did not run and organize the team offense. Not a lot of ball movement and shots in the painted area. The team needed more gel time and was mainly dysfunctional. The main thing is that we got Bruno and Bebe playing time and some insight into their game. Unfortunately for Bruno his labeling and branding is the result of American television at its best. It’s the result of ESPN creating sensationalism and drama on NBA draft night. It’s going to be up to Bruno to change things by making his own brand. Earning a few commercial deals will probably help.

  • Rapfan2

    With the main team, Bruno and Bebe’s roles will be defined and given to them. Their roles will be simplified for them if and when they get into the games during the regular season.

  • BraLLer

    Forget buycks. I want Yuki Togashi for 3rd PG