This is great news. No more sending guys like DeAndre Daniels to Perth, Australia.

It’s 2 a.m. so this is a short report. According to Time Warner Cable News in Rochester, the Toronto Raptors are looking to enter into an agreement with the Rochester RazorSharks. From the report:

The Rochester RazorSharks basketball team is in talks with the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, according to sources within the RazorSharks front office, who said the Raptors are looking for a NBA Developmental League affiliate.
The keys to note are the following. The Raptors are currently co-affiliated with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants team along with 12 (!!!) other teams. Currently, Rochester is not a part of the D-League, so the Raptors’ push looks to be adding the RazorSharks into the fold. It makes sense geographically, as Rochester is just a 50 minute flight from downtown Toronto.
For more on why the Raptors should acquire a D-League affiliate, read Blake Murphy’s excellent breakdown.
Editor’s note: the original headline read “Razorbacks”. Apologies for the oversight. No more blogging at 2 a.m.

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13 Responses to “Raptors looking to add Rochester RazorSharks as D-League affiliate”

  1. mike, prague

    This is great! It also explains DeD being in Australia for just for months and that nobody will be moved to get him on the roster

  2. Andrew Pond

    This is awesome news for someone from Rochester who’s been hooked on the Raptors since a trip to Toronto for a Bulls game in the Spring of ’96. This move makes a lot of sense as Rochester is consistently ranked one of the best minor league sports towns in the US. Canadian fans might not be happy about the team being south of the border, but form a logistics perspective it makes sense as now only the few guys who may go back and forth between Toronto and Rochester will have to deal with visa issues as opposed to every D-League player.

    • DanH

      There was never going to be a Canadian D-League team. Crossing the border and dealing in two currencies makes sense at the major league level, but a barebones league like the D-League, it’s just not worth the hassle.

      • hyperdouche

        Exactly. Though I’d venture it’s less a currency issue and more a taxation and resident status issue. Geographically I think Rochester is closer to TO than NYC anyways so it’s a great option. (Sorry Oshawa!)

        Now if only they kept that ferry service…

        • Drew

          Much closer. If you pick the right border crossing and traffic coming into TO isn’t bad, you can get to the ACC from Rochester in 3 hours.

    • Traffic_Cone

      I knew there were a few other Rochester Raptors fans. I’m really excited as a raps fan and a rochester sports fan. Hopefully the move to the D league will solidify the razorsharks long term and give them some stability to join the red wings, amerks, and rhinos as mainstays.

      • Dave

        Can’t wait until they work out the details! Raptor fan since ’99, make a trip up each year to catch a game. Now my son and I can just go downtown and see future Raps fine tune. I hope they don’t run into issues joining the D-League.

  3. Niagara_dude

    Great news if it happens, the Raptors have to separate themselves from other teams and Rochester is a great market.There is lots of money in that area, this is the reason why the Bills hold training camp in this town.Very pleased and this will help our young players get playing time to develop there game.

  4. Godson82

    Now lets bring the Toronto-Rochester ferry back so raptors fans can head north across the lake and tourists can head south.

  5. Doc

    I now have at least one more reason to visit Rochester again. Going to the “House of Guitars” is one thing, but checking out a D-League game sweetens the pot now.



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